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Dr. Toni Bark & Flu Shot Efficacy, Logic

Dr Toni BarkBy Anne Dachel

Toni Bark, MD is a knowledgeable and outspoken expert when it comes to vaccine efficacy and safety.   

I've interviewed her before.

Dachel Interview: Dr. Toni Bark on Autism - AGE OF AUTISM 

AofA Q&A: Dr. Toni Bark Illinois MD on Pediatric Health and ...

And after seeing lots of reporting on the flu vaccine recently, I again talked with Dr. Bark. 

Here are examples of what press coverage has been like:

In October, reporter, Sharyl Attkisson had her own concerns about the flu vaccine. Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All

An important and definitive "mainstream" government study done nearly a decade ago got little attention because the science came down on the wrong side. It found that after decades and billions of dollars spent promoting flu shots for the elderly, the mass vaccination program did not result in saving lives. In fact, the death rate among the elderly increased substantially.

NewsMax, Nov 3, 2014, Flu-Shot Coverup? CDC Accused of Ignoring Data Showing Vaccine Doesn't Work

Dr. David Brownstein, editor of the newsletter Dr. David Brownstein's Natural Way to Health.  "There are no good studies showing that the flu vaccine is effective for seniors." . . .

"When you take apart and break down a recent study that the government uses to promote the flu vaccine to senior citizens, you'll find that 217 elderly people had to take the high-dose flu vaccine to prevent a single case of flu.  Also, every single person was exposed to possible adverse effects," said Dr. Brownstein. 

"In addition, most flu vaccines contain mercury and formaldehyde," says Dr. Brownstein. "Both are poisons and should never be injected into any human being.

"The government has been hiding the truth about flu vaccines from us for years," he said. "I'm glad a respected reporter like Sharyl Attkisson is speaking out."

What?  The flu vaccine that is heavily promoted for seniors and is not really effective and it may even be dangerous?

What Dr. Brownstein was talking about on NewsMax in November, the rest of the media picked up on a month later. 

NewsMax, Dec 16, 2014, Why This Season's Flu Shot Won't Work

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has announced that this year's flu shot doesn't match the major strain that's causing the majority of cases spreading across America. A mutated version of the influenza A (H3N2) component that's contained in this year's flu shot is the most common strain that's currently circulating. But since the strain has changed since this season's vaccine was formulated, that means that the flu shot you may have gotten a month ago will do even less than usual to keep you from getting flu.

NBC News, CDC Warning: Flu Viruses Mutate and Evade Current Vaccine - NBC News

"We are recommending strongly still that people who haven't been vaccinated get vaccinated. Every year vaccine is the best way to protect yourself against the flu," the CDC's flu expert Dr. Joe Bresee told NBC News.

US News, Dec 4, 2014, Severe Strain of Influenza Could Bypass Vaccine

"If we have a severe season, with H3N2 virus predominating, getting a vaccine, even if it doesn't provide as good protection as we would hope, would be more important than ever and remains the single most effective way to protect yourself against the flu," Frieden said Thursday. "We want to urge people who haven't been vaccinated to get a vaccine now."

At the same time as the admission that the annual flu shot DOESN'T work, lots of stories told us about mandating this ineffective vaccine for all health care workers in  an increasing number of states.  It seems efficacy isn't important when it comes to vaccine promotion.

News-Press (FL), Dec 3, 2014,  About 1000 Lee Memorial workers miss flu shot deadline

The health system delayed the vaccination deadline to Friday, to allow its workers more time to comply, said health system spokeswoman Mary Briggs. Those who either don't get vaccinated or file for an exemption will face disciplinary action, which could lead to termination, Briggs said.

As of Tuesday, 9,053 employees had been vaccinated, or about 86 percent of the health system's roughly 10,500 full- and part-time staff. Another 390 have received exemptions for medical or religious reasons. About 1,000 people have not yet complied with the new policy or sought exemptions. . . .

Employees, including non-medical administrators, and volunteers who have been exempted will have to wear protective masks if they are working within six feet of patients. This does not include their activities in public areas, such as entryways and cafeterias.

Stickers on employee badges will indicate those who have gotten a flu vaccination and those who have not and should be wearing a mask.

Chicago Tribune, Dec 4, 2014, Nurses, get the flu shot

Public health experts urge most Americans to protect their health - and shield those around them - by getting a flu shot every year. That's particularly vital for people like nurses, who care for elderly and ill people.

That's why the Cook County Health and Hospitals System requires all of its workers to be vaccinated against the flu. There are patients to protect.

But some of the Cook Countysystem's nurses seek a pass.

