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2014 Kim Stagliano to 1994 Kim Stagliano RE VACCINATION ... "Don't!"


By Kim Stagliano

Earlier this week my oldest daughter turned 20.  Above is a copy of my written birth plan I brought to the hospital. Take a good look at it.

What's missing?

In 1994, I knew nothing about the very real dangers of vaccination. I did not know that vaccines have side effects. I did not know that many of the vaccines my daughter would receive contained bolus doses of mercury. I did not know that if my child became ill or died following vaccination, A) no one would believe me and B) I could not sue the manufacturer for product injury.  I did not know about a man named Andrew J. Wakefield whose work would have warned me.  I had never heard of Thimerosal. Mercury was a car that looked a lot like a Ford, oh and a planet, in my parlance. I did not know that I could say "No thanks,' to a vaccine. I did not know that I could space them out or at the time, break them up. I did not know that when her pediatrician made notes in her records, "Watch head size, left side" that likely meant encephalopathy was underway. I never saw those words until we moved and I ordered records. I didn't know.

I. Did. Not. Know.

If you had tried to tell me, daughter of an orthodontist who taught me to love science, and college educated professional, that vaccines would take my daughter out of the game of life to which she was born I'd have either laughed in your face or called you a complete and total ass. Likely both.

Take a look at that birth plan. I was adamant about having an unmedicated birth - I did not want to put any chemicals in my baby's body.  Isn't that rich?  No epidural. No nothing. Not for baby Stagliano. Now there aren't enough pain killers in the world to ease the pain I feel for her, not for myself.  For my daughter.

Mia before and after

Today? I am called anti-vaccine. And you know what?  I AM! I've said elsewhere that don't like that name - it's thrust upon me as an epithet by the vaccine industry apologists.  But if the shoe fits, I'll wear it from time to time, like stilettos.  Not completely comfortable, but sometimes they are the right choice.  How could I NOT be against something that so harmed my daughter? How could I not warn others?  Women are responsible to other women to share knowledge. It's our heritage in childbirth, which used to be ours and ours alone before medicine took over.

In 2014, there should not be another Kim Stagliano circa 1994.  Moms need to know that vaccination can harm, maim and kill.  I had no informed consent. (No one bothered to inform me.)  SesameStr_20YearsAndCountin I did not know enough to ask.

Thank you to everyone in our community who sticks his or her neck out to inform others that vaccines require thoughtful consideration before administration. If there is any administration at all. Me? I'm not going to tell a Mom-T0-Be "Don't ever touch a vaccine." I'll tell her Mia's story. I'll tell her about VAERS.  I'll tell her about Vaccine Court. I'll give her enough info to make an informed choice.  If she chooses to fully vaccinate, so be it. I believe in personal choice in all health care decisions.  Some folks will think I'm not hard line enough. And that's OK by me. There's plenty of room for all of our voices. 

If I had heard a voice or two, maybe my daughter would be speaking to me from her college dorm right now, instead of next to me on a computer watching Sesame Street 20 Years.....and still counting.

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.



I'm sorry to hear all that,but my sister is Autistic and was never vaccinated.

Jeff Bell

I'm so sorry for all that you and your precious daughter have been through and are still going through. I wish I could press a magic button to undo all of that for you both. I can't do that, but I may be able to share the next best thing:

There is a very widespread study, that is so low-key and below the radar (has to be so that it does not get shut down), called the "Cellular Matrix Study", which has had an impressive record with helping to significantly reverse autism, even that caused by vaccines. In the interest of transparency, I am a study member, so I am biased. But that does not counter the results. We have found in many hundreds of cases that adding organic sulfur in a special, very pure and highly bioavailable form back into the diet often reverses most the symptoms of autism. I cannot make any guarantees, but I think it may be worth a try.

I imagine that as the moderator of this site you can get my e-mail address. Please let me know if you want the details on what we have tried and how to do it yourself. It would be my honor to help you.

