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Will NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Ban NYC Kids from Daycare over Ineffective Flu Shot?

Di blasioBelow is an action alert from Autism Action Network. New York city readers, see contact info at the end of this post.

Will NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio keep kids out of daycare for not getting the flu shot that doesn’t work?
New York City is a two weeks away from enforcing an unprecedented and possibly illegal City-only mandate for all pre-school, daycare and Head Start children to get annual flu shots.  Several weeks ago, however, a message appeared on the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene website that there will be no penalty for failure to comply until 2016.,

“In 2015, the Health Department’s Bureau of Child Care will enforce the requirement by educating childcare staff during routine inspections. Beginning January 1, 2016, the Department will begin issuing notices of violation to childcare facilities that fail to follow the mandate.”
The only penalty there is for families is refusing to allow children into the covered programs. Now the City appears to be waffling on the no enforcement policy.  Several calls to NYC DOMHM officials could not elicit a definitive answer on whether children would be turned away if they do not have evidence of get the flu shot.
It appears that the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is willing to kick tens of thousands of children out of pre-school daycare and Head Start because they will not have been injected with this year’s annual flu shot, the flu shot that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has already admitted isn’t effective against that the flu strains in circulation this year.
The policy becomes even more absurd given that there is no persuasive data in the medical literature that flu shots have any protective affect on children under two years of age, yet the City regulations require children as young as six-months to get two flu shots.  Children who get the inhaled version of the flu vaccine, which contains live flu vaccines and turn anyone who gets it into a potentially infectious flu carrier for 3 weeks will be allowed to attend programs.  And even though mercury-containing flu shots are illegal to give to children under three in New York, many flu shots still have mercury that is wildly in excess of the Federal standards for exposure for children older than three.
There are only two jurisdictions in the US that require any citizens by law to get the flu shot, and those are children under 6 in daycare and pre-school in Connecticut and New Jersey. But unlike New York, those states allow their residents an absolute right to get to religious exemptions, in Connecticut simply by filing a form available online, and in New Jersey by filing a letter that may not be rejected by state law. New Yorkers don’t have that option; medical exemptions are impossible to get, regardless of states law, and religious exemptions in New York City are only granted after negotiating a tortuous review process that can involve multi-hour interrogations into applicant’s religious beliefs, health history and health and religious practices. And multiple requests for documents, explanations and justifications of religious beliefs.
The flu policy was put in place during the last week of the administration of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. No doubt, Bill de Blasio has more important things to do than inflict the ill-conceived draconian policies of his predecessor.
Please give Mayor Bill de Blasio a polite call and ask him to rescind the Bloomberg-era flu shot policy, and at the very least allow children to go to daycare, pre-school and Head Start regardless of they got the flu shot that doesn’t work.
Phone: 311 in the five boros, or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC
Text: 311-692 
Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

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It would be horribly difficult for my family to comply. We watched my mother in law go from the day of the shot, the next to a sore throat, to death . At her funeral, all shared their flu shot experiences, so much more is going on than we know. It can be the shot of death more often than even we can imagine. Our schools are in the middle of the worst flu epidemic in years, tamiflu is NOT in stock at any pharmacy, the doctors know this and are writing for it anyway. Eleven of the flu-misted kids in one of my son's classes are out with it.


Thank you for covering this. I have been upset for days since hearing about this mandate. It is utterly unbelievable how this can happen at all - not to mention when the CDC acknowledges that this year's shot is not effective.

Michelle F

This is horrifying to think that there is this much pressure to vaccinate. Uninformed parents will likely comply...so sad.

Jeannette Bishop

I think I may have posted this interview before:


Around 3:40, Dr. Eisenstein discusses a double blind study that followed a group of 150 and found that the group that had the flu vaccine had 4 times the risk for non-viral infections. I'm not sure how to access the research now, but I'm pretty sure this research has been posted here, also.

Gary Franchi shares his own experience of getting very sick immediately after a flu vaccine.

I believe it is getting politically risky to be mandating vaccines, either from a state of ignorance or callousness, for anyone, particularly a vaccine like the flu vaccine.

With no research showing flu vaccine efficacy against the flu in children and the above study, it might be a reasonable question whether the state of NY and other states are attempting make their children sicker, not to mention the risk of injury from vaccine reaction, autoimmunity, etc., for a benefit that is only in the minds of those going solely on trust in vaccine lore, and, I suppose, in the pocketbooks of a few, at least for now.

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