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Screw You, Jerry (Seinfeld "Autistic?")

JerryseinfieldBy Ginger Taylor

More than a week ago I wrote a little piece on my blog announcing to the world that I was tired of people redefining autism to suit their own agenda, and then applying their definition to themselves and the rest of the world.

Then Jerry Seinfeld had to go and give me the most egregious example possible of said phenomenon. Jerry, whose social and communication skills have made him an almost billionaire, has decided he has autism.

In my blog piece, I remind the reader that autism is a DSM disorder defined and diagnosed according BEHAVIORS. Those behaviors are impaired communication, impaired socialization and stereotyped behaviors. If someone has those behaviors, then they are diagnoseable with an autism spectrum disorder; if not, then they are not diagnosable with an ASD. Pretty simple.

But people have taken the autism label and redefined it to include any number of emotional states, spiritual expressions, physical phenomena, experiential descriptions, identity issues and lots of other things that may or may not be present in some people with an autism diagnosis. They call that “autism” and then demand that the world now define autism in their terms.

Just days after my little rant reminding people that autism is, by definition, a social/communication/behavioral impairment and dysfunction... which means that it gets in the way of functioning... which means it makes it difficult for people to operate functionally in our society... which means that things like success in gainful employment and working relationships are very difficult to come by... Jerry Seinfeld has announced to the world that he fits that bill.

Except he is the opposite of that.

Jerry's communication and social skills have made him THE wealthiest actor in the world.  He is worth $820 million dollars. He is arguably the world's most famous living comedian. And yet Jerry Seinfeld now claims he has autism.

Mind you, he has not actually been diagnosed with it by any of the one thousand willing and qualified medical and psychiatric professionals within one square mile of wherever he happens to be standing right now, but he thinks that he is on the autism spectrum because:

"Basic social engagement is really a struggle. I'm very literal; when people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes I don't know what they're saying," he said. "But I don't see it as dysfunctional, I just think of it as an alternate mindset."

And you can watch Jerry struggle with basic social engagement and making friends on his new show where he socially engages his many friends, who happen to be the most famous, popular and clever people in the world, on his new show, “I Can't Look You In The Eye or Answer Wh Questions Without Prompting.” No... that's not it. It's called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” A follow-up to the most famous comedy show of the late 20th century in which Jerry spent many years making witty banter that was frequently entered into the English lexicon. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

That reminds me... do you remember that hilarious episode where Jerry walked around his apartment on his tiptoes while flapping, wiped his poop on the wall, got lost for three days in Manhattan, was tortured by bullies and then had a seizure? Me neither.

Because again, Jerry apparently has the kind of autism that is not dysfunctional, even though autism by definition is dysfunctional. He has a non-impairing impairment. Because autism, it’s just a different way of being– even though, again, by definition, being listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DISORDERS means that it is a disorder... which means that it is disordering, dysfunctional and impairing.

Jerry, if what you have is not dysfunctional, then it is not autism. You need to come up with a new name for whatever it is you think you have.

Because THIS is actual autism. Here are a few Facebook posts from my fellow autism moms as of late:

“Thank you so very much to all who have prayed so earnestly for Brandon (age 18, non-verbal, wears diapers) during this period of bad seizures. Had Grand Mal’s Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday he was awake but in bed. He at least started drinking a bit and eating. Today, Wednesday, he was up, albeit still a bit weak, but ate and is on his way for half day of school at least. Thank you all for praying him through this.”

“WORST phone call to receive from school! ’Allison, CJ's gone missing, calling the police station now. what should I say about the device?’ (FYI they know he's got a tracking device). Thank God he's on project lifesaver because I knew it was only a quick matter of time before we would find him. They only waited 5 minutes before calling me, they alerted the entire middle school and attached elementary by PA, were about to lock down the building when they found him in the girls bathroom in the elementary side. Exemplary behavior by everyone at the school! They did exactly what was needed to be done and alerted me right away. Poor Olivia heard it over the PA and was really worried until he was found. I just left the school and thanked all of them for their swift actions!!!!”

“For more than 6 years, the only way Graison could communicate that he was hungry was to cry. Crying usually means 1 of 3 things: he’s hungry, he’s tired, or he doesn’t feel well. For 6 years, like you do with an infant, you try to determine the reason for the cry. Well, not today folks!! Graison just walked up & said “Hungry” then pointed to his belly, and said “Hungry” again. For the 1st time EVER, I didn’t have to guess. He just came up and told me!”

Autism is an actual DISORDER that makes the lives of people with it and those who love them very, very difficult.

Thanks, Jerry, for minimizing my son's disorder to the lowest possible level so that people don't take his special needs seriously.  I kinda think that it is pretty unlikely that I will ever see a photo taken of him at an exclusive party, with his beautiful wife, and his friend Steven Spielberg while wacky pal George Clooney photobombs in the background.  At age 12 his only friend is his older brother.

You might as well say, as you are leading the pack toward the finish line of the New York Marathon, "Well, I have weak calves, so I think I am, in the broadest sense, a paraplegic – but I don't see it as a dysfunction."

To which guys in wheelchairs might appropriately respond, "Screw you, Jerry."

If readers would like to donate to the fund set up so that Jerry can get a full-time aide and the services he needs to be successful in life, go to




There are a small number of people who would have been previously diagnosed with Aspergers that can’t be diagnosed with autism under DSM5 because their impairments have not led to significant impact on their functioning in employment etc. I fit this category. I have difficulty reading facial expressions and body language, significant regulation issues, high levels of social anxiety, extreme difficulty making and maintaining relationships and friendships. I have been in significant trouble in workplaces being on the verge of losing my job and almost never being able to work in the field again, but I am told I do not have significant impairment. The DSM 5 doesn’t care how much it impacts me, just how much it impacts society.

I have 2 children diagnosed with Autism. One of them my daughter, is a mini me in every way. She received diagnosis because she Had not yet learnt to mimic the behaviours expected of her by those around her.

Sure my daughter and I have much milder form of autism, than my son , but we a still deeply effected by it everyday. Don’t deny me and the other members of this small group the ability to understand or difficulties and differences just because we are less severe. Since I have come to understand I have autism, I have been able to use strategies that really help me in life. I spent years with medication, counsellors etc with minimal impact. Since understanding I have autism, I have been able to make more significant impact on my day through the right aids and strategies.

Seinfeld should never have done what he did, but there are people out there who can not receive diagnosis, but have significant difficulties even though they maybe not as a severe as other autistic people.

