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Midweek Mashup: Autism Research Suppression

Midweek mashupBy Dan Olmsted

The field of autism research looks just about the way you would expect it to look if the nature of the condition –inflammation and immune stimulation in utero and in infancy – were inescapably clear, yet the biggest and most obvious contributor – vaccines in utero and in infancy that cause inflammation and autoimmunity – were suppressed by mainstream media, medicine and scientific research.

If that were the case, we'd hear about every other possible source of inflammation and autoimmunity in utero and infancy popping up in their tedious turn -- traffic pollution and air pollution and power plant emissions as culprits, and pesticides and sudden unexplained surges in head size, and kids with all the signs of encephalitis (brain swelling) after well-baby visits (note, well babies), and we'd get too much white matter (autoimmunity) making for generalized inability of parts of the brain to connect, even as some parts function at savant levels; and we'd get typical facial features and normal intellectual development because the triggers all came along not in the genes but after the genes had expressed themselves and assembled the architecture and wiring for the last and most innately human functions – language, affective contact, a zest for novelty, not repetition – to come on line. But they wouldn't, for some mysterious reason.

We'd hear things that point to exactly what is happening and where it is happening – in the doctor’s office, the health clinic, the grocery store “health” center – but because of what and where it is happening and whose job it is to figure it out – the bureaucrats who approve and recommend the shots – we'd be having the ridiculous conversation we are in fact having about traffic pollution, which has only gotten better, not worse, and methyl but not ethyl mercury (ditto) and lead (double ditto).

We'd hear about “exciting” gene discoveries that in some unfathomably complexificated way must grab onto the 80,000 other environmental factors through some Rube Goldberg contraptions that are no doubt the next “frontier” at Autism Speaks, even as the daughter of the founder is begging them to look her child in the eyes and publicly acknowledge the truth.

We'd witness an outpouring of parents and families and (increasingly) doctors and researchers who have seen the truth, and seen it again, and again, and again, armed with hashtags and transcripts and room numbers for Congresspersons, and the evidence of their eyes and their children’s lives, stepping beyond their individual catastrophes in a messy but massive advance.

We'd see the truth leaking out of vaccine court rulings and fishy legal language and we'd detect it in the shrill dismissals of “skeptics” whose business is to take down the reputations of anyone who even gets close to speaking the truth.

We'd see the dawning realization among the supposed cognoscenti that the disease fighters don’t have the sense to stay off the subway and away from commercial flights and bowling alleys and panini shops in Princeton for 21 days because they believe their work in other countries – other countries, not here, where we could use some common sense and common decency -- places them in a special category where the only harm they can imagine is harm done to their own schedules and convenience. That’s the modern medical mantra -- Do no harm – to me!

We'd see all that, and we'd say, the doubt and anger are just about everywhere now. If we wanted to be nasty we could call it a virus and say it's endemic, which is the epidemiological version of "too late." It got loose while the experts were trying to appear above it all and stamp out chicken pox and hep B in newborns, and it’s infecting the institutions dedicated to holding it back. How it all goes down from here is just guesswork, but one thing for sure is that there's no vaccine to stop it.

That’s how the field of autism research would look right now if the only suspect remaining in the lineup were the truth. And that, in fact, is how it looks to me.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Please forgive the shameless plug, but I'm anecdotal proof that vaccines and 'health' don't necessarily occupy the same space.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

You've written good words, there, Dan. Thank you.

Eileen Nicole Simon

A distinct pattern of neuropathology incurred during difficult birth was reported more than 40 years ago. In PubMed lookup: Windle WF (1969) and Myers RE (1972). Windle proposed that this pattern of brain damage might underlie the condition then known as MCD (minimal cerebral dysfunction). PDD-NOS is a more recent designation of MCD, which back in the 1950s and 60s involved delayed motor development, difficulties learning to speak, hyperactivity, and dyslexia.

It was during the 1950s that episiotomy was adopted by avant-garde obstetricians. To preserve the surgical “sterile field” the umbilical cord was clamped and cut as soon as possible after the birth. This was when expertise in resuscitation and neonatology became new specialties.

By the mid 1980s immediate clamping of the umbilical cord was mandated as a routine procedure. Who remembered the physiological explanations of traditional textbooks? Until pulsations of the cord cease, the fetal heart valves have not yet closed. Now, in Google, everyone can read about patent ductus arteriosus and patent foramen ovale. Famous treatments for respiratory distress syndrome and hyalin membrane disorder were also developed.

By 1961, synthetic vitamin K at birth was recognized as a frequent cause of jaundice. Natural vitamin K was apparently OK, but then in the 1990s hepatitis B vaccine was also administered. Then more and more immunizations were added to the vaccine schedule. These are advances in medical science???


I have to wonder if the votes tonight are reflecting a kind of backlash against the mainstream media and their refusal to cover certain issues.

autism uncle

cmo, thanks for your stats.

That being said, your numbers comes to approximately 1 autism case per 200 children in Denmark - still a monstrous increase from close to zero 80 years ago, as compared to but 1 in 10,000 as measured by sources as referenced by the Age of Autism book by Olmsted and Blaxill.

So! It seems Denmark somehow accepts such a disastrous rate -- and yet they still give "10 vaccines by age 5" as you cite. BUT, these 10 vaccines are in fact injected mostly by age 4-12 months. WAY BEFORE 5 YEARS.

And such injected poisons by 12 months can be the cause of today's Denmark 1/200 autism rate.

