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MashupBy Dan Olmsted

A monumental catastrophe is unfolding in doctor's offices and public health clinics across this country every day, and it is called the Childhood Immunization Schedule. It is responsible for the autism epidemic, and much else that is unhealthy for our children, our country, and our world. A greatly reduced and more selective and safety-focused vaccine schedule could put the brakes on that epidemic -- today, family by family and child by child, while we also work for reform and recognition of vaccine injury on political, legal, and journalism fronts.

Our mission at Age of Autism is to end the Age of Autism -- meaning, the autism epidemic -- not to end vaccination as a medical practice. I've never said otherwise, and if people find this a disqualifying point of view, I'm truly sorry to lose their confidence but I have to be straightforward and consistent. Other groups and some of our valued writers and readers do have that mission, and we respect and interact with them all the time, publish their posts, and put their perspectives in our book (Vaccines 2.0, out next month, co-written with Mark Blaxill). There is room for different but allied approaches and tactics to attacking this catastrophe, and it is much better to collaborate and affirm each other than to splinter our small activist coalition over issues where we have far -- far! -- more in common that anything mainstream public health is asserting.

Let's remember first principles, as put forward by the late great Bernie Rimland, who I feel privileged to call a personal hero: "The autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause. ... There are many consistent lines of evidence implicating vaccines, and no even marginally plausible alternative hypotheses."

Note that phrase: Excessive vaccinations. 

To argue that the excessive, bloated vaccine schedule caused the post-1988 autism epidemic, as I do, you are basically stipulating that the much less aggressive vaccine schedule pre-1988 was not causing it, as problematic as it may still have been in the particulars. Hence, promoting a lesser, later, lighter vaccine schedule -- and the right to choose it, without resistance -- is one reasonable way to try to end the epidemic, among many other necessary steps. One reason the Amish have little to no autism is not because they never ever vaccinate -- although many do not -- but because they are light years from the metronomic well-baby shot schedule that is causing mayhem for the rest of us (most don't have health insurance, for one thing). How many home-birthed, midwife-attended Amish babies do you really think get the hep B shot within hours of coming into the world? Precious few, I'd say.

Mercury in vaccines has caused autism since the 1930s, as I think we have shown conclusively (thank you, Teresa Conrick!), and bad vaccines like the DPT have done damage as well, but the epidemic rate of autism today, now, this minute, is directly due to the post-1986 vaccine act feeding frenzy by the pharmaceutical companies and complicit captured regulators and pediatric practices. It needs to be stopped.

At least, that is my opinion, based on my own research, experience, and professional training. This may seem like stating the obvious to all of us -- that the current schedule is causing the current epidemic, but it is still a minority and beleaguered point of view that we fight every day to demonstrate.

I respectfully disagree with what is often part and parcel of the no-vaccines-ever argument -- that the polio and smallpox vaccines didn't really end those epidemics. I base this again on research of my own and with my colleague Mark Blaxill on these topics -- particularly polio (although the epidemic was man-made -- another story). So because I think these statements are simply incorrect, and that it is a historical fact that these vaccines did end serious diseases, I don't see these as winning arguments to make to concerned parents. To my mind it is therefore hard to convince new parents that there simply is no case for any vaccination, ever, and never will be, end of story, thanks for listening, go and sin no more. Those who want to make the case that smallpox and polio vaccines were worthless need to hold themselves to a higher standard of rigor than just the received wisdom that polio was "reclassified" out of existence or that the determined and well-documented vaccine onslaught on smallpox really had nothing to do with wiping it out. This does not make me pro- (or anti-) vaccine, just someone trying to assess facts objectively.

So on the polio vaccine, as I mentioned in my last column, I would say, yes, it worked. But also that you as a new parent should think about whether your child really needs it in this day and age, and if you are looking to cut back, consider putting your red pencil through that one, at least for now. This is why we have to stick to our journalistic guns -- if we are convinced that the polio vaccine did work, we can't simply say otherwise or keep quiet . But we can still help parents reassess the need for mass polio vaccination in the United States in 2014.

This is where I have put my efforts for more than a decade -- discovering and demonstrating that the bloated and largely untested vaccine program we have today, including ingredients like thimerosal and blunders like combined live virus vaccines at age 1, is the driving force behind the autism epidemic and its many, many attendant health problems. So, it logically follows, at least to me, that anything that dials back on the cumulative hit and the worst and most demonstrably dangerous and useless offenders in the current schedule, and empowers parental concern and choice, including the choice not to vaccinate at all -- as our book does -- furthers our mission.

A widespread revolt against current vaccination policy, including an unchallenged right not to vaccinate at all, and the development of a safer and saner vaccine schedule, is simply a more attainable and sustainable goal (it's already happening!) than a revolt against vaccination as a public health tool under any circumstances, ever, buttressed by claims that vaccines have never, ever worked. Again, there is room for people pushing on all these fronts, and we welcome and work with them as allies.

A final point: Neither in our upcoming book nor anywhere else are we "recommending" vaccines. Parents don't need us to "recommend." They need a context for looking at safer vaccine choices -- including no vaccines -- that only they can make. 

I look forward to continuing the conversation and can't wait for our book to be part of it!


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



A CDC representative was on one of the morning shows today saying the flu vaccine was only 23% effective. I think that this is rather deceiving. It left me with the question 23% effective against what, exactly? Is 23% an average? If it is, and there are 3 flu strains in it - wouldn't that mean that it would have to be 0 percent effective for at least one strain, and no more than 46% effective for a second, with the third somewhere in the middle? Versus how effective is the immune system in preventing death or hospitalization after flu infection? And if you mimic the CDC and discuss it more generally, is the flu vaccine or the immune system more successful in preventing death and/or hopsitalizations from "flu like illnesses," of which it's my understanding there are around 200 germ families that create the same set of symptoms. I think the flu vaccine would come in woefully lacking in that real world comparison.

With all the lab tests that can be done at home now, does anyone wonder why there is no one promoting an "at home" flu swab test? Hmmmmm . . .

Nella Hemenegildo

SO SO SO Disappointed. It only takes ONE "vaccine". Thank you for further dividing our already seriously divided community. What a shame you have handed Big Pharma another win and helped COUNTLESS innocent babies and children to slaughter....


my friend was going to do some vaccines regardless of what i might say, and he put them off because of his general concern, which is a good strategy. but then he picked a vaccine his kid didn't need! if he had read our book, and was determined to give his sons some vaccines selectively, he might have realized that polio was not the place to start.

So your book wouldn't have recommended starting with the the polio vaccine?

I thought it wasn't about making recommendations?

Jenny Allan

Regarding the efficacy of the 2014-15 flu vaccine, the following is extracted from the CDC press release:-

Early data suggests that the current 2014-2015 flu season could be severe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges immediate vaccination for anyone still unvaccinated this season and recommends prompt treatment with antiviral drugs for people at high risk of complications who develop flu.
So far this year, seasonal influenza A H3N2 viruses have been most common. There often are more severe flu illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths during seasons when these viruses predominate. For example, H3N2 viruses were predominant during the 2012-2013, 2007-2008, and 2003-2004 seasons, the three seasons with the highest mortality levels in the past decade. All were characterized as “moderately severe.”
Increasing the risk of a severe flu season is the finding that roughly half of the H3N2 viruses analyzed are drift variants: viruses with antigenic or genetic changes that make them different from that season’s vaccine virus. This means the vaccine’s ability to protect against those viruses may be reduced, although vaccinated people may have a milder illness if they do become infected. During the 2007-2008 flu season, the predominant H3N2 virus was a drift variant yet the vaccine had an overall efficacy of 37 percent and 42 percent against H3N2 viruses."

In other words, one virus strain has mutated during the period of planning/implementing the vaccine. This has reduced the efficacy of this year's vaccine, but the protection from the other strains is still significant.

cia parker

Anne J,
Neustaedter and Dr. Sears have good info about the travel vaccines, though they don't go into a lot of detail The typhoid, meningococcal, and yellow fever vaccines are all extremely dangerous, so I hope you'll research them a lot before your daughter considers getting them.

White Rose

@ Jenny Allen

"but the flu jab is not completely useless, averaging around 50% protection"

I think you have your decimal points mixed up a little here . I think its more like a half of just 1% effective.
Have you not seen the endless articles all over the place saying the cdc have it wrong again and this years flu jab is next to useless ? & I believe it to be useless every year anyway (I'm sure the BMJ or Lancet declared so recently). I have forbidden (yes forbidden) my elderly relatives from EVER taking the flu jab . Good luck to you however . But my take on the Flu jab for the elderly , is quite simply they want to hurry the elderly off this mortal coil as quickly as possible . Yes I'm anti-vax and damn proud of it . They are a crime against humanity . Have you not followed the Kenya tetanus story ? Do a little investigation around the history of Aids - it doesnt take much imagination to work out whats going on at all .

My compliments to some absolutely brilliant comments on here , I will work my way thru them all but TruthSeeker00 , I tip my hat to you .

Jenny Allan

Dan Olmstead says:- "in the 1950s epidemics, i believe a vaccine was effective in eradicating one-half of the necessary equation (virus plus toxin = poliomyelitis) and ending the epidemics. that is not an agenda-driven statement, it's just what i believe to be the truth."

I believe it too Dan, having lived through the 1950's, when polio was rife. There's no question the vaccine prevented very many cases of this devastating disease, as did the diptheria vaccine. There were other factors of course back then. Bad sanitation and raw sewage discharged into rivers and estuaries, will have played a part in the spread of all diseases.

I agree we now need to move on and thoroughly appraise both the necessity and efficacy of all vaccines, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Those diseases have not gone away, although they might well have mutated into other forms.