Stagmom for ANG

Dear Ang, what a rude and frankly cruel comment. Would you ever say "Cancer happens. Get Over It" to a parent? Are you on the spectrum? In which case I hope you get some social skills training. Or are you just an ass?



Autism happens, get over it.


Hi Cia,
I say no pacifiers because they do disrupt/interfere with/alter some babies feeding pattern and suckle enough to make their suckle ineffective at stimulating their mother's body to make enough milk for them. For some, I think many, it is enough to make lactation fail early and to never get established. It also spreads out feeds enough to leave the baby without the flow of immune protecting milk that would fend off invaders like pertussis. Even minutes of delaying a feed for a newborn could be very significant. There are babies who seem to do ok, but if we're talking about making sure that mothers and babies are successful, especially for the purpose of preventing disease, then the best advice is to only have mother and baby as nature intended.

cia parker

I read that you shouldn't let infants have pacifiers if you were nursing them, but I have to say that Cecily both adored her pacifiers and was an extremely eager nurser as well. I'm not sure if there might be a way to gingerly let them have a binkie and see if it made them less enthusiastic about nursing, and if it didn't, let them suck on their binkies. It provided such comfort and pleasure to Cecily, I'm glad I let her have it.

Pauline Cory

I hope one day you find the key to unlock the door as my friends have done with their autistic daughter, who suddenly one day started writing sentences to them about how she feels.

I don't know what you have tried, but I know that the autistic children that I have treated with the homoeopathic version of the vaccine that caused the damaged, have had big changes occur. If you haven't tried doing that, it might be worth a go.

Good luck with it all, my heart goes out to you.


I am a lucky one who did a little research before giving birth, but was still on the fence. I did not see the logic of Hep B for our situation (I was not going to send him to daycare and he would be in direct contact with family only). I allowed him to get a couple of single shots (sadly, I don't remember which), all the while trying to ignore that gut-sinking feeling that it wasn't right. At his 4 month, as I stood next to the table he was sitting on, I watched the wonderment, curiosity, connectedness with me, and beautiful alertness that is in almost all infants naturally. I put my foot down regarding vaccines. NO MORE. I did not want to lose that. I did not want to possibly see that regress. I never felt so free. I no longer had that gut feeling of unease. I dreaded the confrontation with the doctor, but that was all. He is super healthy at 5 and strong as an ox. Your stories (all the mothers with vaccine injured children) gave me strength to stand for my baby! I pray for all of your families daily.

Barbara Yurich

I have 5 daughter all had their vac's on schedule and for the most part are fine. First one born 1960 and I did not know!
Were things different then? Back then we were having our first born at 18+ and very naive now women are having first born at an older age and am hoping have heard about these things.
I keep asking where is all this autism coming from well now I know and will keep trying to pass this info on.
God bless you and your vac sick kids - like someone said how can these doctors keep letting this happen!


I have to say too, that I agree with your concern re ultrasound use during pregnancy. But while definitely worth examining, that is a separate issue.


I'm sorry that you had that experience with your child. Babies, all babies, need to be exclusively breastfed without the use of pacifiers (aka dummies) and kept close to their mothers so that they can feed or be held strictly on the babies demand. This affords them the greatest protection from all stress and illness - the mother and baby were designed that way. That means no day care, no babysitting, no passing tiny babies off to others, no bottles, even with breast milk. A baby in the first months of life should also be kept away from other children and adults in order to prevent exposure to pathogens like pertussis, especially since the pertussis vaccine has been shown to cause a carrier state in those vaccinated. Your baby could have caught pertussis from someone who was vaccinated but didn't have symptoms and didn't know to stay away from your baby. Google baboons and pertussis. Here is one article: See:http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/baboon-study-reveals-new-shortcoming-of-pertussis-vaccine/

Re breast milk and pertussis, I just quickly pulled this up. Substituting or adding pharmaceutical feeding to human milk leaves the baby significantly more vulnerable:

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1990 Aug;58(3):269-73.
Antimicrobial effect of human milk on Bordetella pertussis.
Redhead K1, Hill T, Mulloy B.
Author information
1Division of Bacteriology, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, U.K.
It has been demonstrated that human milk, unlike bovine milk, can reduce the viability of Bordetella pertussis. This antibacterial activity was not due to the presence of antibiotics or antibodies in the human milk. Reducing the level of available iron or increasing the concentration of lysozyme in bovine milk did not induce anti-B. pertussis activity. Analysis of total fatty acids revealed that human milk contained significantly more linoleic acid than bovine milk. However, the addition of linoleic acid to bovine milk did not inhibit the growth of B. pertussis.
PMID: 2227362 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

It is important to note too, something that is not often acknowledged in our society, that humans are meant to be breastfed for years, not weeks or months.

Then there is the down side of vaccinating, especially an infant. Please see Dr. Suzanne Humphrie's excellent lecture series. I believe that lecture 2 specifically focuses on infants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYUj26bRNoo


Did you have ultrasounds while you were pregnant? Before your baby's brain was fully developed, I. E. Before you second trimester was complete. Did you child developed normally until about 18 months to two years? You may want to consider the interruption of brain development by the ultra high frequency sound waves. I' m not saying the mega shot routine is the best route for children, but my son had pertussis at 7 weeks old and almost died. Immunizations do have a place in children's lives.

My heart goes out to you and your daughter and I wish you nothing but the best.

Ellen Schmid

In 1996, I fortunately heard/read some disturbing info regarding vaccinations, and I did listen, before
It was too late. I thank God for that. At the time, I thought, what? I don't want to know this!!
I don't want to have to make this decision! My husband was against not vaccinating. We started the
Protocol, but God brought me more info thru an article from a co-worker, I told my husband I did not want to continue vaccinating our daughter, and said if you make the choice to do it, anything that may happen will be on you. He declined and agreed to discontinue , right before she was due for MMR. Our plan B was our homeopathic MD. My sisters naprapath/Chiro told us about homeopathy when I was pregnant. I was empowered with info to go down this alternate path by them, moms from my La Leche League group, a woman in Burbank, IL (she helped me write my religious exemptions) and things I was reading. I was not open about it to everyone. I was afraid of being reported or "turned in" and having to deal with being accused of neglect. Again Thank God for all the people and resources I had in my corner. I am grateful and have 2 healthy children.

Adrienne McLaughlin

My heart breaks for all of you who have suffered as a result of vaccine injury. In the early 1980s, before I had my babies, I came across Dr. Robert Mendelsohn's eye-opening book: Male Practice in my public library-his book is still relevant today. Then I came across another book: The Miss-use of Antibiotics. The information in these books frightened me so much, it prompted me to continue searching for more to substantiate or disprove the claims made in the books. The knowledge about the fraud perpetrated by the medical establishment was out there back then, but you did have to know where to look for it or like me, come across it accidentally. When I had my first child in 1983 at home with a lay midwife, I had to do it secretly! Home-birth was illegal in the state of Iowa at the time. By that time, I had learned about the dangers of vaccinations, and was determined to avoid them at all cost. A few years later, I moved to Florida, which offers a religious exemption for vaccinations, which I used when I first enrolled my daughter in pre-school. I had to go to the local Health Dept. to get it. The Health Dept. nurse rudely questioned my beliefs and motives for refusing to vaccinate my children. Thank God I just stuck to my guns. I didn't argue with her, I just quoted the Florida law, and with great disdain and reluctance, she handed me the waiver. After that experience I was afraid to engage with anyone in the medical profession about vaccinations, for fear that I might be accused of medical neglect or abuse. I didn't have a pediatrician. My kids were healthy-no ear infections, etc.-they never got so sick that they needed medical treatment. I did take them regularly to a chiropractic doctor for care. Chiropractic doctors are classified as primary care physicians in the state of Florida. I lost a few friends because of my stance about vaccinations and health in general-I did tell others about the knowledge I'd found about the dangers of vaccinations and benefits of chiropractic care, but half the time, people looked at me sideways. My kids have "survived" to 31, 30, and 21 now without vaccinations and have hardly been sick a day in their lives other than the occasional flu or cold. Chiropractic philosophy states: "The power that made the body, can heal the body." Our bodies are smarter than any chemical that is man-made. If a child in its mother's womb can be created in 9 months, without one bit of instruction from a medical doctor, I believe it also knows how to deal with sickness when it comes along, if given proper nutrition and hygiene, along with correct spinal alignment. The nervous system controls all bodily functions. I encourage anyone who has not heard about the benefits of chiropractic care, to research its benefits for yourself. You can start with idealspine.com.
I realize that the medical profession has its place for acute and critical care situations, but otherwise, its services are best avoided. Please forgive me if I've offended anyone by my statements. God bless all of you who have had the courage to speak out and tell your stories!