The union that represents most of the system's nurses, the National Nurses Organizing Committee, has appealed to the Illinois Labor Relations Board to stop Cook County health officials from forcing nurses to get a flu shot.

Litchfield (MN)  Independent Review, Dec 10, 2014, Hospital mandates flu vaccination for employees

Meeker Memorial Hospital is mandating all employees get the flu vaccine this year in preparation of the flu season, according to Kyle Rasmussen, chief executive officer at Meeker Memorial Hospital.

He said 93 percent of employees have received the flu vaccine this year, up from 81 percent last year

"Medical staff was supportive we moved in this direction," Rasmussen said. If employees decline to get vaccinated this year, they will be required to wear masks at work, Rasmussen said.

WHJL, Johnson City (TN), Dec 10, 2014, Are all TN healthcare workers required to get the flu shot

For years there's been a major push to vaccinate more Americans against the flu.

Recently that push has extended to those working on the front lines of the healthcare industry.

Alabama, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts require all workers to get flu shots and those who do not could lose their jobs.

In Tennessee, it's up to local healthcare providers to enforce policies that require workers to get vaccinated.

"Our policy for Mountain States Health Alliance is to require all of our team members, physicians, and vendors to receive the flu shot," said Mountain States Health Alliance Human Resources Vice President Jamie Parsons.

Parsons told News Channel 11, Mountain States has very few exceptions.

WTAE, Pittsburgh, Dec 10, 2014, Halth Department urges Health Care workers to get vaccinated

The Allegheny County Health Department is urging all health care workers in Allegheny County to get vaccinated against influenza.  Vaccination against the flu will help to protect not only health care workers but also their patients.  Health care workers include staff involved in patient care as well as other personnel who work in patient areas and can play a role in the transmission of flu.

SYR--TV, Syracuse (NY), Dec 19, 2014, Health care workers must get flu vaccinations or wear face masks

As of Tuesday morning, all workers at St. Joseph's Hospital must get the flu vaccine or get a face mask -- but employees say this is nothing new. . . .

"This year, we raised our goal to 98 percent and we are finding a lot of the folks that had to wear masks for almost six months during flu season last year, have decided to be vaccinated this year," says Judy Sokolowski, employee health nurse manager at St. Joseph's Hospital.

 What's really going on here? 

Here is what Dr. Bark had to say about mandating the flu vaccine for health care workers:


"This was a very interesting story. . . . [when HHS/CDC advisors recommended 90 percent or more of health care workers get the flu shot].  

"And not just health care workers--we're not talking about doctors and nurses.  We're talking about janitors, and people that work in the laundry, and the cafeteria, and the IT guys that are off campus where there's no patients.  All these people are being forced to have flu shots.           And I said, these guys are first, then it'll be teachers. . . in schools that get federal dollars, so public schools, public preschools.  Then It will go to . . . federal workers, city workers, state workers.  Eventually it'll be, you can't go in public, you can't go shopping in the grocery store. I'm kind of making it sound Orwellian, but I actually think that's where we're headed. 

"Let me just tear this apart for you because I know many people getting their masters, or their PhD, or med students, or residents, and they're being told they have to get the flu shot or wear masks.  And they're opting to wear masks. 

"Okay, let's talk about that for a second.  You wear a mask.  You wear a mask all winter, even though you don't have a fever, you don't have sneezing or coughing.  You don't have a runny nose.  Why are you wearing a mask?  You're not contagious.  And on the other side, you can get a flu shot, and as we know-we'll talk about this year's strain-you can get a flu shot and what's the percentage of people who get sick in the winter and actually have influenza anyway?  It is such a small percentage.  In any winter, seven percent of the population are diagnosed with " flu."  [This] means a flu-like symptom, upper respiratory symptom with coughing, sneezing, fever.  It does not mean influenza. 

"Out of that seven percent-only seven percent of those people actually have influenza.  So it's a small percentage.  There's all these other things going around that can knock you on your back and make you sick.  . . .

"So the workers at the healthcare/industrial complex- which I'm calling it these days-they go ahead and get the flu shot and then they have fever and they're coughing and sneezing and they don't have to wear a mask.  They're clearly contagious, but because they got the flu shot, they're not forced to wear a mask. 

"Now think about that for one minute and let's fast forward to the news last week where the CDC said, we've been looking at the H3N2, that are one of the strains that are covered in the flu shots every year, and it's one of the serious strains. . . .

"They've been looking at these strains, and guess what: fifty-two percent of them are not covered in this year's flu shot.  Forty-eight percent are, fifty-two percent aren't.  Which means over half of the population who got the flu shot are not going to be protected at all, whatever protection the flu shot gives you, . . . they won't even be protected for the right strain of the serious influenza.  Are they going to be forced to wear a mask?  And if not, why not? 