Benedetta -thank you for your good wishes. I don't want to clutter up this thread with a load of Alzheimer's stuff, which should be debated elsewhere, but flu vaccines for oldies is a very different kettle of fish, from administering them to young children. I would prefer a mercury free jab, and campaign for mercury free vaccines, particularly for young children, but the flu jab is not completely useless, averaging around 50% protection. I am more scared of the flu than dementia, and prefer the 'glass half full', rather than half empty comparison. I would probably prefer not to be loaded with historical mercury. I also probably have high lead levels, thanks to lead water pipes still in the system.(Lead plumbing was first introduced into the UK by the Roman invaders, whose stunted growth and brain damage was explained to me during a visit to Pompeii, clever engineers though!) And then there's Chernobyl, radioactive fallout from this is still a problem for some Scottish sheep farmers. DDT and other pesticides? Don't go there. I don't waste time worrying about this, since there's nothing I can do about it. They say stress makes you vulnerable to strokes. Hopefully I will live and blog for a few more years yet.


Thanks! I think sometimes we all need a friend to say hey, calm down. It isn't what you think/ And you are right, I think I misunderstood a lot.

Jenny Allan. Apologies. Sorry I wasn't getting it.
And may I instead wish everyone
Happy Christmas/happy Hanukah, Best wishes of the season?
I do love reading the stories and comments of so many of you, and feel in a way like you are all family.


Thank You Dan;
The whole thing is to try to reach a vast majority of the public. - you explained it very well, and I think we all understand - we are just a raw emotional bunch.

Justly so.


re: "despite the risks/benefits of vaccines being truly unknown (it’s all guesswork)"

I agree. So not sure why some folks are so vehemently sure that they know. But I imagine this book is an effort to delve into whatever information is available, to help make choices as informed as possible.

re: "now promoting vaccines... the book just doesn’t serve our agenda."

I really doubt that this book promotes vaccines. And I would wait to read the book before assuming it does not serve our agenda.

But true it may not serve an agenda of eliminating all vaccines. It may serve an agenda of promoting the right to make vaccine choices, and foster a better understanding of vaccine risks.

Dan Olmsted

David (and others), i think polio vaccine is in fact not a vaccine that american kids need today, regardless of whether it once had public health value. polio was caused by pesticide exposure in those with an active poliovirus infection, i believe, just as so many of today's illnesses that we keep trying to treat with pills and vaccines are environmental. like enterovirus 68, which i predict is going to become the new polio over the next several years. so i think polio, like autism, was a manmade epidemic that can be prevented by not putting poisons in kids. the poliovirus in itself was not the problem, but in fact in the 1950s epidemics, i believe a vaccine was effective in eradicating one-half of the necessary equation (virus plus toxin = poliomyelitis) and ending the epidemics. that is not an agenda-driven statement, it's just what i believe to be the truth.

Anne had a link yesterday about the fact that 6 percent of michigan school kids have waivers. that is a good number, but of course some of those kids still get some vaccines, or got some vaccines in infancy and their parents grew concerned. so in that six percent there are kids to whom the damage has already been done. to get that number up from 6 percent, and especially to make sure that parents are more selective or postpone (or decline) vaccines during the crucial infant and in utero stages where autism is a dire risk, what do we do? do we tell them vaccines have never ever worked, they're a big fraud, that polio vaccine did nothing to end polio because we saw a chart about how it's now just called flaccid paralysis? or do we tell them, there are way too many vaccines right now because congress let the drug makers get away with no liability, and so now they're using your kid as a cash cow and a pincushion, and you can do something about it, and here's how.

i mentioned before that a friend of mine didn't vaccinate his two sons until age three, and then the first vaccine he gave them was ... polio. my friend was going to do some vaccines regardless of what i might say, and he put them off because of his general concern, which is a good strategy. but then he picked a vaccine his kid didn't need! if he had read our book, and was determined to give his sons some vaccines selectively, he might have realized that polio was not the place to start. i think the argument that the polio vaccine isn't needed to protect his sons or the community, and that cutting down the overall vaccine load as much as possible is a worthy goal, would speak to him better than the idea that the polio vaccine did nothing to end polio, which i'm pretty sure he'd reject, and properly so.


Jenny and Hera:

And both of you know how to spell - that makes you both have a lot in common.


david m burd

Greg & Jenny Allen, et al.

Dan's new book the best I can derive from his own comments will most certainly be extremely critical of virtually all present child vaccines, thus interested parents can make up their own minds. My own dissent re Dan's OK judgement of the smallpox history is actually now moot, as many/most modern medicos have indeed recognized how toxic the smallpox vaccines/inoculations actually were, and this vaccine is long gone from any infant/child vaccine lists.

And Dan has long wrote/said actual permanent, paralytic polio cases, few as they really were, indeed came about because of neurotoxic pesticides inundating our food and domestic world from 1940's through the 1950's (in the U.S.), so I venture to guess Dan would agree there is true danger and scant merit in the present-day polio shots?

As a relevant aside, I think Robert Kennedy, Jr. is truly dangerous (and for all we know he and Paul Offit dine together), despite his book condemning mercury in vaccines, as Kennedy wholeheartedly endorses the entire U.S. Immunization Schedule for children, and loudly says all his kids were thus vaccinated without (apparent) injury.

Actually, I empathize with most everyone on these long Comments, though personally I would turn down a free trip to Hawaii if I had to take a vaccination (and I live in the frigid winters of West Virginia}.


Jenny Allen and Hera;
I think - well I think you both have misunderstood what the other was saying.

You both are wonderful sweet people, whose stories of what happened to your family and the things you have discovered has been a big part of what AOA is all about.

And I am so thankful to both of you.
Maybe you two need to go back and reread your alls first posts - maybe I do too????

But I am sure you all are misunderstanding what was being said.


Jenny - you be careful of those flu shots. Their effects can sneak up on you by stealth.

My Dad thought he was a big strong man - but he has had some problems breathing and takes some kind of inhaler by a machine every day. So he is scared of catching some respitory disease.
My Dad bragged that he could take those flu shots, and was not like my Mother and my children. It did appear that he could. HE took them for about 7 years. Then he went to check the cattle one day and I noticed he could not pick up his feet: he was just shuffling.
I talked him out of them the next year, and he was surpised he did not get the flu, or any respitory infection -- which by the way every year he had the flu shot he had some kind of illness - that he had to have an antibiotic for and once landed in the hospital for an upper respitory infection (not the flu that he was vaccinated against though - I am sure -- wink- wink).

His shuffling feet turned out ot be Parkinson which is a brain stem diseae. It appears that these vaccines at least in my family is bothering that very region of the brain -as in the part that controls the muscles for speech region, the hypothalmus that involves the hormones,appetite, controls the thryoid and all that.

Oh, I know you know all this Jenny - I have seen your very, very informative writings and you are highly intelligent. I am just saying ----

That is how it gets you Jenny.

My daughter even went ahead and got a flu shot after she finished around of Hep Bs for nursing school and that year was the the beginning of us visiting crazy town.

Just saying.

But I understand your fear. Dad was scared too.


CIA Parker -- It was Mary Maxwell that left this link on Kent's Plague article down under this Week End Mash up.

It explains retro virus.
and all the other stuff.

Jenny Allan

@Hera "not sure why you feel the thalidomide comparison is insulting?
Is that because you feel that vaccine injury only includes autism?"

I think my views on autism and vaccines are well known here. Why have you have been deliberately attacking me on this and other AoA threads? Semantic word spinning, ad hominem smears and insinuations, are the 'weapons' of the likes of Brian Deer, who also uses colourful metaphors and analogies. This non scientist also wrote four 'peer reviewed' papers for the BMJ.
You said:-
"I realize you have never been injured by a vaccine, nor had anyone you loved injured by them. However, the fact is that some of the people here have had family members that may have died, or will now require 24 hour home care as a result of their injuries from vaccines.
For these people, they have a lot of pain. Calling them vaccine zealots is a little bit like calling the thalidomide victims anti- medicine zealots."

You wonder why I am insulted by this? Apart from the insinuation of ignorance and even callousness towards vaccine damaged persons,(I NEVER called anyone a vaccine zealot, far less vaccine damaged persons or their parents), you stated I never "had anyone I loved injured by vaccines". Did you really miss all those posts about my autistic grandson, spanning several years?

As for Thalidomide victims, I remember this well, and met a few victims; the damage was caused by anti sickness medication prescribed for pregnant mothers. At least this happened during an era when governments were prepared to admit the cause, and compensate the victims, most of whom do not blame all medicines for their misfortune. For a time, there was a moratorium on ALL medications for pregnant mums unless they were essential. This has been forgotten in the present day zeal to give mercury laden flu and other vaccines to pregnant mothers.

Dan's book has not yet been published, but what's not to like about an honest appraisal of all child vaccines and their administrations, aimed at parents who are undecided or worried about which vaccines (if any) to allow their own children to receive. This is a very different approach to Paul Offit's 'Deadly Choices' which aims to scare parents into making vaccine decisions.

The way Dan has been attacked for writing this book, on this and other threads is disgraceful. I hope those others who, like myself, are not opposed to all vaccines just because of concerns about a few, will not be put off making their views known.

cia parker

I just reread your comment and I completely agree with you. That's exactly how I feel. I think it will be interesting to read the book, but I can't imagine how most of the vaccines could be presented as more desirable than dangerous, how most of the diseases could be presented as more dangerous than the vaccines for them. Can't imagine addressing young parents and not being extremely honest with them about the dangers of vaccines and the lack of danger of pertussis, measles, etc. If they are unable to take it in, they may have to learn the hard way, but I would not tell them sure, get the DTaP and the MMR, just one at a time. I could not.

