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Safeminds' Lyn Redwood Deafening Silence: The Systematic Censorship of the Truth about Vaccines

Safeminds lyn shotNote: The article below is from our sponsor, Safeminds.  Please join us in thanking Lyn Redwood for her tenure on IACC, where she fought for families facing all of the challenges of autism, from vaccine induced cause through adult issues. She stepped down this year.  If you're relatively new to Age of Autism and/or the vaccine injury community, please read Evidence of Harm by David Kirby to learn how Lyn Redwood, a nurse, set off the earliest alarm bells about mercury and vaccination, when doctors, scientists and governement watchdogs were oblivious.  From the Safeminds blog:

By Lyn Redwood

Years ago I was interviewed for a news story regarding my son’s mercury toxicity related to medications I received while I was pregnant and his exposure to mercury from his early infant vaccines.

The reporter did an extensive interview with my husband, who is a physician and myself, a registered nurse, at our home. The show was to include a review of my son’s medical records. The television crew also interviewed several local experts for the report, which was scheduled as a hard-hitting three-part investigation regarding mercury and autism.

The promotions began airing the same morning that the first part of the series was scheduled to run. It was to be shown during the evening news.

By 2:00 p.m. that afternoon I received notification that the story had been pulled.

I was shocked.

This was my first time personally dealing with censorship by the media.

Unfortunately it was not my last.

Several years later I was approached by a movie production company that planned to produce a feature film based on David Kirby’s best selling book Evidence of Harm. They wanted to use the personal story of my son as a major part of the movie.

But after purchasing the movie rights to the book and embarking on development of the script for 36 months, the production company decided not to move forward with production of the film. Insiders told us that external pressure from several high-profile individuals caused the production company to reconsider.

Shortly thereafter the production company partnered with CDC and made the movie Contagion, a medical thriller about a global pandemic.

Need I say more?

Over the years I have had investigative reporters tell me that they had never had their reports censored until they started covering the autism vaccine connection.

I have also had researchers tell me that they could not conduct autism vaccine research for fear of losing federal research funding.

So I wasn’t surprised to see that journalist Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., who reports so meticulously and reasonably about vaccines that she has been criticized by both pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine camps, recently had her work censored.

When that TV show exposing the vaccine-autism link was pulled from the airwaves all those years ago, the censorship was so effective that no one knew what had happened or why.

The mainstream media had a stranglehold on what information reached the public.

That’s no longer the case.

Margulis’s review that was pulled from the Washington Independent Review of Books because it was critical of a nonfiction book that touts vaccines and has now been read by tens of thousands more people than originally saw it. In this case the campaign to silence a reasonable discussion about vaccine safety and vaccine side effects backfired. The author and publisher’s attempt to expunge it, successful with the Washington Independent Review of Books, has been exposed in the alternative press.

And if there is any good news in the deafening silence we are seeing from the mainstream media it’s the loud roars that can be heard by anyone with access to a computer and the Internet. It heartens me that we now have a robust alternative media and the level playing field of the Internet to let people who care about knowing both sides of the story and who care about the tens—if not hundreds—of thousands of children who have suffered from vaccine injuries, know how the mainstream press is manipulating information.

Without further ado, here is Jennifer Margulis’s story and the censored review, reprinted here from GreenMedInfo.com:

How This Journalist Was Censored For Writing Reasonably About Vaccines
By Jennifer Margulis

When the editor of the Washington Independent Review of Books invited me to review a recent narrative book about vaccines, I said yes. It was a natural fit, since I’ve been researching vaccines for the past fifteen years, participating publicly in vaccine debates, and writing about the vexing issue of childhood vaccination for nearly as long.

But when an advanced reading copy came in the mail, I recognized the author’s name as someone who had mentioned me in a January 2013 article in Harper’s Magazine. I flipped through the book, and since her essay from Harper’s was printed there nearly verbatim, my name was also in the book.

I called the editor to ask if that might create the perception of a conflict of interest.

“Do you think you can write a fair and balanced review,” the editor asked me on the phone.

I do not know this writer personally. We’ve never spoken or met. We aren’t connected on social media. We did have a very brief email exchange after her Harper’s article came out — I wrote to thank her for mentioning me. I have never taken money from her, as many scientists who are asked to review industry products routinely do.