"My point is that mask wearing is punitive.  It has never been shown to be effective for people who aren't acutely sick and shedding viruses.  If you're just walking around, it's just interfering between you and your patient. 

"Can you imagine doing a psych evaluation or doing a therapy session where you've got a mask on and you're not even sick and your psychotic patient has to watch you with a mask on your face? Yet your colleague could have taken the flu shot and now have fever and coughing and sneezing and spreading viruses, and they don't have to wear a mask. 

"We know this is just punitive behavior.  It has nothing to do with shedding viruses and keeping patients healthy because, so far the large Cochran studies looking at, Do we see decreased flu-like symptoms or flu-like diagnoses in the hospital or in nursing homes, are they reduced when health care workers get the flu shot, and the answer is, no.  They are not reduced.

"So we have a lot of things that are punitive in terms of, if you don't do what policy is telling you, and it's just to . . . harass you.  There's no rationale behind it.

"And now we've got preschool teachers being told in this one instance, that they're going to have to get flu shots.   This is just the beginning.  . . . There was  a state mandate that was attempted in New York, and the New York Nurses' Union challenged it and was going to take it to state court, and the state backed down. 

"You know why?  Because they would never win in court with a jury, with evidence.  There was no evidence to support this.  SO, instead of making a statewide mandate sfor health care workers or teachers or whomever, what they've done at least in the healthcare system is that, if you get whatever percentage, and I believe it's ninety percent, if you get ninety percent of your medical center with the flu shot, . . . you can get a certain amount of federal dollars. 

"There's an incentive.  It's incentivized and there's big cultural pressure to say, "It's not worth it.  I don't want to walk about for four or five months with a mask on my face.  It's not worth it.   It interferes between me and my patients.  Or if you're an IT guy, it's I don't want to sit around with a mask all day.  So there's a lot of conflict, but it's all about conforming. . . to the social norm and doing what's best for pharma, as usual.  This really isn't  what's best for patients.  It's never been shown to be what's best for patients.  Hand washing makes more sense.  Not wearing the same tie and the same doctor coat over and over again is also great because we know that those things carry lots of germs. 

"So hand washing and wearing a mask for when you're acutely ill-whether you've had a flu shot or not-that would make sense.  Let's do something that makes sense.  But that's not what's going on here.  It's a lot of nonsense."  

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Greek tragedy? Primitive civilization that injects its infants with mercury on the day they are born? Science fiction? Hitler reincarnated and working for WHO or the CDC? In conclusion- Get your flu shot or get your yellow star.

Anita Donnelly

I wonder how a catholic hospital would feel forcing a flu shot on a pregnant woman that could cause a miscarriage. We need to educate them. I believe they would join our concern. When I had a miscarriage I was shocked. So rare in my family . They said "it always happened at 1/4 pregnancies. It was just under diagnosed. Years later when I heard that lie about autism I got the aha moment. Sure enough I had had flu shot and another vaccine at 8 weeks pregnancy. The fetal dearh was discovered at 10 weeks in an ultrasound. They said it had happened 2 weeks earlier. Click click click. For gods sake don't get shots when pregnant


From my observation - mostly vaccinated people or those living with vaccinated get flu. Flumist contains live flu virus and it is a primary source of flu outbreaks, epidemics and deaths.

Bob Moffitt

"...All these people are being forced to have flu shots. And I said, these guys are first, then it'll be teachers. . . in schools that get federal dollars, so public schools, public preschools. Then It will go to . . . federal workers, city workers, state workers. Eventually it'll be, you can't go in public, you can't go shopping in the grocery store. I'm kind of making it sound Orwellian, but I actually think that's where we're headed."

I think our public health bureaucracies have been tending "Orwellian" for recent decades .. this "mandatory" flu shot being just the latest "compulsory" requirement .. for everyone that once lived in the "land of the free".

Of course .. just as Orwell predicted .. the compulsory compliance with BIG BROTHER will always be couched in the rhetoric of "newspeak" .. where a "civic duty" to supposedly protect the health of others .. actually means a "civic duty" to protect the profits of BIG BROTHER'S most favored pharma corporations.

I agree .. this is just the first baby step to impose absolute control over choices regarding someone's health.


One has to wonder if the hospital staff really ever takes the flu shot... How difficult would it be to shoot the shot down a drain and put on a "Hug me, I'm vaccinated" sticker ???

Is there anyplace more dangerous for a "well baby" these days than a waiting room ?

