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Dachel Media Update: Vaccine Scandals on RIse

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Nov 30, 2014, HealthImpactNews: Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

Nov 28, 2014, HealthImpactNews: Vaccine Scandals and Criminal Cases Increase in 2014

Nov 28, 2014, GreenMedInfo: Why We May Need Viruses More Than Vaccines

Nov 28, 2014, Washington Post: Parents don't cause autism in their kids, and we need to stop blaming them for it

Nov 26, 2014, CBS Boston: Local Entrepreneur-Scientist Develops Google Glass Program For Kids With Autism
Nov 26, 2014, Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune: 'Vaccine court' keeps claimants waiting

Nov 25, 2014, WoodTV  Grand Rapids--Holland--Kalamazoo (MI): Offering hope to adults with autism

Nov 12, 2014, News Channel 12 Jackson MS: What's Working: The Autism Resource Center


Christina England has done an excellent job of digging up some previous studies conducted in New Zealand and Germany comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children.

In addition to these two studies, there was also a clinical study conducted in Hong Kong in in 2012 comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children in regards to the flu vaccine. Researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled trial on children with the trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine. Their results were published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in 2012, and they found that the seasonal trivalent flu vaccine resulted in 5.5 times more incidents of respiratory illness than the placebo group.

 I really hate seeing autism as the single vaccine issue.  As soon as someone says "studies show no link between vaccines and autism," everyone just packs up their stuff and fades away, as if this claim proves vaccines are totally safe.

Our children are sick, sick, sick.  I'm a teacher (I substitute now and I work with individual students with learning problems).  We just expect our kids will have health concerns and learning problems.  IEPs are standard.  This child has diabetes, this one has asthma, she has an aide, the boy over there has seizures, no one can bring peanuts in this room.  No one bats an eye over the kids diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and ASD. 

We all need to ask the question: WHY ARE OUR CHILDREN SO SICK AND DISABLED?  It would expand the issue to areas not so easily dismissed.  How could diabetes, asthma, and seizures everywhere be the result of "better diagnosis" and "an expanded definition"?   Did doctors just miss bowel disease in children twenty years ago? 

Health Impact News Editor Criminal activities of pharmaceutical companies are frequently reported on in the mainstream media. The largest criminal settlements in U.S. history are cases against pharmaceutical companies, such as Johnson & Johnson's $2.2 billion criminal settlement late last year for illegally marketing drugs to the elderly, children and the mentally disabled. When it comes to criminal activities involved with marketing vaccines, however, there is a near total blackout in the mainstream media. So here at Health Impact News we will highlight a sampling of some of the biggest stories of fraud and criminal activities involved with marketing vaccines so far here in 2014.

Merck MMR Vaccine Fraud. . .

HPV Vaccine Supreme Court Trial for Fraud in India. . .

Iowa State University Scientist Stands Trial for Fraud in HIV Vaccine: Cost to Taxpayers is Millions of Dollars. . .

Vaccine Manufacturer GSK Convicted of Fraud. . .

Flu Vaccine Fraud in Europe. . .

Flu Injuries and Death Convictions in the U.S.. . .

U.S. CDC Vaccine Fraud. . .

What about this?  Kenya's Catholic Bishops Claim Tetanus Vaccine Is Stealth Birth Control Project


A groundbreaking study published this month in Nature challenges a century old assumption about the innate pathogenicity of these extremely small, self-replicating particles known as viruses. 

Titled, "An enteric virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria," researchers found that an "enteric RNA virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria in the intestine." Known as murine (mouse) noravirus (MNV), researchers found that infecting germ-free or antibiotic-treated mice infection with MNV "restored intestinal morphology and lymphocyte function without inducing overt inflammation and disease."

The researchers found:

"Importantly, MNV infection offset the deleterious effect of treatment with antibiotics in models of intestinal injury and pathogenic bacterial infection. These data indicate that eukaryotic viruses have the capacity to support intestinal homeostasis and shape mucosal immunity, similarly to commensal bacteria."

Despite the commonly held belief that viruses are vectors of morbidity and mortality that must be vaccinated against in order to save us from inevitable harm and death, the new study dovetails with a growing body of research showing that our own genome is 80% viral in origin.

Washington Post

By Kristelle Hudry--a senior lecturer in developmental psychology at La Trobe University.

