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Age of Autism 2014 - The Year in Review

Never give upBy Cathy Jameson

Other news sources will sometimes showcase their top stories toward the end of the year, so I thought we’d also showcase some of our accomplishments. 

We added two more Contributing Editors in 2014:  Jim Thompson,  and Tim Welsh (a.k.a, TannersDad)

They, as well as our other Contributing Editors and guest writers, added hundreds of articles to the website.  Here are just a few of the top articles that we featured:

Adriana Gamondes kicked off the beginning of 2014 with a post about the Man Flu


Julie Obradovic’s Public Enemy Number One: White Suburban Educated Moms

Katie Wright’s recap of one of the IACC meetings

Dan Olmsted’s Weekly Wrap about the MMR vaccine, the CDC whistleblower and a torrent of leaks  

J.B. Handley wrote a short and sweet message to the CDC whistleblower and his lawyers telling them to speak up!

Natalie Palumbo’s response to Elizabeth Cohen

Kim Stagliano’s response to Jerry Seinfeld’s interview on NBC

John Stone’s article that connected the dots between the CDC and a fugitive

Kent Heckenlively’s The Hammer Falls! post

Anne Dachel’s reminder to the media that they won’t be able to ignore us for too much longer

Cathy Jameson’s letter to Nancy Grace

Teresa Conrick’s Part 1: The Epicenter, which began a series of articles on the Microbiome


AofA’s Top Conversations


Conversations we had on the blog and on social media included these people and topics:

Avonte Oquendo

Autism wandering leading to death

Internet trolls and the Chili’s debacle

The autism rate (1 in 68)

Justina Pelletier and medical kidnappings

Alex Spourdalakis’ murder

A-list supporters: Rob Schneider and Aidan Quinn

The Hear This Well campaign

The CDC whistleblower: William Thompson

AofA’s Book Reviews


Besides the Skyhorse Publishing books we featured in December (see the image below for those titles), these are the books we’ve reviewed, recommended or included in posts in 2014:

Karen Kain’s  A Unique Life Fully Lived

Ken Siri and Tony Lyons' Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism

Sharyl Attkisson’s Stonewalled

Dr. Amy Yasko's newest book, Feel Good Nutrigenomics 

Patricia Lemer’s Outsmarting Autism

Marcia Hinds’ I Know You're in There: Winning Our War Against Autism

Shirley Blaier-Stein’s Autism Mom

Kent David Hammond’s new book, Mercury Poisoning – The Undiagnosed Epidemic

Julie Obradovic referenced Malcom Gladwell’s David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and The Art of Battling Giants

Jonathan Rose reviewed Elena Conis’ Vaccine Nation: America’s Changing Relationship with Immunization

Age of Autism Age of Authors

12 days of Skyhorse

AofA’s Movie Picks

We've reviewed, recommended or are patiently waiting for the following movies to debut:

Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?

Eric Gladen’s Trace Amounts

Jeff Hayes and Bobby Sheehan’s Bought:  The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and Your Food

Fed Up

Age of Aluminum

Beth Lambert’s Canary Kids:  A Film For Our Children

Here’s what we’re keeping our eyes on in 2015:

The Ebola vaccine

All vaccines list one, if not several side effects.  Word is that the human trials for the Ebola vaccine trials have halted due to volunteers experiencing reactions. We’ll be keeping our eye on what will be reported and how things will play out for this fast-tracked vaccine. 

Microbiome Research

Our own Teresa Conrick has offered extensive reporting on the microbiome.  We look forward to reading more about it microbiome and its role in autism.  

The Promised Congressional Hearings

The original hearing was in 2001.  Yes, 2001.  We saw another hearing in 2012 where autism and vaccines were discussed in the same sentence.  Many questions were asked of the witnesses.  The witnesses promised to provide answers.  Congress promised us another hearing. 

Dear Congress, We’re still waiting for that hearing.  Love, Cat

Protecting Personal Health Rights 

Accessing medical health care has changed.  Medical kidnappings and talk of denying vaccine exemptions have made recent news headlines.  With personal health care rights being attacked, we’ll be keeping tabs on how those threats will change the health care landscape.   We’ll rely on Health Choice http://healthchoice.org/ for updated information and invite you to bookmark the groups’ website as well. 

As Our Children Age Out

We’ll look to Dan Burns  as well as to groups like The Autism Trust,  for insight on how to find support for raising adult children on the spectrum. 

The Mainstream Media

As always, keeping tabs on the MSM’s agenda and on the cozy relationship they seem to have with certain government agencies and how their reporting affects our personal health care rights will be on our radar. 


Now, a request to you, our loyal readers.  What would you like to see us share in 2015?  Is there a certain topic or interest that you’d like to see us share?  Is there an event we should check out?  Is there a person in the autism field that we should get to know?  Let us know what you’re keeping your eyes on and why it’s important to you. 

As we wrap up 2014, we’d love to know one more thing.  What is your hope for 2015?  Is it personal, or is it something you’d like to see accomplished personally as well as within our community?  Let us know what it is in the comments below. 

To all of our readers, supporters, sponsors and visitors, here’s to a new year.  Here’s to you.  And here’s to dreams coming true!

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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John Stone


Anything they publish is as transparent as mud.



There was the trial of mmr in the UK on 3 month old babies I understand from reading Callous Disregard 2 babies died. I know the outcome of one of the children what happened to the others.


