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Vaccine Indoctrination: Get Them While They’re Young

Too many booksBy Cathy Jameson

I’ve been able to get to the library a lot more than I have in previous years.  I love being surrounded by the books, the periodicals and the quiet time the library offers.  Sometimes I go to the library to sit and read or write.  When I’m there, I don’t always check out material.  Anytime I’m there, even if it’s for just a quick visit, I make it a habit to walk down to the 600 section to see if the Thinking Moms’ Revolution book is there.  I’m always hoping it’s checked out, but if it’s on the shelf, I make sure to give it a proper display. 


The TMR book - displayed with the cover out and hanging out with books that I may or may not have rearranged so that they can be closer together.

I had a purpose for going to the library last week.  I was on the search for some books for one of my kids’ teachers.  The class is studying the heart and the lungs, so I offered to get some books to supplement the textbook chapter with whatever I could find in the children’s section.  I was not prepared for what I discovered in the children’s “science” section.  I saw several books about shots and vaccines and why kids need to get them.  Books about how shots won’t hurt.  How it’s just a little pinch.  And that everyone has to get them.  Everyone. 

I looked up and down that shelving unit for other books about other shot and vaccine topics.  You know what those important topics are.  And you know what those books would be titled also: 

When Shots Go Wrong

Read the Fine Print:  Vaccine Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

What To Do Now That You’ve Been Vaccine Injured

Head Banging, Feces Smearing and Non-Verbal Communication:  What It All Means

How to Tell to Your Siblings About Your Vaccine Injury

Why Mommy and Daddy Have to File a Claim in Vaccine Court

Since I couldn’t find those titles, I went back to thumbing through the books about shots that my library did have.  Oh, the indoctrination! 


The promise of a Band-Aid. 

Too bad band aids can’t make life-long vaccine injuries go away. 


“Why you must be…a healthy, five-year-old!” 

Shots keep you healthy and strong.  Unless they hurt, injure or kill you. 

These books were playful.  They had whimsical illustrations and had more of a fairy tale plot.  Who wants to ruin those pages with tragedy? With “coincidence”? With a “necessary evil”? l While the publisher very easily could have added a page or two to cover more facts about vaccines, these books offered no hint of side effects, no list of adverse reactions, no update on vaccine court proceedings nor a tribute listing the obituaries of healthy children who’ve died as a result of a vaccine. 

And clearly these books excluded a warning that some people have reason, and the right, to not vaccinate. 

Those books come off as non-fiction.  I’d stick them in the fiction section, though, because some of their content couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

I could see through the subtle indoctrination as the stories progressed.  I can only hope that the parents who check out these types of books, and who begin to read them to their children, learn that long before they step foot near a doctor’s office they can say no, no thank you or not right now if they are offered a shot.   

Speaking of parents and of more indoctrination…

The same day that I saw those books in the children’s section at the library, I saw an article about parents being “trained” to bring their children to the doctor, specifically to “well-baby” doctor visits.  Train the parent.  I don’t see too much wrong in helping a new, young parent learn the ropes about child rearing.  Unless it includes duping the parent.  Or not fully informing the parent.  Or cajoling the parent to do things they aren’t ready to do.  Or making the parent think they have no say in their child’s health matters.  And telling the parent that “everybody has to, and everybody includes YOU.”

That “training” sounds more like the indoctrination that I saw in those children’s books! 

Unfortunately, a lot of us here fell for that sort of indoctrination.  Our children’s shot records are proof of that.  So are their vaccine injuries.  We took our children to those “well-baby” visits.  We did what we were told.  We scheduled their shots.  And we brought them back for more.  In fact, we made sure that every single box on the shot record was filled.  Some of us made it to every single appointment, and when one “well-baby” visit was over, we departed with an appointment card reminding us to come back for another. 

Come back soon, ya hear! 

“Well-baby” visits and “preventative” measures.  While labeled as such, our children are far from being well and some of these measures didn’t prevent a health disaster; for some, they actually caused disaster. 

Parents, especially new parents, would be better served to learn all there is to know about a “well-baby” visit, including that parents have no recourse for when things go wrong.  Things can go wrong, and that fact needs to be realized long before parents find themselves face-to-face with their medical provider in an exam room. 

Unless a parent fully prepares themselves on their rights, and unless they’re the type to question authority, sadly, some parents will continue to fall for the same trap so many of us did. 