Brenda Showerman

Autism is a spectrum disorder. Unfortunately, your extremely misguided commentary only promotes a "my problems are worse than yours" mentality.

High functioning Asperger Syndrome differs greatly from those on the other end of that spectrum. I found your editorial full of emotion and blaringly void of accurate information.

I found your narrative as offensive as you found Jerry Seinfeld words.

Two, of my 5 children, and an ex-husband fall on very different places across the autistic spectrum. Also, have researched Asperger Syndrome since the late 80s, many years prior to even being a diagnosis in the DSM and continue to keep myself educated in this area.

High functioning individuals face many struggles themselves, that is an entire series of articles in itself. You should be mindful, in the future, to be careful not to judge what you do not know or completely understand.


"I don't have autism, I'm not on the spectrum," the 60-year-old comedian told Billy Bush during an interview with Access Hollywood this week. "I just was watching this play about it and thought, ‘Why am I related to it on some level?' That is all I was saying."


Yes, if Jerry becomes more informed, he may modify his statement to something slightly more specific, like,

"at a young age I became the class clown, finding it the only way I could deal with the awkwardness and incongruancies in daily living and social situations. I never could understand why people do one thing but say another. Why why why? And if people have a good sense of humor, they would actually laugh when I pointed them out. Kids are like that, they take things very literally until a certain age, but I never did seem to outgrow that. Sometimes I wonder what I would have been like if I hadn't been vaccinated. Maybe less baffled, probably way less rich for having not pointed out how ridiculous and ironic our behaviors are sometimes. But if I was more normal and in line with regular people, I would just go along ignoring that for the sake of social niceties. The families in the autism/aspergers world seem to have a good handle on how these things evolve. Apparently something called an MTHFR snp can affect a person's personality? I don't know, we are just looking into this. I may get tested, and we'll get the kids tested, too. Little Jerry is wayyy more particular than I even am! I've heard once you get tested you can really take steps to control how your physical and mental health and emotional health evolves. It's pretty cool, really. And now that I'm on the subject, what's up with these CDC people? . . . "

Yes, it would really suck if someone explained to Jerry that he may be on the right track, but just needs the facts to fill in the gaps. Can't have him making jokes about the CDC and the FDA or the AAP or the IACC - areas of our government just ripe for the comic pickin'.



I'm a parent to a vaccine damaged child as well! Ryan's not nearly as affected as many of the other more severely injured, simply because we chose not to vaccinate him beyond the age of 6 months.

My God. The attitude I'm seeing here is extremely disheartening.

I look at some of you and I see this: "My child's more damaged than your child, so whatever your child's going through, if it isn't as bad as what we're dealing with, your issues don't matter."

It's like you're saying that if our son had been more damaged, you'd be...what...happier, because I'd fit in more over here? Or if you see two disabled persons in a wheelchair and one's issues happen to be more severe than the other, the other who isn't as severely impacted, isn't worthy of compassion?

Jerry may or may not be on the spectrum. He did NOT say he is autistic. He's made a public admission about something he's noticed about himself for a long time and spoke out.

Some of what you're saying doesn't fly. You cannot, on the one hand, state that there are so many damaged kids, i.e., hand-flapping, non-verbal, etc., to the point that it's now completely noticeable by all, and then turn around and say that because someone like Jerry Seinfeld says what he's saying, that everyone in the public sector will feel that what Jerry is saying, is the face of autism.

IT'S A SPECTRUM ISSUE. Some are more affected than others, depending on the severity of impact, immune system issues, etc.

I have never, ever said anywhere on this forum that what we've gone through with our son is in any way remotely as horrific as what many of you have gone through. NOT ONCE HAVE I SAID THAT.

But on the other hand, I certainly have compassion for ANYONE who is living with some sort of impairment, whether it's on the lower end of the spectrum or on the higher.

What I'm hearing/seeing over here is a cry out from many of you for compassion/sympathy as to your plight. And rightfully so! But where's the compassion for anyone else who may be suffering, just not at the level you may find yourselves to be?

Have to say, this attitude disgusts me. And it makes me sad when I see how much time and true compassion I've had for those here, and then to see this sort of vitriolic heaped at someone who truly did not mean any disrespect toward those that are suffering more so.

This issue with Jerry Seinfeld might be a prime opportunity for the autism community to gather together and enlighten those that may have the ability to help $$. Reach out to Jerry, for pete's sake. ENLIGHTEN HIM.

You might be surprised at his reaction.


..."As for Jerry, it takes a lot of courage to self-identify with a highly stigmatized condition. I laugh when people say that it is insensitive of him to do that, especially without a medical opinion to back him up, because that failure to correctly anticipate the reactions of others is very consistent with what I see from other high-functioning people on the Autism Spectrum.

So I say folks should take Jerry at his words, and encourage him to apply some of his financial resources to research that will help all of us and our kids."

I just read this. I wholeheartedly agree…


Yeah, poor Jerry.

How dare us parents of vaccine injured children, not scrambling to rally behind a quirky rich guy who chose to diagnose himself with autism.

Because having the general public think THAT's what autism looks like… is in no way an insult to all those defenceless children who were damaged by vaccines with their consent.


..."As for Jerry, it takes a lot of courage to self-identify with a highly stigmatized condition. I laugh when people say that it is insensitive of him to do that, especially without a medical opinion to back him up, because that failure to correctly anticipate the reactions of others is very consistent with what I see from other high-functioning people on the Autism Spectrum.

So I say folks should take Jerry at his words, and encourage him to apply some of his financial resources to research that will help all of us and our kids."

I just read this. I wholeheartedly agree...


Well, I wasn't going to chime in for real fear of offending othere here, but I'll add my .02:

As most of you know that read over here on a fairly regular basis, I have posted several comments re: what happened to our now 21 year old son, Ryan, when he suffered horrendous vaccine reactions, said reactions starting at birth (with Hep B vaccine), and on through to six months of age. He suffered with complete somnolence and high pitched screaming for over three hours after his 4 month shots, and minus the whole cell pertussis component to his next shot, at 6 months, he still suffered with somnolence.

When I asked our then pediatrician what the hell had just happened to our son after his 4 month reactions, he stated Ryan would most likely have learning disorder issues, starting at Kindergarten.

He did. He had to repeat Kindergarten, at which point, during his second year, when we could both see he was not making progress, I yanked out of our public school and homeschooled him. Ryan was put back into public school by second grade, but it was noted that he was struggling with reading and language/speech issues.