Thank you John and Jenny

Thank you for that information, of course if it had any stats that Wakefield was wrong they made it into a blockbuster.

Jenny Allan

@John Stone
For those in the US, here is the extract from CHS about Georgie Fisher:-
"In 2006 after infant Georgie Fisher died following MMR vaccination it appears Professor Emond did not disclose JCVI membership to the infant’s father and his wife when Emond was brought into the investigation by the coroner: [Georgie Boy MMR]. The Coroner subsequently discounted MMR as implicated in the death: [“MMR baby ‘chatting away’ hours before his death, inquest hears” – Lee Glendinning – The Guardian 2 December 2008]"

This is a similar story to that of Glasgow baby Ryan Mason who died 6 days after the MMR vaccine. The story was published in the Scottish Herald in May 2010, the information was contained in Government files released under the 20 year official suppression rule:-

"The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) triple vaccine was introduced in the UK in 1988 for children aged 12 to 18 months.
Shortly after its introduction, the vaccine was implicated in the death of Glasgow baby Ryan Mason.
Mr Forsyth (Government Minister), said the death of just one child in Scotland merited “the closest investigation possible.
Later that month, with the post-mortem investigation not complete, officials advised the minister that the baby’s death was probably not vaccine-related."
They added: “Nevertheless, it is wise to avoid a categorical reassurance” until all evidence had been collated. Subsequently, the full evidence was reviewed and it was judged there was no link."

I met Georgie's Mum outside the GMC premises January 2010. He was a gorgeous baby, as was little Ryan. How many other MMR baby deaths were 'suppressed'?

John Stone


I have no faith in the project, funded by the UK Department of Health:




The Georgie Fisher episode is particularly vile.

Jenny Allan

bk -Nope. I haven't 'read the Avon Longitudinal study' but would love some more info about this.

Jenny Allan

@white rose Jenny - did you get your flu jab ?
Yes-back in October 14 - no flu (yet) I'm fine, but I'm an adult and an OAP, fully informed.

I don't actually approve of annual flu jabs for healthy children, nor for mercury laden flu jabs for pregnant mums. I don't actively 'campaign' against flu jabs, since my knowledge and experience of adverse flu vaccine incidents is limited. I do campaign for better vaccine information and choices.


Jenny Allan

Excellent post as usual thank you. Have you read the Avon Longitudinal study carried out in the 1990's charting the health outcomes of children over a number of years.This was started a couple of years after the introduction of MMR and must contain valuable insight into outcomes after vaccination.

White Rose

Jenny - did you get your flu jab ?
I'm trying not to laugh ? campaigner pah !

Lisa Kelly

I would love to see something on puberty in girls with severe regressive autism. My daughter is 13 and i have yet to find much of anything to support families that have non verbal, medically ill and cognitively impaired girls. It is beyond challenging, where is the information to help them? What about the hormone issues they experience (my daughter has her cycle for 6 weeks at a time often) all mainstream tests are normal. Thank you AOA for all you do!:)

Jenny Allan

A Happy New Year and grateful thanks to all AoA editors, contributors and commenters.

A great deal was achieved in 2014, along with some very significant revelations, and future generations will 'judge' our political/medical/ corporate establishments, who may choose to completely ignore or deny the vaccine related autism holocaust, along with all the related co-morbidities, or they can collectively 'bite the bullet' and work together to protect future generations, and provide proper medical care and therapies to those suffering children and (now) adults, who live their lives in constant pain and discomfort, often from painful bowel disorders.

What's urgently required is a complete 'root and branch' audit of vaccines, in particular those administered as part of child vaccination schedules. Are all these vaccines really necessary? In the UK, mumps was included in the MMR vaccine as a 'buy 2 -get one free' offer from the manufacturers in 1988. From the initial Urabe mumps vaccine damage scandal, still not fully admitted within the UK Government, to a now adult fully vaccinated population contracting the disease when they attend colleges and universities, mumps vaccine has caused far more damage than the disease ever did. Mumps is benign in children, but is far more serious in adults and can cause sterility.

Measles and whooping cough are nastiest in children under 1 year old. In the 'bad old days' mothers like myself who contracted all those childhood diseases as children, passed on our immunities via the placenta and breast feeding, ensuring a healthy baby. Vaccine immunity is at best transient and less efficiently passed on to babies born and unborn. Now, whooping cough vaccine is no longer effective and measles epidemics are happening, apparently in mostly vaccinated populations, (although this is strenuously denied). Blaming Wakefield for the alleged 'unvaccinated' is beginning to sound like a stuck vinyl record, 16 years after THAT paper. If AW was to blame those epidemics would have happened years ago.

People are NOT stupid, and politicians and medico apologists, who are now pinning the blame on 'thinking moms' are forgetting, it's not just 'moms' who are capable of 'thinking' for themselves. Politicians who ignore the concerns of the people, do so at their peril in a voting democracy.

An annual review is an excellent 'morale raiser'. As a 'small campaigner' for several health and social related issues, I make a point of standing back and reviewing progress every few months. This tells me what, if anything, has been achieved as a result of my efforts. Politicians and health spokespersons are very good at reassuring words and promises, but REAL actions and committing to changes and improvements are quite another matter.

Our REAL enemies are political complacency and the 'status quo'.

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