Now, before someone accuse me of being anti-“well-baby” visit, I will say that yes, some of that appointment’s agenda is important, like tracking a baby’s height, weight and development as well as sharing parenting resources.  It’s unfortunate that the main goal of these doctor visits seems to be vaccinate, vaccinate early, and vaccinate often. 

What can parents do? 

I’d encourage parents to learn.  To ask.  To question.  To say no when you want to say no.  Many of us had an unsettled feeling but said yes to those shots anyway.  We learned what not to do but only after our children reacted to a “preventative” measure.  My hope is that in encouraging parents to read between the lines, to ask questions and to listen to their gut that they might avoid what I went through.  It’s why I and so many of my friends share our stories.  It’s why we write the types of posts we write.  It’s why we’ve written the books we’ve written. 


Books written by AofA writers and supporters. 

Our stories—stories of too many too soon, of vaccine injury, of filing claims in Vaccine Court, of being fired by pediatricians for asking questions, and of losing our children.  These stories are not full of indoctrination or peppered with sneaky tactics to reel an unsuspecting parent in.  Our stories are not sugar coated nor set in a fairy tale setting either.  Our stories are real, raw and full of emotion as well as based on undeniable facts and real-life experiences.  As hard as those stories are to tell, they need to be told.  They need to be heard too.  They need to be heard by the parents of children whose health is being compromised and whose lives have become a commodity for the vaccine industry.  

Lord help these young parents and their children.  This world is not what it used to be.  It really isn’t. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

to Cia Parker, As far as I can see, the only real way to protect your baby against Hep B at birth is to guard him evry minute- tho I doubt if that is possible in most hospitals- so we now have to tell mothers, that dont give birth in a hospital. This is how absurd our medical system is becomming. If anyone has a better suggestion as to how to avoid Hep B at birth, please tell us about it.
In India, we are constantly told by the media that women need better health care ! What dream world is that? What happens today is that a pregnant women goes to a hospital for delivery. Immediately she is given a tetanus toxoid - 50 mcg ethylmercury- (to diminish her immune system and poison her baby through the breast milk. Now, give her extra pitocin to hurry up the labour causing danger to her and the baby and extra pain. Now the baby is delivered- Quick- give him a dose of Hep B with 25 mcg of ethylmercury , with the result that his immune system crashes and his infant reflexes are diminished -He is unable to suck milk for two weeks. Motherhood- What a Joy! The Brave New World of Medicine. Docs-And Bill Gates - You gotta be proud.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Children's literature reflecting cultural norms.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

My instant reaction to the book cover that shows the smiling doctor, with a mom and her child, was this new version : Smiling doctor with hands stuffed with dollar bills. Sad mom with a heap of books about autism in her arms. Glazed eyed toddler with a teeshirt that reads, "The path to Autism is Paved with "good" Vaccines "

cia parker

Mary Maxwell,
In the US, at least, it was, maybe still is, standard procedure at many hospitals from 1991 on to give the hep-B vaccine to newborns at the hospital within a day of birth without asking permission. I had told the pedi a month before my daughter was born that I didn't want her to get that vaccine, as it often caused autism. But they gave it to her at midnight the day she was born without informing me or asking permission, and she reacted to it with four days and nights of endless screaming, vaccine encephalitis, and was later diagnosed with autism. It would be good to inform all prospective parents that no infant born to a mother who doesn't have hep-B needs that vaccine, and it is far more likely to kill or disable him than help him. And then they need to tell every single person they run into at the hospital that they absolutely do not want him to get the vaccine. I had a friend who put it on the birth plan of both daughters, born in different years, that they were NOT to get the hep-B vaccine, and yet they were. It's on their record.


I was watching Daniel the Tiger with my granddaughter the other day and the episode was about going to the doctor and getting shots! The lesson was, "If you're scared of something, think of something happy."

I highly doubt "thinking something happy" will be of comfort to the children and families destroyed by vaccines.

TannersDad Tim

Don't forget movies too... "The United States of Autism" "The Greater Good" "Who Killed Alex Sp" "Bough"

We scored a "G" rating for The United States of Autism - Now on Netflix

mary w maxwell

Dear Cathy,
With regard to the criminality of Hep-B shots "mistakenly" given
at the age of one hour, this article is my best shot:

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