Wow, Greg, you're judging the book without reading it. Only a totally anti-vaccine book will fit your dogmatism, and you're already sure that this book is not anti-vaccine enough

(I said I wouldn't continue on the subject but I just couldn’t resist. )

Twyla, let me again discuss the subtleties of my objection to Dan’s book. It’s not a case that I am so prejudiced against vaccines that I will off-hand reject Dan’s book, considering that it may have positive things to say about vaccines. Let me say that despite the risks/benefits of vaccines being truly unknown (it’s all guesswork), I can imagine that Dan presented some sound arguments in his book in favour of vaccines. I will also add that if we must have vaccines then less vaccines is surely a step in the right direction towards reducing vaccine injury, if not ending the autism epidemic. Also, despite the bickering here, I would add that I don’t see the grand conflict between ‘less vaccines’ and ‘no vaccines’. Surely if the ‘no vaccines’ camp is so firm in its conviction that the benefits of vaccines are overblown, and vaccines didn’t really save us then they too should see the advantage of reduced vaccines. If they are correct, surely with less vaccines not only will we have healthier kids, but also no dreaded resurgence of devastating VPDs. This would definitely be an encouraging development for no vaccines.

So Twyla, it’s not that I am inherently prejudiced against pro-vaccination arguments, or, in this specific case, the promotion of vaccines. What I am against Twyla is a prominent vaccine skeptic such as Dan who has always preached about the dangers of vaccines and how they are responsible for the autism epidemic now promoting vaccines. By doing so, Dan is risking that our message gets obscured. Even more, there are our critics, waiting to pounce, who will likely seize on the occasion and misconstrue Dan’s position as signifying that we are not committed to our cause, and that even we realize that our ‘anti-vaxx’ claims lack legitimacy. These are the detrimental repercussions that I am envisioning when I say that Dan and Mark’s book is simply bad optics. Despite any possible merits of the arguments that are raised, the book just doesn’t serve our agenda.

Our agenda is best serve by reminding the public that vaccine are dangerous and responsible for the autism epidemic. Repeating this message often enough will get them to research and scrutinize vaccines further, and as we are seeing. Should they then become interested in reduced or delayed vaccines there will always be the likes of Dr Sears or Dr Jay to direct them.

cia parker

Did you mean enterovirus 68? That's going to be an interesting new development.

cia parker

I respect your opinion, but liked the phrasing of your one sentence so much I just wanted to paraphrase it and repurpose it: Pro-vaccine zealotry should not be allowed to poison attitudes of parents who want their children to be protected from potentially dangerous vaccines.


Thank you Linda for pointing out before 1986 that the lesser vaccine schedule was not working for many children. Many children - more than I even knewa about untill I moved back home were damaged from the lesser vacccine injuries.


So we have two theories not of were the Aid virus came from.
Polio and chimps
Small pox using cows and sheep.


And Mary Holland linked us too a U tube about small pox vaccinations in Africa in the 60s and the first Hep B vaccines that happened at the same time to some Gays in America - was a recombiant retovirus from cows and sheep.

So the cows and sheep gets us twice -- once through TB and then the Aids - at least in African and in Haiti that had 15,000 Haitians working for WHO at that time in Africa.


Cia Parker;
Yes I do know what you mean.

There is also a danger that to not vaccinate a child for polio would get a misdignosis of polio when it is really that new look alike polio disease.

What to do about that?


Hi Jenny Allan;
thanks for your response and acknowledgement of the studies.

not sure why you feel the thalidomide comparison is insulting?
Is that because you feel that vaccine injury only includes autism?

A beautiful little boy who died following his Hep b vaccine.

And of course, my own son, born with multiple physical deformities following his fathers anthrax vaccine. They had tested us already, and said his disabilities had an environmental cause. They wanted to know what exposures we had ,chemicals, cleaners, were willing to write down anything, until we mentioned my husbands anthrax vaccine and the severe reaction he had to it.
Then the doctor and nurse looked at each other and put the pen down. It was never written in my sons chart. Anything else would have been fine to write down and investigate. But not that.
Really gives you confidence in the integrity of the medical profession.
And of course, any study data would now not include my son.

(I gather some of the army sarges though started to warn their men not to try and have children after the shots. Nothing to do with us, I was talking to another military mother of a disabled child and she told me about it. )Sometimes the sarges have more moral courage than the doctors.

My son is doing well, surgeries have of course helped a great deal. They could not give him back his corpus callosum though. He is thriving and a delightful loving kid, but just as with any thalidomide victim, he and other victims of vaccine injury deserve justice.(IMO)At the very least, someone to care, to investigate, and to prevent it happening to others.

I am very sorry about your grandson and hope things go well for him and you.

Jenny Allan

@Hera :-"Jenny Allan; Linda1 found the study that you were interested in, with regular flu vaccination increasing susceptibility to H1N1,and I also found one that indicated increased chances of viral respiratory illness following vaccination with the flu vaccine.
I'm guessing maybe you missed them?
( I am used to a certain subset of vaccine injury deniers doing a 'brave sir robin" every time someone produces a peer reviewed study they don't like, and I normally don't push them on it, as I assume they are not ready to face the facts yet. But you seem to be willing to look at the facts, good and bad of vaccines, so I am letting you know they are on the other thread.)
This is meant gently;"

Oh really? I responded to your posted asthma paper, which did not apply to me, neither the one about increased respiratory infections following flu vaccinations. They are interesting, as was the paper Linda 1 found about previous vaccinations for other flu strains increasing the liklihood of a H1N1 infection. Since H1N1 was my first flu vax this doesn't apply to me either. However, the issue of vaccinating against some viral strains, increasing susceptibility to others IS important. (Thank you Linda 1) I notice Merck (groan) has now increased to 9 the HPV strains in Gardasil.

You will just have to forgive me for not regarding all research papers, peer reviewed or not, as 'facts'. Science isn't like that, or shouldn't be. Concensus comes with many pieces of evidence from a number of sources, and of course the passage of time generally reveals what is or is not valid.
What I said was (quote):- "anti vaccine zealotry should not be allowed to poison attitudes to parents, who want their children protected from potentially dangerous diseases"

Persons can make up their own minds about 'anti-vaccine zealotry'. My comment was not aimed at any particular person or organisation, certainly NOT persons injured by vaccines (which includes my own grandson). I find your analogy to Thalidomide damaged persons insulting and spurious.

cia parker

Chickenpox was one of the four diseases that Dr. Harold Buttram considered invaluable for developing a strong humoral immune system, which is probably more valuable then the side of the immune system focused on antibodies. There is no substitute for measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox. And since you had it, you remember how mild it nearly always was. I thought it had been agreed that it was the varicella vaccine had had lowered the incidence of chickenpox so much that we no longer got natural boosters from the virus in the environment, leading to greatly increased rates of shingles. This is just crazy. Preventing a mild disease even though the consequences in terms of future adults having their vaccine wear off and being susceptible to chickenpox at an age when it's often more dangerous (or not, my father had it in his forties and it wasn't a bad case). Even though it increases shingles, which can be very serious and causes 100 deaths a year in the UK. Preventing children from having their immune systems go through this beneficently educational experience. Alexander Langmuir said that his motivation in developing the measles vaccine was not because the disease was serious, he said that it had become a fairly mild disease with low mortality, but because, like Everest, the challenge was there and it could be done. And a lot of money could be made off of it.

And people who have shingles can give chickenpox to anyone who wants it. My daughter caught chickenpox from me when I had it thirteen years ago. It wasn't a bad case, just two short lines of lesions, one on my left arm, one on the left side of my chest, no pain at any time. Not discounting that it can be bad, a friend had a bad case two years ago that was very painful and lasted nearly a year. But I'd still rather take my chances with the disease and possibly shingles. There will always be that avenue for reviving natural chickenpox infections.

Birgit Calhoun

Cia! The main point in this discussion is that each person has a different response to things, and my point will always be that you have to inform yourself and never be complacent.

About MS. I just read an article that points out that there is a very good chance that MS is related to not enough Vitamin D. As to MS' being caused by mercury, i.e. amalgam fillings or flu shots or whatever, I believe there is something to that. But it is also known that Vitamin D is involved in the production of glutathione which detoxifies mercury. My motto is that science constantly evolves, and we need to be on our toes to keep up with all of it. Toxins you take in today may not hurt you today but maybe years later. Vitamin D you don't take in today will not give you rickets or osteomalacia tomorrow. It will however impair your ability to rebuild your bones and cells and everything else you have in your body. In the end it may be more important to take Vitamin D than avoid toxins that are all around us.

Jeannette Bishop

Maybe the more concerning questions for me are whether the benefits of vaccination actually outweigh the risks for anyone (I think it's clear they do not for some. I'm concerned that the risks might be far-reaching, to the extent of undoing even the "greater good" "social responsibility" type arguments--inevitably I suspect, just to indicate what I think of the value of that type of "ethic") and whether there are better approaches (not in terms of pharma profit margins, because I'm pretty sure vaccines are the best approach for keeping those high) that are neglected to our general health detriment. But setting the risks and alternative or complementary possibilities mostly aside...

Chicken appears, even with all my current "anti-vaccine" bias that the introduction of the varicella vaccine made it less likely my daughters would experience typical chicken pox, i.e. I came down with this as a child and my daughters haven't as far as I can tell, and it seems that the opportunities for "chicken pox parties" are fewer, etc., -- all just personal impressions. With repeated reminders from some sources that correlation does not equal causation, I have to add that I can't be 100% certain that without the vaccine in use they would have had the disease by now.

I am pretty certain they are now at greater risk of developing shingles and suspect the use of the vaccine also deserves that credit (but still I'm aware I can't be 100% certain). We have Dr. Goldman's observations. I've also seen post-vaccine-use research, I think data from Canada, suggesting that the incidence of shingles was on the rise before the vaccine. If that is the case, then one would ask if chicken pox was already on the decline and therefore not providing the same level of boosting they/we? now theorize prevents shingles (and therefore maybe the vaccine does not deserve so much credit for either incidence change). OR that might suggest that something else, environmental? evolutionary?, was affecting how the immune system dealt with the virus.

