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Dachel Media Update: Why Some Parents Do Not Vaccinate

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Dec 11, 2014, MLive.com: Why some Michigan parents choose not to vaccinate their children

Statewide, about 6 percent of Michigan schoolchildren have vaccination waivers, which equates to about 150,000 children who are unvaccinated or undervaccinated.

Many are clustered in affluent communities such as Rochester, and have well-educated, health-conscious parents who buy organic food and eschew antibiotics in favor of a homeopathic approach to illnesses.

They fear injecting so many viruses into their children could do more harm than good, and see widespread immunizations as being driven by "Big Pharma," which they see as more concerned about profits than public health.

Excellent coverage. This reporter, Julie Mack, did what almost no reporter before her has done--she presented both sides--especially the views of vaccine wary parents--well-educated ones at that.  She gave us EXPERTS who challenge the one-size-fits-all schedule.

I posted my comments AND IMMEDIATELY I WAS ATTACKED, someone even claimed that I'm "a shill" and that I'm paid for what I do.  Seriously?  Who'd be paying me?

The affluent members of the autism community? 

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Pretty good Michigan article.

Could someone explain why they need 95% vax rates for infants for "herd immunity"

but somehow the great American flu shot works still wonders with only 40% vax rates that miss the target viruses ???

Anita Donnelly

To clarity what I meant was that when I comment on articles such as the Michigan live article I make those comments. The way they attack us is illogical and I think it discredits them when peoe realize where we are coming from and why we speak out . We need to define ourselves and continue to explain that we have a noble motivation and speaking our truth as Anne does so tirelessly is the only ethical choice because of what we have witnessed and because of our need to keep exemptions to prevent additional harm and because speaking out is the only thing that is right.

Anita Donelly

I have taken to saying this on each comment of an article like this:
What motivates me? I am the parent of a child who ended up in the ICU after a vaccine. I want vaccines to be safer so that that doesn't happen to him again or to your child either. I was shocked to learn that vaccine injury happens all the time. . But because few in authority are attempting to improve vaccine safety and few are even willing to listen to any of us witness to what happened to our own child, I think the risks of vaccines are far greater than the risk of disease. So no I am not vaccinating. If you want me to vaccinate instead of attacking me how about listening to my story and helping us clean up vaccines and have compassion for the tragic damage caused to some by vaccines. And better yet help us to compensate them. Who do you believe! Tobacco makers and paid drs or smokers who got cancer even though they claimed cigarettes were good for you? Same issue. Different product. Yeah it hurts. But stop blaming the victims.

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