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Age of Autism Midweek Mashup: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Measles, Minnie, and More

Midweek mashupBy Dan Olmsted

The book fair this past weekend in Minneapolis was something new and different -- several Skyhorse authors, most with Age of Autism connections, putting on a joint daylong presentation and discussion. (See photo.) It was great for all of us authors, and I think for the audience as well, who had a chance to interact with so many of us in one place. It could be a template for future events that bring together what we like to call hard-line professionals -- research-oriented, fact-based advocates who are not going to mince words about what's really happening to the health of a generation (and more) of children who constitute this country's future.

In my brief talk, I noted that this event -- dedicated to answering questions and providing MN book tourinformation to families concerned about the vaccine schedule -- very much reflects the current level of concern in the country. As I was packing to head to Minneapolis on Friday, I had CNBC on in the background when Kaiser-Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson was interviewed. Since K-P is my own HMO, I turned it up and listened. The vaccine question soon came up in the context of the measles cases emanating from Disneyland.

"Well you know," Tyson said, "we've seen in the country a decline in parents bringing their children in for immunization. We make that a big push at Kaiser -- studies show it helps and it's the right preventive step and we have outreach programs to parents.

"I think the measles and what is happening there is another sign of what can happen very quickly when something reaches epidemic proportions."

To me that's the standard pabulum you expect from an outfit like KP. But the next question and answer were interesting.

Question: "The parents who are worried about their children potentially getting autism from that? What do you tell them?"

Answer: "Well, those are legitimate concerns," he said, emphasizing the last two words. I nearly dropped my toothbrush. "I don't want to excuse away responsible parents asking very responsible questions. In some cases we don't have the answers in the health care community. I think we have the latest evidence to show that the connection is very slim it at all, but I think the questions are very important and we need to figure out how to engage in the right conversations so people are making informed decisions."

Except for his view that the autism link is very slim if at all, these comments are quite reasonable. In fact, as I said in Minneapolis after reading them, they reflect the spirit of our gathering there and also of our book, Vaccines 2.0. Parents are confused and concerned, as well they should be given the rise of chronic and developmental illnesses concurrent with the exploding and bloated vaccine schedule. Someone like KP's Tyson, who has a business to run, is probably a lot more sensitive to the pushback from parents than insulated and unaccountable vaccine zealots like Paul Offit and the crowd at the CDC.


The fact that Disneyland appears to be ground zero for a still small number of measles cases in several states is kind of ironic, given that just about every autism family I know either goes or wants to go to the Magic Kingdom. Frequently. All the time.

What exactly is the irony in that? Well, to my mind, the reason so many of those Disney-loving kids are autistic is because of the MMR shot they got at age 12 months along with so many needless needles including ones chock full of mercury that probably potentiated the combined live viruses in the MMR. 

So now a whole generation of special needs kids, many of them trapped developmentally around the time of those shots -- about the time when Disney princesses and superheroes and cartoon characters were the appropriate objects of fascination -- are drawn to Fantasyland.

Meanwhile, the media is trapped there too, covering a few cases of measles as though they were Ebola, and ignoring the real threat -- all those special needs kids damaged by vaccines.

As our John Stone put it:

"Death is not a common effect of measles in the developed world. What you are seeing is the backlash of people who have witnessed the adverse effects of vaccines on their children and who are being systematically discounted, ignored and shunned by government and the mainstream media. We want to be listened to, and if there is to be a vaccine program we want more care."

It would be interesting to know when Disney started getting flooded with autistic kids, when they started offering special access, and why they decided to curtail it -- possibly because so many kids are special needs now? (There's a lawsuit by parents going on right now to get that back.)

Watching measles mania is something else, isn't it? The real issue is not mindless and reckless vaccine refusal but a vaccine schedule that is now so bloated that more and more parents opt out, which causes conniptions from the public health authorities. 

Of course, the way to address the issue would be to cut back on superfluous vaccines and promote the ones that actually address serious circulating microbes, like measles, if that is deemed a real health threat; unbundle the m, the m, and the r, so the bad effects of the combined live viruses are ameliorated; get rid of the fraudulent and worse than worthless mumps vaccine altogether; get the mercury out of the flu shot; and move the measles shot later, at least till after age 3, a point before which the vaccine causes autism, as the CDC's own William Thompson recently confessed. (Our new book Vaccines 2.0 weighs these options.)

