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The Lesser of Two Evils: Breast Cancer and Autism

Autism breast cancerBy Gayle DeLong

I have autism-induced breast cancer (AIBC).  While I am not absolutely certain that the 1.9 centimeter lump that grew in my left breast is the result of the stress of raising two autistic children, all indications point in that direction.  There is virtually no cancer in my family, I eat organically, I exercise, I’m a good weight.  OK, so I live in the toxic dump known as New Jersey, but that is the only other major risk factor.  No, the drop in cortisol levels whenever one kid’s school calls or the other kid has a public “flare up” is enough for the cancer to take root.

So, I speak from experience when I say Stage 1 breast cancer has nothing on autism.  The differences are vast and significant.  Unlike autism, no one is telling me to “celebrate” my cancer.  No one is telling me that cancer is “just a different way for cells to grow.”  People have told me that we’ve always had cancer, but no one is using that is an excuse for not doing anything about it.  No one is blaming me (or my mother) for my cancer.  Unlike a person with autism, society does not say my cancer is my fault.  Another difference is that in three years, I’ll either be dead or cured.  Autism is not tangible, so it neither exists concretely nor definitely leaves the body.  Although cancer could do to me what autism did to Avonte Oquendo, the chances of dying from a tumor that I treat properly are small and growing smaller. 

However, one major similarity exists between breast cancer and autism: the “wisdom” of the experts.  The standard of care for cancer includes popping this sucker out of my breast, and I’m fine with that.  However, I’m more than a bit uneasy about the radiation treatment that the surgeon has recommended post-op.  Taking a sledge hammer to my breast may indeed kill the cancer, but what about the organ that lies directly under my breast, my heart?  If 10 or 20 years from now I develop a heart condition – which is also unheard of in my family – would it be the result of the radiation or just bad stuff happening to good people?  The cancer experts don’t care; after all, the cancer didn’t return!  Except that sometimes (often?) cancer does return, perhaps because radiation can cause cancer?  And don’t get me started about chemo!  I didn’t question the established wisdom concerning vaccines, and my kids have autism.  I won’t repeat that mistake.  I’ll look for alternatives, weigh the options, and determine the best path for me.  Amazing how a little pain in the breast can turn one into a huge pain in the derrière.  

Dr. Gayle DeLong is an associate professor in the Economics and Finance Department of Baruch College.  Her research examines regulated industries such as banking and pharmaceuticals.


Samuel Justus

Post Script: Books and Websites
World Without Cancer, the Vitamin B17 Story

---Freely Available online as a PDF from Multiple Sources.

Silva Method
You the Healer: The World Famous Silva Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others

---Amazon is the best source. Multimirror Uploads likely has free copy. I have a copy on Kindle I can loan.

Dr. Gamer GNM :


The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Melinnium by Jim Humble

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, Second Edition, by Kerri Riverra, with Kimbery McDaniel and Daniel Bender, Jim Humble, Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Dr. Marco Ruggerio, Robert L. Sands.

MMS-An Easy Cure by Leo Koehof and Jim V Humble.

---Amazon is the easiest place to find these with the exception of book 2, available at I have a copy if you need it.

Samuel Justus

Samuel Justus

Dear Dr. Gayle DeLong,

Nutritionally, I would consider adding Aporicot Kernals as these have B15, liquid oxygen and B17, which selectively kills cancer cells.

Supplement wise, I would recommend MMS, the Master Mineral Solution, as well as getting in contact with the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing who can help with Protocols.

I would also recommend Turpentine Therapy, and contacting Sun Fruit Dan about this. Simply Google the name.

You might also consider getting a Terminator Zapper and Orgonite, especially if you have wifi.

Emotionally, I would Recommend the Silva Method, in particularly "You the Healer," which has excellent recommendations on dealing with stress.

I tentatively recommend German New Medicine, although I would not use it without concomitant use of the other therapies. Each section is listed in order if importance and relevence. From what I have read The Silva Method has many of the same benefits of GNM.

If you cannot afford, or do not feel you can afford any of these options, please contact me and I will do everything in my Power to help.

[email protected]

Facebook: Samuel Justus

Google Plus: Sam J.

678 343 0716

I apologize if I seem cold in this response. I was reading the Science blogs article about you and I am still hurting and struggling to understand it. The Silva Method has been very helpful in this regard.