Since the condition was first recognized in the 1940s, parents have been and felt blamed for their children's autism. Today, most people no longer believe this, but a lingering doubt continues to niggle many parents.

Autism was first identified in the era of psychoanalysis, when professionals looked closely at relationships to explain disability and mental illness. Childhood "autistic withdrawal" was thought to be an emotional and relational problem.

Parents were blamed for their children's autism because psychoanalysts thought cold, detached parenting must be the cause of their extreme withdrawal from the social world. Some parents were seen to interact with their children in ways that were interpreted as demanding and emotionally distant, rather than supportive and warm.

But the predominant psychoanalytic view has gradually been replaced with a biomedical approach to understanding autism.

We now believe autism spectrum disorders are based in biology - the result of something about how the brain develops. It's still accepted that some parents have trouble interacting with their children with autism. But this isn't their fault; these children are, by definition, difficult to interact with.

?It seems that autism will remain a pretend problem that NO ONE IS EVER ALARMED ABOUT.....   Where would we be without these mindless stories reminding us that autism is nothing to worry about.....

"Parents don't cause autism in their kids"?? 

"We need to stop blaming them for it"??

Please, someone tell that to U.S. health officials.  They may not be saying that the cold, "refrigerator mother" of the 1950s and 60s causes a child to become autistic--that claim was thrown out a long time ago--STILL, officials design studies that link autism to THE MOTHER. 

Research is routinely announced finding a connection between autism AND...moms with bad genes, older moms, fat moms, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms who take anti-depressants, moms who don't get enough folic acid, moms who marry older dads, moms who have babies too close together, moms who live too close to freeways--just about anything a mother does. 

Just like this piece, no one is alarmed over a dramatic increase in a once rare disorder.  In fact, this Wash. Post story doesn't even mention that one in every 68 U.S. children has autism.  (That includes one in every 42 boys.)

CBS Boston  

For the estimated one in 68 American children now born with disorders on the autism spectrum, technology could be a powerful tool.  And, if Cambridge-based entrepreneur-scientist Ned Sahin has his way, kids will be able to harness the intuitive power of Google Glass to navigate the world in a way that makes sense.

For a little more than a year, Sahin and his employees at Brain Power have been developing programs for Google Glass that encourage kids with autism to make eye contact, engage in conversation and more easily read social situations.

For example, in one program, a child looks through the tiny lens to see the person he or she is looking at. Next to that person's face is an icon that illustrates his/her feeling. It offers an "assist" to help the child read the situation. A child looks through the glass to see his smiling mother and, next to her face, sees an image of a smiley face. The child comes to recognize that expression as one of joy and can react appropriately.

My comment:

While this innovation may be useful for many children autism, there are several things about this piece that should have everyone concerned.  First of all, we're told about "one in 68 American children now born with disorders on the autism spectrum."  That simply isn't true.  No one has ever demonstrated that children are born with autism.  Tens of thousands of parents report that their children were born healthy and were developing normally and suddenly and dramatically regressed into autism.  It's diagnosed as "regressive autism," and doctors can't explain it.

Officially autism has no known cause or cure.  Every couple of years officials announce yet another jaw-dropping increase in the autism rate, at the same time no one shows any alarm over hundreds of thousands of disabled children who weren't here twenty-five years ago.

The undeniable thing about autism is that it's a disorder THAT AFFECTS CHILDREN.  No one has ever found a comparable rate among adults--especially ones with severe autism whose symptoms are easily recognized.  That simple fact should be scaring us all.  Maybe when we're all paying for all these children as dependent adults, we'll get serious about addressing the cause.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism 

I seriously hope this helps autistic children navigate the confusing world of reading faces.  In general, feel-good stories like this do nothing to help the victims of autism.  This kind of coverage promotes false and misleading ideas about autism and covers up a nightmare happening all around us. 

Notice the lead sentence: "For the estimated one in 68 American children now born with disorders on the autism spectrum..."  What a subtle way to condition the public to believe children are BORN WITH AUTISM.  Must be genetic if they're born that way.

"Now born"?  What?  Previously there weren't one in 68, but now there are?  Why?  Shouldn't we be concerned? 

We see lots of photos of smiling, focused, attractive kids behind the news anchor--this is supposed to be autism.  The story features a cute, verbal little boy.  He's engaged in the process and is having success.  Autism's not such a bad thing.  Nothing alarming about this.

Of course we don't get to see the children who are so severe they couldn't benefit from these glasses. 