I pulled him out of public school yet again and proceeded to teach Ryan how to read, using Hooked On Phonics. During this time, from Kindergarten through to second grade, I noticed that Ryan seemed to have difficulties reading certain social cues. For example, he wouldn't understand when someone was being literal with him, versus facetiously making a comment. He didn't understand metaphors, etc., so forth.

I'm probably not wording this succinctly enough, but suffice to say Ryan's difficulties along this route were sufficient enough to truly cause him academic issues in both public and home schooling. Eventually, when we put Ryan back into our public school system (after having him in private Montessori school, which proved unsuccessful as well), we were finally able to receive the much needed assessments for Ryan that we'd not had prior).

Ryan was finally diagnosed by the Head of the Neuropsychiatric Department at Oakland's Children's Hospital as having higher order speech/language issues, a true inability to understand concepts behind math principles, and profound dysgraphia.

Through intensive (and I do mean INTENSIVE) tutoring and speech/language therapies, Ryan was able to overcome most of his issues (but not all). His dysgraphia remains and will remain, for the entirety of his life.

To the average person, upon meeting our son, you would never realize that he still somewhat struggles with his higher order speech/language issues.

But he does. I can see this with him when I will deliberately say something to him which would require him to understand what I mean on a literal basis, versus something I may say to him in a facetious manner.

Sometimes he'll pick up on the nuances between the two, and sometimes...not so much.

Someone meeting Ryan for the first time may find him ever so slightly quirky, or what have you, but I know better, because I'M HIS MOM and I know how this boy struggles at times with some of these issues.

Granted, Ryan is attending college and is doing very well, but SOCIALLY, I still worry about him somewhat. He's not where I would have hoped to see him at this stage, i.e., with a girlfriend perhaps, and more secure, generally speaking, in his social life.

He has plenty of friends, but most of them are starting to drift away, for one reason or another, due to various reasons (work related, family related, engagements, etc.). Ryan is extremely quiet and rather shy, but will only open up with those individuals that he's known for a very long time and who he feels very comfortable with.

So, would you label our son as being impaired? YES. Absolutely, but impaired as in the way some of your children are who are on the higher end of the spectrum?


I LOATHE the word autism. Autism is a LABEL given by the allopaths for nothing more than toxic damage to the brain/gut. Barbara Loe Fisher gave a great interview with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky just recently wherein they discussed this very issue.

ALL we are seeing with these kids (and adults) is various levels of damage. Brain inflammation, which is certainly what our son suffered after his vaccinations, is what he experienced. I QUIT vaccinating him after the age of 6 months because it was abundantly clear to us that Ryan was not handling these toxic brews they call vaccines, at all.

If I had not quit vaccinating our son, there is no doubt in my mind I would be posting over here, either as the Mom to a now dead baby, OR as the Mom of a fully diagnosed, incapacitated young man.

As far as Jerry Seinfeld is concerned, I honestly don't feel he meant any harm when stating he felt he MAY be on the SPECTRUM (he did NOT state he feels he is autistic).

I may get slapped silly six ways to Sunday for saying the following, but I PERSONALLY FEEL it took Jerry a lot of courage to say something like this. He's a very well known personality. He's acknowledging he has issues with certain social cues. He may or may not be on the spectrum - I don't know, for pete's sake, whether he is or not.

But whatever the case may be, whether it's Jerry S., my kid Ryan, or anyone else's over here, WE'VE ALL EXPERIENCED SOMETHING HORRENDOUS WITH OUR KIDS SHORTLY AFTER VACCINATION. And obviously, since our kids' immune systems are all different, to what degree our kids suffered, varies.

I don't know Jerry S. Do any of you? I can't say whether or not he suffers with a true social impairment. HE says HE DOES, so who am I to judge him? I can't judge that. And whether or not he's made boatloads of money in spite of his issues, doesn't matter.

IF Jerry really does feel he has some sort of issue with reading cues off people, but he's been able to go beyond that and still do very well for himself, more power to him. At least he was still able to earn a living and was not so severely impacted that he had to rely on government/parents to see him through.

I wish I could say the same for all these kids. Even though our son is doing well in school, I honestly don't know what the future holds for him. And my heart does bleed for those that are much worse off than our son.

Sometimes, there just aren't enough words to describe the horror of all this. But I don't think dividing camp at this point over the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, is the answer.


As a parent of a child who is diagnosed with "High Functioning Autism" by a very competent authority, but who talks animatedly, tells jokes, looks you in the eye, and thinks about the feelings of others, I find many of the responses to Jerry Seinfeld to be arrogant and self-righteous.


Good! Because this is not about you, its about disabled children!

Ginger Taylor

To answer those here who have posted on themselves and/or their children not looking like they have autism, but having a diagnosis and having impairments (and you all described the impairments) your stories are not like Jerry's

Seinfeld said that he IS NOT DYSFUNCTIONAL. To repeat, he has a non-impairing impairment.

The stories you tell include stories of impairment. If not being able to do something because of the condition.

Seinfeld is highly successful at the behaviors that mark the disorder, displays no impairment, describes no impairment, says in fact that he is not impaired, and yet diagnosis himself with a condition for which impairment is necessary for diagnosis.

You have all described behavioral impairment. Jerry has described and displayed the opposite of behavioral impairment.

So if he, or you, want to tag him with an ASD diagnosis, then the burden of proof is on him or you. Again... he displays no impairment and reports no impairment.

He can win the NY marathon and claim that because his legs feel weak, he is a cripple. While again... winning the NY Marathon and having no doctor ever declare him disabled.

Jerry Seinfeld is not disabled, according to his own words.

Mike Antoniak

As a parent of a child who is diagnosed with "High Functioning Autism" by a very competent authority, but who talks animatedly, tells jokes, looks you in the eye, and thinks about the feelings of others, I find many of the responses to Jerry Seinfeld to be arrogant and self-righteous.

I know about two-dozen young people with formal medical ASD diagnoses, and every one of them is completely unique. Yes, some kids have very severe symptoms that look nothing like the symptoms my son has. But that doesn't mean that my son and yours don't have the same medical diagnosis.

Perhaps Jerry Seinfeld doesn't exhibit the same symptoms that your child does, but you also don't live with him or even observe him when he's not performing. I've seen my son curl up in a ball and cry when he's overwhelmed, or throw furniture when he's enraged, but many people who meet him outside the home have no idea that he has Autism. Like others with an "invisible disability", he needs certain kinds of help but often doesn't get it unless someone is there to advocate for him.