Laura Hayes


Great minds think alike! I have suggested to people going to the hospital (for childbirth, surgery, and illness) to request nurses and doctors who have not just had a flu vaccine, most especially a nasal flu vaccine.

I also asked this years ago at my son's autumn orthodontist appt., clarifying that the woman who worked on his teeth had not received a nasal flu vaccine in the month prior (didn't ask that of the orthodontist as he was my only choice in the office).

I do think we should all begin to request medical and dental staff who have not had any live virus vaccines in the past 6 wks., not to mention the DTaP or TDaP, as we now know recipients can harbor pertussis in their throats and transmit pertussis that way, even if the recipient is asymptomatic.

I have gone so far as to talk to mothers of young children about not putting their children in daycare, pre-school, or elementary-school settings (i.e. consider home-schooling) as they are exposing their children to goodness knows what type of man-made, lab-created, animal-organ-cultured viral strains, and who knows what else, from numerous vaccines.

When my children's high school had a flu vaccine clinic years ago, I kept my kids home that day, both in protest and for their safety, and raised as much of a ruckus as I could with both the school principal and school board. If it hadn't been just before finals, I might have kept them home all week. The school did not have a flu vaccine clinic again while my kids were students there :)

Take-home message: Be vocal! Refuse not only vaccines, but refuse to be treated by the recently-vaccinated...for your own health, and to raise awareness about that which most people haven't a clue.

Jeannette Bishop

As we're on topic of the oft-times mercury containing flu vaccine, I noticed while reading a post on mercury contaminated HFCS now being called fructose ( ) the same site recently posted the Autism Media Channel video of Dr. Thompson speaking about flu vaccine for pregnant women:

Jeannette Bishop

I don't suppose as hospital patients who might sometimes be in a mostly conscious state we could request preferentially to be treated by someone who doesn't get the flu shot? I personally think that would indicate I would stand a slightly better chance of getting better care (or more respect for wanting to opt out of some forms of "care") from such an individual.

Laura Hayes

Excellent and important article, Anne! Insightful comments by Dr. Toni Bark that all need to read, too! Her comments remind me of a comment by AoA commenter "Linda1" in response to Ginger Taylor's article the other day:

"Would like to propose another bill that would require every health care worker to wear a mask throughout the year, not only during flu season, since the flu vaccine is not 100% effective (not even close), is not guaranteed to match the circulating strains, does not protect against the transmission of influenza like illnesses, which are just as much a threat to patient health and well-being as the flu, and these contagious respiratory infections can be caught and transmitted all year long. Masks just for the unvaccinated is not enough. If they really want to protect the patient population from these infectious diseases, then ALL employees of health care facilities should be masked AT ALL TIMES at work. AND, all recipients of the live flu virus vaccine should be banned from visiting or entering any health care facility, day care, school, business, place of worship or place of food storage or preparation (such as a supermarket or restaurant) for a full month after vaccination at which time they would have to provide laboratory evidence that they are no longer shedding flu virus in order to have the ban lifted."

Posted by: Linda1 | January 03, 2015 at 08:47 PM

Anne, Dr. Bark, and Linda 1, you are ALL spot-on! Time for Americans to wake up, REFUSE the useless, dastardly influenza vaccine, and take back our medical choice freedom and parental rights from these profiting tyrants who don't give a whit about anybody's health...just their own wealth and power. And those who are kowtowing to them, i.e. our elected officials, need to be ousted and thrown in jail (along with the profiteers) for being complicit in these crimes against humanity.


Flu hits Kalamazoo adults, kids -- even doctors and nurses -- hard:

KALAMAZOO, MI -- Fever, chills, cough, and body aches have made the holidays miserable for hundreds in Kalamazoo County -- including hospital workers. Short staff and patients seriously ill with the flu have stretched hospitals to their limits, health officials said at a press conference Tuesday jointly hosted by Bronson, Borgess and the county health department.

Even hospital medical staff, for whom vaccination is mandatory here, are falling ill.

Situations like this are probably occurring all across the country. I'm surprised that this article (mlive) stated that the staff are vaccinated yet the flu continues to breakout. Other articles don't state this. Of course they all end with get your flu shot.

I know several people who got the flu from someone who had the flu shot and even developed the flu from the shot. My two nieces, nurses got the flu shot and both came down with the flu. Flu cases are up. I understand willful ignorance is rampant among the medical professional when it comes to vaccines but this is ridiculous. You have a lot of sick doctors & nurses treating patients when they themselves are contagious for up to 28 days after either the flu shot or the flumist. Is this not a Greek tragedy or what?

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