Did Merck's Discontinuation of Monovalent M M R Lead to Measles Outbreaks?
Aussie Media Provides Copious Publicity for Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dachel Media Update: Vax Attacks

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Jan 18, 2015, Clarion (MS) Ledger: Bill supporters dispute Health Dept. on vaccines

Jan 18, 2015, (UK) Daily Mail:  Victoria set to ban unvaccinated children from attending childcare

Jan 18, 2015, Mercola.com: The Forgotten History of Vaccinations You Need to Be Aware Of

Jan 17, 2015, Calgary Sun (Canada): Rise of autism rates in children a growing challenge for Alberta, By Dave Dormer

Jan 16, 2015, FaceBook.com Dr. Bob's Daily: Just How Deadly is Measles?

Jan 15, 2015, UT San Diego: Autism test to be sold this year

Jan 15, 2015, Bloomberg.com: The California Measles Outbreak and the Least-Happy Debate on Earth

Jan 14, 2015, WTNH Hartford, CT: CT Autism Report: A Personal Perspective

Jan 14, 2015, CBS Minnesota: Measles Outbreak: To Vaccinate Or Not Vaccinate, By Shawn Thomas

Clarion (MS) Ledger 

Lauren Lynch helplessly watched her happy, healthy toddler transform overnight into an inconsolable stranger who stopped talking, shunned affection and spent hours just rolling on the floor.

Eight years later, Lynch's son, Wiatt, still hasn't fully recovered from the symptoms she believes childhood immunizations caused.

"He was perfect when we took him in there," Lynch said, "and he was not when we left."

Lynch, of Hernando, is among supporters of House Bill 130, which would allow parents to exempt children from immunizations based on "conscientious beliefs." It also would loosen requirements for medical exemptions.

Mississippi already allows medical exemptions requested by a state-licensed doctor, but it sometimes has denied them, prompting politicians to get involved on parents' behalf.

Mississippi is one of only two states that only allow a medical exemption from vaccinations.  Look at the examples and evidence mentioned here that something is very wrong with our out-of-control vaccines schedule. I posted a comment.

(UK) Daily Mail

'No jab, no play': Victoria to become the second state to make vaccinations compulsory for children in day care 

Concerned parents exempting their children from vaccination are here to stay.  Moves to end exemptions would, I'm sure, meet with strong resistence.

In almost every state residents have a right to do this.  Efforts are being made to get around parental rights.  We're seeing stories everywhere about mandating the flu vaccine for health care workers and now preschoolers in New York City.

I did these two recent interviews with Dr. Toni Bark on these mandates.

Dr. Toni Bark on Flu Shot Mandate

Dr. Toni Bark on Flu Shot Efficacy Mandate

Just look at the media coverage of measles being supposedly linked to an unvaccinated person who visited Disneyland in California.  The unvaccinated are presented to the public as dangerous and irresponsible.  The LA Times alone has numerous stories on this "outbreak" over the last week, several each day.

The public is being indoctrinated to believe that the unvaccinated should be considered pariahs who have no right to do what they do.  Exempting children from vaccines is equated with spreading disease. 

Look at this Youtube. . . .

NYC Chancellor Farina answers question about Flu Shot Mandate for NYC preschool students

Read the transcript of the discussion with a parent concerned about the requirement.

Transcript of Question Answered about the Flu Shot Mandate for Preschoolers at Town Hall Meeting with Chancellor Farina at JHS 67 in District 26 on January 15, 2015

Farina: "...It's one of those regulations that's really for the common good."

 IF MEMBERS THE PUBLIC use their right to exempt themselves from vaccines, they will face exclusion--from employment and services.  We saw it in New York City and here is a story from Australia about the same thing. 

AUSTRALIA: The Daily Mail doesn't bother to actually interview Dr. Tenpenny, although they do quote those in opposition to her coming to Australia. 

A video of Dr. Tenpenny is included and it ends with these haunting words: "We have the most unhealthy generation of children in the history of mankind."

 Sadly, no one cares.  There is no recognition of the fact that half of our children have at least one chronic illness.  I live in a small town and I'm in lots of schools working with kids.  We've all grown used to SICK KIDS--diabetes, seizures, allergies, asthma. autism, arthritis, bowel disease.  Epi Pens, psychotropic meds and inhalers are now part of back-to-school supplies. 