Then again, that Canadian? shingles incidence research could also just be post-vaccine-debacle damage-control. Dr. Goldman seemed, if not free of bias we are all likely susceptible to, generally honest, even courageously honest, as he went public with both the apparent good and bad of his observations on the chicken pox vaccine. The way his findings were treated officially to keep the negative from the public casts doubt on the integrity of the official program, especially when further investigation brings out that this was not a one-time instance of data suppression. That's the biggest problem for me in trying to judge vaccine efficacy: uncertainty about the integrity of any data gathered on disease prevalence pre- and post- vaccination due to repeated instances of selective and distorted data coming from our "health" authorities. I can't even tell if the dishonesty is only patronizing (we can judge better than you what is best for you), and not from malintent (whatever is best for a few) at heart, because it seems to be a stretch to attribute good intentions to some of the recommendations made by our vaccine "authorities."

I guess the concern I'm trying to voice in summary is that the disease/vaccine data we have to date may be misleading due to pre-existing agendas and just human bias (generally, we all want an effective, simple disease prevention solution).

That said, I'm very excited to see the practice scrutinized from outside of the industry. It's far from a disqualifying position to me, and hope I'll be able to read this publication in the near future.


Being called anti-vaccine is usually not a compliment which I don't appreciate. Being called anti-anything is usually a marginalizing strategy and put down, as in antisocial, anti-science, etc. Anti-vaccine is what fanatics call people who question vaccines, report vaccine injuries or advocate for medical freedom. To see this label being thrown around here all of a sudden as though it is acceptable is disappointing. I thought we were above that.


Dan ; look forward to reading the book. I think all anyone can do is tell the truth as they see it, and let things fall as they may.
Linda1, Yes, I was having an "alternate universe" moment too!
Jenny Allan; Linda1 found the study that you were interested in, with regular flu vaccination increasing susceptibility to H1N1,and I also found one that indicated increased chances of viral respiratory illness following vaccination with the flu vaccine.
I'm guessing maybe you missed them?
( I am used to a certain subset of vaccine injury deniers doing a 'brave sir robin" every time someone produces a peer reviewed study they don't like, and I normally don't push them on it, as I assume they are not ready to face the facts yet. But you seem to be willing to look at the facts, good and bad of vaccines, so I am letting you know they are on the other thread.)
This is meant gently; I realize you have never been injured by a vaccine, nor had anyone you loved injured by them. However, the fact is that some of the people here have had family members that may have died, or will now require 24 hour home care as a result of their injuries from vaccines.
For these people, they have a lot of pain. Calling them vaccine zealots is a little bit like calling the thalidomide victims anti- medicine zealots.
Just something to consider.

cia parker

Art of Autism,
I disagree that being against vaccines makes for no discussion at all. As we see from growing numbers of Americans refusing all vaccines for their children, and their being much healthier for it, MANY people are paying attention and thinking about it, and are deciding to refuse all of them. To me the strange thing is saying Well, this vaccine causes this many serious adverse events every year but the disease it's supposed to prevent would cause one-tenth as many severe reactions if no one got the vaccine. Therefore you can plainly see that it's better to get the vaccine. ???

cia parker

You made me laugh, Linda, you're funny!

I, obviously, don't think it's fair to paint those of us close to the far end of anti-vax as terrorists. Of course it's good to keep things in perspective, which is what I guess is meant by this remark. Of course most people get a lot of vaccines and are apparently unharmed by them ("apparently" being the operative word, of course). But rather than the perspective of advocating a limited number of vaccines, why not take the perspective of considering how bad things would be without vaccines? To start with, let's ask those of us who remember what it was like to live in the early '80s. I can tell you that there was no one who was worried about getting any disease there was not yet a vaccine for. No one I knew or heard of had a bad case or died from any of the VPDs. Now those of us who remember the '60s. Prevous statement still stands. We ALL got measles, mumps, and rubella, and, again, no one I knew or heard of had a serious or fatal case. Rubella, parenthetically, I think they should deliberately give to all fourth grade girls at the end of the school year, so they oculd stay home out of the way until they were both immune and non-contagious. Now, I don't remember the time before the DPT, but my very healthy 86 year old neighbor got pertussis as a small child. Now let's look at Sweden, Germany, and Japan, who all stopped giving the DPT for many years (Japan stopped giving it to babies under 2). SIDS levels dropped to almost none. They immediately stopped seeing any deaths or brain damage caused by the vaccine. Sweden, where 60% of children got pertussis and made a complete recovery, saw one death a year from pertussis, considered statistically insignificant. Since these diseases all evolved to become much less dangerous than they had been in the nineteenth century, meaning measles, pertussis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and smallpox, it's impossible to tell at this time how many severe cases there would be in developed countries in the absence of vaccines. If people were educated on how to deal with them, I don't think it would be very many.

Does everyone remember how they took the oral polio vaccine off the market when it causes three or four cases of paralysis a year? Also the whole-cell pertussis vaccine which caused so much death and brain damage (and now the acellular version causes fewer mild reactions but just as many severe ones, a fact that it's hard for many to accept). What perspective is it that, if there's no new vaccine in the offing, causes us to look at natural pertussis or measles on one side of the balance and the vaccine on the other, and reflexively say that it's ALWAYS better to prevent the disease, come what may in terms of death or permanent damage from the vaccine, rather than say it's unacceptable to have even a handful of cases of autism caused by the measles or DTaP vaccines (or flu, hep-B, Hib, etc.)Let's instead try teaching people appropriate measures for protecting infants and treating the diseases (and there are homeopathic, naturopathic, and vitamin therapies for treating even viral diseases).

cia parker

That's what I meant when I said I was disturbed by the trend five years ago to recommend going back to the schedule of the '80s, "just" the most dangerous vaccines (before the HPV and hep-B vaccines), the MMR and the DPT (and polio). J.B. Handley (whom I love for his many sharp, hilarious articles) and Jenny McCarthy both promoted this idea, and I think it's because this whole thing has been an earth-shattering movement, and five years ago the horrific dangers of all or nearly all of the vaccines wasn't yet realized by many. I was stunned and at first disbelieving when I read twenty years ago in Dr. Pitcairn's Natural Health for Dogs and Cats all the horrible things pet vaccines could do. What? How oculd that be? After ALL the programming I had received up until then on vaccines being harmless, safe, and life-saving. But I read what he said carefully, and then Drs. Hamilton, Goldstein, Anitra Fraser, etc., and a new world was born in my mind. I think Kennedy is in the same boat, just hasn't kept up with ALL the news, ALL the facts on the ground, about how dangerous all vaccines are, with or without mercury, aluminum, etc.

I think the way forward is to say what we know, the rest will eventually follow, and teach people how to respond if the VPDs strike in their own home, what allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, or vitamin remedies to use, and when emergency medical care is warranted.

cia parker

Both Dr. Sears and Dr. Neustaedter think that since polio and diphtheria simply aren't present in the U.S. anymore, it's really not necessary to vaccinate for them here at this time. Diphtheria can be treated with antibiotics, and I've read pros and cons as to its safety. Polio is harder. It didn't affect many of the people exposed to it severely, and I've read that there seemed to be a certain physical type susceptible to a bad case, but it didn't tell what exactly that meant. I had a very nice roommate who had been crippled by polio at three, so, even knowing how few people were affected, relatively speaking, I have a personl stake in it. And aside from the SV-40, the Cutter incident, and the tens of thousands of Indian children paralyzed by the oral vaccine, it doesn't seem to be one of the more dangerous vaccines. (Sorry, I hope you know what I mean.)


Wow, Greg, you're judging the book without reading it. Only a totally anti-vaccine book will fit your dogmatism, and you're already sure that this book is not anti-vaccine enough.

And Barry asks, "Rather than asking for evidence, shouldn't you be providing scientific proof, to reassure your readers that the vaccines you're recommending are safe and effective?" I'm guessing that a lot of scientific evidence is provided in this book on both sides of a number of vaccine related issues, and that the book does not make recommendations but rather provides a lot of information to help people make better informed choices. That's what I'm guessing, but I won't really know until I read the book.

Personally, I'm not in favor of simplistic black & white "my way or the highway" thinking. I don't know who is right or wrong, but I know for sure that none of us have an absolute knowledge that can cause us to be certain about what are the right choices for everyone.

I'm not in favor of vaccine mandates from the government, and I'm not in favor of dogmatic insistence that nobody should ever get any vaccines. And I'm not in favor of prejudging the work of Dan and Mark, who are some of the most outspoken and hardworking vaccine critics around.


Have a listen to December 3, 2014 - Dr. Humphries on Fearless Parent Radio. My take away is - what we are learning now about the microbiom changes everything we ever thought was happening in vaccination.


There's a better reason for not getting vaccinated against polio than that it isn't really necessary in a 21st century industrialized nation. The polio vaccine introduced previously passive simian cancer viruses into the human population and may well be linked to today's exploding cancer rates.

I recommend the brilliantly researched and thoroughly documented "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by Edward Haslam to those interested in delving further into this subject.

david m burd

Speaking of Dr. Offit, here is the most twisted (and dishonest) plug for his new book "Do You Believe In Magic" -

"In Do You Believe in Magic?, medical expert Paul A. Offit, M.D., offers a scathing exposé of the alternative medicine industry, revealing how even though some popular therapies are remarkably helpful due to the placebo response, many of them are ineffective, expensive, and even deadly.

Dr. Offit reveals how alternative medicine—an unregulated industry under no legal obligation to prove its claims or admit its risks—can actually be harmful to our health."

The above writer condemns alternative medicine as an 'unregulated industry' - completely IGNORING how unregulated and unaccountable are CDC, NIH, vaccine manufacturers and inventors, etc. You can't make this up!


Trying to figure out what's going on here. April 1st is long past, so it can't be that. Orwell's 1984 came true, so, can it be that we're witnessing - Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

david m burd

Dan, Obviously I have not read your new book coauthored with Mark.

