The Washington Post Whips Up Fear And Blames Andrew Wakefield
Disney, Measles and the Fantasyland of Vaccine Perfection

A Very Brady Measles

Brady Bunch measles
"Kids, because they have a few dots on their faces, they think they can order everybody around." Mike Brady

By Cathy Jameson

Before media hysteria became the norm, getting the measles was a punch line.  Instead of freaking out, a TV family portrayed what real-life families encountered - surviving a short-lived diseases.  These families managed the illness.  They responded with common sense.  They treated the symptoms and worked around what tended to be a temporary situation.

Things are so different today.  Illness is a bad word.  What used to be called a common childhood disease is now viewed as impending doom.  Fevers, rashes and sicknesses that last longer than a few hours are treated like the plague.  Anything that can be passed from one person to another is a death sentence.  These types of exaggerations fill many news stories.  With those exaggerations, as well as how other fear tactics are used, including the mantra that the almighty vaccine is the answer no matter the question, no wonder people feel anxious about disease today! 

I don’t know why a growing number of news sources that are reporting on diseases are resorting to such exaggeration.  Take the latest disease story in the news, the Disney measles story.  Pre-vaccine hysteria, we recognized that after a childhood illness ran its course that natural immunity would be gained.  Nowadays, rather than promote natural immunity, we’re being ushered and demanded to get vaccines.  I have to ask why, especially why the measles vaccine (MMR), when this particular vaccine clearly isn’t working. 

We know that it isn’t working because several of the people who came down with the measles in the recent Disney outbreak were vaccinated.  That fact – that vaccinated individuals got the disease that their vaccine was supposed to prevent – negates the current media feeding frenzy.  You’d think focusing on those vaccinated individuals who fell ill is a more of a breaking news story.  You’d think that because we’re told so many times that vaccines are always life-saving, safe and effective, effective in preventing disease.  Evidently, they are not. 

Where’s that media fuss?

You won’t see it. 

You won’t see it because the media and the multi-billion dollar “health care” industry are deep in each other’s back pockets.  With how strong a relationship they have, they’ll surely get away with instilling fear in the public while neglecting to discuss vaccine failure. 

Brady Blackboard

Vaccine failure is something that needs to be addressed.  And soon.  These outbreaks confirm that vaccines are not as effective as we’re being lead to believe they are.  More people are catching diseases that their vaccines were supposedly going to prevent. 

Catching a disease can be scary.  But as we saw in the clip, the Bradys survived the measles in America.  In that clip, we’re given a peek at how a TV family, likely modeled after hundreds of real-life families, treated and managed the measles with common sense.  Instead falling for scare tactics and being filled with doom and gloom, we saw that the parents used good judgment.  We saw that the kids rode out the illness.  They rested, they got better, and they survived.  And God love her, Alice did too. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



A lot of people try using the "herd immunity" theory by portraying non vaxxers as breaking the herd immunity which is why America can't get rid of the diseases they have vaccines for. These people fail to realize that herd immunity applies to natural immunity not weak vaccine immunity. it all goes back to the same question, why do vaccinated kids always get the diseases they have been vaccinated against when they are exposed to the disease? Another fact to look at, diseases mutate in order to survive on the planet so why do people believe diseases can be banished? People have so much fear of declining vaccines that they even feel its necessary to force vaccines upon everyone no matter what could happen. I guess as Long as your kids are safe and living quality of life it doesn't matter what your neighbors concerns are for the wellbeing of their children right? For those who say kids dying from a preventable disease fyi its not preventable if your kids are exposed to it, I suggest living in a bubble. Fyi kids die from cuts and scrapes too, kids die from exercise, kids die from many things and the percentages are low just like the percentages are low with measles deaths. We have better hygiene and higher understanding of how to treat the symptoms now compared to the past.

Sue Morgan

That "one in a thousand" statistic for death/permanent disability from simple "measles" is based on data from Third World Countries without sanitation or hygiene. Sheesh.

Jenny Allan

From Bret:- "Here's a fun fact... the kids that do come down with measles run a chance of death or permanent disability on the other side. DEATH OR PERMANENT DISABILITY. On the flip side, serious side effects from the measles vaccine runs at one in a million kids.People like you are endangering children, pure and simple, and should your ignorance and logical fallacies lead to the death of a child that could have been prevented, that blood is on your hands. I hope you're prepared for that."

Fun Facts Bret? NO NOT FUNNY - Even the vaccine manufactureres don't claim "serious side effects from the measles vaccine runs at one in a million kids", ---and anyway EXACTLY WHAT 'MEASLES VACCINE' are YOU referring to? The single measles vaccine was phased out in the UK after MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988, in the US the MMR vaccine, was introduced several years earlier. As far as I am aware, the single measles vaccine had a good 'public safety profile', and was cetainly never linked to autism in children.