If Dr. DeLong is not reading this response I hope someone gets it to her in its entirety. I was to sick to say anything when Acharya S. got sick. I can do something in this case.

If I am harmed for giving my personal info so be it. I would want someone to do it for me.

Samuel Justus

Jay Rappaport

Dear Gayle,
I admire your courage in what you have faced and how you stand up for your beliefs. I an certain there is a clear linkage between breast cancer and autism, as you have stated. I believe thee is a common cause for both and it is tragic that so many women, children, and families have been so affected. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

Louis Conte

I am pulling for you.


Betty Bona

I have often worried about how I would get treatment acceptable to me in the event of a cancer diagnosis. I am so mainstream medicine averse that I might be at a late stage at the time of diagnosis since I almost never set foot in a doctor's office for myself. I know I would want to try the alternative treatments I have learned about in my autism studies, but there are two problems with that. Those that care about me would be angry if I chose to forego traditional treatment, and the alternative treatments I might choose sometimes require initial use of mainstream medicine before they will agree to treat. I might want to try Dr. Burt Birkson's LDN/ALA infusions, but I think he treats only after mainstream medicine treatment failure. If I did resign myself to chemo, I might want to research lipid replacement therapy afterwards to minimize the damage done. I agree that we moms that are severely stressed by raising kids on the spectrum are especially vulnerable, but, at least we are familiar with how to research the best treatment options and strong enough to make our own decisions. I wish you the best, Gayle.


I have never had to battle cancer, but I have seen lots of reports on successful alternative methods. Dr. Burzinsky and avoiding sugar are two very popular notes on the Internet. Google "cancer glucose" to learn more.


My friend had breast cancer and the chemo that goes with it.

She still has a port - even though it has been three years. The five year mark is when they can breath a sigh of relief that it is behind them . They do know that it is horomone driven.

I myself had a scare this spring - too thick of a uterus. I was trying out Apple cider vinegar with the mother - and I suddenly have all the aches and cramps of that time of month although I long have finished with all that stuff. As a matter of fact -- I have found if I eat one piece of whole rye bread -- four days later I have that front fore head and aches that come with that time of the month.

That said Dr. Alan Christianson in his recent video said that we all produce our horomones from ovaries, testicles, adrenals -- but it is the gut bacteria that shifts these homones around. That recently a type of clostridium bactera effects the hormones.

My friend needs to control the estrogen and so do I. I gave up apple cider vinegar very quick, and I am staying away from gluten - and limiting other different kinds of gluten in different grains.

I sure hope it is enough.

I am so sorry for your what has happened to you. I like you would accept amputation but that chemo and radiation -- what to do.


I second the post that suggests Ralph Moss and Cancer Decisions.
All the best to you Gayle. My heart goes out to you and yours.


Sorry the correct title of the first book is Life Over Cancer, by Keith Block, MD


Thank you for this post Gayle, your comparisons are spot on. Autism has taught all of us who are informed to question everything from our doctors to our food and water. As a 10+ year cancer survivor who decided on the radiation ( not near my heart ) I decided after the treatment to skip all of the mri's etc that seek to find a recurrence. They told me that if they found something that I could not get any more radiation since I had had my lifetime dose. I just decided not to live in fear from test to test. I admire you wish you all the best.

Heidi R

Clearly we can't leave you alone for one minute. I am sorry that you are going thru this but I know you are brilliant and will figure out the best way to combat this. And I am confident you will be fine!!! Thank you for sharing!

Suppressed Cancer Treatments

Ralph Moss worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering as a scientific communications officer. Ralph witnessed the MSK intentionally falsify cancer research. Corruption is everywhere.


Hi Gayle. You have said it perfectly by addressing the complete fools who think autism is something to celebrate and view it as just another way of being. The most astonishing thing I have ever read on a blog from one of these types was a mother who stated that her child was just simply "wired differently than your average bear." She is taking something as serious as this and trying to make it sound cute. So to this mindless mom I would ask, if she ended up with breast cancer would it mean that she believed that her cells just divide differently than your average bear and she wasn't sick or there was no need to panic? Honestly the mindless ramblings from these people is frightening.