Having read, however, all the prior Comments I can only hope your book has a list of References such as by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and perhaps even a reference from ardent vaccination promoter and profiteer Dr. Offit - maybe not just kidding.

On another note, I am flabbergasted JB Handley thinks it's just dandy to return to the U.S. vaccine schedule of the early 1980's! Perhaps, JB, you can elaborate?


"anti vaccine zealotry"

Which blog am I reading?

Dan Olmsted

Hi Greg, I respect your disagreement and am sorry you won't be taking a look at the actual book. I have to say I don't consider open discussion and debate to be "negative fallout." Perhaps because my background is in journalism, I don't expect to be universally liked or to have everyone approve of everything I do. Journalism has a core value of trying to find and tell the truth. To me, the truth we've found is that the current vaccination schedule is a terrible detriment to the overall health of future generations. Telling that truth in a way that is helpful to parents -- parents who may be very far removed from the understanding that those who read and write Age of Autism share -- is what led us to this book.


And here we have the negative fallout of Dan's book, and see how it just doesn't serve our cause of reminding the public that vaccines are dangerous and responsible for the skyrocketing cases of chronically disabled kids: Instead of preaching our agenda that vaccines are dangerous and responsible for the autism epidemic, we're here bickering about whether vaccines may not be so bad after all and whether less of them may be good thing. And really Dan, why do you suppose families are now open to delayed or less vaccines? Is it because anti-vaxxers, or vaccine skeptics, or 'whatever' remind them that vaccines are dangerous and responsible for the autism epidemic, or because we told them that they may be not so bad after all and they should consider delayed or less vaccines. Dan, I will respectfully pass on your book because I simply consider it as you not doing your job. Your job is to remind the public that vaccines are dangerous and responsible for the autismic epidemic. Leave it to Dr Sears or Dr Jay to get the public to consider reduced or delayed vaccines.

And with this said, I will now rest my case.

Jenny Allan

Benedetta-Interesting about TB vax. I got the vaccine aged 12,(1958) after a skin test showing I had no antibodies. Those who DID have antibodies,(around 40% of children tested, these included my future husband), were already considered 'immune' so no vax. More than half a century later we should reflect on these early sensible measures, sadly absent in today's 'one size fits all' child vaccination schedules. I also remember the Salk Polio vaccine being withdrawn, early 1950's in the UK, due to safety concerns, and substituted with a sugar lump.

Dan - thank you for making AoA's 'mission statement' clear. Whilst parents' decisions not to allow any vaccines for their children, should be both accepted and respected, anti vaccine zealotry should not be allowed to poison attitudes to parents, who want their children protected from potentially dangerous diseases, but are desperate for information and advice enabling them to make informed choices about vaccines. ( Not vaccinating children is no simple or easy decision for parents, particularly in countries where vaccines are mandated, and will inevitably involve fighting the system and making sacrifices, possibly involving home schooling).

Good luck with your book Dan. Please don't listen to the 'naysayers'. This book is very much needed.

Joe Sulaco

What's missing from this thread of comments is acknowledgement of the vaccine locomotive barreling down on us all as we type away. MORE THAN 200 additional vaccines are presently under development and many are already in clinical trials. The pharmaco-medical industrial complex has great plans in store for all of us. And the bogus Ebola, Whooping Cough, and Flu "epidemics" constantly hammered into us by the Ministry of Propaganda (CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC) have occurred for a reason: to ultimately justify "receiving" your federally-mandated vaccines from the barrel of a gun aimed at your face.

Get used to it.


I am suprised though that Polio would not be the first on the list to give a child now a days. I guess it would have been first on my list if I could do a REDO. So this is interesting and sounds like an interesting book.


Well, if anyone wants to look back on the history of small pox pay attention that it like all pathgens was getting milder. That is the evolution of a pathogen. It is not to it's advantage to maim or kill it's host. That of course was not very comforting to the poeple of the 1700s.

In the 1800s what was the worse thing that could come along and bite ya?
It was TB.

Did the small pox vaccine cause the TB epidemic.

They say that TB is less because we kill it by heating up the milk - no more raw milk. But my parents and I had raw milk and no TB.

They say antibiotics took care of it - but my professors in school informed me that antibiotics only slows down this slow growing organism even more and gives time for the body's own immune system to form a case around it and wall it off. TB will always be there -- always present but just controlled.

So Where was all this TB coming from?

How come my parents were only vaccinated at 12 years old and I was vaccinated at 5 years old?

I would like to know the reasoning behind that.

cia parker

Great points! Hilary Butler had excellent information in one of her books about how unwise it had been to try to combat meningitis with vaccines. (Apart from the Hib vaccine causing peanut allergy, see The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by Heather Fraser). Nearly all adults have achieved immunity to several kinds of meningitis by subclinical exposure. Wiping out the virus that causes Hib meningitis resulted in the Prevnar meningitis virus moving into the niche left vacant, and it could be a more dangerous disease. Once we got the Prevnar vaccine, meningococcal meningitis viruses moved into THAT vacated niche, an even more dangerous disease. And most cases of all of them are subclinical and many healthy people carry them around on or in their bodies a lot of the time. Again, vitamin C will treat any kind of meningitis. And antibiotics, too, of course, if treatment is begun soon enough. Breastfeeding offers good protection against the meningitis that infants are most likely to get (though it's rare in any case). I think we need to move beyond vaccines.

Wow, Truthseeker, that's an incredibly detailed list on resources on the ineffectiveness of the smallpox vaccine, great work!

Art of Autism

Thanks to AoA (it's followers) and research it's inspired, I don't yet see a safe vaccine personally. However, in the bigger battle for more research and safer schedules 'No Vaccines!' is an untenable strategy. When there's so much information to parse/impart, starting the discussion with 'You're Killing People!' makes for no discussion at all. And still, were I travelling to Africa or other infected area - I'd look again.
Beth & Birgit, On that "Tentanus vaccines works.." idea? Admittedly, that's one I held onto. Doubtless attributable to my sister stepping in a rusty nail when I was a kid and the impact of the uproar. Dr. Susan Humphries takes tetanus apart in excruciating detail (for me). See Youtube "Dr. Humphries on tetanus, immunity and epigenetics". And then (again, for me) a bombshell, she shows research on immune changes after a tetanus vaccine. What happens at a genetic level (if you've been following epigenetics, 'gene activation'). I'll let her explain it, she does it so well. Oh yeah, and the study in India ... Vitamin C versus tetanus vaccination is incredible.


It is perhaps a little disingenuous to suggest that you can call for ‘less vaccines’ but never ‘no vaccines’. Either vaccines work, and are worth the oft-denied risks, or they do not and are not. I am astonished that you do not have access to the genuine history of vaccination, from its earliest inception, from smallpox to polio, up to the current vaccination schedule. You surely cannot be unaware of the many books, articles, newspaper archives, etc. that one can access and read on any computer that demonstrate the false and manufactured story of vaccination? You surely have made yourself familiar with official statistics of smallpox mortality, which demonstrate that deaths increased with vaccination rates, and only decreased when mandatory vaccination was eliminated?

Genuine research reveals genuine facts. The reinvented history of vaccination could come straight from the files of Orwell’s Winston Smith, created facts to fit false realities. Had the smallpox vaccination worked, its mandate would never have been violently resisted, with people sacrificing their jobs, reputations and freedom in order to protect their children from the dangers that were widely recognized despite the official propaganda. Which part of this genuine story are you unaware of, Mr. Olmsted, that a little bit of research could not remedy?

Let me give you a place to start. In “Dissolving Illusions” Dr Suzanne Humphries tells the little known story of the first large ‘anti-vaccine’ movement, which originated in Leicester, England. She writes:

“The next landmark in the history of vaccinal legislation is the law of 1867, and this is to this day the law under which all penalties are exacted against unbelievers. This is the vaccination law of England . . .” 1.
“. . . as the years continued more parents heard of, saw, or experienced a growing list of complications attributed to vaccination. The 1871-72 smallpox epidemic gave a vivid example to the townspeople, in that although they had complied with the law some 3,000 cases occurred and of these 358 died, some of them vaccinated according to the law.”2
A letter appearing in the July issue of the Leicester Mercury reflected the feelings of those who had lost faith in vaccination:
“It must strike the reflective observer as rather singular that all the recent smallpox outbreaks have made their appearance among populations where the laws enforcing vaccination have been rigourously and systematically carried out. 96% of births in London are protected by vaccination. May I venture to ask whether medical men who have defended and fostered a system of medical procedure which eighty years’ experience has demonstrated a disastrous and humiliating failure ought not to feel honourably bound on public grounds to retrace their steps and confess that vaccination, like other once popular prescriptions of inoculation, bleeding and mecurication, is a serious and mischievious blunder.”3
A swelling wave was developing. Laws were initially passed after people refused the vaccine when they noticed the negative complications. Later, they submitted because of the new laws and still were stricken with deadly smallpox epidemics. Then, even more people rebelled.