I told the editor that I needed to read the book in its entirety to be sure, but that I thought I would be able to write an honest review. I also told the editor that I didn’t feel comfortable publishing anything about the book without disclosing that my name is mentioned in it. She took my concerns seriously and we decided together that the editor would include a note of disclosure at the end of the review.

I wrote the review, and they published it on October 20. It was among the top five most read reviews for October, a fact that the Washington Independent Review of Books publicized in a second article.

On November 21st, I got an email from the editor that the review has been pulled from their site.

They’ve taken it off their website. Why? Because Eula Biss and her publisher contacted them to complain.

Their problem with the review? I have a conflict of interest since Eula Biss mentioned me in one sentence of her book.

Here is the mention: Biss reports that in a 2009 Mothering magazine article, I “express outrage that newborn infants are routinely vaccinated for hep B” and that I wonder why I was encouraged to vaccinate my daughter “against a disease she had no chance of catching,” which is a perfectly accurate and seemingly neutral report.

This “conflict of interest” would, of course, have been happily ignored if I had written a positive review.

And, of course, a conflict of interest was avoided by being properly disclosed at the bottom of the review.

Censoring this book review is part of a larger battle reasonable journalists face whenever they write issues related to vaccine safety and the very real and devastating problems in our current American vaccine system, which is sadly based more on maximizing profits and promoting special interests than it is about what is in the best interests of our children’s health.

I realize a lot of people who read GreenMedInfo may disagree and I respect alternative points of view, but I am grateful to modern medicine for vaccines. I may be the most vaccinated person you’ve ever met, having lived and worked in West Africa twice. I’ve had the yellow fever vaccine and taken live oral polio before that vaccine was discontinued for safety issues. I have always supported a national vaccine program. My children, who have also been vaccinated, and I have not had any bad reactions to vaccines — that we are aware of. Nevertheless, I cannot ignore the problems with America’s current childhood vaccine schedule.

A case in point: Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Norway, which enjoy much better infant health outcomes than the United States, do not vaccinate against hepatitis B in the absence of medical need. I also cannot ignore the very real financial conflicts of interest that motivate our current vaccine schedule. I encourage parents to research the issue for themselves and make their own informed decision, which should be respected by every physician and our fellow citizens.

But if Paul Offit, M.D. (whom I’ve interviewed and found to be smart, articulate, enthusiastic, and personable), one of the most well known proponents of America’s current vaccine schedule, had his way, I would go to prison for writing about vaccines. In March 2014, Offit said that journalists who write about vaccine safety issues should go to journalism jail.

GreenMedInfo has generously agreed to reprint the censored review so readers can read it and decide for themselves where the real bias lies.

Review. On Immunity Review

On Immunity: An Inoculation

  • By Eula Biss Graywolf Press 216 pp.
  • Reviewed by Jennifer Margulis
  • October 20, 2014

This heartfelt ode to inoculations dismisses concerns about vaccines.

On Immunity is an extended nonfiction essay — an impressionistic, metaphor-laden, first-person account of author Eula Biss’ fears for her infant son’s safety and the questions and concerns she has as she educates herself about vaccines. This slim book combines real-life vignettes with literary criticism, information about the history of vaccines in the United States, informal  interviews with scientists, and chats Biss has had with friends and relatives.

Childhood vaccination, vaccine refusal, and vaccine exemption are evergreen topics that fascinate the American public, and this book could not be timelier.

Following on the heels of the recent disclosure by scientist William W. Thompson, Ph.D. —  a strong advocate for vaccines — that the CDC, in a 2004 study of the possible relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism, “omit[ted] relevant findings … for a particular sub-group … for a particular vaccine,” and the subsequent insistence by the CDC (and numerous television  journalists) that vaccines do not cause autism, hundreds of parents who believe their children were injured by vaccines began sharing their stories online (under the hashtag #hearthiswell).

For her part, Biss is not interested in stories of vaccine injury, which she dismisses as exaggerated. Nor is she interested in the devastating fact that one in every 42 boys in America today has autism, or that we are seeing a rise in many other diseases among American children, including Type-1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders.

Her book is ultimately such a staunch defense of the current vaccine system that she even criticizes the pro-vaccine pediatrician Robert Sears, author of the bestselling “The Vaccine Book,” for giving parents worried about side effects from vaccines alternate vaccination schedules. (Sears also makes recommendations about which inoculations can be skipped entirely if doing so encourages vaccine-averse parents to have their children at least partially immunized.)

