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Dear Nancy Grace—You Cannot Sue Vaccine Manufacturers

Nancy graceBy Cathy Jameson

By the time this article goes to post, Ronan will be done with a 48-hour EEG.  He was admitted Friday for testing because medication is not working as we’d hoped and his seizures have increased.  We appreciate good thoughts and healing prayers as we continue to work through his vaccine injury and while we rethink better treatment options. 

xo, Cat


Dear Nancy Grace,

I watched a clip from your Monday, November 3, 2014, show and wanted to send you a letter.  I could see that you were shocked about something and would like to add to what you asked Becky Estepp  to explain to you in plain terms. 

I’m glad you asked for further explanation of such an important topic.  More people need to know that they cannot sue vaccine manufacturers if they encounter a problem with a vaccine.  Not being able to take legal action for something that is pushed so heavily is an unfortunate truth. 

I’m sure you’ve had a chance by now to visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services webpage that explains what the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is.   Anyone contemplating a vaccine should take time to read through that site and understand what that program entails.  It includes crucial information that isn’t overly advertised like vaccines are. 

One the website, you saw what the US government recognizes as a vaccine injury.  You read about the steps it takes to file a claim and learn about the “Vaccine Court” process.  You saw the breakdown of past claims.  You caught sight of several charts and a statistic report.  You read about an excise tax, a tax paid by vaccine consumers that the government uses to pay claims.  I hope you also clicked on the link that shows how much has been compensated (which, as of November 3, 2014, is $3,021,080,103.09) to the vaccine injured and to families who’ve lost a loved one due to a vaccine. 

Now, I don’t think I’ve seen any first-hand accounts from families on that particular website, but you can contact me if you want to hear my family’s experience with that program.  Fair warning:  our experience was terrible.  Terrible!   

Here is some of our story. 

My son, Ronan, was a happy, typical baby.  We saw seizure activity after Ronan received the flu shot and have been dealing with the nightmare that comes with seizures ever since.  Other vaccine injuries, recognized by the government, were also the result of vaccines.  When I discovered that those injuries were linked to vaccinations and could confirm them, I was encouraged to file a claim.  I did so believing that the program would on our side. 

How wrong I was. 

We were part of the NVCIP for eight years.  In those eight years, not only were Ronan’s injuries and claim denied, we watched him further declined due to secondary illnesses stemming from vaccine reactions.  Ronan, once healthy and developing, now has severe medical, educational and physical issues that could last his lifetime.  Like other families who’ve filed, when push came to shove, when it was us against the government, when it was our word against their government-funded legal team, we could not prove on paper, even though we saw them happen right in front of our eyes that Ronan’s injuries were from vaccines. 

We jumped through every bureaucratic hoop.  We provided documentation after documentations.  Medical records, expert testimony and more.  We believed in the system, but when a system was created by the government for the government's gain, of course people like my son can never get what was supposedly promised them. 

Vaccine injury and not being able to hold vaccine manufacturers responsible for their products, is an important conversation to have.  Here’s where I need to ask you a big favor, Nancy. 

You asked a very important question on air.  Please, continue to ask questions.  And please, continue this conversation. 

Our community has tried in vain to get this conversation going and has faced more backlash than cooperation.  We even broached Congress about this, but we got turned away.  Here is part of the letter I sent to Representative Darrell Issa a year ago when the hearings to address the corruption of the NVICP were cancelled:

Dear Mr. Issa,

This is Ronan.  This is Ronan post seizure.  His seizure were brought on by vaccine injury.  Today, his seizures are gaining in duration, frequency and intensity.  I fear what they will do to his health and possibly his life.

Ronan was injured by his childhood vaccines.  Thankfully we learned the devastating effects of vaccines when we did, but it wasn't before serious harm was done.  Ronan lost his voice, lost skills he was building and was left with seizures, severe developmental delays and other secondary illnesses that physically drain and affect his energy.  

When we discovered that the vaccines were responsible for the damage done, we enrolled in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  We had high hopes that the program would recognize what was so apparent—that they did something to my beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Sadly, after devoting years to this cause, Ronan's case was dismissed in July 2013.  Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how we felt when we learned his case could go no further. 