If your 'safety' comments are actually about the MMR vaccine, which is a combination vaccine, not just measles, but mumps and rubella also, then you can read about the side effects on the vaccine inserts, available on manufacturers' web sites, and yes, in addition to a number of serious adverse effects, they include deaths from the vaccine, albeit rare, but they happen.

In the UK, there have been 2 official documented child deaths from measles, post MMR vaccine introduction. Both children were unvaccinated due to co-morbidities which resulted in them being immune compromised. Unfortunately, live viruses, even 'attenuated' ones, can cause serious illnesses in immune compromised persons. It is also a known fact (but not widely publicised), MMR vaccinated persons can 'shed' those live viruses and infect vulnerable immune compromised persons.

During the same post MMR vaccine UK introduction, there have been FOUR officially recorded child deaths resulting from administration of MMR vaccine, so 'officially' the vaccine KILLS!! Strangely, this unwelcome 'fact' never receives any publicity.

It would be easy to treat comments like Bret's. obviously 'parroted' from some out of date troll crib sheet, by some anonymous cyber personna, with the contempt they deserve. Some might say just ignore them- on this web site at least few believe this kind of false misleading pro-vaccine propaganda. It's common for trolls to put comments like these on articles which have moved 'down the line' in order to have a 'last word'.

But WAIT a minute. Anne Dachel's latest media watch posting contains this comment from Dr. William Schaffner, a respected vaccine spokesperson. I hope Anne is happy to allow me to repeat it here. Dr Schaffner, claims falsely the MMR vaccine protects 'for life'. Unfortunately recent events which reveal the extent of VACCINATED persons catching measles and mumps, revealing the obvious deficiencies of the MMR vaccine for all to see. The public are NOT stupid and are asking questions. They NEED HONEST answers:-

"Wall Street Journal
(Video) Dr. William Schaffner: "Please, please vaccinate your child. The vaccine is safe. It's wonderfully effective. It will protect your child throughout their life."

William Schaffner is mentioned in my (Anne Dachel's)book, The Big Autism Cover-Up, for his appearances in defense of vaccine on network news shows. There I note that Schaffner is "a member of the data-safety monitoring boards for Merck and Sanofi Pasteur and occasionally consults for Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Dynavax."


IF anyone found out about it, it would not go well. I was comparing to our youth, when it was the thing to do, even among doctors and public health officials with their own kids. Now they'd throw you in jail.

Carter's Daddy

If I wanted to eradicate a virus or whatever it is from the planet, I don't think the logical route is to give people's blood a weak version of it. I would spray the planet with Lysol. Their false claims that these diseases were gone and have come back, I think the Earth has these organisms for a reason, and man should not mess with it. The more of a surface irritant we become to her, the more inclined Mother Earth will be to shake us off for good.

For Bret


When you've got through self-righteous whining it is not an appropriate comparison. The 1970s were not in the US a time of high child mortality. The 2010s are a period child chronic disease (above 50%) and high child developmental disability (17%). The people on this website are fed up with being ignored. It is very easy for bureaucrats and corporate businessmen to twist the data and even buy out or coopt every mainstream news source in the land. Laura Hayes this morning was right, it is an insane project to try and eliminate every disease under the sun by vaccinating children as if you were programming computers (and perhaps unsurprising that Bill Gates is trying to head the operation).


So, following this logic, does this mean that we can stop practicing safe sex because an episode of "Friends" made fun of Joey having VD? Or because Seinfeld made fun of AIDS?

Or, since you had to go all the way back to the 60's for your example, what about the countless shows and episodes that okay'd sexism and racism by making jokes about it?

How about the countless shows that mock the concept of heaven and hell? Do we now toss out religion?

Here's a fun fact... the kids that do come down with measles run a chance of death or permanent disability on the other side. DEATH OR PERMANENT DISABILITY. On the flip side, serious side effects from the measles vaccine runs at one in a million kids.

People like you are endangering children, pure and simple, and should your ignorance and logical fallacies lead to the death of a child that could have been prevented, that blood is on your hands. I hope you're prepared for that.

cia parker

Wouldn't it be unlikely that any of the attendees broadcast the purpose of their get-together?


If one had a circa 1950's measles party in 2015 it would likely mean prison for the party givers and foster care for the party goers.

Of course Dr. Pan is all over the opportunity. I'd be surprised if he didn't arrange it.


Unbelievable things I am reading on facebook....such as a mocking "it's my right to decide not to vaccinate my kids because I have the right to decide what eradicated diseases come roaring back." So scary that people believe this. People don't believe Americans should have a right to health care choices! Sadly, they will have to witness vaccine injury first hand to understand...

cia parker

Rick K,
That's easy.

The only caveat is that Handley wrote the article six years ago, so the rate was one in 150 American children when he wrote it, but has since gone up to one in 36 (U. of Minnesota 2013).