By today's clinical standards, Autism is diagnosed based on behavior. There is no laboratory test that can identify it or quantify it. Perhaps there are multiple diseases, sometimes concurrent, that cause overlapping complexes of symptoms that we now call the Autism Spectrum, and someday we will be able to tease them apart to better understand and help our kids. Until then, none of us should be acting like we "own" Autism and demeaning someone else's difficulties because they are different from our own.

As for Jerry, it takes a lot of courage to self-identify with a highly stigmatized condition. I laugh when people say that it is insensitive of him to do that, especially without a medical opinion to back him up, because that failure to correctly anticipate the reactions of others is very consistent with what I see from other high-functioning people on the Autism Spectrum.

So I say folks should take Jerry at his words, and encourage him to apply some of his financial resources to research that will help all of us and our kids.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Grace Green- Thankyou for your comments. I very much agree with you.


On the other hand, Jerry Seinfeld does have $820 Million

...welcome to our autism family, Jerry!!! ;-)


My question to you and to other parents is this...I am not famous but do you feel that I am minimizing or lessening the diagnosis by telling people that I too have autism when it is not apparent that I do?


I personally don't believe a single word that you typed in your post. Complete fiction, if you ask me.

By my answer to your question, is that autism is not a disease, it's a diagnosed condition. And if it's not apparent that you have have autism…. then you don't have autism.

John Stone

You can see with people like Daryl Hannah and Susan Boyle that they are actually vulnerable - very unlikely successes, though all the more deserved. Seinfeld isn't like that at all. Gates isn't like that. Spielberg isn't like that.

Roger Kulp

There is another side to this Jerry Seinfeld story that everybody seems to be ignoring.Mr.Seinfeld is basically diagnosing himself as being on the spectrum.There are many very high functioning people who say they are autistic,but have not actually gottten an official diagnosis.Those who support Mr. Seinfeld are also supporting the idea it is OK to diagnose yourself with autism.Autism Speaks has no excuse in supporting Mr. Seinfeld's statements,and I have finally come to agree with those who see Autism Speaks as a joke and a disgrace.

I had an autism diagnosis as a child,but needed to be reevaluated in my 40s.This evaluation took about fourteen hours over a two day period,and was done by the director of developmental psychology at a large teaching hospital.The result was pretty much the same as it was when I was a child,I was found to have very good speech and language,but was otherwise considered very low functioning.Papers were prepared for my mother to sign to put me in a group home,and my mother refused.

It is very possible that Mr. Seinfeld has little or no knowledge of what autism actually is,beyond social impairments.

I see the words cure and recovered used a lot in regards to autism.I really prefer the term manage,while there are those like me,who are completely recovered from autism,it requires a strict regimen of diet and medication to stay that way.I am one of the more lucky ones,in that I have found a cause and treatment,even if it did come a little late in my life.And yes,I did the head banging,wandering,and all the rest,right up until I started treatment.

I have the now recognized trifecta of cerebral folate deficiency,Severe MTHFR Deficiency,and mitochondrial disease.This seems to be gradually making its way to being its own separate disorder,apart from autism.Perhaps a subtype of mito.In my case,there is a real family history,but no one could connect all the dots until now.For me the autism is pretty much completely gone as long as I stay on the leucovorin,and keep to a GFCF diet,but I still have all the medical problems from the mito.


This has been said here many times before...It's obvious that there is more than one condition being called autism. The notion that there is a spectrum needs to be traded for separate and distinct conditions. It is ridiculous to lump high functioning and low functioning together and pretend that they have the same thing. It is also a lie.

Birgit Calhoun

Jennifer! That's a good question. However, your assertion that you have Aspergers' also presumes that that diagnosis can never change. My take on autism is that there is the possibility of cure, and as long as you say you have Aspergers' you are assuming there is no cure. When you don't have the signs and symptoms of an illness, you are cured in my book. Otherwise you must believe that autism is a hopeless condition. That kind of thinking is foreign to meand my understanding of science.


My son has Asperger's Disorder and he qualifies for SSI/Medicaid/FoodStamps/Vocational Rehab/Safelink phone/disability transportation/etc.
He is on Fluoxetine and Abilify every day to prevent anxiety and meltdowns.
He has a Special Needs Trust and I have a Durable Power of Attorney as his legal rep.
He will live with relatives or a group home when I am gone.

Does Jerry Seinfeld have even one of these qualifiers for ASD, just one even?

Jennifer J Mulry

Dear Ginger,
Although I cannot speak for Mr. Seinfeld and do not claim to be anything like him since I have never met the man, I can speak as a 42 year women with Asperger's who has learned to be extremely social and can even tell a joke or two. I often hear, “I can't believe you have Asperger’s”. My special skill and obsession is sociability and has been since the age of 10. Yes, I have had many struggles in my life however, these struggles have helped me become who I am and I currently feel very successful where I am at today.
I am also raising a beautiful 9 year old boy with classic autism and like you and many parents of children with an ASD diagnosis have and continue to spend thousands of hours researching, advocating, countless hours of therapy, endless cooking for special diets, sleepless nights of worry and despair all in the ongoing hope of recovery or at the very least some sort of functional independence. I get what it is to raise a child with autism. I live it every minute of every day.
My question to you and to other parents is this...I am not famous but do you feel that I am minimizing or lessening the diagnosis by telling people that I too have autism when it is not apparent that I do? Do I keep my mouth shut or do I loudly and proudly continue to tell parents of children who have a diagnosis of Asperger's and others I encounter that I am one shade of the many colors on the spectrum and that anything is possible?
With much respect, Jen