“The extra time and trouble required to follow Dr. Bob’s alternative schedule are hard to justify unless the dangers of contracting infectious diseases early in life are minimized and the dangers of vaccinating early in life are exaggerated,” she writes.

Though Sears’ book is meticulously researched, overtly pro-vaccine (he inoculates dozens of patients every day), and extremely balanced, Biss objects to it: “Much of The Vaccine Book is devoted to this minimization and exaggeration,” she writes.

Yet, ironically, Biss’ own son may have been vaccine injured. She explains that he suffers from debilitating allergies that sometimes leave him unable to breathe.

“My son has unusually severe allergies, which he developed at an unusually young age,” Biss writes. “His pediatrician calls him her ‘outlier’ because he is a statistical anomaly. By the time he turned three, his allergies had led to swelling in his nasal cavity, and this swelling had led to painful sinus infections, which we had cured with antibiotics several times, but which inevitably returned.”

She is told by one doctor that her son must never get another flu vaccine because he is allergic to eggs. Scientific studies, including this one, have shown a causal relationship between food allergies and food components in vaccines. Other research indicates that vaccines may play a role in causing or exacerbating allergies, including childhood asthma.

And a recent study published in the North American Journal of Medicine and Science by physician and researcher Elizabeth Mumper suggests that children with a family history of allergies can benefit from a delayed vaccine schedule.

Despite this, Biss evokes Greek mythology, deconstructs Dracula (a metaphor for contagious disease and pestilence that must be hunted down and destroyed), and muses about Voltaire in order to reiterate what you will find in every other mainstream book: Her unnamed “friends” who are foregoing vaccines do so because they are privileged, educated, and selfish.

These moms care only about their own children to the detriment of society as a whole, minimizing the risks of contagious diseases (which are, to Biss, as terrifying as vampires), and overemphasizing the harms of vaccines.

As a thoughtful parent and journalist who is pro-vaccine and who has chosen to vaccinate her own children, but who champions parental choice and vaccine safety, I was disappointed by this book.

Biss’ metaphorical musing on vaccinations and how to protect our children from harm ultimately reads like an extended attempt to justify her choice to fully vaccinate her son on the CDC’s current vaccine schedule. (The only vaccine her son did not receive, because the doctor told her it was unnecessary, was the birth dose of hepatitis B.)

Biss’ father, an oncologist, dismisses parents who want their children to get chicken pox naturally as “idiots.”

Because it so lyrically maintains the status quo, On Immunity has predictably garnered accolades. But the book is more notable for what it leaves out — the voices of thoughtful parents who are foregoing some or all vaccines; the stories of vaccine-injured children; and the nearly infinitesimal risk of catching certain communicable diseases versus the much higher risk of having autoimmune dysfunction in childhood — than what it includes.

When you feel the need to construct an enticing narrative to convince people that an orthodoxy you follow should be followed by everyone else, as well, the curtain you are weaving over it serves to draw just as much, if not more, attention to the legitimate questions that lie underneath.

[Washington Independent Review of Books Editor’s Note: We assigned this review to Jennifer Margulis because she has spent over 10 years researching and writing about childhood vaccination. Before accepting the assignment, Margulis informed us that, although she does not know Eula Biss personally, she and Biss have had cordial email correspondence, and that Biss mentions Margulis by name in both a Harper’s magazine article and in On Immunity.]

Jennifer-M_004Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., is an award-winning journalist and Fulbright grantee. Her articles have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and on the cover of Smithsonian magazine. She is the author/editor of five books, including The Business of Baby (Scribner), finalist for a Books For a Better Life Award, which will be published in paperback under the new title, Your Baby, Your Way. She has taught literature in inner city Atlanta; appeared live on prime-time TV in France; and worked on a child survival campaign in Niger. She lives in Oregon with her husband and four children.