The definition of entrepreneur is "a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money."  Ned Sahin came up with a way to help kids to relate to others.  Autism represents investment opportunities.

Why is this necessary?  Why are kids like this? 

We're not supposed to ask.  We're supposed to accept autism as just a part of life FOR OUR CHILDREN.  (The fact that no one has to accommodate adults like this doesn't trouble anyone.  AND THAT'S THE REALLY SCARY PART.)

Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune

A system Congress established to speed help to Americans harmed by vaccines has instead heaped additional suffering on thousands of families, The Associated Press has found.

The premise was simple: Quickly and generously pay for medical care in the rare cases when a shot to prevent a sickness such as flu or measles instead is the likely cause of serious health complications. But the system is not working as intended.

The AP read hundreds of decisions, conducted more than 100 interviews and analyzed a database of more than 14,500 cases filed in a special vaccine court. That database was current as of January 2013; the government has refused to release an updated version since. . . .

 I can't figure out the coverage of the AP "investigation" of vaccine court.  It's clearly a system that is broken.  It's also frightening to learn about an unfair and illegal element of the federal court system that completely fails to live up to its original purpose.  Funny that the AP coverage didn't report on the fact that the NVICP has regularly compensated injuries that included autism--it merely mentioned the Omnibus proceedings and the cases that were thrown out.

The court offers a financial incentive to over-file - unlike typical civil court cases, attorneys are paid whether they win or not, as was the case with more than 5,000 losing claims that vaccines caused the developmental disability autism.

I posted four comments....  Love those Skyhorse books!  .....

WoodTV  Grand Rapids--Holland--Kalamazoo (MI)

When a family receives the diagnosis that their child has autism, one of the many questions that may run through their minds is, "what will my child's future look like during adulthood?" Because of community support and donations, Benjamin's Hope is a place where people with autism can live, work, and play in a community they choose to call home.

Watch the video.  Lovely, smiling reporter announces, "In fact the CDC statistic states that every one in 68 children born will be diagnosed with autism. . . . "

Note the mention of the "growing epidemic of autism" and the lack of facilities for adults.

The place they're describing will accommodate 24 adults with autism. That's nothing in the face of thousands of affected individuals.

To the ordinary observer, this is a great human interest piece. We should do everything possible for the disabled.  That only works if we completely ignore the reference to the jaw-dropping rate and the words, "growing epidemic of autism."

WoodTV isn't the least concerned about the fact that THERE ARE NOT PLACES CURRENTLY FOR TWO PERCENT OF THE ADULT POPULATION WITH AUTISM.  Everyone is happy and excited about a home for 24 adults with autism.

Sadly, I work with severely affected young adults with autism.  They need one on one all the time.  Their behavior makes them a danger to themselves and to others.  A news report featuring young adults with severe autism wouldn't evoke smiles.

News Channel 12 Jackson MS

An autism resource center has recently been opened at the Eudora Welty Library.

With ASD incidents becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the United States, the need for specially designed facilities within the country's library system has now arisen. Thus, the resource center will endeavor to create a space that accommodates the specific needs that individuals with autism have while still facilitating learning through books and other reading material.

It will be designed with the needs of those with autism in mind by adding a resource specialist to its staff in addition to new books on autism for parents. The center will also feature a computer with large, advanced graphics that will be user-friendly for those on the spectrum who are visual learners.

Watch the video.  Serious adults tell us: 

"No one can say why autism is being diagnosed more often, but it is."

"Some call it an epidemic at least it's definitely a trend and we think that it's important to include these individuals and serve them.

Are we just going to sit back and try to accommodate more and more disabled children at the same time we do nothing to stop this disaster from affecting more of them?  I don't know which is worse, calling the massive number of neurologically  impaired children "better diagnosing--no real increase," or having people tell us that yes, the increase is real, we don't know why and we really don't care.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD.  Lee Silsby is one of the most respected compounding pharmacies in the country and is committed to serving the needs of the Autism community. OurkidsASD is an online retailer for nutritional supplements for patients with special needs. OurkidsASD carries thousands of products from more than 60 brands and offers free ground shipping on all orders.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



Another comment about Google Glass for kids -
It is known that cell phones are more dangerous for children because children absorb more radiation into their brain than adults (not that cell phones are safe for adults, they are just more dangerous for children). We know that in the Interphone study, heavy cell phone users, defined as people using a cell phone for a 1/2 hour or more/day for 10 years, had a significantly higher brain cancer rate. We know that people who start using a cell phone before age 20 have a significantly greater chance of developing brain cancer. Google Glass emits the same type of radiation as cell phones, except reportedly is higher than most cell phones. Yet, this device is meant not to be used occasionally as a cell phone would be, but continuously worn on the head, which would be bad enough for adults, but children? Autistic children?