Wishing for recovery beyond Jerry's level

Actually if you read "look me in the eye" there is definitely a type of aspergers that is consistent with Seinfeld. The problem is why is aspergers equated with autism? I think because it reflects
The spectrum of injury. My son was screaming and poop smearing and had serious language issues. We did bio intervention after bio intervention and stopped his shots. We did everything. Now he very aspie like and in a school with more severe kids due to his being bullied and his learning issues. Every single day I feel survivors guilt seeing the other children his age (10--18 range) who did not recover as well as he did. It is not my fault that his much more manageable disorder is also called autism. It is the fault of the people doing the labeling who are equating the two. But he got eaten alive in regular ed and there is no in between place for him. This is the label he still has. And I tell people every day "my son is labeled autistic and he still struggles and he is quirky. But he is NOT the face of autism. That is the kids who parents never take out the door who are still on diapers.
My sons issues are the tip of the ice berg and that is why I constantly speak out have bumper stickers about vaccine damage that get me nasty looks etc
Etc. I know that what jerry said dilutes the definition but frankly his odd way of viewing the world in his show and his clueless self-centered attitude did remind me of a relative of my sons who I finally realized was both asperger and narcissist. A weird combination. Whereas my son has a heart of gold but doesn't always get the blues.
Two things but please know some of us with the kids who can "pass" as normal
At times share your history long ago but our children partly recovered. I feel survivors guilt every day and I try to speak out and raise awareness for your kids because they and their parents need justice and money. Let's see if we can get Jerry to understand and do a riff about the range of disorders and the spectrum of autism and how tragic it is. A few more shots a little more sushi and tuna and he would be living a far worse life. And for all we know he has a child with issues that's how many of us come to realize this was less severe but there in the less poisoned generations before us. Uncle joe got only a few shots. He is odd but works at nasa. His son is severely autistic. He got 40 shots....this connection is part of our proof.


Jerry Seinfeld is to autistic people waiting in line for disability benefits what Costanza is to old ladies/kids in a fire


There are other diagnoses that include social anxiety or we can just say you have social anxiety.


Or we can just call it what it really is, which is Vaccine Damaged.

Still think you have autism… Jerry?

Angie Proud mom to Ethan, Alex, Megan and Sega our miracle service dog

Oh PLEEEEASE tell me this is just one big elaborate joke Jerry is trying to pull,in an effort to get those who DO believe him a big. a-HA moment when he finally comes out with the real truthful info as to what autism really is.....

It has to be, there is no other explanation, he was not just the actor memorizing lines in his shows, he was the writer too, and the show was all about the "normal things" people didn't see....and THOSE Kinds of things kids like ours, on all aspects of the spectrum never really see, so how could HE SEE them funny enough to write and then perform them, and be THAT good at it?

This has to be some elaborate prank to get the now Jerry believers to be tricked, and then Jerry will be able to have a real platform for helping spread the real truthful info about autism....

Charlotte Lee

Well put! If Autism means you have the life that he has sign me up. However, this is not the case or everyone would be standing in line to have their kid or themselves diagnosed with Autism.

Jerry-The joke's not funny!


There are other diagnoses that include social anxiety or we can just say you have social anxiety.


Wow Jerry what a coincidence. I have a comedian at my house and he also has autism. I thought you might want a few tips from our budding star.

His favorite joke is to fill his mouth with water and mumble “give a kiss” while following people around the house. Here is the punchline, he’ll spit the water on you! So clever and funny. And it is such a hilarious joke he will to it sometimes for several hours at a time to everyone’s delight. It’s so funny he doesn't need to come up with any new material, just the same water joke every day for three years now.

He has one other classic: scream as loud as possible in all stores and restaurants (when we used to be able to attempt to go to them)! Yeah get that Jerry. At he won’t stop regardless just adding to how zany and hilarious it is. It's not as off-the-wall as you; but you have to admit its fabulously quirky.

See and you thought your were like no one else on this planet. Let it be known that we understand your great struggle Jerry and you are not alone. Let us know if we can help.


Excellent piece !
I agree with everything you said Ginger, except the part about Jerry's wife being beautiful...I find her kind of average looking. Maybe she's the one who is autistic since she left her first husband right after the honeymoon to date Jerry...a bit of a communication problem, she forgot to tell her husband he didn't have enough money, oops, "nice honeymoon but I just found out Jerry Seinfeld wants to date me."


So we go to Autism Speaks website and we read the headline
"Advocates Hope Jerry Seinfeld's Words Will Help Raise Awareness"

Let us be absolutely clear, what Seinfeld is doing is lowering autism awareness, diluting it so much it doesn't mean anything. And of course we've had this drivel with Gates and Spielberg already. No doubt Obama will be the next to come out. My guess is that it is deliberate mischief.


Of course it's deliberate mischief, Autism Speaks is weighing to support it. There isns't a bigger fake advocacy group in existence.

If you dig a little deeper into their website, you'll find the following link :

It brings you their page for the "Autism Speaks 2015 Autism Investment Conference" .

The first paragraph of "About the Meeting " reads:

".. The 2015 Autism Investment Conference (AIC2015) is a meeting focused specifically on exploring the rapidly expanding opportunity landscape for business development and investment in autism spectrum disorders (ASD)."

Hmm…. and I though they were looking so desperately for the cause of autism.

Will's mom

It is time for us to demand a different "label" for what is known as severe or regressive autism. It is a disservice to our childrem to call them autistic. Autism is identified as "a social/communication/behavioral impairment and dysfunction..." as noted by Ginger. Where are all the physical disabilities in this definition? How can I demand more care for my child, who is 13, non-verbal, unable to dress himself or use the bathroom by himself, to get a drink or feed himself, to cross the strees by himself, or comprehend why the TV is not working caused by electricity shortage, who sufferes from seizure disorder, insomnia, GI isues, etc. if other people with "autism" including Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld, or even Temple Grandin, with "high-functioning autism" can function so well? Can we demand a "brain damage" diagnosis for children like my son? Will this country be willing to open their eyes on this vaccine-induced, debilitating, life-long illness if it were under a different diagnosis? Will this country be willing to recognize that children with vaccine-induced encehalopathy are a co-lateral for the well-being of this nation??? Shouldn't this nation take responsibility in helping to take care of these victims instead of making fun of them? 1998 was the year when CDC and FDA knew about mercury in vaccines damaging our babies. It is 2014 and we are still at the same place trying to prove that children with regressive, severe autism were, in fact, damages by vaccines. Shame on this government and the CDC, FDA, IMO, HHS and all the doctors who has always known about this but did nothing to stop this insanity and help our children recover (which is possible,BTW, if the government is willing to help).