Lyn Redwood SafeMindsLyn Redwood, R.N., M.S.N., is co-founder and board member of SafeMinds and cofounder of the National Autism Association. In 2000, she testified before the Government Reform Committee on “Mercury in medicine: Are we taking unnecessary risks?” and in 2003 before a Congressional sub-committee on health. She has published in Neurotoxicology, Molecular Psychiatry, Medical Hypotheses, Mothering Magazine, and Autism-Aspergers Digest; appeared on Good Morning America and the Montel Williams Show; and been interviewed by U.S News and World Report, Wired Magazine, and People. She is prominently featured in David Kirby’s award-winning book, Evidence of Harm. Lyn Redwood also served on the Department of Defense Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Program from 2007-2009 and served as a public  member of the National Institutes of Health Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee for the past eight years. She was awarded the National Autism Association’s Believe Award in 2013 for her dedication to the autism community.


Lyn Redwood

Please note that the reference to Paul Offit as being smart, articulate, etc. was that of Jennifer Margulis in the article published by GreenMedInfo and not me.

cia parker

I hope you're right. One of the big problems is the lack of accurate information on anything. No vax/unvax studies, no up-to-date figures on the current autism rate. No info on how many people give their children the complete roster of vaccines, or, among those who refuse some of them, how many and which ones they refuse, and how many of each group of parents refuse them. And the public is getting very little accurate info either from the mainstream sources that most people rely on. Personally I can't understand at all why ANYONE would EVER get the MMR or DTaP, or the others either. But I hope that the rate of parents believing that vaccines cause autism doubling in only three years means that a lot of people are considering the issue and will eventually act decisively.


Do we really know how many young parents are choosing to deviate from the CDC's recommended schedule? Judging from the constant media drumbeat, I'd say that it's probably a lot more than in prior years, and growing. That can be attributed to many factors, seeing so many injured children a big one, also the contributions of people like Lynn Redwood (and you too) who have been speaking out.


Thanks for the review of a book I will avoid like the plague. I am so completely convinced that vaccines are toxic that I have no fear of any childhood disease for my grandchild compared to even one vaccine--call me an idiot if you like. Whooping cough is a terrible disease but then the vaccine only works at maximum 40% of the time and maybe as little as 24% of the time. Also, there is the vaccine resistant variety of whooping cough that I guess is the worst. The flu shot is worthless, but I have no objection to anyone getting it if they want to. Vaccines are old paradigm because they cause inflammation and inflammation is disease. Speaking of idiots what about the plague of idiopathic diseases that everyone is getting --maybe it's all those mycoplasmas floating around in a viral fragment soup seasoned with toxic substances from random vaccines for random illness. Give me a diagnosable disease any day to an idiopathic one. I'll take the flu, but not viral fragments, recombinant DNA for chickens or dog or pigs or monkeys, fetuses. It boggles my mind what people allow to be injected into themselves and their children.


re: "20 years and nothing has been achieved . Nothing , zilch , zero."

Well, that's not actually true. The amount of mercury in vaccines has been decreased. And the level of skepticism about vaccines has increased among parents. Yes, it is frustrating. We are up against a very powerful wall. But I'm glad that Lyn Redwood is at those unbearable IACC meetings at least speaking out, being a thorn in their side. Without her, they could be just totally self-satisfied, resting on their delusions.

It may be hard for you to say, White Rose, since you are apparently anonymous (unless that is your real name), but what have you been doing to advocate for vaccine justice? If you can't say anything about your own activities, perhaps you could tell us what you recommend that would be effective in changing the world? Please let us know, so that we can participate.


It's not a compliment to call Dr. Offit personable. I'm sure the devil was personable when he advised Adam and Eve to eat the apple. OK, Dr. Offit isn't the devil. But the point is, smooth talking people often charm people into doing the wrong thing. Being personable isn't the same thing as being good.

cia parker

White Rose, Stagmom, Linda,
Linda, I don't think much autism has been prevented in the big picture since close to 100% of people are still vaccinating their children, and we're up to an alltime high, one in 36 American children on the autism spectrum now. Some places have up to 6% of children partially unvaxed, which is a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough. Less than 1% completely unvaxed. I don't think Setleff's prediction was well taken. While I'm sure they'd like to increase it, the vaccine schedule hasn't been expanded in many years now, and I don't think Roundup and so on cause autism on their own, though they can potentiate vaccine damage. We're making progress, the number of parents who believe that vaccines cause autism has doubled in only three years to what was it? 30%? Since it is true, it's just going to take time for several hundred thousand more children to be crippled with autism etc., but this time with a lot of people watching. It's not that NOTHING has happened in the past twenty years, it just looks that way, but the really crucial thing is that now a lot of people are watching after vaccines to see what happens. Not the medical professionals, of course, or the schools, media, or government officials, they love stability, security, and the status quo MUCH more than they care about people's lives, but the general public has its hackles up and is paying attention. I guess that's the most we can hope for at this time.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Lyn Redwood for highlighting this well-written review and for all your work to remove mercury from medicine.