Jessica Densmore

Dear Kim, I have lived your life. I have twins boys, James and Joseph. One with Autism, one without. You can guess which one was vaccinated and which was not. For the first 2 1/2 yrs. neither one was vaccinated beyond what they received at birth. It was not in my plans to vaccinate them at all. James caught cold one day. It happens, they also has 3 older brothers who were of school age. No doubt one of them brought something home. James ended up with a high fever and had a seizure. Also common among 2 1/2 yr olds when fevers spike.We took him to the ER. They gave him fluids, sent us home. Told us to see his pediatrician the next day. Their father took him the next day. I had to work. The doctor, not our regular peditrician, insisted that if James was going to get better they needed to update his shots. Reluctantly, he let them. From that day on James was not the same. He became like a little zombie walking around. No longer playing with his siblings, climbing the counters. No more smiles. NO more looking you in the eye. I knew something was seriously wrong! The doctors were no help at all. How could it have possibly been the vaccines?? After several years of getting no where. I gave up on ever getting help from doctors. I spent hours and hours night after night researching Autism myself. Reading thousands of other parents stories, endless documentaries. BY age 6 James was still in diapers. Still not talking. Only grunts and pointing. I was afraid he would never be able to go to school, have any resemblance of a normal life. We even home schooled his twin so he would feel left out. Then I stumbles on an article about Detoxing and a product called Miracle Mineral Solution.( you can google it) I talked to his father about it and he agreed to let me try it and if there were no side effects other than an little nausea and vomiting in the beginning, we would start James on it. I had no side effects. James did throw up just once after the first time he took it. We give it to him in chocolate milk. He gets 2-3 drops several times a day and has been doing so for almost 2 years. He now insists that he has his MMS in his chocolate milk. He knows the difference and is used to the taste.(It does have a horrible taste I will admit, hence covering the taste with the chocolate.) Literally within 2 weeks of starting the MMS drops, he began talking, IN FULL SENTENCES! We had no idea he knew as much as he did. He could read! We did not know this! He taught himself how to play chess within the first few months of starting. The diapers were gone the first week. He is now going on 8 yrs old. He is in 1st grade. The MMS opened up doors in his mind we thought would be forever closed. Although he still does not like loud noises, he will now go out in public places. Where as before he would totally freak out in a crowd of more than a half dozen people. His favorite place to go now? Walmart, because there are so many people there to look at! He now LIKES to go out shopping. Its been truly amazing the results we have seen. I recommend it to everyone and anyone I come into contact with that has a child or knows someone who has a child with Autism. I am not a spokes person for MMS. I am just a mom who was frustrated with getting nowhere fast from so called "professionals" out there. Detoxing James was the best thing I could ever do. We watch his diet closely, also. We dont eat fast food or alot of processed foods. Try to stay Organic. Things I never would have thought of before with my older children. You said it best though. I.Did.Not.Know. I am also labeled. I do not care. I also have a 3 yr old daughter. She will never be vaccinated! These are children who did not ask for this to happen to them. Thanks for sharing yours and your daughters story! God Bless you both and your family!! Jessica Densmore Mom of 6

Peter Thibodeau



Thanks to women like you, I listened....
I admire your continued courage.