Oh, and admit the current schedule in toto causes autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, juvenile diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, gut problems, etcetera. It's a slippery slope for the medical industrial establishment, which is why they're not going to do any of that. Instead they're going to blame Andy Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy and educated parents and us and, if need be, Mickey and Minnie and Toto, too.

Anything to distract from the public policy failure and pharma honeypot known as the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act that is the proximate cause of all this. Anything to stay one more day in Fantasyland, no matter how many more autistic kids show up.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.




"Meanwhile, the media is trapped there too, covering a few cases of measles as though they were Ebola, and ignoring the real threat -- all those special needs kids damaged by vaccines."
That's a good point Dan! We were told for Ebola: no big deal, no need to stop flights in and out of Africa. And yet people died here in the US from Ebola, and died in droves in Africa. Measles, on the other hand, is typically a mild disease, and yet parents should be thrown in jail for not vaccinating their kids with MMR? Crazy talk!

Jeannette Bishop

"Well those are legitimate concerns." Almost sounds like Tyson knows there's a link and more than one concern and maybe that the autism risk is only "slim" in that most, something like 97%, of fully vaccinated infants are not harmed to the extent of acquiring an autism diagnosis. Insurance companies must have the best data available on the risks of vaccination, though I'm not sure if they can legally analyze it (and I suppose a case might be made that one can simply judge there is a problem based on official behavior and the fact that there is enough smoke that there is probably a fire, for anyone not blinded by the smoke or living in denial that they are playing with fire...).

Thank you for a peak at the Minneapolis book fair. So many books that my wish list grows much faster lately!

mary w maxwell

Skyhorse has got several excellent books. Not mine however. They won't even reply when I send them the manuscript for my book (which is freely downloadable at Title: "A Balm in Gilead: Curing Autism and Awakening the Physicians."
When I was a Good Girl, years ago, four of my books got published by university presses. Now that I am a Bad Girl (i.e., I say who dunnit), I may as well be a leper.
Speaking of leprosy, it was caused, in modern times, by the smallpox vaccine. Don't take my word for it; many eminent docs said so. And then that was end-of-career for them, of course.

Vaccines--keeping those germs out there and viable

Yikes forgot link:
To kp dr story

Vaccines--keeping those germs out there and viable

Perhaps kp has an open mind because of the case where a dr vaccinated with whooping cough inadvertently was a silent carrier infecting patients!
We are more at risk from vaccinated than non vaccinated. The guy with the son with leukemia needs to know that .


I understand your concern, anger, etc. You may (or may not) be correct in many of your assertions. However, you must understand something. If you want to win a war, or even have one, people (more than one or two) must understand why they are willing to fight.

The pharmaceutical industry, when it comes to "no liability whatsoever vaccines", uses marketers to sell "science" for their "cash cow". They have lots of lobbyists and they either convince members of congress with money and marketing (or blackmail).

You come here and criticize because the "people" (who are on what you appear to deem your side" are not following your idea of strategy in making change. They should just spout your
"truth" and be done with it. Doe'snt work Greg. Has not worked for "your side" and without force, has not worked for the vaccinators.

Suggestion, go get your own blog Greg...get your own followers. Take the hits of people who you are not pleasing because they think you should have done abc...See how many venues you get in and how many offers to speak you get. You are preaching that people "speak to the choir." If you want to make a difference...make a difference. ethos, pathos, logos. That is what the vaccine marketers are doing.

Think about what you are looking for? Change or vindication. History shows you will likely not get least not in your life time. I vote for change.


I never could stand disneyland/world to begin with. Not much of a loss-it's hardly as if they've offered up any great hero or behaviour modeling. We blocked it last year and it was the best thing we've ever done. Though I am sorry for the families of the kids with autism who are already wrapped up in it, especially if that is one of the few sources of convenient joy to be had. Cold turkey is a bitch, for sure.

I wonder what the public would think if Disney announced that if you had an immediate family member with AIDs, you are no longer welcome at the park. Or how about this, since microbes are not completely controllable by human beings, what other people should they ban who are not in control of their environment? How about, if you have a family member in jail for stealing or violence or drug dealing, you are not welcome at Disney. If you are a child of a parent with pneumonia, you and rest of your family should just cancel your scheduled vacation. If a member of your family is on psych meds, you might be dangerous, too. Please don't come to disney. If you or one in your group were in the hospital or visited anyone in the hospital last week, due to the risk of hospital acquired MRSA, you are not welcome at Disney, etc., etc., etc. Maybe we should return to that old standby that somehow got phased out along the way called "separate but equal." That worked out so well, right? (sarcasm) Separate but equal amusement parks, and after that, what else? Or maybe instead of a star of david on a coat, our government would like to have the less vaccinated sew a bright blob of a microbe shape on the sleeve, as they are being labled as less valuable to society. Doctors and vaccine developers first, please . . .