Today I read in the mainstream media about a new way to diagnose autism by scanning the child's brain while either hugging or mimicking hugging...I wasn't sure which. But this seemed like another one of those go nowhere articles that turns a child into a commodity to be scanned with low dose radiation. Any diagnosis is only as good as the remedial work that follows. Thank God for Wakefield and others of his ilk who are more interested in treatment than labeling. I wonder if everyone is trying to reassure parents about autism now that almost every family has some kind of sick child. I don't know any families that are disease free, and if the mother doesn't get blamed the child does. How many kids just don't measure up because they are too inflamed to measure up and all the problems that go along with mild social rejection and the very bad ways of fixing it like SSRIs.


I'm with you, Anne. I'm in the classrooms and it's downright scary as to the health of our children- anyone (shills, docs, political types) who took a tour around would be shocked. A substitute teacher recently went in to a classroom and at the end of the day commented that it must have been a special Ed classroom. It was not.
So it looks like Kristin Cavallari may have been onto something, huh,Lisa Kennedy?
Greg, maybe the likes of Lielady and Dorit can see the writing on the wall since the whistleblower came out.
Bob, there also seems to have been a lot of senior deaths for those who had flu vaccines in Italy that was recently reported on.


But Bob - we hear nothing of this on main stream news.

Oh, we hear of other corruption stuff that curdles the blood - most all of my neighbors feels like it is coming in so many directions - they run out of outrage. You know you can only get mad at so many issues at once before you just feel - over whelmed.

BoB Moffitt

Just a "sampling of some of the biggest stories of fraud and criminal activities involved with marketing vaccines so far here in 2014 .. Merck MMR fraud, HPV fraud in India, HIV fraud, GSK fraud conviction, Flu vaccine fraud in Europe, Flu injuries and death convictions in US, CDC vaccine fraud ..

Imagine .. this is only a "sampling" of fraud in a single year .. 2014 ..

If someone can name another industry that is more corrupt than the pharmaceutical/public health/research/doctor .. cabal .. I would love to know what it is.


I've been observing an interesting development of late. The usual shills --Dorit, Lilady and company-- are absent from the comment sections of these articles. What's going on? Hmnn!


How often do I resort to all caps to be heard? Almost never, right? I'm making an exception because this is important:

PLEASE NO - GOOGLE GLASS. FIRST, GOOGLE: google glass nonionizing radiation exposure AND READ. PLEASE.

Nonionizing radiation is linked to brain cancer and with the position of these glasses emitting radiation, there is the question of how they will affect the eyes, cause cataracts, tumors and other very serious problems. One quick glance at google I saw one article started with "google glass emits more radiation than cell phones".

PLEASE. Also, please note that on Dr. Palevsky's newsletter this month, there is a link to an EMF summit. Talks given every Tuesday night, you can hear for free the ones coming up and the past ones you can purchase for $5 each or $75 for the series. In a couple of weeks, DR. HERBERT will be interviewed about AUTISM AND EMFs. This is copied from Dr. Palevsky's newsletter, includes the link to register. Tomorrow is the next talk and you can listen free for 48 hours afterward:

"The EMF Summit

Everything You Need To Protect Yourself from the dangers of Electromagnetic Field Radiation and Dirty Electricity Plus Discover the Healing Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

FREE: Every Tuesday.....

Click here for information on speakers and how to sign up:
One more thing. I just want to say that our experiences shape our neural connections. If I had to do it over again, I would not sit a 2 year old in front of a computer or give him any blinking addictive devices. I don't think it's good for the developing brain. There is something they are now calling "digital dementia" which describes the effect of all this technology. Also, if a child is suffering from autism, even if there wasn't nonionizing radiation to be concerned about, I would be very careful about introducing interactive glasses like this that interpret and expand the world for them. I find the idea of that very unsettling for a child, neurotypical or autistic, who do not yet have a fully developed self image and grasp on reality and view of the world. I think it's potentially very dangerous. We don't know what the effects will be on the human brain, especially a child's brain. Ok, rant over.

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