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Adding Insult to (Vaccine) Injury

Ronan 1By Cathy Jameson

Adding insult to injury…vaccine injury that is. 

If you’ve followed our story, you know that my son, Ronan, was vaccine injured several years ago.  I fully accept that I didn’t know everything that I should have known about vaccines when Ronan was a baby.  Had I known more then, I do believe that his life would be a lot different now. 

What is life like for Ronan now? 

Ronan is almost 12 years old and is non-verbal.  He is in diapers.  He cannot take care of himself.  He is prone to wander.  He has seizures.  And he has regressive autism.  I know that I cannot erase what happened to Ronan.  I know that I should keep my eyes focused on the future instead.  But because of what happened to Ronan all those years ago, and how what happened to him continues to affect him and his future, ignoring the past is not possible. 

Before I catch you up on the latest insult we’re dealing with, a few words about vaccine injury and why it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Vaccine injury and adverse effects from vaccinations are nothing new.  It’s just that that information isn’t broadcasted as much as it should be.  Vaccine side effects include, but are not limited to: 

Swelling at injection site






Sudden Infant Death Syndrome




Guillaine-Barre Syndrome

Brain swelling



Cardiac arrest









Upper respiratory tract infection





Pretty scary list, huh?

That list should be discussed at “well-baby” visits, but I find that when new moms reach out to me asking for information about vaccines, the moms report that adverse effects and side effects are rarely mentioned let alone discussed in the exam room.  As important as those vaccine facts are, I’m not surprised that medical providers disregard the need to discuss them. 

Why share negative facts about a product when a sale is on the line? 

Personally, I have no recollection of being counseled on adverse events prior to Ronan getting any of his shots.  There were plenty of opportunities to be counseled over his first two years of life.  One thing I do remember while at the doctor’s office was being handed the VIS.  Here’s how that played out:

Nurse walks in the exam room. 

Nurse states, “Ronan’s due for his shots.  Here, read this.” 

Nurse walks out.  

I read the handout. It scares the ever living crap out of me.  I read that disease is bad!  Disease can spread!  Disease causes death!  I don’t want my baby to die!  Oh, but look.  This paper says something else.  It says that vaccines are good!  Vaccines are safe!  Vaccines are effective!  Remember that back then, I was absolutely ignorant about vaccines and disease.  So I’d imagined my beautiful baby contracting a “vaccine-preventable” disease, and being very sick with that “vaccine-preventable” disease, and then dying from that “vaccine-preventable” disease, I was downright petrified.  I was alone, too. 

No one was with me in the exam room to go over what I’d just read.  No one in the doctor’s office offered to walk me through the vaccine process.  No one talked to be about side effects.  No one mentioned adverse events.  No one shared the steps to filing vaccine injury claims.  No one instructed me that in my state I has vaccine exemptions.  No one encouraged me to exercise my parental rights.  So, when Nurse confidently returned to exam room 10-15 minutes later with the vaccines she stated that my baby needed, I watched her inject them into Ronan. 

Tactics used to coerce unprepared parents into getting their child vaccinated are strong.  I know this, because I was that unprepared parent. 

I’ve learned so much since then. 

I’ve learned what to say.  I’ve learned what to do.  I’ve also learned what not to do.  I’ve learned how to defend my rights.  I’ve learned to counter every argument for vaccines in the process too.  I’ve learned how to protect my other children’s health.  I’ve learned all of that because of what happened to Ronan. 

Because of what I’ve learned, I make it a point to remind new moms who reach out to me that they need to be better educated.  They need to be better prepared.  They also need to know that once a vaccine goes in, whatever happens afterwards is all on their shoulders and nobody else’s.  That includes the hefty bill that comes from caring for a child with a vaccine injury.  Like the medical bill we’re about to get for a procedure for a condition that Ronan has that is the result of a vaccine injury. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to Nancy Grace about our experience about filing a vaccine injury claim.  In the intro, I mentioned that Ronan was admitted for some testing. 