BoB Moffitt

Dan .. your comments reminded me once again of that great six minute "cartoon" .. "The Town of Allopath gets skid marks disease"


The creators of this cartoon should have won a Nobel Prize for their "common sense" deconstruction of the "non-sense" .. plausible denials .. all eerily similar to the denials that you mentioned in your comments .. by so-called "experts" of the pharmaceutical,pediatric medical, political etc cartel .. desperate to blame just about anything (skidmarks!) other than their "miracle vaccines" .. for causing autism.

Jeannette Bishop

Superb writing. And of course expert analysis of what the "experts" are doing.

To me it's getting beyond ridiculous to not notice that about all our "health" authorities are doing about the reality of unprecedentedly chronically ill children is hovering en masse around the "it's not vaccines" sign, saying "get 'your' blanketity-blank vaccine," and "oh, you want healthy kids...let them take drugs...," "there's no cure for bad genes, which we're sure to locate any day now..."

Kerry Ann


Another sad case of a mentally ill mum who snapped.

cia parker

Great article and comments! I would only add that I don't think it's enough to be happy if 90% comply with the vaccine schedule, and younger children are selectively vaxed after the first reacted badly. I, like many others, reacted with screaming syndrome, encephalitis, and Asperger's, to the very first DPT given at three months, and my brother did too. My daughter, of course, reacted to the hep-B vax at birth, given at midnight the day she was born, with encephalitis and autism. She later reacted to the DTaP booster given all by itself at 18 months with having her only two words erased, and was diagnosed with autism two months later. She never got the MMR, varicella vaccine, Prevnar, rotavirus,hep-A, or any flu vaccine (nor Gardasil or Menactra). There is no safe vaccine schedule. Yes, some people, like everyone in my family, have genes that predispose us to vaccine damage, but many others even with no obvious risk factors react horrifically to vaccines. This is the message we need to continue to take to the streets.

I also thought they had handpicked Hickox for this ridiculous spectacle, but, if so, it really backfired on them. It looks as though 98% of the country is horrified at her callous, selfish irresponsibility, and, far from grooming the country to just accept another vaccine, I think the opposite has been accomplished, and the country has become exceedingly mistrustful of the vaccine and contagious disease authorities.

Anita Donnelly

Awesome analysis, Dan. AGAIN!

If the powers that be were not constantly threatening vaccine exemptions and those who do not vaccinate, some of us would back out of this fight and focus on our children. We can't because of the fear of them showing up at our door or our child's school with a shot that puts them back to START. So, why don't they give us that simple thing: a respectful exemption from vaccines --which their own package insert recommends if you've had a reactioN! Why do they lie about that, and publicly antagonize us? At first, it didn't make sense, why aren't they just happy getting, say 90% compliance--that's a lot of vaccines to sell.

Suddenly the reason dawned on me: If people are honest and open about the fact that they did not vaccinate (maybe the 2nd or 3rd child) --everyone would have their very own vax vs unvax study in their neighborhood, in their family, etc. But by continuing to hysterically criminalize us, we pick and choose whom we tell much more than we would if vaccine exemptions were granted without the accompanying dose of hatred and suspicious stares. The shunning works. And the more we speak out, the more hope we have that suddenly everyone knows someone who is an eyewitness to their child's autism being caused by the shots, and everyone knows someone who is doing amazingly because her parents did not vaccinate. And like other social movements, it will suddenly be okay for a major CEO somewhere to say "My first child was vaccine injured and I only selectively vaccinated my other children. My first child has autism and we reversed it with biomed. My other children never suffered". And everyone will applaud him or her for speaking the truth. And the naysayers will go back in their hate and ignorance cave and shoot themselves up with 10,000 hep-B shots, to prove how safe they are. . . . We all have to "come out!" --as parents and friends of vaccine injured children of the disorder previously known as Autism --- and we will see an amazing change . . . . as a wave of understanding and recognition rocks this earth.
DAN YOU ROCK! What a great article

Shell Tzorfas

For many years the Pharmaceutical /Scientific community has been diligently trying to prove a gene theory and that Autism somehow begins in the womb-but they have failed in most of their attempts. Despite the fact that mercury laden flu shots have not been tested for safety or efficacy on pregnant mothers or the fetus, the medical community has suddenly begun to push this dangerous vaccine on pregnant women and the developing fetus since around 2004 along with a Diphtheria, Pertussis and a Tetanus shot. This dangerous cocktail will give the pharmaceutical companies the ammunition that they want. In a few short years they will be able to prove that Autism starts in the womb because they are making it so… The idea is to create a theory and then do whatever it takes to make it happen. Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD & Special Needs."


Don't you think that the CDC PRs are up late at night. They hand picked out Nurse Hoarox - very memorable with that reddish wavy hair and she was in the CDC intell group too. Yes - just for the purpose of PRing that quarentine never works and we will be needing that new ebola vaccine -- and for that matter all -- as many as we can make and get ---vaccines?

Getting ready to win the hearts and minds of the public when and if EVERRRRRR the story breaks on Dr. Willaim Thompson's report of changing data or getting rid of it all together.



per below, 3,956 out of 678,000 children

is an Autism rate of .00583 (with about 10 vaccines to age 5 in Denmark)


Why do they have to "re-study 34 year old data" and draw new conclusions?
Did Dr. Thorsen help with this Denmark effort again ?

Autism's rise: Researchers look at why cases are increasing


....Researchers analyzed information from nearly 678,000 children born in Denmark from 1980 through 1991, who were followed until they were 22 years old. During this period, 3,956 of the children were diagnosed with autism, and most of these cases (95 percent) were reported after 1995.

As always, they cannot perform a "simple vaxed/unvaxed" study which would answer the question.


And if the field of journalism was speaking the truth anymore - Dan would be a top writer of The Gray lady and this article would be in the New York Times.

Because he is one more writer.

Love the part about the diseae fighters cannot even stay off the subway for 21 days.

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