If vaccination mandates and environmental toxic exposures n continue at the current pace, in the end, those continuing to promote these unsustainable paths will end up with nothing, because in the end, people ARE the commons in the center of the village. When the autism rate is 1 in 2 children, and alzheimers is 1 in 2 retirees, and 1 in 2 middle-agers are on psych meds and avoiding society or tripping in to their local kidney dialysis clinic, there won't be ANYBODY paying for tickets to Disney, or anything else for that matter, including taxes. The retail and travel sectors will collapse. The 1% will be using their hard-stolen profits to financially support medical clinics treating chronic illnesses, and prisons for the people who can no longer afford to pay their taxes. They'll be praying for the affordable days when the only thing the politicians had to complain about was social security, public education, and the occasional case of measles. It will have been a pittance compared to what will come as the number of vaccine injured continues to climb.


Hearing anything reasonable from medical authorities is shocking these days. Great post.

I thought the same thing about Disney rolling back special access-- like the Garde Royal beating back the rabble at the Bastille. There are just too many of us now-- too many affected families-- and rising. Also having to pay for special services is a gold mine.



Your comment to Greg made me weep. If only you knew what I've seen and been shown out there! YES. There WILL be payback for the absolute hell this vaccine program has had on so many individuals (for that and for all the other atrocious crimes that have been committed against mankind).

But oh...your comment touched my heart and soul. I feel your pain (and all the others here as well)...

Birgit Calhoun

I guess what the perpetrators in this crime do not get is the fact that, although vaccines are meant to make people a little bit sick, these vaccines and their adjuvants sometimes really make people very sick (that include death and autism).

There is a difference between a little pathology and a lot of pathology. Doctors generally don't like toxicology and pathology, and thus they stick their heads in the sand so they don't have to see. They want to believe they are trained to heal and they can't see that every time they inject vaccine into a baby they are making that baby at least a little bit (or a lot) sick.

The pharmaceutical industry has figured that out. They are keenly aware they have a good thing going, and they benefit by what the current system allows.

Laura Hayes

Cynthia commented, "Irony abounds."

My thoughts exactly this morning! There is a story about a dad in Marin, CA, whose young son had leukemia, is now 6, and "cannot be vaccinated because his immune system is rebuilding." He now wants his son's school to bar all unvaccinated students to protect his son.

Talk about irony! Clearly, this dad does not know that it was his son's own vaccines that could very well have caused his leukemia! Vaccines contain known carcinogens, while at the same time, they are not tested or studied for carcinogenic effects. I know, WHAT?! Additionally, they contain many immune-weakening and immune-destroying ingredients, making recipients more vulnerable to both acute and chronic illnesses, cancer included. This dad also doesn't seem to know that any and all students and teachers who receive any one of the many live-virus vaccines now available are contagious and can shed that live vaccine virus for weeks, exposing his son to many viruses in that way. And now this dad wants other kids forced to get these same vaccines, or be kicked out of school? If only he had the knowledge needed to see this very real and very tragic irony.

Furthermore, another irony of sorts related to this story. Why is your child more worthy than the children of others? Why should others risk their children's health and development for your child's? As discussed in my article on AoA this week, both vaccines and illnesses carry the risks of disability and death. Vaccines are not some magic medicine that are always safe for everyone. Quite the opposite, as they have been legally declared "unavoidably unsafe", and have a lengthy track record going back hundreds of years which testifies to their ability to harm and kill.

If this man's son is severely immune-compromised and medically fragile (which is very sad and unfortunate; it is tragic what is being done to our children in the name of poisons for profit), then he needs to keep his son at home, in a protected and controlled environment. This is not unlike those of us who have children with vaccine-induced autism. There are many places we wish we could take our children, or have them go (i.e. to school, a friend's, or the store by themselves; to a sporting event, in which they are playing; to college; to a church service; to a paying job that would support them; to their own home one day where they could live independently and/or with their own family; and more), but we can't, so we don't. That is life. Each parenting situation is different, and must be handled as such. If your child is endangered by the germs of others, then exposure to those germs should be limited as much as possible by keeping the child at home in as clean and safe an environment as possible.