Perhaps you could then peruse the following articles, pamphlets or books for extensive information exposing the falsity of claims that smallpox was vanquished by vaccination:

Essay on Vaccination by Dr. Charles T. Pearce, M.D. (1868)
The Statistics of the Medical Officers to the Leeds Small-pox Hospital Exposed and Refuted, by John Pickering, F.S.S., F.R.G.S (1876)
The Great Percentage Scarecrow or the Higher Death Rate of the Unvaccinated Analysed and Disposed of in the Report of Dr. Leander Joseph Keller (1876)
Pasteur and Jenner. An Example and a Warning, by J.J. Garth (1881)
Sanitation, Not Vaccination the True Protection against Small-Pox , by William Tebb (1881)
The Fable of the Small-pox Hospital Nurses Saved from Small-pox by Re-vaccination (1882)
A Review of the Norwich Vaccination Inquiry by William J. Collins, M.D., B.S., B.Sc. (1883)
Sir Lyon Playfair's Logic by William J. Collins, M.D., B.S., B.Sc (1883)
Sir Lyon Playfair taken to Pieces and Disposed of: Likewise Sir Charles W. Dilke, Bart. by William White (1884)
Compulsory Vaccination in England, by William Tebb (1884)
The Story of a Great Delusion, by William White (1885)
Vaccination Proved Useless & Dangerous, by Alfred Russel Wallace (1889)
History and Pathology of Vaccination by Edgar Crookshank MB (1889)
Jenner and Vaccination A Strange Chapter of Medical History by Charles Creighton M.D. (1889)
The Increase of Cancer, by William Tebb (1892)
Leprosy and Vaccination: The Recrudescence of Leprosy and its Causation, by William Tebb (1893)
The Vaccination Question, by Arthur Wollaston Hutton (1895)
The Case Against Vaccination by Dr Hadwen (1896)
Vaccination A Delusion, Its Penal Enforcement a Crime, by Alfred Russel Wallace (1898)
A Century of Vaccination and What It Teaches, by W. Scott Tebb, M.M.A., M.D. (1899)
The Vaccination Superstition, by John W. Hodge (1902)
A Summary of the Proofs That Vaccination Does Not Prevent Smallpox but Really Increases It By A. R. Wallace (1904)
The Fallacy Of Vaccination, by John Pitcairn (1911)
Leicester: Sanitation versus Vaccination, by J.T Biggs, J.P. (1912)
Vaccination, a curse and a menace to personal liberty : with statistics showing its dangers and criminality, by Peebles, J.M. 1913
The Crime of Vaccination, by Dr. Tenison Deane (1913)
Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated, by Charles M. Higgins, (1920)
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Small-pox – A Healing Crisis: The Truth About Vaccination.’By H Valentine Knaggs. (1924)
Devils, Drugs and Doctors, by Howard Haggard (1929)
The Golden Calf ,by Charles W. Forward (1933)
The Medical Voodoo, by Annie Riley Hale (1935)
The Case Against Vaccination By M. Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (1936)
The Vaccination Problem, by Joseph P. Swan (1936)
Vaccine & Serum Evils, by Herbert M. Shelton (1952)
Leicester and Smallpox: The Leicester Method, by Stuart M.F. Fraser (1980)


I like that we have radicals in our camp, it helps push the thinking, but not if they act like the Taliban.


Are you actually trying to draw a parallel between people who choose not to vaccinate… and terrorists?

cia parker

I love lists, and Dr. Neustaedter has some great lists in The Vaccine Guide. Vaccines most to be feared: measles, mumps, rubella, and pertussis. Diseases most to be feared: diphtheria, polio, meningitis, tetanus. Vaccines for mild or very rare diseases: chickenpox, hepatitis (A mild, B extremely rare in children born to healthy mothers), diphtheria, polio. The latest edition of his book is from 2002, so I don't think he included how dangerous the hep-B and HPV vaccines have proved to be.

cia parker

You could take out the preservatives, but probably not the adjuvants like aluminum. But even with the live virus vaccines with no such additives, the immune system of many people will still mount an excessive response to the perceived threat, meaning encephalitis (and all the different sorts of brain damage caused by it, including autism) and autoimmune disease by the immune system being sensitized to ANY of the vaccine ingredients.

cia parker

I agree that no one should get more than one shot at a time. And I agree to the extent of thinking that the tetanus shot is almost always effective, lasts at least forty years after the initial series, and the disease is an ever-present possibility. My getting MS from it was probably from the mercury in it and my eight previous DPT, all with mercury. But I wouldn't put my hand in the fire as to its being safe now that it probably only has "trace" amounts of mercury. A friend told me yesterday that she got a tetanus shot two years ago, and it made her so sick she was bedridden for several days. My neighbor told me she recently got a tetanus shot after being bitten by a brown recluse spider (I actually wouldn't have thought they could carry it), and it made her very sick.

I hope you'll look at the sources I listed lower down for information on how dangerous and ineffective the smallpox vaccine was. I really don't think it did a lick of good in controlling smallpox, ultimately it was the evolution of the virus and its natural life history that erased it. Maybe. They say that white pox and monkey pox are still around and basically the same thing, though fortunately they have not left a small area in Africa. English sweating sickness, after killing many thousands in France and England five hundred years ago, completely disappeared for unknown reasons, at that time. My opinion on what vaccines might be wise to get is more radical than yours, and probably stops at tetanus and I'm hesitant to even recommend that. But that's all right, we don't have to all agree, it's interesting to discuss the questions involved even if we don't agree.

Anne J.

I would love to see good, quality research into WHY some have problems with vaccines, and some do not. As I mentioned earlier, we have 3 vaccine-injured kids (born in the 90's). I also had amalgam illness and complications from the MMR.
My husband, on the other hand, was in the military for 24 years and was deployed numerous times. He was required to get a very high number of vaccines during his career (including MULTIPLE shots at the same time), yet he seems to have handled them well. Believe me, I've had him run a ton of biomedical tests on himself, but they all look good (this includes metals tests, methylation panels, OAT's, UAA, and more). He has no symptoms, he thinks clearly, he feels great. He also has an immediate female family member who smokes like a chimney, yet is in wonderful health at 88 , and a male relative who has celiac. Why?!
We need to study those who got sick, and we also need to figure out why some can tolerate vaccines with no apparent problems (I realize problems can show up later, but if I've I'd had as many vaccines a my husband did in the military, I honestly feel I'd be dead right now. I just don't do well with them like he does).
Until the CDC can run tests to determine who is at a higher risk (and how they can minimize that risk), they have absolutely NO business pushing vaccines on every man, woman and child in this country! We need those answers now!

Dan Olmsted

Marcella, I admire your work as well, such as the ingenious No Shots No School Not True billboards, which to me reaffirms that we have much more in common than otherwise and shouldn't condemn people who take a slightly different position.


Hi BK, I understand and respect that you are anti-vaccine and i agree that one vaccine can have severe consequences. i believe the option not to vaccinate should be made much stronger and clearer for every parent to exercise. but to your point, are you in fact saying that the smallpox vaccine didn't work, and if so what is the evidence?


Making a personal choice not to vaccinate, is a whole lot different than making public recommendations on what people should inject into their bodies.

Rather than asking for evidence, shouldn't you be providing scientific proof, to reassure your readers that the vaccines you're recommending are safe and effective?

Birgit Calhoun

Cia! My intention was for people to understand that if they must vaccinate they should not get a gazillian shots on the same day. I believe vaccines work, especially tetanus. But it helps to be sensible. There is a middle ground. And my middle ground is: no flu-shots, no mumps shots, no rubella shots for pregnant women, no Hep B shots for anyone who is not at risk, no varicella shots, no HPV shots unless at risk, no multi-valent shots, and certainly no rabies shots if you have not been bitten by a rabid animal. The small-pox and polio vaccines seem to have eradicated those diseases in the western world. They must have had some effect. But I'll always have an open mind. If you have an open mind, you should understand what I am saying.

cia parker

I agree with you that most of the vaccines usually work to give the desired immunity for an undefined length of time. The flu and pertussis vaccines are the big exception. The question is whether the disease protection is worth the price everyone pays, but some much more than others. There is no other way to educate the humoral immune system in its functions than to have it get and combat natural measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox. So preventing the diseases with vaccines does prevent a small number of cases of death or disability, but at the cost of weakening the immune development of everyone. Not worth it. OK, sure, I got a tetanus booster before going to Mexico for the first time, which paralyzed both my arms for several days, brachial plexus neuropathy, probably the first episode of the multiple sclerosis I was later diagnosed with. So great, I've never gotten tetanus, but I probably would never have gotten it anyway, there are treatments for tetanus (especially vitamin C), and the MS has severely degraded the quality of my entire life. Just things that everyone must consider without the sales spiel of the medical cartel or Dorit's hoped-for legistlation pressuring him.

cia parker

I agree. Both my brother and I had encephalitic reactions to our first DPT at three months old, given alone, of course. I screamed for days and he beat his head on the bars of the crib. Just like in A Shot in the Dark except that our brain damage was limited to Asperger's syndrome. No one realized why we were aloof and standoffish, unaffectionate and unemotional, had a hard time interacting normally with peers or adults. I didn't like the movement several years ago to go back to the vaccine schedule of the '80s, just DPT, MMR, and polio. D, D, T, M, M, and R are simply not dangerous enough diseases to warrant the wholesale impairment of millions of kids' brains to prevent them.


Your response: "As I read your comment, you believe that the smallpox and polio vaccines did not work. I respectfully disagree. I think the evidence is quite strong they did work, and claiming otherwise to new parents in an effort to get them not to vaccinate is a mistake."

I am not convinced the smallpox vaccine worked to eradicate smallpox, and I am not convinced the polio vaccine was effective, as I stated in my prior comments, giving reasons for my position.

We can certainly agree to disagree. I would like to see compelling evidence of their efficacy and would be glad to read anything you can provide.

As for using those arguments to convince new parents not to vaccinate, I don't believe I am guilty of doing so. The issue does come up, usually in discussions had on Facebook, and generally in response to the accusations lobbed by pro-vaccine folks accusing anyone who questions the current vaccination schedule of "wanting to bring back polio and smallpox." What I have never seen in response is anyone posting any well-researched or well-documented information that supports the assumption that the vaccines DID work. It seems to be more along the lines of, "Because I said so," or "I believe they did."

What I have read regarding polio and what I have personally researched regarding smallpox leads me to believe there are significant doubts regarding the historical accounts put forth by the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies that support them. I would love to see some good evidence to the contrary.