Melissa H

Thank you, Kim.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Kim, thank you for writing this in time for the holidays. More and more families cannot ever get the "before" pictures out of our minds, those few actual snapshots, and those many other ones, the ones that are embedded deep in our hearts. The caution is spreading among this newer generation of parents, and it's people like you who are helping prevent more broken lives. Thank you and bless you.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Kim

Lori Stella

Thanks, Kim. My daughter turned 21 this month. I think this birthday was harder than the diagnosis. She should have been out with friends drinking instead of watching Thomas. I should have wrapped concert tickets or an iPad instead of an electric train and magic 8 ball. I'm very angry this month, regression adds to it. I don't wish our life on anyone but am glad I'm not alone. Thanks for all you do.

Merry Christmas and a new year filled with healing powers for all our children.

Jenny Webster

I didn't even have a birth plan.
I embraced the drugs.
I thought I was so damn smart, and on paper I was.

But I was 21 and working in the same hospital where my son was born. I had complete faith in the doctors there, the doctors who I worked side by side with everyday. I didn't research thing #1 about having a kid. How dumb was that?

I was so clueless.
Gavin turned 18 recently.
He spends his days watching Daniel Tigers Neighborhood --well... and porn ;) But mostly Daniel.

I missed all the red flags. I never connected all the trouble and sickness that surrounded his vaccines. Not until years later. And even then I was one of those moms who felt like there was something wrong with my kid from birth. I had forgotten about the birth dose of Hep b, and how he was normal and happy and healthy for 1 day. ONE DAY. One day out of his whole life.

Laura Hayes

Decided to add a second comment. For those who would like to avoid what so many of us witnessed FIRSTHAND happen to our children following their plethora of toxic and unsafe "routine" childhood vaccinations, be search to read below how one becomes a member of the VIC (Vaccine Injury Club), and make sure you do the exact OPPOSITE!

Membership Process for the VIC (Vaccine Injury Club):

1. Trust your doctor.
2. Don't miss a "well-baby" visit (add in prenatal visits now, too).
3. Don't ask any questions, especially vaccine-related questions.
4. Don't do your own research.
5. Ignore the now millions of stories from parents of vaccine-injured children, especially the ones from those Autism parents.
6. Be sure to give Tylenol before and after all vaccinations.
7. Never stray from the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule.
8. Remind yourself that any reaction following a vaccination is "normal," and at the same time, "a coincidence."
9. Remember the famous words of the infamous Dr. Paul Offit, that a baby can safely handle 10,000 vaccines at once (or did he actually say 100,000 at once?). Yeah, that makes sense.
10. Don't trust God-given maternal instinct or common sense, only trust those deemed "experts."

And, I just thought of a #11: Trust the hospital staff to honor your request to NOT give your newborn the Hep B vaccine.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Mia Stagliano is not only the daughter of Kim and Mark Stagliano, but she’s also one of the countless thousands of American children that health officials have absolutely no concern about. Mia didn’t start out autistic. Vaccines left her dependent for life. Of course her mother Kim never thought that giving her daughter the recommended vaccinations in the children schedule could have devastating side effects. None of us who witnessed the damage firsthand could have imagined it was possible. No one warned us that we were only getting one side of the story. Doctors and health officials with vast money ties to the vaccine industry and no liability for damage are eager to tell everyone that vaccines are safe, safe, safe. We had to learn the hard way.

Now we’re talking about what happened to our children and other parents are listening.

Kim’s right when she writes, “If I had heard a voice or two, maybe my daughter would be speaking to me from her college dorm right now, instead of next to me on a computer watching Sesame Street 20 Years…..and still counting.”


Well written above Kim.

Item 13) for the Birthplan

We will NOT be shooting up our daughter with the hep b vaccine. Even tho it seems to be tested successful for prostitutes and IV drug users in Vietnam.