Cherry Sperlin Misra

While I would agree that Jerry Seinfeld does autism, as we know it, a disservice, I also look forward to the day, when the world comprehends that autism is caused by mercury and that mercury is also capable of affecting people in other ways that probably dont fall under what we call autism.(I realize that this is going to take an extremely long time, given the current state of pediatric medicine and psychology
Let me give the example of my friend Ted. Ted can talk for at least half an hour on any topic, as simple as Making Baked Beans. That does not necessarily mean that he can make baked beans. He is a peaceful person, but has a large gun collection. He has a few friends and it is obvious that other members of his family regard him as odd. He began to live with a woman very late in life. Therefore, It did not surprise me at all when I last met Ted, to know that he recalls having had about ten tetanus toxoids during his childhood- and of course, those which he recalls would be in addition to the childhood vaccines he received. Bob thinks my interest in autism, vaccines and mercury is a bit nutty. Ironically he does not realize that he is a walking example of how mercury in vaccines can change a person. But yes, I guess I should be grateful that Ted doesnt go around telling people that he is autistic.
So I do look forward to the day when all the many manifestations of mercury are understood and accounted for , but that wont be in my lifetime or even that of my children.


If anything, this shows the outcome and effect of lighting it up blue.


I am autistic and this is very offensive to me!


A lot of people with aspergers don't fit the label of autism but that doesn't mean they aren't in the spectrum. People with asperger's can be very successful but are just a little different or a better word could be unique in their ability to socialize and know the proper social norms. That doesn't mean they won't succeed and succeed to a greater degree than expected. It is time we stop judging what people say and take what they say as just another comment they made. Lets not get all upset because we can't see them flapping their hands or going off on the deep end with behaviors. That is my take on this and I have an adult, my son, with pure autism and I also know a lot of asperger's too. They are VERY different from my son.

Angus Files

Mr Seinfeld possibly sees himself as the Bill Gates of the Comedy world..guilty of genocide ,47,500 kids in India paralysed

2.22 in


John Stone

Hi Ginger

I don't agree that Bill Gates is just an IT guy. He is a calculating and successful manipulator. So, successful that the world was made to take all his products, which were not necessarily the best: the "genius" was in his savage business methods. Having done this with computer softwear he is now doing it with vaccines. Much of the horse-trading may be crude but it is very effective. It requires special social abilities which I do not much admire, and certainly don't trust. To call vaccine safety proponents "babykillers" was a calculated risk: it polarises things but it is effective propaganda. However well we respond we are still outside the MSM. It is troubling that people who are outraged by the way he has dominated the softwear generally take the view that he is being genuinely philanthropic when it comes to vaccines.

Maybe I atrributed too much malice to Seinfeld in comments below. Perhaps it is simply clumsy, but it has unfortunate precedents.


Grace Green

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding in this debate, on both sides, and much of it comes from the words we use. The medical profession have given us the word 'autism' yet when it comes to proving a vaccine link they say there is none. Some think we should stop calling it autism, and I agree.
As a teenager, I learned First Aid with the Red Cross. One of the first things I remember being taught is that a diagnosis is made based on 'signs' and 'symptoms', and that signs are what the doctor sees, and symptoms are what the patient tells him. Obviously if the patient can't speak then he can't tell the doctor what he's experiencing. This is why an autism diagnosis is made on the basis of behavior, but that's not the same thing as saying autism is a behavior problem.
I started my journey of self-understanding with serious medical symptoms followed by a diagnosis of ME. Later, I read about Asperger Syndrome and realized that not only I but most of my family have it to some degree, though I've been refused a diagnosis. I believed the whole 'neuro-diversity' thing until I found this severe autism community. I'm grateful for the input from everyone here in helping me to learn that the truth is we are ALL suffering from varying degrees of chemical and biological poisoning - including those with Gulf War Syndrome, ME, SIDS, autoimmune conditions of all kinds etc. I believe the most important thing we can do is to join together to fight our respective governments/Pharmas. So please, somebody, one of you amazingly eloquent people, write to this man, Jerry, tell him about your beautiful children and how they suffer, and get him on our side!

Lisa Brown

Lets all petition Jerry Seinfeld to not only apologize for this egregious error on his part but for him to make reparations by bringing attention to the reality of Autism by starting a new web show and calling it something like "Real ASD Kids in Cars with Jerry.”

Thanks Ginger for hitting the nail on the comedian's head.


I never thought he was funny, and less so now.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm willing to consider the possibility that Jerry is on an environmentally induced (maybe even pharma induced) neurological injury spectrum. Maybe he has developed the ability to see humor in interpersonal interaction because some elements are not intuitive for him--I don't know. Maybe he's just making things up, but don't want to think that's the case... The main question I have is why this came up in interview, and I couldn't watch it to try to get a feel for that because G Sachs had an ad preceding it and reminded me I was on an NBC powers-that-shouldn't-be-propaganda-site and I was driven away by an overarching repulsion...

I wish we lived in a world where entertainers weren't used as distraction and propaganda by the powers that shouldn't be... but maybe there is something instructive in Seinfeld's history (that would most likely shut down quickly any attention paid to this "revelation").

BoB Moffitt

I wholeheartedly agree with Ginger .. "screw you Jerry Seinfeld".


I didn't see the interview where he said he's autistic. My computer wouldn't play it. But, I think this is an example of an artist's mind exploring and verbalizing an idea without realizing the consequences.
'I'm different. What makes me different? Maybe I'm autistic? Yes, that must be it. I'm autistic. I..." And he said it out loud in an interview. And because of his celebrity it carried far and wide. I doubt that he meant to make the splash that resulted. I doubt that he understands what autism is. I think he would never have gone there in a public interview if he had any inkling.

I maybe wouldn't go so far as to call it an innocent remark, but I don't think he understood the implications and how people suffer. Which doesn't make him autistic. It just makes him ignorant and a little too free verbalizing his ideas. It isn't unusual for a stand-up comedian to say something offensive that they later regret. This is a man who makes a living making people laugh and throughout his career, he has not yet, to my knowledge, made his living by intentionally exploiting or hurting others. I really doubt that he would knowingly use autism to promote any endeavor. He doesn't need to stoop so low and I don't believe he would.

Good though, that you called him on it, Ginger, and explained to him that autism isn't funny.


Like most of America, Jerry Seinfeld is clueless about what has happened to a few million American children. He will learn quite a bit in the next few weeks I would guess.

Jerry is wired a bit different, he can talk about a newspaper, the ink, the fonts, the newsprint, the newsstand... for 45 minutes if he wants to and be quite amusing.

Not sure if his family goes out together each and every year to get their mercury flu shot or if they spend a bit extra for the Thimerosal free version.

I guess for older actors, they can do diet infocommercials, makeup infocommercials or now be noted for autism.