Re "personable," which was Jennifer Margulis's description of Offit if I read the above correctly, followed by the explanation that he wanted to put her in "journalism jail," I think the function of using the positive, and seemingly honest, adjectives was to reasonably counter this one of several divisive, entrenching, unreasonable screeds/dictums ("journalism jail") we sometimes get from personable salesmen of products that might not sell well under conditions of open discourse, respect for individual differences, and fully informed consent.

cia parker

I think that Offit is a handsome man, certainly glib and superficially knowledgeable. The exact sentence would also hold true for Dr. Bob Sears. My intent is not to draw exact moral comparisons, but only to suggest that it is also true for Hitler (hard to see, but a lot of women and people of every age were extremely attracted to him), Mussolini, and al-Bagdadi. I could add "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, drink deep or touch not that Stygean (?) spring."

The more important issue is that many people don't have time, or at least don't think they have time or the ability, to do the research themselves. That leaves them vulnerable to the sales pitch of salesmen hawking their wares, easier to do if you can tap into an ideology based on primal needs and fears. If you can then put a veneer of rationality, moderation, and a cautious middle-of-the-road stance on it, that makes it seem even more credible and deserving of trust and adoption.

This morning I read the introduction to Neustaedter's The Vaccine Guide for the first time in many years. I was mistaken in thinking it was in need of a new edition, this one being from 2002: Gardasil is the only big omission. His introduction is so elegant and complete in its consideration of all the factors at play in the vaccine decision as it should be considered and that influence the way it really is conducted in real life, is stunning in its accuracy and compassion. Especially stunning in the consideration of the importance of allowing the immune system to be strengthened by being forced to martial all its healing forces by combatting the milder natural diseases.

The young cashier at the health food store here was reading a book when I checked out two weeks ago: I asked him what he was reading, and he said Immunity, by Eula Biss. I said Oh, yeah, she's one of the bad guys who's really pro-vaccine. He fell silent and disapproving, but couldn't say what he would have liked to a customer. I was disappointed that her book may be getting more play than I would have imagined. I'll have to see how much it costs on Amazon, maybe read it and put up a review. It's interesting that they're now contracting for apparently thoughtful, literate defenses of vaccines, which have on the frontispiece "No vaccine-damaged admitted here." Extremely interesting that they're trying every possible propaganda tack in this vaccine war. All I can say is that as the vaccine casualties continue to mount, at the moment that Michael Belkin's "vaccine bubble" pops, popular fury and outrage are going to take revenge on a scale we have never seen.


"20 years and nothing has been achieved . Nothing , zilch , zero ."

White Rose,

I usually agree with you, but on this I have to say that we don't know how many children have been spared because of Lynn's efforts and the efforts of all those who have spoken out in the past 20 years. It is possible that without their work we might have been at 50% autistic today. Also, sometimes a person doesn't witness the full fruits of their labor in their lifetime.

I also did a double take when I read what she wrote about Offit, but I know she didn't mean it as a compliment.


Some time ago I read an old article in a Philadelphia newspaper about Paul Offit. In the article, Offit was quoted as saying that his father was a clothing salesman and, in his own words, a BS artist. He told that as a young boy he watched his father with his BS artist salesman friends and that he decided that he didn't want to be like them.

The influence of genetics and environment are such that sometimes we don't have a choice. He is just like his father, a charming BS artist, only he doesn't sell men's shirts, he sells vaccines.

White Rose

Liz Burt was the real deal . She meant business.
And its very likely the reason she is no longer with us .

Ofits manners or his grooming or how well spoken he is or even his toilet habits , none of that concerns me at all .

Its what Ofit says and does that greatly offend me .
"possibly the worst incident in immunisation was the Cutter incident" , yeah right Paul - and the rest .

And believe me Stagmom , if I know what has happened and what has been done , then he definitely does !

