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Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark Blaxill

I'm spending a lot of today reading the AoA team's books. Just finished Kent's last night (the story of the Brodie polio vaccine and the crazy/corrupt Whittemores is riveting). Have Anne and Wayne's books lined up. Sharyl Attkisson too.

Laura Hayes

I woke up this morning and finished Anne Dachel's newly-released book: "The Big Autism Cover-Up." have the media's astounding, decade-and-a-half-long cover-up of the raging Autism Epidemic (that's erring on the side of underestimating it) documented in exhaustive detail is nothing short of a tremendous accomplishment by AoA's own Anne Dachel.

Anne has helped to ensure that there will always be a detailed, nationwide account of how the media aided and abetted the pharmaceutical-governmental-medical heinous crimes that have resulted in harming, disabling, making chronically ill, and sometimes killing, 2 1/2 decades-worth (and counting) of children. Blood is on the media's hands just as surely as it is on the hands of fraudulent vaccine researchers, corrupt government regulators, moral-less pharmaceutical company executives, arrogant and willfully-ignorant doctors and nurses who have completely abandoned their oaths to "First, do no harm," and corrupt elected officials who have chosen to be unethically beholden to the Big Pharma companies who helped get them elected with the express purpose of doing their bidding.

Thus, this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for Anne's tireless, dogged pursuit and documentation of how the media, which is supposed to benefit the public by reporting the truth, has done anything and everything but when it comes to the raging Autism Epidemic and its more-than-obvious link to the sacred cow of medicine, vaccines.

Anne's book is a must-read for everybody, and it serves as a warning that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to report anything with accuracy or ethics. They have been bought and paid for, and their reporting exposes by whom.

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