Yep, it's a day for many ironies, Cynthia, isn't it?


This latest media frenzy over the measles outbreak has me cowering in the corner, and I'm grateful that we still have warriors among us such as Dan Olmsted. Of course, the whole measles freak-out is bogus because as Jay Gordon said on some show, "Measles is a mild illness in the majority of children." I know as I am a child of the baby boom years when one of the largest generation of kids in our nation grew up healthy while experiencing ALL of the illnesses now considered lethal--yes, lethal for starving children or unfortunately AIDS children. Still now with the vaccine induced autoimmunity measles and chicken pox might be more lethal, and with constant pressuring of the viruses and lab concocted viruses the viruses themselves might be scarier. What seemed to be under-reported was that several fully vaccinated Disneyland workers got the measles but this does not mean that the fully vaccinated should not go to Disneyland. Again, we have these nonsense statements that should cause a thinking person to pause and ask the obvious question of many of those who got the measles were vaccinated. I think it was about half. Still, the other message is the one that comes across--unvaccinated children and their parents are evil beings and are not welcome in the magic kingdom. Guess I won't be visiting Disneyland with my grandchild any time soon. Whew.. I'm relieved.


CIA, regarding justice for the affected victims and their families, I agree it will be a completely unprecedented situation given the magnitude of the crime. My kids are neurotypicals, but what about the parents of the guys that I work with? Perhaps the biggest irony of all is the more they try to avert the punishment that must be doled out, the greater it increases.


I was thinking the other day about the holocaust and how we as humans like to believe that the Nazis were somehow not human, other, not like us. That's how society deals with, rationalizes, the extreme cruelty that humans are capable of. I agree with you that the same mentality that enabled the holocaust is enabling many modern crimes against humanity, including the vaccine industry's program which victimizes all people, selling and mandating drugs known by the perpetrators to be unsafe, untested, experimental, and highly profitable, to them.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Irony abounds.

Laura Hayes

Incredibly moved and impressed by the comments so far from ottoschnaut, Bob Moffitt, Cia Parker, Jaxster, and Greg. Not only are the articles on AoA amazing, so are the comments from the many wonderful commenters. Thanks to all who participate in AoA's daily dialogue. YOU ALL are my daily TSM (TruthStreamMedia), helping to expose and bring to justice all those involved in Vaccine Trafficking.

And a huge and heartfelt thank you to Dan for his weekly, sometimes twice-weekly, articles that chronicle what's going on in our country, that continually bring to light truths that desperately need to see the light of day but which mainstream media refuse to expose, and that always stimulate excellent discussion. Dan, you are very much appreciated :)

cia parker

I agree. I am dismayed that a number of people I've talked to about punishment for the crimes committed against my daughter and millions more dismiss the idea as impossible and not very important. Why would this be? We have the proof by the truckload. If it were any other product than vaccines, if it had been a defective crib design that killed thousands, they would all have gotten millions each in compensation. Is it that it's just completely unimaginable to most that their doctors and the entire medical and pharmaceutical establishments have been guilty of colluding and promoting murder and causing permanent disability in millions? Aided and abetted by the mainstream media and all the relevant government agencies at every level? So what is the protocol for dealing with a crime against humanity at this level? Would the Nazis ever have cleaned up their act and administered justice from within if they had won the war? This is a COMPLETELY unprecedented situation, and it's going to be extremely exciting to watch it evolve. My daughter, autistic by vaccine, is very healthy except for the autism, and will probably live another sixty or seventy years. Surely the truth will be accepted at some point during that time, and then what's going to happen? A several million dollar settlement plus punitive damages for every one of the one in 36 Americans with autism? But no, I'm not going to go along with: well, the important thing is that FUTURE children not be damaged, if everyone says they're sorry, we just have to forgive and forget. The other day I saw on the BBC that there's proposal that we need to bury the Holocaust and stop invoking it at every turn. And the reason for this would be? Never, we will NEVER forget or stop talking about the Holocaust, nor will we EVER stop talking about the millions of lives utterly ruined by extremely lucrative vaccine damage. And, during their eternity in Hell, the guilty will NEVER get to turn off the spectacle of the suffering they caused, one life at a time.

dan olmsted


Thanks for your comment. I would put hep b in the new bloated schedule, approved following the lifting of liability on manufacturers in 1986.



dan olmsted

Hi Greg,

Yes. I am.