As always, I admire your work and look forward to reading your new book.

cia parker

My problem with that is that a lot of people react to even one vaccine given at a time. In 2000 and 2001, I was religious about only permitting one vaccine at a time, making separate trips for DTaP 1, polio 1, HIb 1, DTaP 2, polio 2, Hib 2, DTaP 3, Hib 3, at one year polio 3, then DTaP 4 at 18 months. (Of course Cecily had an encephalitic reaction to the hep-B at birth, given without permission and against my wishes given to the pediatrician.) At 18 months she reacted to the one DTaP 4 by having her only words erased and being diagnosed with autism two months later. Everyone must always be aware that there is and can be NO safe vaccine, and serious or fatal reactions are always possible for anyone. If people are all right with that risk, of course I would permit them to take the vaccines they choose to get.

cia parker

I agree with that too. The polio question is a hard one. I was shocked when I learned that 100% of Indian children got permanent immunity to polio just in their everyday lives, before vaccines (those who didn't get clinical cases, of course). And that over 90% of people exposed to it have no symptoms at all, another 9% have just the respiratory symptoms and then get well with permanent immunity to polio, and less than 1% had paralytic symptoms, and a tiny fraction of that were crippled permanently. Shocked when I learned how DDT and pesticides enabled the polio epidemics, when I learned that recent DPT vaccination greatly increases cases of serious polio. All these are facts to bear in mind. Apparently enterovirus 68 is a new variant of polio, so we'll be sure to revisit all this next August in the next outbreak: enterovirus like polio, respiratory symptoms in the majority, paralysis in a tiny fraction of those with the respiratory symptoms. I have no opinion at this time on whether it would be wise and ethical to vaccinate everyone to try to prevent paralysis in a tiny minority, while subjecting everyone to the risks of the vaccine.

beth johnson

I am a physician, and my family has been personally affected by autism. Now that I have learned about how bogus the medical dogma is on this topic, I have learned which sources are trustworthy, and I have also learned to trust what I have seen with my own eyes. I think some vaccines do actually prevent their target diseases, and sometimes that is the problem. For example, the rising prevalence of shingles in children (any old-timer colleague would never try to explain that away by better recognition.) Tetanus vaccine works, I have personally never seen a case of the disease, and am only aware of one case that a colleague had during our training. Now, of course, that doesn't mean there is no risk with tetanus vaccine, and I'm planning never to have another, ever. Pneumococcal vaccine works on certain serotypes, but that just causes antigenic drift of other serotypes. Of course the flu vaccine is nearly completely ineffective. So, I guess I'm with Dan on this, I would not ditch them all, but I would certainly question everything about standard vaccine practice, as is done on this site so well.

cia parker

I agree. I would tell young parents to read Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's Make an Informed Vaccine Decision and Dr. Neustaedter's The Vaccine Guide before making any decision. The most important thing for parents to realize is that all the vaccines have killed or disabled, some much more than others. All of the VPDs are either usually mild or rare, and all have treatments available for them, although the treatments may be high-dose vitamin C, appropriate vitamin A, herbal, or homeopathic remedies. Go that route and you completely avoid vaccine damage and allow the child to have a healthy, intact immune system. Learn the symptoms of serious diseases like meningitis and learn how to nurse the milder diseases at home (Aviva Romm's Vaccinations and Wendy Lydall's Raising a Vaccine-Free Child).

Otherwise, I'd present the frequency and the severity of the diseases, the possible dangers of the vaccines with a guesstimate of how often they may occur, and tell them to decide which they think is the wiser course. That is probably what Dan and Mark have done in their new book, which I'm looking forward to reading. I think it would be doing the public a great disservice to say that pertussis or measles can kill a tiny number of the people who get it, therefore everyone should get the vaccines to protect this tiny vulnerable population, and fearlessly accept the huge risk of permanent disability, even death, from taking the vaccines.

Birgit Calhoun

In 1969 I was pregnant. I was given a single dose of rubella vaccine. It was new at the time, and they were probably clueless about what they were doing. My child turned out to be badly damaged. Was it the vaccine or the amalgam filling? Since then the powers-that-be have at least come to the conclusion that MMR should not be given to pregnant women. There is also a big push not to fill cavities with mercury. It's just not a good idea to vaccinate against something that merely prevents a minor illness.

cia parker

I've been working all day and have to go out, so maybe someone has already addressed this. I agree that the polio vaccines worked. I don't think the smallpox vaccine did. Here's one source:

Wendy Lydall in Raising a Vaccine-Free Child has a stellar chapter on the smallpox vaccine, the many different variants, most of them not cowpox at all, and extremely dangerous. How it killed or disabled many thousands, how it actively caused new epidemics, how hundreds of thousands of appropriately vaxed people got and died of smallpox anyway. Some villages of 100% vaccinated people had a 100% death rate, completely wiped out by smallpox. Italian soldiers had to be vaxed twice a year, and had a higher death rate from smallpox than even unvaccinated civilians. The Poisoned Needle also has a lot of good information on it, and Dr. Humphries in Dissolving Illusions has even more well-documented information on how the smallpox vaccine was worthless and dangerous. She gives the statistics on how the disease itself evolved to become ever less dangerous after the outbreak in the U.S. of 1896, until within decades (at a time when few any longer took the vaccine, having seen how many it killed or disabled), it killed very few and was often mistaken for chickenpox. But the vaccine itself, becoming more popular again after the '40s, killed and maimed a lot of children (with gruesome photos included in the book, also in The Poisoned Needle).

Dan Olmsted

Hi Marcella, thanks for your responses on polio and smallpox. As I read your comment, you believe that the smallpox and polio vaccines did not work. I respectfully disagree. I think the evidence is quite strong they did work, and claiming otherwise to new parents in an effort to get them not to vaccinate is a mistake.


I just want to point out that prior to 1986, there were children who suffered devastating injury and death from a much smaller vaccine schedule. That is of course what led to Pharma demanding release of all liability. It is horrible now, but it wasn't so great then either. And too, in the good old days my generation was seeded with monkey virus contaminant from the polio vaccine, that is thought to have been passed down through the generations. Who knows what the prevalence of SV-40 is among humans now and besides the cancer it causes, what the true toll has been and will be.

Determining whether the practice and theory of vaccination is archaic and barbaric or useful and therapeutic in some contexts is no easy task. Because we are just now beginning to develop an understanding of the human microbiome, the immune system and our environment, I don't see how it's possible to say that any vaccine is safe or a good idea. We just don't know enough (or maybe we do - and the answer is no). My feeling all along has been that we are tampering with ecosystems that we don't understand. And I certainly wouldn't trust public health officials working together with Pharma on any vaccine. They have completely lost my trust.


Vaccination is such an important topic and of course a HUGE part of AofA - always has been. We are one of the only and longest running sites to have exposed the chicanery of research and studies, the pillorying of Dr. Wakefield, the SHAM of vaccine court - all of it. Some folks want us to simply write "NO VACCINES EVER FOR ANYONE." I know that I tell pregnant women to never get a flu shot or give it to their children. I tell Moms that Gardasil is loaded with reports of serious injury and death. I tell them they have CHOICES and CONSENT matters. We don't shy away from the topic, nor do we defend the American vaccination schedule in any way. We continue to demand answers as to what has changed - the quantity - the ingredients - the human body that takes the vaccination - the timing - the actual vaccine itself. Some nefarious combination? What has caused this horrendous epidemic that has robbed so many children of their rightful path. I'm always proud to with with Dan and Mark and all of our AofA'ers including our commenters. I'm eager to read Dan and Mark's book - I know it will ruffle MANY feathers -(yay!) I hope that our community will rally around Dan and Mark and follow a term I learned many years ago - Don't punish progress. Lobbing grenades into your own camp rarely leads to progress. Add your voice in a forthright and positive way that will keep the NEWBIES engaged rather than have them turn away from our messages. Their book is progress - it will address vaccination in a thoughtful, well researched manner that will get those OUTSIDE our community to read and listen and learn - something I wish I had done back in 1994. With all of my heart and soul. For a beautiful young woman named Mia Noel, whose head shaped changed between 4 and 6 months - who lost the sparkle in her eye, who stopped communicating with words, who launched into GI problems and ultimately life threatening seizures.

JB Handley

Amen, Dan. Moderation leads to change. I like that we have radicals in our camp, it helps push the thinking, but not if they act like the Taliban.

My personal recommendation is to return to the vaccine schedule from 1983. Somehow this position makes me "anti-vaccine." So be it, please keep fighting the good fight!!

JB Handley

Birgit Calhoun

My biggest complaint about vaccination is the schedule, and there should be only one shot per doctor's visit.

The other complaints I have are the following: The flu vaccine should not dipensed to anyone unless it is free of mercury and other untested adjuvants. I am against all multi-valent shots (MMR, DTaP etc) of any kind especially when they contain antibiotics.

The vaccine makers should make single dose vaccines available for a reasonable price. When I got shots in my childhood every shot came in a single ampoule. Why isn't that possible now?

A sick person should not be given any vaccine.

These above conditions are clearly obtainable without compromising any herd-immunity.

It is ridiculous for anyone, including the government, to require people to allow somebody to put something in my or my child's body that is more dangerous than the very disease the vaccine is supposed to prevent.

I have no problem with vaccines except when I know that not all is being done to produce safe injectable fluids.

I have one question: Vaccines are first attenuated and then enhanced with toxic adjuvants. Do the vaccine makers (the scientists) really know that an adjuvant that supposedly strengthens the immune response really produces immunity to the injected disease-causing agent? How do they know that the visible response (fever, a pustule at the injection site, pain etc) is not a response to the toxin itself?

Marcella Piper-Terry

With regard to polio, there are many issues, among them the reclassification of the diagnostic criteria you mentioned.
For me, what I don't understand is how, since the CDC says approximately 74% of polio cases are asymptomatic, and approximately 25% of polio cases present as "mild flu-like symptoms," with only 1% of polio cases involving paralysis or severe complications, how would we know if it has been eradicated?
When was the last time you had "mild flu-like illness" and went to the doctor requesting to be tested for polio?
Is it really gone?