Sylvia F

I enjoyed the piece and I think it expressed the collective anger and disbelief of AUTISM parents everywhere (capitals intended!). As the mother of a 6yo boy with SEVERE AUTISM and multiple medical issues, including an autoimmune encephalopathy, severe GI issues etc...., I resonate with the sentiments and emotions expressed in the piece. That said, I think we need to have empathy for those outside of our community who don't truly know what AUTISM is. They can't possibly know the losses that AUTISM can bring to a life, a family. They haven't had a chance a witness the medical issues that AUTISM often brings with it: GI pain, GI dysfunction, seizures, mitochondrial issues, fatigue, headaches, migraines, eczema......the list goes on and on. They don't understand the profound functional deficits that our children struggle to ameliorate. Even my medical colleagues (I am a physician), don't understand what AUTISM can really look like. The public is exposed to the higher functioning side of AUTISM in the media and in "autism awareness" campaigns. Not that higher functioning children and adults don't have challenges but there is a temptation for people to use their own social awkwardness, anxiety and personal challenges as a way to try and understand the version of autism that the media has shown them. Let us not forget that ignorance is NOT a sin. We are in a unique position to educate those around us, even as we are struggling to keep our heads above water. I am a neighbor to the Seinfelds. I don't know them personally and I respect their privacy. But Jerry strikes one as a regular guy, struggling to get along, just like all of us. With strengths and weaknesses. I think we should offer him and others an empathic response, the same kind of response we want for our children. Let use our empathy, humility and what little humor we might have left to educate others about the true costs of AUTISM, especially for those on the middle and lower ends of the spectrum. Again, I resonated with the piece on a personal level. But b/c I have also seen Jerry in the flesh on numerous occasions, I am fairly certain that his comments were not intended to hurt or harm. Rather the opposite: to try and link his own personal experiences to those of others. Off the mark? Yes. Ok. But not out of malice. When our own government and regulatory agencies cannot even begin to acknowledge what AUTISM really is, then let's remember to have compassion to those who have not been blessed to be a part of our community.


I tried to find a Bible quote that aptly describes how I feel about Jerry Seinfeld:

1 Thessalonians 5:14 "And we exhort you, brothers: warn those who are irresponsible, comfort the discouraged, help the weak, be patient with everyone."

Ginger Taylor


I understand your point about money... but Bill Gates... or anyone else who might be legit ASD didn't make their cash BASED on their social and communication skills. Jerry Seinfeld makes humors observations about human interactions, effectively communicates them to an educated audience, and displays world class ability to make friends with the most charismatic people in society. For example... here is Jerry commenting on other people's behavior, which displays a keen ability to evaluate social cues.

Bill Gates is an IT guy. His charm didn't make him his money. He routinely displays some really poor choices in public statements (calling us baby killers). There are reports and video of him rocking back and forth while sitting. He displays symptoms of autism.

Jerry not only displays no symptoms, he made all his money by talking.

Anne McElroy Dachel

We’re desperate to make autism into something we can live with. A mysterious disorder that has no known cause or cure, that can suddenly strike a healthy, happy, normal toddler and rob that child of speech and eye contact would be a scenario of horror if we took it seriously. We’d demand to know what caused it—because SOMETHING OBVIOUSLY DID.

Six years ago in 2008, on CBS News, the late Dr. Bernadine Healy said vaccines can’t be cleared of a link UNTIL we look at the children who regressed. NO ONE WILL EVER DO THAT.

Instead we keep piling up fraudulent science and phony claims presided over by a corrupt news industry that promotes every single lie. Thousands of websites now have the story of Jerry Seinfeld’s self-diagnosed autism, further whitewashing autism into not such a bad thing after all–haven’t we all known quirky people in the past?

Thank you for putting it all together Ginger. Jerry Seinfeld entertains us—real people with autism are going to bankrupt us. I can’t wait to see how we’re all laughing when this generation of sick kids are dependent adults.

joann mrozinski

I am sorry but the tone of this article and some of these comments are doing a disservice to our overall message...I have a son on the spectrum who doesn't flap his arms but he does other things that take the place of that need...we don't know the whole story here...we are just looking at it from afar and shouldn't be so judging...and his money is not a reason for or against...there have also over the years been things suggesting some highly successful people (Bill Gates ?...) might be on the high functioning end of the spectrum...his success is not a sign he is not...we don't know, just as he doesn't know yours.

Karen Phipps

I must add, I don't see Jerry flapping his hands, having aggressive behaviors, processing words. Have Jerry come spend the day with myAmanda. Then he will understand her autism. We will let her give him a spit in the eye, kick n the leg, a rally good head but! My daughter is 20 and heck she won't be able to be on stage. Really???? Come on! What Jerrycans do with his millions is start a foundation and help some of us out with great autism doctors and testing. That would be a very helpful thing to do..... Promote help not water it down. Temple Grandin is one of the greatest autism model out there. And to squash hateful remarks to Jerry, have the testing done. Then the facts will be tell the truth. And of course if Jerry has a form of autism, glad that he is able to be in slap stick comedy. Give back!!!

Tami G

as a community, I truly think we ought to give Jerry an "ice bucket challenge" to live with 2 families who have kids with autism- 1 family with a non-verbal child who suffers from seizures, and another who has dietary restrictions and therapy appointments so abundant that the moms runs her ass off all day long. In addition, ask Jerry to donate to the family's favorite charity. I already see the AS wheels churning. Wanna bet he's the MC at their next fundraise for blue lights? Can we get a jump on them?

Ginger Taylor


What "I consider autistic" is irrelevant to the 1 in 68 number. What is relevant to the 1 in 68 number is those who have been DIAGNOSED with autism. Jerry Seinfeld has not been diagnosed with autism.

Jerry Seinfeld does not display the behaviors required for an autism diagnosis.

Jerry Seinfeld does not consider himself impaired, and impairment is required for an autism diagnosis.

If you are asking the breakdown of what percentage of the 1 in 68 kids has each of the different ASD's diagnosed, the answer is we don't know. CDC purposely has lumped them together so that we could not tease apart those numbers. Clear obfuscation on their part, as they have the data.

But your question actually is what percentage of the 1 in 68 do I consider like Jerry? None. Because Jerry does not have autism, not diagnostically, not to the casual observer, and certianly not to parent observers who live with it night and day for years.


