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An Actual Vaccination Record to Diffuse "The Lottery" Media Frenzy

The Lottery coverWe ran a post several years ago with this vax record sent by one of our readers and contributors, Angela Warner.  Note the cute poem poking gentle fun at childhood diseases. Gentle fun.  It reads: "My health record. Most any child can have the mumps or even German Measles. So here's a record of my health from chicken pox to sneezles." Followed by room to list immunizations. 

Ask yourself why the media is ramping up fear and even suggesting retaliatory measures we might expect from oh.... Isis.  Punish them! Jail them! Reminds me of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, "one of the most famous short stories in the history of American literature," as well asbeing described as "a chilling tale of conformity gone mad.""

Not that far fetched. Put down the stones. Use your head.

Vax Records cropped

Vax Records MAW


Angela Warner

Yes folks, that's my baby book record. Jeez. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Kim LOL!!!

The part that constantly gets to me? That my doctor recommended against further vaccination because of my age. I was 12. What's even more baffling? To my knowledge I never had the mumps, but every titer test I've had done (during viable pregnancies - so four times) I've always shown antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella. Back in 1982 my doctor wouldn't vaccinate further due to my age. Think about that. Then think about the scenario if you went to your doc today and said you wanted a booster for MMR? What do you think he or she would say? I know what my doc would say, but he's made of the same stock as my childhood doc. He'd tell me I was crazy. No joke. I cut the crap out of my wrist last spring (funny story) and needed over 30 sutures. Yeah, it was pretty bad. He said to me, and I quote: "Well, I don't think you're at risk for infection so I'm not going to prescribe antibiotics, and I don't think we have to worry about tetanus either." Unheard of...

All of this crazy talk of jailing parents who don't vaccinate? Well, it's just that - crazy talk. Jail us for exercising our Constitutional right to make medical decisions for OUR children? Kim, it's exactly as you described, "conformity gone mad".

The mentality of the seeming majority is frightening to say the least. Everyday we keep our silence brings us one step closer to living in a dictatorship. Is that what we want?

I am sick to death of everyone always going back to the vaccines cause autism. It's old. We all know they do. We also know they cause a hell of a lot more than that. They wreak havoc on the immune system. And I mean havoc. What we should be discussing, and full throttle I might add, is 'big brother' overstepping boundaries and the forcing of unproven medical procedures on the population. In this case; vaccinations.

It's time to set some boundaries folks. Oh wait... shame on me. I forgot. We have boundaries. They're pretty clearly stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's up to us to see that they're upheld.

If anyone harkens my doorstep thinking they're going to jail me for not vaccinating my children, or tries to force vaccines on my children? They've got another thing coming. Only one will be left standing, and I'm not the one going down. It's that simple.

Kim, the timing on this was quite poignant. I woke up contemplating the letter I have to write in response to the STATE generated 'truant parents' letter from the school. Granted my daughter busted her arm right before Thanksgiving so that accounts for about half of her absences. The rest? Illness which I attribute to ignorant vaccinating parents who give their kids Tylenol and send them off to school saying they don't have a fever anymore. The miracles of modern medicine, right? One more thought? Even with all of the specialists we've needed to take our daughter to over the past 8 months, NOT ONE has mentioned vaccines. Oh wait, maybe that's because she was, and still is, being monitored for JRA which I immediately attributed to the flu shot she received in 2006, and they know it. So, who is the sane one? I pick me. When you've watched 3 of your 4 kids have vaccine reactions (each to one individual vaccine - 15yo Hep B; next in line - 13yo Varicella; and the 11yo Flu vaccine; youngest 8yo NO VACCINES and has an incredible immune system). Keep in mind the ones who had reactions received NO VACCINES for months prior, and it was ONE SINGLE vaccine given at the time of reaction so there is no doubting that it was that particular vaccine.

It's time to take a stand folks. Time to take a stand.

I could go on for hours... Soul Coughing best describes it... "Circles". My stance is not that of opinion. My stance is based on FACTS. And FACTS alone. I digress.

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