I conversed several years ago with a toxicologist from Chicago , Elin Silbeberg (she was instrumental in blocking treatments for autistic children) - & I asked her straight out if she would accept a mercury containing vaccine , or mercury amalgams in her mouth . She refused to answer !
The dishonesty in vaccines and in science is so great its unfathomable . I bet the new Royal Heir will never see a vaccine in his life (that will be a state secret).

I recommend all who have the energy to read up on IG Farben and the story of zyklonB and the work camps because that is what we are loooking at here (much the same thing).
I'm sure Otto Ambros & Heinrich Bütefisch had excellent manners and were wonderfully well spoken too.


White Rose - you have misunderstood me - the fact that Offit is personable is likely WHY he is able to cover up the vast problems of his "industry." Mother Teresa worked tirelessly for the poor - there are still billions of poverty stricken people in the world - was she a failure. I could never disparage Lyn or her work - she persevered and kept at it like David against Goliath - paving the for me and you and the rest of us. We can honor her by continuing to fight - in our own style. I'm in this 18 years, 13 as an "advocate" and I'm exhausted - Lyn has handled FAR more than I have - and she does it with grace.


Anne J.

I can see why this review was pulled. It was actually an HONEST review, and we certainly can't have that in this age of media blackouts and denial of vaccine injury. Why, it could cost the CDC and pharmaceutical companies MONEY. People might even lose faith in the current CDC vaccine recommendations, or think the CDC did not have the public's best interests at heart (oh, sorry, that has ALREADY HAPPENED when they blocked the vaccinated vs never vaccinated study, and began allowing pharmaceutical companies to use fake "placebos" in their "safety studies")! Of course this review was suppressed, in favor of continuing the carnage on a daily basis! Who knows, if they allowed publishing honest reviews, maybe even Offit's unnecessary vaccine might be removed from the bloated, mandated schedule if more people knew what was really going on (or maybe not. After all, he is such a "personable" guy, and the CDC's "go to" man for anything autism or pro-vaccine, in spite of the fact he's never even treated kids on the spectrum)! "Personable" trumps truthful?!
Great (and brave) review, Dr. Margulis! I hope people share this far and wide!
Also, many thanks to Lyn Redwood for all her years of advocacy (do we know who has been appointed to take her place on the IACC yet? I haven't heard, but fear it will be another "industry person" who will not represent those injured)

BoB Moffitt

I first learned of Lyn Redwood while reading David Kirby's excellent book .. "Evidence of Harm" .. and .. I suspect anyone who reads that book would strongly disagree .. that Lyn "needs to do another 15 years of study".

My mercury poisoned fifteen year old grandson and his entire family greatly appreciates all Lyn .. one of the original "warrior moms" .. has done for him and our family.

As for Lyn describing Offit as "personable" .. many have made the exact same observation about serial killer Ted Bundy .. yet .. there was a cheering crowd outside the prison when the "personable" Ted was put to death.

Jill Fenech

Thank you Lyn for hanging tough through all those mindless IACC meetings. I absolutely could never have sat through even one. I am hopeful that Bill Posey will take the documents regarding the "whistleblower" CDC study and blow the lid off the censorship pressure cooker.

White Rose

Stagmom - you've said it all right there .

20 years and nothing has been achieved . Nothing , zilch , zero .

In fact in those 20 years we have seen nothing but an acceleration in the vaccine program , and an increase in the ambition of the madmen & women (loads of women) behind these heinous crimes .

I'd like to remind you of Stephanie Seneffs doomsday prediction . 50% of all US kids autistic by 2025 .
Just 11 years away .

So you tell me , Offit has nice manners whilst he propagates the poisoning of our children (with a sick smile on his face !)


White Rose, Lyn has worked non-stop for 20 years. I have also been told Dr Offit is quite personable. It's how he is able to convice people that vaccines are a must..

White Rose

Giving a mercury containing Flu vaccine to a pregnant woman can ONLY be described as Hg-enocide .

The mass medication of hundreds of millions of people worldwide by the fluoridation of the public water supply can only be described as Hg-enocide .

What is all this talk of vaccine safety . They cannot ever be made safe . They are a flawed failed technology from the outset ("bargain basement" technology). Maurice Hilleman's words , not mine , the godfather of vaccine .

Ofit is personable ? really ? come on , who could write this , or anything complimentary about that man .
Lyn has done 15 years of research , well I've only done 7 .
I could never ever say anything positive about Ofit, ever .
Lyn I think you need to do another 15 years of study .

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