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Jan 12, 2015, FOX 13 (Salt Lake City) New BYU study shows childhood autism often goes undetected by doctors

'With the number of children who have autism growing, early detection is key.'

'Early detection'?  Why isn't finding the cause ever key?

This is an outrageous insult to parents and actually to doctors.

BACK SIX YEARS AGO...I wrote the story, AAP Autism Toolkit: "Insert Sound of Crickets Chirping." 

 (Actually Kim Stagliano came up with the clever title.)

The President of the AAP, Dr. David Tayloe, recently released a letter to doctors entitled, Autism: opportunities for pediatric leadership, partnershipIn the midst of an unprecedented epidemic of neurological disorders among our children, this is the best response from the organization that claims to be focused on the health of our children.  In his letter, Tayloe advises doctors to use the "Autism toolkit" provided on this link. This amounts to a pathetic joke in the face of the struggle faced by countless thousands of parents.

Actually eight years ago, the AAP was telling their doctors what signs of autism they should look for.  

I'm confused.  The current autism rate of one in every 68 children, one in every 42 boys, is the result of "better diagnosing-that's what the press constantly tells us.

BUT NOW, we're being told that doctors still don't know what they're doing.  What are parents to think?  When is the medical community going to know anything for sure about autism?

New BYU study shows childhood autism often goes undetected by doctors

Video:"Utah has the second highest rate of autism in the nation and today a study from BYU was released showing a large majority of doctorsare failing to catch autism in young children early enough."

Reporter:"A trip to a pediatrician may not be enough to spot autism in a child.  Researchers are pointing to the amount of time doctors spend with children as the reason

Terisa Gabrielsen (lead researcher): "If a pediatrician is looking at a child for just a brief amount of time, they're not going to have enough information to make a good decision about whether they should refer a child for autism."


..Gabrielsen:'With the number of children who have autism growing, early detection is key."


The study, entitled Identifying Autism in a Brief Observation, finds that many medical professionals are missing signs of autism in child patients because time frames for clinical observation are too short to detect the disorder. The researchers found that in a 10-minute screening, autistic children displayed "typical" behavior 89 percent of the time, and medical specialists failed to detect autism cases 39 percent of the time.

BYU Assistant Professor Terisa Gabrielsen, along with her colleagues, concluded that earlier intervention could potentially change outcomes.

They suggested parents should be more proactive and involved in the autism screening process.

It would be nice if FOX 13 would tell us that the autism rate for Utah, as of 2012, is actually one in every 47 children in that state, one in every 32 boys.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Autism increasing does not square with what I see in California when I visit there for 6 weeks each summer. It appears to me that autism is decreasing there. It is to be noted that from 2006 it has been a crime in California to give a child under age 6 or a pregnant woman, a vaccine that contains mercury. There was, however in at least one year an exemption made for flu vaccines. When I first began visiting California about 12 years ago, it was common to see autistic and hyperactive children in any venue for children. Today, when I go there I rarely see anything but cute, active, talkative, well coordinated and social young children. One other person relates that her husband hated going to the grocery store in earlier years, due to the shrieks of the autistic kids, but now he does not have that experience and does not mind going. The public school near my home in California is a center for autistic kids and it appeared to me this summer that the class for the kids of 5 and 6 had very few children. I also note that the autistic kids I see there often come from other cultures, which means that they may have been vaccinated abroad. I also notice that most of the parents seem to be from cultures that eat fish- resulting in high mercury levels in the newborn child and high mercury levels in breast milk. I wonder why the public health authorities in the U.S. state that levels of mercury in women are so high that one in six babies may be at risk. So, why would it surprise anyone if autism incidence is high in the U.S.? I would be happy to hear if anyone else here on this website
has any information to add to this. I also look forward to the day when good statistics are published for autism in California- not only reliable , but up to date

Bob Moffitt

Perhaps Autism Speaks should re-evaluate how they spend their money .. instead of working so hard to create "Autism Awareness" in the general public .. they should spend their precious resources creating "Autism Awareness among pediatricians'?

"A trip to a pediatrician may not be enough to spot autism in a child. Researchers are pointing to the amount of time doctors spend with children as the reason"

If memory serves me right .. doctors refused to hear parents .. literally tens of thousands of them ... from sea to shining sea .. when they reported their child's violent reactions following vaccinations .. which initiated the child's early signs of "regression".

Instead of suggesting "more time with children" .. BYU researchers should be insisting that doctors begin LISTENING to what parents are reporting.

Nah .. that wouldn't work because too many parents will be heard saying the same thing .. over and over .. "something happened to my perfectly healthy child on his last well-baby visit .. .......



Have you heard the latest theory on autism and autism spectrum: infant circumcision. This doesn't explain autism in girls but it is does explain the prevalence in boys. It will be interesting to see if the circumcision rate plummets as fast as the GMO food scare did last month. Apparently this was a very large study of about 300,000 kids that concluded that if boys are circumcised before the age of 5 they are more likely to develop autism. The problem with all these studies is that someone is going to have to read it and then probably read the criticism of it and read other similar studies to even know if there is any validity. I still think vaccines cause autism because autism has gone up in direct proportion to the number of vaccines, and parents report autism regression following vaccines. But until there is a large vaccinated versus unvaccinated study we'll never know for sure, and the field is open to speculation and more and more studies of various kinds.


'Early detection'?

I'm confused. Haven't the medical industrial complex comrades been saying for the last decade that the reason the autism numbers have increased is because doctors have gotten better at detecting and diagnosing it?

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