Testing his doctor ordered. 

Ordered because of on-going seizure activity. 

Seizure activity which we first detected after he received a flu shot. 

A shot his doctor insisted Ronan needed. 

Instead of the shot saving his life, it made life worse.  That vaccine wasn’t effective.  Nor did it save Ronan from disease.  How do I know this?  Ronan got the flu.  After being vaccinated for it.  How’s that for adding insult to injury?!

Here’s where I admit that, yes, back then I should have known more.  I should have thought to ask more, too.  But because of my ignorance, I fell for fear mongering and caved to medical pressure to vaccinate instead. 

While the doctor and nurses were spouting fear, I could think of nothing else but disease, death and dying.  How could I think of anything else when they didn’t offer any other information? 

I was blinded by fear and by what ifs, what ifs that never happened. 

What did happen?  I followed the advice of my doctor.  I put my son into her hands.  I let her do what she wanted.  I did that after being convinced that it was better to be safe than sorry.  Only when things went wrong did I begin to think, to actually think things through.  Wait, this can’t be.  Can it?  It’s not supposed to happen like this.  Is it?  No way could it have been from the shot.  Could it?  It was too late to think.  It was time to act.  But what was done was already done. 

Sadly, vaccine injury isn’t a done deal.  For some, the effects of that type of injury can last a lifetime. 

The effects of vaccine injury continues for Ronan.  Like how he’s still wearing diapers.  Like how he needs one-on-one assistance to do the most simple of tasks.  Like how he requires therapy to learn and relearn every-day skills.  Like how his verbal skills have yet to fully return.   Like how those seizures keep on happening.  Like how he is still paying the price with his health for something that wasn’t safe and that wasn’t effective.  And how my husband and I are left to pick up the tab for medical issues our son faces, including paying for a medically-necessary procedure that our doctor ordered but that our insurance now refuses to cover. 

That medical bill, and the fact that someone is questioning the need for a procedure that could help us learn how to better treat the seizures that he is still suffering, is the newest insult to Ronan’s on-going vaccine injury. 

Vaccine injury is a rotten gift that keeps on giving. 

Once you’re on this side of a vaccine injury, things get frustrating.  Things get ugly.  Things are so dark and so twisted that it sometimes feels like things will never make sense ever again.  What we’ve gone with Ronan and for Ronan sounds like what would be found of a science fiction novel than be what’s been chronicled as Ronan’s childhood. 

If you told me back then what I’d be doing during Ronan’s childhood right now, I’d have laughed at you.  I probably would have insulted you for questioning my judgment, too.  Not a day goes by that I don’t question what I’ve done. 

Despite my previous ignorance, and the current setbacks, and the unexpected insurance denials, and the continuous frustrations, I try to go forward.  I try to go forward, but I will never forget the past.  That past helps me to fight, fight, fight for my child today.  Fight to keep him healthy.  Fight to keep him safe.  Fight for his medical rights.  Fight for insurance to cover procedures that need to be covered.  It’s fight or give up. 

I can’t give up.  I did that once, and promised Ronan that I’d never do that again. 

My ignorance shaped the past.  How I wish that I was never so ignorant back then.  I attempt to move forward as best I can now.  I do that and say sorry for not knowing what I wished I’d known.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times that I say I’m sorry for what happened in the past, Ronan is still left with a vaccine injury, an undeniably, extremely expensive and very difficult vaccine injury. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Mitzi Orton

Thank you for your story. I gave birth to my first daughter with the help of two wonderful midwives. I took the information they provided about immunization and choose not to immunize. I continued to opt out with my other three children. I've been able to enroll them in public school with a personal waiver. I live in California where the law has been passed that by the time your child enters 7th grade they need to be immunized. I won't do it ! I am now in need of locating a doctor that can and will give me a medical waiver. This is my last child in school. This law in just as aggressive and intimadating as the doctors are at your first well baby check ups. It now leaves us parents scrambling to either home school or travel who knows how far to find a doctor who will provide a waiver. Home schooling is not a option for all of us. Two out of four were exposed to chicken pox. They breezed through it without any fuss. I am more than thankful to my midwives and believe we need more education on immunization!!!