My question is: Do you think they're going to stop at preschoolers?

I don't.

Why should they?

If hospital workers and preschoolers have to have the flu vaccine, why shouldn't ALL STUDENTS IN ALL SCHOOLS?  It's for the "common good."  If preschoolers are vectors, then grade school students, middle school and high school students--all of them, need to be protected.  If you have your child in PUBLIC SCHOOL, then you have to care about the common good.

What about teachers, school bus drivers, EVERYONE IN GOVERNMENT OFFICES?  What about people who work in stores, libraries, and on and on....?  Pretty soon will we all have to have proof that we've been vaccinated if we want to venture out in public?  Will getting the flu shot be an annual event like filing income taxes?

Look at the plans in Australia to mandate this vaccine nationwide.



Vaccines are one of the most controversial medical therapies, and it's impossible to make an informed decision unless you know both sides of the story. In the process of knowing both sides, the historical context is critical.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History,1 is a nephrologist who has committed the latter part of her medical career to exposing the "lost history" of vaccinations.

Dr. Humphries:

"We have a highly profitable, lucrative 'religion' that involves government, industry, and academia, and that religion is vaccination.  People believe in vaccines.  They'll tell you they believe in vaccines.  You ask them what they know about these vaccines and it'll be almost nothing.  In fact, the people who argue the loudest, usually know the least when it comes to trying to convince you to take a vaccine." 

"Doctors are being systemically brainwashed."  Dr. Humphries talked about how she was ostracized by the medical community in Maine when she became educated about vaccines and started to speak out.  "I was automatically tossed into the category of a quack."

Doctors who do know what's going on, won't risk a backlash by voicing their concerns, according to Humphries.  She said, "The question I have is, when they start to see these problems in front of their own eyes, how they sleep at night, how they're able to live with it and not start asking questions and start thinking critically on their own.  That's what hold doctors most responsible for."

She said that after everything doctors are taught in med school, they graduate and "then we're turned into highly paid technicians for the pharmaceutical industry rather than actual healers and thinkers and doctors,  And so I decided to turn into a healer and a thinker and a real doctor." 

Humphries said she gave up her practice and is now dedicated to researching all this issues.  She ended her talk with a plea for parents to GET EDUCATED and realize that their doctors "ARE NOT INFORMED."

"They need to think about it BECAUSE YOU CANNOT UNVACCINATE."  

I watched this interview today.  FANTASTIC!  Dr. Humphries recounts the history of vaccination, giving listeners details that doctors would never discuss.  She covers not just the safety issues, but also the effectiveness of vaccines against smallpox, polio, and measles.  Dr. Humphries is dedicated to researching what vaccines are doing to us. 

Calgary Sun (Canada)

Two decades ago, about 1-in-10,000 children in Canada and the United States were diagnosed with autism.

Today, that number is about 1-in-68.

There are several reasons for the marked increase, said Dr. Margaret Clarke, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Calgary, one of the biggest being medical officials developing a much better understanding of the condition and who it affects.

“We used to diagnose according to a small number of criteria related to language, behaviour and social skills,” she said.

“We went from diagnosing that way, much like your blood pressure is either up or down, to diagnosing along a spectrum.

This kind of story can be found in the U.S., Britain, Canada or Australia.  Every English speaking country says the same thing.

Why are these stories always about CHILDREN. 

This story mentions adults being unemployed, but the whole piece is about CHILDREN.

What about regressive autism?

This is about as bad as it gets.  This reporter has no clue about what's coming when this disabled generation ages into adulthood and is dependent on the taxpayers for its support.

How can any increase from one in 10,000 to one in 68 possibly be explained as "better understanding"?

This kind of coverage lulls us into believing that all is well in the world of the disabled.  Experts have a handle on what's happening and there's nothing to worry about.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I hope Dave Dormer is around to tell us how we'll accommodate one in every 68 adults with autism.