As you may know, the hep b vaccine is preserved with Thimerosal/mercury... banned in many countries in 1992, and it has never been formally tested by the FDA or CDC for vaccine use.

We have hired a security guard to protect our child from this vaccine until we leave the hospital. He has a black belt in nearly everything.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Kim, I don’t mean to detract from the dangers of vaccinations. That the timing and numbers of vaccines given to children has not been changed reveals the arrogance of medical authorities.

Twenty years ago who would question clamping the umbilical cord at birth? Some ridiculous people still believe this is natural. But by now some women are beginning to request in their birthing plans that pulsations of the cord cease before clamping.

Pulsations of the cord continue until the fetal heart valves have closed, meaning blood flow to and from the placenta has stopped. Blood left behind in the placenta cannot be transferred to the lungs. Blood may then be drained from the brain and other organs to jump-start the lungs.

The Apgar score may be a perfect 10, but ischemic injury of the brain may be the result. I discussed this in a presentation I made at an IACC meeting 6 years ago, and how ischemic injury leaves the brain more vulnerable to vaccine injury. See http://iacc.hhs.gov/events/2008/slides_eileen_simon_112108.pdf


Dear Kim,
My birth plan was the same as yours. Back then there were mothers who knew, whose children were harmed, but there was little alternative news for smart young parents to learn from. You would have listened. The scores of books that I'm sure you read to prepare, the doula, the pediatrician, the obstetrician, none of them warned you - but they knew about those other mothers and their children in the shadows.

You have changed the game. They can no longer hide the truth by fixing the media, silencing the practitioners and by pouring out propaganda.

I hope you take heart in knowing that your voice and your sharing has made a huge difference for others, not only by warning young parents about vaccines but by educating the public about autism and the need for a cure.

Autism mom


As a new mom, you did everything right X 10. you were vigilant but got blindsighted and caught in a spiders web. We all did. We all got a good screwing over for the so called "greater good" of mankind. it's like being hit by bus and then having that same bus repeatedly back over you again and again while the bystanders just bury their heads in their iPhones and ignore us.

Sometimes I pull out my sons baby photos to make sure I am not dreaming. I hit replay. I can see the change in him- a cute, smiling bright eyed baby boy at age one who turned into a zombie before my eyes at age two.

How could this happen??? he was fine!!

Sometimes I overthink. I start to get paranoid. Is there a hidden agenda going on? I think about all the doctors I interacted while I was pregnant. I think about all those people who I gave access to my families medical history. I recall that odd doctor who did the ultrasound and asked me how I would feel if my son had Downs. I replied that I would accept it. Wrong answer! He looked at me as if I had two heads. Was my son flagged/targeted with a click of the mouse? Who did I give my medical history to? who had access? were our families being screened and sorted with out our knowledge or consent?

Anne Marie

My birthing plan is similar to yours. I did start the vaccination protocol when my kids were two month old (we are in Canada). But I stopped it when they were respectively 18 and four month old after reading and reading and reading all that could be read on vaccines. My pediatrician was kind enough to respect my choice, but I regularly make a "fool" of myself exposing my convictions to people around me as you are considered an heretic if you go against the crowds.

Thanks for sharing your story! It is people like you that will eventually change things. I am afraid it will have to get worst before though. I am dreading the day vaccination becomes mandatory in Canada too. And it will when more people voice their opinion and the lobbyists make our good government legislate to tame the heretics.

One day there will be more voices like yours and things will evolve. I am not sure when and early is not early enough as far as I am concerned.

Mia is in our thoughts!



Your story so resignates with so many. Thank you for sharing. I thought I knew it all. Researched everything from the perfect car seat and stroller to the best holds for breastfeeding. No one told me that my daughter's head size shouldn't go from 25 to 90th percentile. No one told me I couldn't sue for vaccine injury. No one told me my beautiful girl could lose the sparkle in her eye and all her language. So you know what? I'm going to tell people. I'm going to shout it from the rooftops. Give me my damn scarlet letter, please.