Waning vaccine effectiveness should be the lead of the story, not oh those pesky anti vax people look what they did now. Lay all blame with those unvaccinated people rather than focusing on how the measles vaccine even for their that had two shots can lose effectiveness in under 8 years. How many of us only had one vaccine and likely aren't even immune any longer. Can't do that because then it would lead credence to the vaccine skeptics, and maybe make the average person start to think what else could I have been mislead about.

Head of a vaccine group at Mayo, Dr. Poland:


Other articles I found had good info on this subject, two reference the same doctor
coverage rates for adults only 20-60% according to vaccine type:


25% effective rate even with 100% immunization rate


Herd immunity includes adults:


For Rick K

Well that's interesting! You can make a diagnosis based on a film made in 2014 which did not even purport to show the subject as autistic. Besides which you are talking of a man of super ability, nothing like the many seriously disabled young people we encounter in every school today.

Here's an indication of the lengths the British government had to go to in order to fake back numbers.

Michelle Ford

I remember this episode from my youth. I love that you posted this whole article...thank you Cathy! Also, I wholeheartedly agree with you Linda1...I've been wondering how come I haven't heard of any "measles parties" from my fellow non-vaxx friends in my neighboring county. Im starting to believe this is a manipulated intentional effort to mislead the general public about a potentially fictional story. Does anybody in "our community" know any of these unvaxxed measles-cases? Our community is pretty tight nit...I really expected some bragging about a rare opportunity for lifelong immunity in our midst, but no cigar. Also, the warning bells are sounding off...Senator Pan in CA is planning to author a bil to either eliminate or further-restrict PBE's!


I just watched "Imitation Game" about a man who was clearly on the ASD spectrum at a time before it was labeled "ASD spectrum". The rise in reported cases in autism is first and foremost exactly that - a rise in reporting. Before you scream about vaccines causing a rise in the incidence of autism, you should first prove there IS an actual rise in the incidence of autism.

cia parker

Yeah, asthma and peanut allergies, both sky-rocketing mysteriously. I saw an article on Vox about peanut allergies, no one having any idea what was causing the increase. I wrote to the author about Heather Fraser's book showing that the cause was the Hib vaccine, she didn't answer. The DPT/DTaP has been the most frequently-used vaccine for seventy years, and it causes asthma. Period. Don't want your kids to get asthma or allergies, or autism, just say no to the damn shots.


I wish more people would realize how their fear is being manipulated for profit.

Jeannette Bishop

I suppose it's not likely that the average person views the measles mayhem media coverage as a bizarre contrast to the coverage of the "mysterious" ASD spectrum disabling now 1-2 percent of our children and youth, but I can't help wondering if most aren't a little aware of some sense of cognitive dissonance in our "public health policies" as just about every family I know is impacted by some chronic disease or other.

Here's another "mysterious" affliction that's taking a huge toll:

"Asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism -responsible for about 10 million missed days, roughly 2 million emergency room visits, and approximately 5,000 deaths. And these statistics only account for known cases of asthma-many cases remain undiagnosed."

"In most cases, we don't know what causes asthma..."

In the 1970s, asthma was something I only saw on TV and rarely at that, but we don't seem too concerned about finding out why it is everywhere and so prevalent now.

cia parker

The program was very cute! I still remembered the song word for word and sang along. Wow, a rotary dial phone, both Carol Bready and Dr. Porter wore mini-skirts, orange walls, Marcia and Jan wore their hair just the way I did, how nostalgic! I noticed that it was de rigueur to send the kids straight to bed, not stress them out by transporting them to the doctor, but having the doctor come to the house! Wow! Lots of drinks, milk shakes, references to soda, limeade, keep them well-hydrated! No panic, just appropriate concern and amused common sense. Hey, Mike, if you read AoA, notice how measles was NO BIG DEAL! Just the way it was when you, I, and Dorit all had it!

Sandy Gottstein

Sorry to have to repeat myself, but ten years after writing this it's still The Perfect Business Plan


So called public health officials and their suppliers may not keep track of vaccine adverse events but they sure as hell do keep a close eye on vaccine sales, and when sales drop, now that's a genuine public health crisis. How to solve that crisis? Why, with an outbreak, of course. But not just any outbreak. This one has to scare everyone. It can't be so local that anyone outside of that immediate vicinity can feel safe. But where to have this outbreak for the maximum effect? Let's see, where is there an iconic place traveled by Americans and foreign vacationers alike, a place associated with childhood, motherhood and apple pie, beloved by all, a national treasure? Disney Land, of course! And, even better, this perfect place is even more perfect since it's located in horrible non vaccine compliant California. This scenario is what vaccine pushers' dreams are made of and that is most likely, exactly, where it started.

This is nothing short of terrorism.

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