cia parker

We went to Disneyworld in Orlando last year, and my autistic daughter also loved it, but I refused the MMR for her, knowing how mild these three diseases nearly always are, how dangerous the vaccine, and how valuable to get the natural diseases. She's autistic not from the new and bloated schedule, but from reacting to the criminal hep-B vaccine at birth, given without permission and against my expressed wishes, with vaccine encephalitis. At 18 months, after having had natural pertussis after three DTaPs at 2, 4, and 6 months. she reacted to the booster with losing her only two words, and was diagnosed with autism two months later. It is not just the large and varied number of vaccines which comprise today's schedule, it is vaccines, period. Any vaccine can cause death or permanent damage. And it is definitely not just the MMR or mercury-containing vaccines that cause autism: it is usually the MMR, hep-B, flu, or DTaPs, sometimes a combination, but any vaccine can cause the immune system to react to the foreign invasion of the vaccine with encephalitis and severe brain damage: autism, ADHD, learning disorders, or seizure disorders. They can also sensitize the immune system to vaccine ingredients, causing autoimmune disease, including asthma, allergies, diabetes, GI diseases, and many more. The only good schedule is a dead schedule.


This the second time I have gotten a sense that the denialism rhetoric is being ever so slightly dialed back. I have to wonder if it is in response to the imminent whistleblower fallout or the study stating that this tactic is having the opposite desired effect.


Dan, even if the powers-that-be were to agree to a 'friendlier' schedule and admit to the damage done, there is still a bigger issue. It's not just about just going forward. A crime has been committed, what should be the consequences? Are you in favour of punishments such as professional disciplinary actions, or even civil and criminal sentences?


The Nightly show with Larry Wilmore last night blasted parents who don't vaccinate, mocked Jenny McArthy and Dr. Andrew Wakefield and cherry picked information to share with his audience. I will be sending him an email with information on Dr. William Thompson, CDC whistle blower. I am sure as a black man he would be outraged to know that CDC is hiding results of African American boys coming down with autism because of vaccines. Please contact his press office too to help enlighten Larry and his staff.




John Stone

Dan, Bob,

"Figuring out how to engage in the right conversations." My goodness, Jane Austen-like sensibility!


Bob Moffitt

Kaiser-Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson:

"... I think we have the latest evidence to show that the connection is very slim it at all, but I think the questions are very important and we need to figure out how to engage in the right conversations so people are making informed decisions."

The "right conversations"? What the hell does that mean?

In other words .. having the "right conversations" may be the highest priority for Kaiser-Permanente's CEO .. but .. parents believe KP's highest priority should be to do the damn research .. such as .. researching the unvaccinated v. vaccinated populations .. which would provide parents the clear and convincing evidence they desperately need to evaluate just how "slim" that connection between vaccines and autism really is.

Doing the study would provide evidence the company is seeking to create a safer product through "science" .. seeking to have a "conversation" without doing the study is evidence of "marketing a product" .. not "science".

Indeed, parents are long past seeking the "right conversation" .. they want real scientific evidence so they can properly perform their Constitutional Right of "informed consent" .. based upon "science" .. not "marketing".

As CEO .. Mr Tyson's job is to "sell his product" .. and .. the best way to continue selling his product is to continue his efforts at "damage control" by deciding .. "what is .. or .. what is not" ... the "right conversation" ... to have in the open court of public opinion.


The shelf space occupied by books on ASD at my local Barnes and Noble has expanded dramatically over the past 10 years. There are now almost two full shelves of books devoted to autism, including I might add Ms. Dachel's The Big Autism Cover-Up.

The 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors award for best book went to Evidence of Harm by David Kirby. Anyone who has read that meticulously researched and footnoted oeuvre understands the problem of mercury laced vaccines. The publication of EOH is an important milestone in the battle against the vaccine propaganda campaign.

Sharyl Attkisson's Stonewalled reveals the actual "pushback" against legitimate investigative journalists who have the cajones to engage the vaccine injury issue, and other subjects uncomfortable to big business. Exploding Firestone tires, for example. She describes how CBS has become a captive to it's corporate interests. Only the news that fits the corporate/government narrative is permitted to air.

The stable of contributing authors to AoA are at the vanguard of the new media. It is a simple truth that vaccine injured kids would be sicker today except for fact checked articles that appear in this space. Popularizing the connection between ASD and IBD, as well as the adulteration and toxicity of the vaccine schedule, is important work. Thank you for doing it.

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