FaceBook.com Dr. Bob's Daily

What makes measles so scary? What is it about measles that spreads fear and dread through our population? Three things, in my opinion, set it apart from most infectious diseases that make us afraid: 1. It's untreatable, and it has a high rate of complications, so we are at it's mercy, 2. It's been virtually eliminated from the U.S., so we aren't used to it anymore, and 3. It's potentially fatal.

Dr. Sears sounds quite reasonable here.  He's also isn't screaming for people to run out and get vaccinated.  Too bad the LA Times (which put out five stories in four days about the measles outbreak tied to Disneyland) hasn't heard what he has to say.

UT San Diego


The infection tally in a measles outbreak linked to Disney park visitors hit 32 on Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Times, including 28 infections in California and four in three other states.  . . .

“I think parents that have chosen not to vaccinate realize that they are taking somewhat of a risk, but it’s a calculated risk,” Rebecca Estepp, who said her son suffered a bad reaction to a vaccine, told CBS News in a story about the Disneyland outbreak. “They may have seen a vaccine injury in their own families or by their own neighbors and they’re just questioning.” Anti-vaccine blogs have also lit up, with some arguing that vaccination may have contributed to the outbreak and that measles has some medical benefits.

Seriously, if people are REALLY WORRIED ABOUT NON-VACCINATING PARENTS.....then they should be devoting all their energies to a vaccinated/unvaccinated study.  If never vaccinated kids have the same health issues that plague kids everywhere--asthma, allergies, seizure disorder, diabetes, autism, ADD, arthritis etc...we can all agree, vaccines are safe.  No official EVER wants to see the study done.

WTNH Hartford, CT

Think of it as the other shoe finally falling. When autism rates began multiplying in the late 90's and early 2000's, it was the question that constantly loomed: how are we going to take care of all these (now) children when they move towards and into adulthood?

Well, the future is now for families like mine.  Our son, Liam, was diagnosed with autism in 1999.  Now he's 17, and as fine a young guy as you'll ever see. But he has significant, and likely permanent, delays; no speech, no skills, needs 24/7 care and attention.  When we moved to Connecticut last summer, my wife found placement for him in a wonderful school.  So we're good.  For now.

But like thousands of other Connecticut families, as adulthood looms for our autistic kids, new worries now crowd our days, our sleep, our lives.  How will Liam fare when he "ages out" of state-mandated care at 21? Where will he go as we age? After we're gone?

What will happen to these children?  When will anyone care?  How bad do the numbers have to get?   How long will we continue to pretend that all this is normal and acceptable?

The photo here is a dad and his son.   He asks: WHAT IS THERE FOR MY SON WHO WILL SOON BE AN AULT?  He's talking about  "thousands of families of other Connecticut families." 

THOUSANDS in just CT.  No one can answer that question.  I'm scared.  We all should be.

CBS Minnesota

. . . Some parents and professionals in the medical community believe that children receive too many vaccinations in too short a window of time with the risks of vaccination outweighing the benefits at times for otherwise healthy children.

In less common cases, severe allergic reactions have happened.

While vaccinations have remained an effective way of preventing disease and illness, many believe that severe allergic reactions, asthma, attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and learning disabilities can occur.

Another perceived risk that has received major media attention is that of autism.

This is actually not bad (although it would be nice if reporter Shawn Thomas had actually talked to "professionals in the medical community ..." )

I posted some comments.

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@Jenny - Exactly- https://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/125116467#fullscreen


"We've all grown used to SICK KIDS--diabetes, seizures, allergies, asthma. autism, arthritis, bowel disease. Epi Pens, psychotropic meds and inhalers are now part of back-to-school supplies. "

Stunning, isn't it, when the typical student has a list of disorders and medications that is pages long. Where is everyone's mind? Is it that the public and the health care system worker bees have been lulled into a trance by those profiting from this disaster?



If children cannot be denied entrance to school based on disability, and they consider HIV/AIDs to be a disability, and that disability is due to having a virus, I would think there should be a legal precedent that then cannot then denied schooling based on the possibility of students contracting HIV/AIDs, a germ, so therefore how can schooling be denied to children based on vaccination status, which medical procedure is based on a child a child having or not having germs in their body, or the possibility of a child contracting or not contracting a germ.
Does this make sense to anyone?

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