This made no sense to me...if a child has a reaction to peanuts, the whole world in unison says, "keep that child away from peanuts!"


At some point, shouldn't the world also ask " WHY the hell have vaccinated children become so allergically sensitive to peanuts?"

I mean …. how many explanations could there possibly be for this sudden, and very recent development???

#HearThisWell...Thank you

#HearThisWell. Please keep telling your stories. All of you moms, dads, aunts and uncles. My daughter reacted to her shots - it was immediate and documented in her records. But despite the reaction - which was severe - encephalitic scream with loss of eye contact and communication, her pediatrician wanted to continue full steam ahead on schedule with more vaccines. This made no sense to me...if a child has a reaction to peanuts, the whole world in unison says, "keep that child away from peanuts!" If a child has a bad reaction to vaccines, the mom says "vaccines aren't a fit for my child," but the pediatrician says "she needs more shots today, and we don't want her to get off schedule."


More than a decade ago, I heard the moms of vaccine-injured children well. Thanks to them I did take time to get educated on vaccines and with that education came the confidence I needed to just say no to further vaccinations for my previously vax-injured child.

I have no doubt she would be severely and perhaps permanently affected by subsequent vaccine injuries had I followed the Doctors orders.

So #hearthiswell moms of vaccine-injured kids, your stories saved my daughter and me from a life of disability. Thank you.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Cathy. Never forget that you have so many parents and grandparents who identify with what you write about. The community of people who know someone who was severely vaccine injured is beginning to turn into an army whose mission is to inform other parents and save their innocent children from becoming members of the "must be better diagnosing" wrecked lives statistics.


I dicided to fully vaccinate my kid after listening to doctors in mainstream media and now I'm paying for my carelessness heftily. I could have and should have done my own reasearch. I had all the time in world and the background to look into the matter myself but didn't do so. I too feel the immense guilt all the time,

Marie Simonton

Cathy...This sounds like something I would have written. We have so much in common. My son Jeffrey will be 12 right after Christmas. He is non-verbal and needs help doing most everything. I often wish I could go back in a time machine to when I was pregnant with him and could have come across something...anything that would have caused me to look into vaccines and their safety. My faith in God remains strong, although I still ask Him why this had to happen to Jeffrey. My only consolation is that I know I will hear Jeffrey's voice in heaven and there, he will be healed of this. So will Ronan. Keep hope alive.


I agree that the modern sin is laziness. Good health does take some effort like home cooked meals, supplements, and nurturance. Still, my generation grew up without vaccines (maybe one shot in an entire childhood) and we had all the terrible scary diseases from measles to chicken pox to flu and beyond. Families were big and a lot of kids were poor and neglected, still nature has provided kids with naturally vigorous immune systems. I don't remember anyone dying of a disease: no one. It's so hard, though, for a young mother to stand up to the authority of the doctor at a time in her life when she needs societal support. But I don't think any young mother can imagine the isolation, fear, desolation of having a sick child who has literally been discarded by society and unfortunately it's so hard to tell a young mother that this could be her future if she vaccinates. Families need allies in Congress and the medical community when all we have are cowards. All we have are other mothers! I'm sorry, Cathy, for your vaccine injured baby, but your gift to other mother's keeps on giving as you tell your story again and again so maybe someone will hear and another child will be saved.

autism uncle

Cathy, It's common to most all of us, to regret making ignorant decisions that bring terrible consequences we cannot unmake.

Can you?, or we,"soldier on"? We have to persevere. But, know you have immense support and allies for yours' and Ronan's travails, despite our non-ability to be physically with, and help you.

Thank you.


