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Anne Dachel to Discuss The Big Autism Cover-Up from Skyhorse Publishing on Autism with Dr. Andy

Anne Dachel Book CoverNoon Central Time today!  Tune into:

Autism Autism with Dr. Andy

HealthyLife.Net--All positive talk radio:

Autism with Dr. Andy features Anne Dachel discussing her new book, The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public. 

Dec 18, 2014  12 Noon Central.     Anne Dachel, the author of The Big Autism Cover-Up, Skyhorse Press, is the guest this week on Autism with Dr. Andy, radio. Anne has written extensively on vaccines and their role in the etiology of autism.  She is well known throughout the United States for her interest and activism in addressing what has become an educational and health challenge of  epidemic proportions.

Anne's  book explores how news outlets downplay the impact of autism while backing the official denial of any link between the disorder and vaccines. Don't miss this controversial interview with a woman who provides shocking and eye opening information that has been kept secret from the American public. Anne's interview will be available after Thursday, December, 18th at 12 Noon, Central, and will be archived for about three months. Her show can be downloaded for future listening.

To find the show, Google On the right hand side of the show profile you will see, in the blue box,  Radio Show Guide. Next,  click on All Radio Hosts and scroll down to Thursday, 10 AM Pacific, and you will see the show. Go to Archives and click on 12/18/14, Anne Dachel.

About Autism with Dr. Andy

Andy McCabe, Psy. D., received his Doctorate in School Psychology in 1999 from Rutgers University.  He directed one of the first public school programs in NJ for the autistic in the mid-eighteens and has been a full time Associate Professor at New Jersey City University since 2001. His radio show, Autism with Dr. Andy, has provided a forum for many of the top experts in the field of autism in the United States. Interviews include  information related to etiology and prevention, education, a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, housing, long term care, vocational training and classroom interventions. His goal is to reach 1 million listeners worldwide.

If you, or someone you know, has something important to add to the knowledge base related to autism, email [email protected]. Dr. Andy will review your potential as a radio guest and contact you. Please tell your family and friends about the show. We need your listening support!



During this interview, Dr. Andy was inquiring about the incidence of autism in other countries, who vaccinate differently than the US does.

The following link presents good summary. And it's not good.


Excellent interview, Anne.

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