Anyway...have you read Dr. John Lee's books regarding estrogen dominance, stress and how cortisol levels can lower progesterone therefore creating estrogen dominance and cancer? His books are very informative. Low progesterone caused by stress and many other factors is a huge driving force behind cancer. I would highly suggest his books and I hope all goes well with all your treatments and recovery.

cia parker

I'd recommend getting Susyn Weed's Breast Cancer, Breast Health on Amazon. She has a lot of advice and recommendations, has advice on countering reactions to chemo and radiation, but is pretty against either one.


I am sad to hear when anyone has cancer. I am a two-time cancer survivor who also believes stress of raising two kids on the spectrum was a big contributing factor (along with amalgam illness). If you have not heard of The Moss Report, I would highly recommend it. It discusses the pros and cons of both alternative and conventional treatments to aid in your treatment decisions (there is a report specifically for breast cancer). For my types of cancer, surgery and a combination of mainstream plus alternative treatments was the best combination for me. I'd also plug Dr. Amy's methylation pathway supports (just by incorporating her shortcuts, I started detoxing chemo agents that had been in my body for 3 years!). I'd been doing regular tests, and it wasn't until I started using a few of her basic supports that I finally began seeing detox occurring (HUGE amounts of heavy metals began pouring out). I'd like to say I am definitely NOT a fan of chemo, but in my case, I felt there was a valid reason for using a low dose. You need to do what YOU feel is best for you. As with anything, there is no "one size fits all" with cancer treatments.
Hang in there! I am now 8 and 4 years out from my treatments (which included a stage IV cancer), and am feeling very healthy. I would be curious to know how many parents of special needs kids do end up with cancer, in comparison to the general population. I'm guessing a higher percentage, just due to stress!
Just know you CAN beat this, and there is a great life after cancer. Your kids and family need you. Just do whatever you need to do to get thought this! Sending many positive thoughts your way!!!

Maurine Meleck

Hi Gayle, I recently watched a 15 hour series called The Truth About Cancer. It was a one time thing on the internet
but the DVD can be ordered. It was brilliant and full of interviews with alternative doctors and plenty of interviews with people already in 4th stage cancers who were cured without chemo and radiation. Wishing you the best, Maurine Meleck


Cancer has so much been on my mind lately. Any middle aged parent needs to be addressing it from a prevention mind set, just as the government should be preventing autism. Ignoring the potential for it makes everything worse. I hope it goes very well for you. There seem to be so many options now available, but you won't find them in them by reading the daily headlines.

And by the way, where is the study of whether vaccinated or unvaccinated people have higher rates of cancer? Cancer numbers are reported both by doctors and by labs. And since cancer is not a prophylactic treatment that all children deserve to have and it wouldn't be unethical to not give cancer to someone, there should be no reason a comparison couldn't be done. Maybe that's the next thing Dr. Hooker could dig into.

Not an MD

Good morning, Gayle. I just wanted to wish you the very best, and also to let you know about a very, very important book called The China Study by Thomas Campbell and T. Colin Campbell. It can be purchased for $9.57 at Amazon, which is quite a bargain for all it contains about the impact of diet on cancer, in particular. I believe that allopathic medicine is not the only way to deal with cancer. I think that making the body alkaline by eliminating animal protein from the diet can be very helpful in the fight against cancer of any kind, and there is actual, very fascinating science to back up that statement.

That said, I know that stress, itself, can manifest itself in many different ways on the body-- none of them positive. Perhaps a good massage therapist? I know I needed a full hour session. My body laughed at the 30 minute session I tried once, as a cost saving measure. It did nothing for me. My former massage therapist told me repeatedly that my tense muscles were hurting her hands.

I will keep you in my prayers, Gayle. You need to find a way to wellness again. I feel strongly that you will.


Gayle my friend I wish you the best in your recovery. You were instrumental in sending me on this healing path with my son.
I've been doing more research on integrative therapies for cancer. The field is in its infancy but promising research is exploding. One promising treatment for breast cancer is the use of green tea extract to both reduce tumor growth and decrease the risk of recurrence. At least two or three capsules are needed daily to be of benefit (the equivalent of 6-9 cups of green tea). I also recommend a book called Life After Cancer and another one called Radical Remission. Reach out anytime I'm only a few towns away xoxo

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