Marcella Piper-Terry

Dan: The issue with smallpox has to do with the claim often made by those who espouse a pro-vaccine stance regarding "vaccine-induced herd immunity." The statement is often made that in order to eradicate an infectious disease and to prevent resurgence of said disease, 90-95% vaccine coverage must be maintained. Smallpox was endemic worldwide for centuries. It is mentioned in Sanskrit as early as 1122 B.C., and is thought to have been the cause of death to Ramses V, in ancient Egypt.
Since the smallpox vaccine was only ever administered to around 10% of the world's population, the argument is made that the vaccine could not have been responsible for the eradication of the disease, IF it is true that 90-95% vaccine coverage is necessary.
The history of smallpox outbreaks in the United States during the 1890s and early 1900s was largely confined to poor immigrant populations living in conditions of squalor in tenement housing; conditions similar to those currently endured by people living in third-world countries, who, like those affected by smallpox in the U.S. at the time, lack access to adequate heating, clean water, sanitation, or nutritious food.
Additionally, if you look at the graphs documenting the incidence of both smallpox and scarlet fever (for which there is no vaccine), in the UK over the course of recorded history, the incidence of mortality from both diseases is remarkably similar, suggesting that something other than vaccination was responsible for the course of the epidemics.
This post goes into further detail about smallpox in the U.S.
I hope this is helpful.

Donna L.

I think part of the problem here is that many of us who have been following AOA for years now may have been wishfully thinking/believing that your previous claims in support of a more selective vaccine schedule (rather than an all-out anti-vaccine stance) were more of the general CYA statements that everyone seems to make when they want their book to be published. And so this new book is sort of an 'oh my god, I guess they really do mean it' shock to the system.

Intellectually, I can see where you are coming from -- that new parents may not be comfortable in avoiding vaccines altogether (especially if they don't YET have vaccine-damaged children) and that yes, they do need critical information, and I also realize that we (the majority of AOA readership) are not your target audience for this new book -- but emotionally, I am having a really hard time understanding how you guys can go from seven years of reading comments and very personal stories posted here about the total devastation and destruction done to your readers' children as a direct result of vaccine injury, and coming away from it with the idea that, okay, yeah that sucks, but still, vaccines aren't so bad.

It's sort of like if the director of MADD came out with a new book called "How To Safely Drink and Drive." I suppose it might be a big hit for the general public, but for parents whose kids have been killed by drunk drivers, not so much. More like a kick in the gut.

I'm not arguing that you don't have the right to your position. But I do wonder if it might be helpful to future AOA readers -- future parents of vaccine-injured children -- if you might disclose in your About Us section of this page your actual position on vaccines, just so there is no misunderstanding in the future.


Aside from the schedule, vaccines are made with a lot of dangerous stuff that should not be injected into humans of any age. When they figure out how to make them effective without all the toxins, then I will become pro-vaccine.

Professional Educator

I would recommend getting "Dissolving Illusions", -my copy is currently loaned out but a draft chapter about smallpox is here - .
"Jabs,Jenner and Juggernauts", by Jennifer Craig has a history of smallpox.
"Horrors of vaccination" by Higgins, 1920, offers a contemporary perspective. Higgins has details and illustration (woodcuts?) describing the manner of production- the restraining and scarification of a calf's abdomen in open air stalls, the later collection of the pus which was strained, mixed with various materials and then declared to be "clarified lymph". Who knows what was in the goop being injected? Consider what passed for "sanitary procedures" at that time. What kinds of animal viruses were introduced into people all those years? Even with modern methods "adventitious agents" are being identified regularly.
Sherri Tenpenny had a video presentation after 911, when there was talk of weaponized smallpox, for which she did significant research. It is on either her Vaccines: what the CDC docs reveal, or Vaccines, risks benefits choices.
And I believe I read that the percentage of the worldwide population vaccinated was never a large enough percent to assign eradication to the vaccine, and that there are still circulating poxes- monkey pox, goat pox, that are indistinguishable from smallpox. For me the mythology has broken. But, that was the result of a decade of study, and I do not attempt that heavy of a lift to vaccine novice who is still trying to accept the idea that vaccine harm is a reality.
From an advocacy standpoint, we know that the Vaccine Authority is never going to admit its error, so the first objective is to 1. Keep exemptions free from medical permission. 2. Work to expand the exemptions where they have been restricted. 3. Start some review of the schedule to see if Chicken Pox is really needed, and get the milder infection vaccines off the schedule- like mumps.
To see what successful advocacy looks like view the efforts of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine choice.
As to polio, have you seen Mark Purdey's work on Mad Cow? Industrial polluters love it when their damage is assigned to an infectious agent.

Anne J.

Thank you for this post!
I have 3 children (born in the 90's) who regressed after their childhood "well baby visits" that included the MMR. Two of the three kids are on the spectrum (one is very severe and will need lifelong care, the other is mostly recovered, but carries the scars of his vaccine damage every day in the form of some residual physical and social problems he still struggles with). The other, while "neuro-typical", has some residual health problems that I blame on the MMR.
None of my kids have had any more vaccines since that fateful MMR when they were almost 5 years old. For my kids, I feel the cons outweigh the pros, and they will not be getting anymore vaccines (while they remain in the US).
However, my typical college-aged daughter is a global studies major, and will be traveling to some extremely remote places that still DO have dangerous epidemics of diseases we have vaccines for. We WILL consider, on a case by case basis, vaccines for travel to places with ongoing outbreaks and poor medical facilities and care. In those cases, should she need a vaccine, I would like to know that it's one that has been well studied and properly tested (and revised when necessary) to make it as safe for her as possible. I would also like to know that the makers of such vaccines have actually studied the patient population that was damaged from earlier childhood vaccines, to see what could be done to avoid future problems in those rare cases where they DO need to vaccinate.
That is not currently being done, so parents are left to play "Russian Roulette," which is NOT acceptable, given that lives are literally at stake. The "safety studies" the pharmaceutical companies are allowed to just float as out there as "proof of safety" are a joke. They are not even using proper placebos for crying out loud! Few, aside from the victims, their families, and a handful of very brave doctors and researchers, are even acknowledging the vaccine injured, much less studying them or trying to help them (and with total liability protection, they never will).
This epidemic needs to end! The vaccines ARE the driving force, and the whole program does need a complete overhaul!
The liability protection needs to be removed, so the pharmaceutical companies have incentive to make them safer (and doctors who blindly inject in spite of obvious contraindications should NOT be off the hook. What happened to "first do no harm?!" ).
I am a medical professional, and am so disgusted with the vaccine program and lack of concern for the injured, lack of research to improve safety, and attempts to completely eliminate parental choice, as they cram vaccine mandate after mandate down the public's throat.
I used to be proud of our medical care in the US (and I feel most who go into the field ARE genuinely interested in their patients), but we have definitely lost our way. Thank God for those brave doctors (and this website!) who DO speak up and push for the changes that need to happen. We need to not only stay together, but bring in other who will also add their voices to the demand for vaccine safety reform.
Thank you Age of Autism, for providing a forum for our community!

Dan Olmsted

hi bk, again thanks for your response. i'm trying to get down to the nitty gritty of the claim that the smallpox vaccine didn't eradicate smallpox, that it was other things, but not the vaccine. vaccines are not completely effective, which could explain measles outbreaks in china. that is different than saying that the smallpox vaccine was not responsible for eradicating smallpox. it either was or it wasn't. i believe it was. again, i am not lobbying for the smallpox vaccine -- it was so nasty and dangerous that u.s. healthcare workers wouldn't go near it. but if we tell new parents, don't get vaccinated because among other things vaccines don't work, and they say, well, what about smallpox, and we say, well, the vaccine didn't eradicate smallpox, we would need to make a strong case. i frankly don't think that case exists, and so it does not serve us to make that claim. as usual, i am prepared to be persuaded by evidence and i invite those who believe this to put it forward.


Thank you for responding, how long does it take for a vaccine to take effect on the population small pox vaccine had been going long enough and despite getting it people wee still dying plenty of evidence in the UK's history. Despite 99% vaccination rate China is having measles outbreaks why? I am not anti-vaccine give me the evidence these are safe and effective and our children will enjoy excellent health outcomes at the moment its a dodgy belief system.

BoB Moffitt

Amen to your comments Dan .. the continuing effort to identify the inexplicable "cause" of rising autism rates should be broad enough to accommodate ALL opinions regarding vaccines .. from those demanding "greener" vaccines to those demanding all vaccines be eliminated .. but .. most especially .. the opinions of someone with the extraordinary experience and research of yourself and Mark.

There is no disagreement on what the vast majority of us on AoA believe .. the rise in autism is directly related to the vaccines and the policies by which those vaccines are approved, recommended, administered and protected from liability.

Let's not lose sight of who our true enemies are by arguing amongst ourselves.

Dan Olmsted

Hi BK, I understand and respect that you are anti-vaccine and i agree that one vaccine can have severe consequences. i believe the option not to vaccinate should be made much stronger and clearer for every parent to exercise. but to your point, are you in fact saying that the smallpox vaccine didn't work, and if so what is the evidence?


If the smallpox vaccine ended the scourge of smallpox it took well over a century to do it. Reading the literature available Sierra Leone reported the last cases in the 60's although no mention of a vaccine there isolation and quarantine was all that was mentioned. The same country is in the middle of an Ebola epidemic today and still lacks clean water, sanitation. medical services good nutrition etc. For some children 1 vaccine is enough for the a downward spiral in too ill health. What we actually need from the medical profession is scientific research into the effects of vaccines on the immune system be it 1 or multiple shots. Until this is proven the anti-vaccination movement continues and grows. Do the study compare no vaccs/ vaccs.

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