You have more than enough evidence in front of you, evidence coming from families like mine who are willing and openly share story after story after story that vaccine injury is real.  It hurts.  It steals childhoods.  It changes lives in one of the most devastating ways ever imaginable.  

Mr. Issa, you and your committee gave parents like me such hope, hope maybe not for Ronan as we were already on the receiving end of a very screwed up system, but for other children.  Think of the other children, their families and their futures.  YOU can do something good for them.  YOU can change the past and make the future better, or at least bearable.    

We needed someone to champion this effort.  I had hoped you would be that champion. 


Darrell never got back to me. 

And those hearings we families were promised have still yet to be rescheduled. 

The government continues to grant indemnity to drugmakers.  That allows vaccine manufacturers to make and to sell potentially harmful products, products that have extensive side effects, that are known to cause adverse reactions and that have no guarantees.  Why?  Because both the government and the drugmakers can be as irresponsible as they want with no repercussion of their actions. 

No other product or manufacturer can get away with that.  None. 

Nancy, now that you know what you know, could you help champion our effort?  Could you step in and use that voice of yours to speak up for us and for our children?  You’ll have a great amount of support from countless other families in our community.  I promise you that.   

We need support.  We need someone who isn’t afraid to speak up.  I know that you are a passionate person.  I’d love to see you share that passion with us. 


Cathy Jameson, mom to Ronan


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



I have a suggestion for parents who do decide to allow their children vaccinations. Why not video the procedure, having first shown a day in his or her normal life, and continue to video for the next few days as the reactions appear to be very quick. If a doctor's visit is also entailed the film that too. Is this not proof positive of what had transpired due to the shot, sufficient for any court?

Paul Davidson

Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a Summons form, I found a blank form in this site PDFfiller. This site also has some tutorials how to fill it out and a few related legal forms that you might find useful.

billie joe

Is Nancy following the whistleblower story? She should be on that.

Frances ruzicka

I would also like to say that most big hospitals need 95% compliance with their employees to receive the flu shot . In order to get reimbursed for Medicare and Medicaid . I do not get this either . Mandation of vaccines in hospitals has to stop . Where are our rights . I had no rights the day I was forced to get the tdap vaccine , and now I am the one suffering because of it . I can only hope I get better ,

Frances ruzicka

I am a nurse that was mandated to get a vaccine at my place of employment . The vaccine is the tdap . I had adverse reactions to tetanus in the past and made them aware of this . I declined the vaccine . My present family dr . Also faxed then a note concernng my adverse reactions in the past . My declination went before a tdap core committee who declined my declination , I was told that since I did not have an anaphylactic reaction in the past I world need to get this shot . , I was told I was a non compliant employee and disciplinary action would be taken . I was forced to get the shot ... Or be fired . I again told them I did not want to get sick , and I would hold the employer solely responsible if I would have any adverse reaction as I had in the past . I spoke to several people including my supervisor ,HR, and RNs that are in charge of this policy . I typed a note and it was hand delivered to m supervisor . She was to deliver the note to all those involved .
The tdap core group consisted of four drs and two RNs who I had never met .
I developed a reaction two days after the shot . I felt like I was run over by a Mac truck . Sore joints and muscles and a sore throat . The arm of the injection became swollen , red, and tender to touch . I was diagnosed with cellulitis . Adverse reaction from tdap , and placed on antibiotics for same .
I am presently on short term disability since September with post vaccination syndrome . I have numbness and tingling in my extremities , sore joints , swollen joints , nerve pain headaches anxiety and high blood pressure .
I was told by HR that "I don't like to fire because of that , but you had the chance to resign ""
I am livid , frustrated , upset , angry ..... My place of employment shows no empathy , sympathy , or caring at all . I also was denied Workmans comp "not work related!""
I will be speaking out on this . Believe that .
I should have let them fire me like they threatened . If I could go back , I would stand my ground . I feel like I was bullied .
I don't want this to happen to anyone else . Why would I have to prove to anyone I get sick from this ??

mary w maxwell

To any person who is wondering how America got to the point of saying that vaccinators could get away with murder, lemme tell you, they can’t get away with it. The place to look for action is not the civil court where lawsuits are filed but the criminal court. Sure it’s nice to think about injured children getting compensation, but traitorous Congresspersons have blocked that. They have not (yet!) blocked the police function.
(See my book, “Prosecution for Treason”). Anyone carrying out a crime, such as the nurse who assaults by giving a harmful vax, is liable to be charged. (Note: “Obeying orders” is never an excuse at law.) You must deliver to your local police, or mail to them, a formal complaint. Here is Minnesota’s official form:

“Complaint and Summons Form
County of: ____ Court of: _______
Plaintiff name and address:
Name and address of defendant,
his birthdate [exact, or offer a guess], ____any aliases:____

The complainant, being duly sworn, makes complaint to the above named court and states that there is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the following offenses:
Charge 1_____ Charge 2 _____, etc.
[For each charge, look up the state law on Google, and list the applicable sentence, here on this form.]

Select complaint type: summons or warrant. [Do you want her to be summoned to court or arrested by police? – MM]
Order for detention? [If you chose warrant for arrest, do you want her to be taken into custody awaiting trial?]

The complainant states that the following facts establish probable cause: ----- [Tell your story concisely.]

Subscribed and sworn to me before the undersigned this --- day of ----, 2014.”

Note: In Minnesota, this very same form becomes the document for the summoning or the arresting. It continues:

“Being authorized to prosecute the offenses charged, I approve this complaint. From the above sworn facts, and any supporting affidavits, I, the issuing officer have determined that probable cause exists to support defendant’s arrest.
SUMMONS. Therefore you, the above named defendant, are hereby summoned to appear at_______ on_________ If you fail to appear a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
To the county sheriff. I hereby order the above named person to be apprehended and arrested without delay and to be brought before a judge not more than 36 later than the arrest.”

[See Followingvaccinations.com for a slew of complaints. Note: many states have a statute of limitations of two years. Murder and treason crimes are never barred by time.]

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Cathy for posting this. More people than you probably know will pray for your beautiful boy.

Paul Fassa

I don't know if you're aware of the special cannabis oils that have been used successfully for children's seizures. But if I were you, that's the avenue I'd pursue. Just Google it and ignore the BS you may come across.

Even CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta converted to medical marijuana after witnessing a child's improvement in Colorado - it was a TV special.


It is so refreshing to see Nancy Grace expose herself to the revelation that there were things she simply did not know about Vaccine Court. She appears genuinely shocked and appalled that so many autistic families do not get justice in this country through the regular court system like everybody else. I was feeling good, a professional legal expert is open to being informed and educated in order to help others...my faith in humanity was restored!

Then Jerry Seinfeld opened his big fat mouth...

Maurine Meleck

Dear Cat, I am so sorry to hear about his seizures increasing. After a decade in, we too are out of the Vaccine Court. We are using a fairly new drug(part of the trileptal (sp?) family that is time released and works well for Josh. Just throwing that in of course, not suggesting it for Ronan as I know all our kids are respond differently to different meds. Wishing the best to you and your son and hope he does better really soon.



Teresa Conrick

Dear Cat,

I am so sorry to hear about Ronan's seizures worsening. I hope and pray they can be controlled after this hospital visit. I hate seizures as Meg, too has the most devastating ones. Our kids are so ill and that is often dismissed and instead the "happy faces of autism" are flashed across the media. Or Jerry Seinfeld. Disturbing.

We also had a case here in IL, in the court for over 10 years, as Megan also regressed after vaccination, until it was dropped by the Omnibus case decision.....


"The majority’s true intent appears to be to prevent several thousand tort cases claiming a link between vaccines and autism from reaching civil court to assert that a dangerous vaccine design, using mercury as a preservative, was defective. Sotomayor writes that this concern, to shield manufacturers from litigation, “appears to underlie the majority and concurring opinions in this case.”

The science STILL continues to grow showing how dangerous vaccines can be and how they can cause the medical, physical and neurological symptoms of autism.

For example:

Bacterial genome may hold answers to mercury mystery

Desulfovibrio species are potentially important in regressive autism.

adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine leads to loss of mitochondrial integrity

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes: Possible Role of Fenton Chemistry in the Oxidation and Breakage of mtDNA

Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism.

Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism

Curious why certain studies and research did not make it into Omnibus, like this one:


I join you in asking Nancy Grace and other legal advocates to take up our cause. The future of America's children is so worth it.

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