Thanks for telling me that Cathy. Wow!

cia parker

I hope you're right, but just think of the dimensions of this, tens of thousands of powerful medical and pharma authorities ranged against millions of the vaccine-damaged, from asthma, allergies, and GI disease to seizure disorders, to autism. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, paralysis, Lou Gehrig's disease, and doubtless, many other vaccine-induced conditions in our parents' generation. And every one of those tens of thousands of "medical authorities" understands very well that this will shake the foundations of the world when it is admitted. I really hope we will get justice, and I'm afraid we're only talking about monetary compensation, but it's really hard to imagine its ever actually happening.

For Benedetta, from Cat Jameson

Benedetta, he was swabbed for the flu...test was positive.

Laura Hayes

Membership Process for the VIC (Vaccine Injury Club):

1. Trust your doctor.
2. Don't miss a "well-baby" visit (add in prenatal visits now, too).
3. Don't ask any questions, especially vaccine-related questions.
4. Don't do your own research.
5. Ignore the now millions of stories from parents of vaccine-injured children, especially the ones from those Autism parents.
6. Be sure to give Tylenol before and after all vaccinations.
7. Never stray from the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule.
8. Remind yourself that any reaction following a vaccination is "normal," and at the same time, "a coincidence."
9. Remember the famous words of the infamous Dr. Paul Offit, that a baby can safely handle 10,000 vaccines at once (or did he actually say 100,000 at once?). Yeah, that makes sense.
10. Don't trust God-given maternal instinct or common sense, only trust those deemed "experts."

Joe Sulaco

Truth has a way of being persistent. There's a war going on against (mostly) boys, and the autism epidemic is front and center (don't get me started about how boys are treated in public schools).

As they say in "Shawshank Redemption", get busy living or get busy dying. Sounds like you're living. Legions of people out there needs guidance and need to hear your story.

One note on doctors (I come from a family full of them, none pediatricians, thank God). Please don't give them too much credit for being slick, evil salespeople.

What they are, more than anything else, is FOLLOWERS. The words "standard of care" strike more fear into a doctor than any vaccine co-pay.

So why do doctors inject so many toxic vaccines into our little ones? Easy. EVERYONE ELSE DOES IT. No one wants to step outside that box, because if they do, the whole edifice of modern medicine comes tumbling down on their heads (and that's a powerful edifice.)

The sin of doctors is really the same as the sin of the 21st century - laziness. That's what's killing us. The quest for the "soft life", (la dolce vita). Nobody wants to go outside their comfort zone. Nobody really wants to be bothered too much. Look, it's not just medicine. In all occupations, the winds blow a certain way, and if you don't blow that way, or don't pick up on which way they're blowing, guess what? YOU'RE OUT. You're thrown out of the (secular) temple. The high priests of management (or medicine, or university faculty, or law) will excommunicate you for heresy.

Yes, there are religious overtones here. Vaccine propagandists are ZEALOUS. They speak of LIFE and DEATH. Paul "10,000 vaccines in one visit wouldn't hurt a flea" Offit is a HIGH PRIEST. Cross him, and you are cast into the outer darkness to wail and gnash your teeth.

THAT'S what we're up against, folks.


How do you know it was the flu, Cathy?

My sister-in-law's twins came down with something they called bronchitis and was in the hospital.

Mine came down with I thnk a more truthful diagnosis of Kawasakis -- Not all vasculititis type of illness goes full blown like my daughter - most are flu like symptoms. Except it seem to cycle every month for a long while.


I'm so sorry Cathy. I don't know how anyone could read about what happened to your beautiful Ronan and consider vaccinating their beautiful children. Even if Ronan was the only child that this happened to, and of course, tragically, he is one of many.

Vaccines are dangerous. Period.


Cathy please don't blame yourself for what happened to Ronan. Your story is heartbreaking. Like so many others in your position. Get mad and stay mad, but don't please ever blame yourself. What happened and what is still happening is Criminal. Accountability is what is needed and it WILL occur.

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