Surprisingly decent article about this on Salon:

Betty Bona

I have a high school senior who is recovering. He would not be classified on the spectrum now. My family says he "grew out of it", which of course minimizes the countless hours and dollars spent on research and treatment. I have hope that he will manage college, including the social aspect, though in his own awkward way (maybe it's similar to the level Jerry is at, although I know my son is not a sociopath - maybe Jerry is not either). I am using my last bit of time before college to treat the gut as best I can because I suspect that he can gain more social awareness with a healthy gut, and I fear all treatment will stop once college has started. I have an older son with pretty severe gut issues, some depression, some addictive behavior, and a small bit of social awkwardness that might be like Jerry as well. He was never on the spectrum and functions fine in society, but I have used some of the same treatments for him whenever he was willing in hopes of improving his lot in life. He is now willing to consider treating his gut because it is painful, so I am hoping that will improve his depression and maybe even alleviate his own feelings of inferiority with social issues.

Autism is an arbitrary diagnosis for symptoms that result from damage done by vaccines and the viruses in them, GMOs and pesticides, heavy metals and aluminum, maybe fluoride, and who knows what else. The symptoms resulting from the damage are on a continuum. I agree that Jerry's symptoms don't even come close to what some of our kids suffer with, but he may actually suffer with minor damage from the same things that have damaged our kids. The damage is not all or nothing. Sometimes it's just a little bit. Maybe Jerry's social awkwardness is indicative of damage. I would tell Jerry that he should spend some of his money on treatment to minimize the damage done. Even if he doesn't mind who he is socially, he may be at a greater risk of autoimmune diseases, cancers, and Alzheimer's. With the frequency of all these chronic illnesses these days, it is no laughing matter to be at increased risk. Unfortunately, the way all these famous people have popularized "autism" belittles our children. If we could get one of these famous people who thinks they have autism to realize that autism is not genetic and is treatable (and absolutely needs to be treated), maybe we could use it to our advantage.


Follow the money, his "revelation" coincides with the marketing of his TV show's season 5 premier on 11/6/2014... Jerry Seinfeld is an exploiter of disabled people.


Since the "1 in 68" number includes the entire spectrum, what is the actual figure if you only include those that you consider to be Autistic?


Jerry Seinfeld is a very, very, BAD MAN.

On the flip side, I have admired Jerry Lewis for decades and his dedication and work for MD. He would never betray MD people with such smarmy superficiality about the MD criteria and disabilities that they endure.


As someone who works with children who have autism, this is frustrating. He may have been well intentioned but it only serves to minimize what autism is for many. It fits right into that "neurodiverse" garbage stuff about autism being something we are 'evolving toward.' Nope. Pretty sure not being able to communicate (even with devices for some), bolting, not being able to toilet and having pain/sensory issues etc. isn't evolving.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Thank you Ginger, and John Stone. I went straight to the Autism Speaks website, so angry that I could not even type straight. I can imagine Jerry Seinfeld being appointed to the IACC as a neuro-diversity self advocate. He probably wouldn’t have time in his busy money-making schedule to show up for more than half a meeting.

The DSM is also to be blamed: (1) Loss of language in adulthood is more than a communication disorder. It is APHASIA, and everyone knows that means damage in the language areas of the cerebral cortex. Development of the language areas is impaired in autism. (2) Social disorder is part of a diminished level of consciousness. Locus in the brain of the conscious state should be a priority research topic for neuroscientists. (3) Repetitive movements are part of a choreo-athetoid movement disorder, and result from injury of the basal ganglia.

Michelle B.

Thank you, Ginger!

What ticked me off most when I first *attempted* to read about this (couldn't finish the article about Jerry) is that his humor--essentially his whole career--is based on the 'little things.' His show, and every stand-up routine he's ever done picks apart and finds the humor in subtleties of human behavior and interaction!!

I guess having everything anyone could ever want isn't enough, now Jerry has to try to jump on the ASD bandwagon.


Eileen Nicole Simon

Thank you John Stone for the link to Autism Speaks. I just posted the following over there:

Injury to the brain causes autism. Injury that (1) disrupts language development, (2) leads to choreo-athetoid movement disorder, and (3) results in a diminished level of consciousness. These are serious neurological signs. What kind of awareness does Jerry Seinfeld promote??? He is just one more of s sickening succession imposters. I wish he would get together with my 52-year-old autistic son, and maybe help ensure his lifelong care with the $$$ required.

John Stone

A slightly more benign explanation is that the autism label is being used as fig leaf for advanced sociopathy. Sociopaths lack empathy. In my experience autistic people don't lack empathy, they are just bad at reading social cues. I was just watching Seinfeld - I'd never watched him before - and he has incedible antennae for milking an audience response. I was not overwhelmed by his charm, shall we say - it all seemed a little hard-bitten - but it was only a snippet.


Presumably Dr Gardere would have no hesitation in diagnosing Seinfeld with autism:
Psychologist Weighs in On Jerry Seinfeld Saying He Has Autism

INSIDE EDITION spoke to psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere about the surprising revelation made by Jerry Seinfeld that he has autism.

".....I don't think it's harmful for him to say this at all because we really do suspect that there are a lot of folks out there who may fit onto that autism spectrum somewhere. Some of these people are brilliant, some of these people have done very, very well in life. Bill Gates has talked about that he is somewhere on that autism spectrum. So I think that this is great news for parents who have children who may have autism, or for the kids themselves who have autism because it shows you that you may think different than other people, your brain may be wired different than others, but it doesn't mean that you can't be successful in life. You really can make it in life."

Words fail me.


Yes, Ginger- you are correct- NBC seizes on the non story because it fits the narrative (the Big Lie)- the rate of autism has not increased- everyone is just better at recognizing ASD including "self identifiers."

The Seinfeld feel good puff piece is not news- it is an example of the corporate ownership of media outlets.



Having chronic health issues myself, plus three boys with a spectrum diagnosis, it became too much to manage our youngest son's needs. So we had to place him in a Residential Treatment Facility.

Having people redefine autism to fit their own world minimizes what my boy deals with. What each of my boys deals with. It is hard enough to get services for our kids without having their diagnosis trivialized by people who are trying to meet an agenda.

On the other hand, it raises awareness about Autism.

John Stone

So we go to Autism Speaks website and we read the headline
"Advocates Hope Jerry Seinfeld's Words Will Help Raise Awareness"

Let us be absolutely clear, what Seinfeld is doing is lowering autism awareness, diluting it so much it doesn't mean anything. And of course we've had this drivel with Gates and Spielberg already. No doubt Obama will be the next to come out. My guess is that it is deliberate mischief.

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