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Weiss, Pritchard and Thibodeaux Miss the Point of National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

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Donate button(NOTE:  Thanks to many readers who have donated from $5.00 to $500, we're on our way to our matching gift goal of $5,000.   Plus your donation to Age of Autism is now TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Please help us meet this wonderful $5,000 matching gift opportunity. Thank you.)  From our wonderful benefactor who is matching your donation:

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this holiday always provides a wonderful opportunity to take stock of the many things for which we are thankful. One of the things on my list again this year is The Age of Autism blog.  If you are reading this, there's a good chance that you, too, are very thankful for AoA, which just happens to be the leader in covering all things Autism, including its link to vaccines.

To that end, please raise your hand if:

  • You value the daily news you are privy to here on Age of Autism, every single day of the year...critically-important news that mainstream media either refuses to report on, or about which they lie.

  • You would miss tuning in to what AoA has to say every morning with your cup of coffee, and throughout the day, including the great comments from AoA readers.

  • You value having a site to which you can turn to hear from others walking a similar path as you, which can be life-and-sanity saving because others simply don't get it, or simply don't want to get it.

  • You are thankful to have avoided vaccine injury in your own children, or in yourself or loved ones, because of what you have learned from others on Age of Autism.

  • You value having access to excellent articles which you can not only read, but which you can then share via the click of a button with others who want honest, timely, and helpful information.

  • You value this site that daily strives to get the truth out there about the VACCINE-AUTISM causal connection, which is REAL, which is MANMADE, which is TRAGIC, and which must be STOPPED.

  • You value networking with such an intelligent and compassionate group of readers, a group who is striving to not only help their own children, but others' children and the children of the world as well.

  • You value a site that seeks to expose truth versus participating in the cover-up of it.

  • You value true investigative reporting, not to mention great writing.

  • Lastly, you want to see this site continue, thrive, and expand!

Through Sunday, November  30, every dollar you donate to Age of Autism will be AofA Thankfulmatched, up to $5,000!  So, if together, you all donate $5,000, that means $10,000 for Age of Autism...to keep it going, and to keep it going STRONG!  Better yet, let's see if together we can EXCEED that $10K mark...the sky is the limit!  

Simply click on the yellow Donate Button  on the right sidebar of the site  (or try this link AofA PayPal turn on cookies) or email Kim Stagliano at [email protected] if you prefer to send a check and she will provide an address for you) and make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to AoA TODAY...don't delay...do it right now!  Thank you.



Anonymous Donor, who happens to be a very grateful AoA reader


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