This really touched me to my core. So many of us did. not. know. We thought we were doing the right thing! We found out the hard way that what we'd been told would 'protect,' did just the opposite.

Your pics of your daughter, while beautiful (she really is), are heartbreaking at the same time. I've become more hardened with my stance on vaccines (yes, I am anti-vaccine). I don't honestly feel it's anything to be proud of; it just IS. How can I/we NOT warn other new Moms about the risks after what we've seen with our own eyes? To me, it would be immoral to not warn of the possibility of a dangerous side effect. But then to have discovered all that I've come to know about vaccines since those days when our son was suffering so much...it's just unfathomable.

I know deep in my heart that your advocacy and that of so many others has helped prevent more needless tragedies.

Best wishes for a lovely and happy holiday season,


Laura Hayes

Sharing this poignant article now. Thank you, Kim. Hoping your few words will save many lives.

cia parker

A song for Hannukkah:


"A small band of people led the way through the darkest night...They brought down a mighty kingdom," and brought the people to the light!



Thank you for this post. I did not know either. My oldest was born in 2000. I vividly remember that I was 3 weeks late on setting up a "well-baby" visit and was actually thinking that I was such a bad mom for not making her appointment when I was supposed to and not getting her the immunizations on time. I can only shake my head now at the thought. I also recall after my daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at one year old that a family friend gently asked me to keep records of her vaccinations and whether or not she was having any bad reactions to them. This friend (again gently) hinted of dangers of vaccines. I laughed it off and quite frankly thought she was crazy! It was only a year or so later when my son started having some "issues" that I started researching -- out of concern for him. I have thanked this family friend because while at the time I thought she was nuts and thought it was a crazy idea to bring up to a mother to "scare" her, I now see how important her comments were to me. While I ignored her at first, it was the first time that I had heard of the possible dangers (even the idea of it). Of course with that came the piles upon piles of research, parental concerns, etc... but before that I was living in La-La land about the whole topic.

Zoey O'Toole

Excellent post, Kim. Thank you. I'll be sharing...

Teresa Conrick


Like a deja vu for so many of us. The photos remind me of Meg, happy and typical, then sickly and in pain, with no voice. Our telling their stories is honest and may change history, my hope. Now to also get them feeling and functioning better ---- our canaries.

Thank you.


Anne J.

Well said.
Your before and after pics broke my heart, as I have similar photos for both my daughter and my son (thankfully, biomedical interventions have helped a lot and they have regained some of what they lost in those early days right after vaccination). The eyes of our children say it all! How can any pediatrician look at pictures like these and deny there is a problem?! Unbelievable!


Kim; I am so sorry. Been there at the end of my son's teens. There is anger/frustration with the system/hurt - anger with God.

But yes; they could not do this to us if not for our faith in vaccines. It is then all on me - why was I not more careful - when I heard Dr. Otero give a give speech after speech of how safte vaccines were. Why, did I have to be so young, naive and trusting. Well; that is human nature - was I to go against 100,000 years of human conditional to listen to the tribal leaders.

Of course you would have laughed, I scoffed when I first heard it. It is like everything I believed in my youth--- is a waste of my time.

Katie Sweeney

This is so well written, I am posting it on my FB page and quoting you in my post to get people's attention, particularly "Women are responsible to other women to share knowledge." Thank you for being such a tireless advocate; it is up to all of us Warrior Moms (and Dads and siblings -- those that are closest to the front lines) to spread this word and share this knowledge.
Katie Sweeney


Thank you Ms. Stagliano for this very personal post.

The before and after pics resonate with all vaccine injured families.

I admire you for having the courage to put yourself out there in this manner.

I believe that as a result of your efforts, and those of your colleagues, more pre-birth families have raised awareness of vaccine risks and there are fewer vaccine injured humans.

Nothing we know of will positively bring back your daughter. Your advocacy has prevented similar tragedies.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday, with love-


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