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Dachel Media Update: Pope Francis and Seinfelds Mea Culpa

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Nov 19, 2014, Washington Post: Pope's call to help the vulnerable turns to the autistic at Vatican conference

Nov 19, 2014, TheWrap.com: Jerry Seinfeld Flip-Flops on Autism Remarks

Washington Post

Citing Pope Francis's call to "draw near to new forms of .?.?. vulnerability," the Vatican will host its first-ever event on autism this week. . . . .

Bob and Suzanne Wright, Catholics and co-founders of the major U.S. advocacy group Autism Speaks, will give a presentation at the conference.

"We speak at colleges and places like that, but they don't reach large audiences," said Bob Wright, former chairman of NBC/Universal and grandfather of a teenage boy with autism. "Then we started with the religious aspect, but the problem is there aren't any leaders who have large numbers. Most religions are split up. We zeroed in on the pope, and this pope in particular, because he has such a gift for reaching out to people, and he wants the church to be more inclusive."

Organizing any conference on autism - which affects one in every 68 children, according to Autism Speaks - is challenging because of the range of opposing views on such issues as the role of vaccines in autism spectrum disorder. The conference doesn't appear to touch on vaccines but includes a presentation on other potential environmental impacts.

With this attitude.......the truth will be nicely covered up.


Comedian says he's not actually on the spectrum for the disorder

The autism spectrum officially does not extend to Jerry Seinfeld.

Backing away from comments he recently made on "NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams," the "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" funnyman told "Access Hollywood" that he is not, contrary to his previous insinuations, on the autism spectrum.

Hopefully Jerry read what Kim Stagliano had to say in the Washington Post: For some parents of autistic children, Jerry Seinfeld's self-diagnosis was 'a slap in the face.'

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Jenny Allan

Eindeker, ATSC and everyone:-
In the same timescale as the two post MMR vaccine UK child measles reported deaths, there were FOUR 'official' UK child deaths caused by the MMR vaccine. Many of us regard this as 'the tip of the iceberg'. (The two children who died from measles were both unvaccinated due to very serious co-morbidities). Vaccines containing live viruses cannot be given to immune compromised persons.



"if he hadn't had measles he might well be alive "

If this little girl hadn't had the MMR vaccine she might well be alive today, and it wasn't counted as a death from MMR, or even a vaccine-related death but "Liver failure":


Perhaps if Mr Colfer-Williams hadn't been vaccinated against measles as a boy, he might have caught the disease at the normal age (between 5 and 9 years old) and not as an immune-compromised adult. The article doesn't say the doctors he consulted diagnosed measles, but if they had, what treatment advice did they give him apart from prescribing paracetamol for fever before sending this very sick man home?

Vaccination has shifted these diseases into older and younger age groups where they can be far more dangerous. In China, 54% of measles-related deaths in 2013 were in children aged less than 8 months. Vaccination of their mothers deprived these babies of maternally-derived antibodies that would most likely have protected them during their first year or so of life.

You asked John Stone:

"How's about commenting on the European measles statistics & deaths, and acknowledging that yes in these statistics the majority of cases used to compile the data were from laboratory confirmed cases?"

If this is what you were referring to:

"During the most recent 12-month period (November 2012 to October 2013) the 30 EU/EEA countries conducting measles surveillance reported 10 678 cases. Sixty-two percent of the cases had a positive result in a measles laboratory test (serology, virus detection, or isolation). Of the 10 129 cases for which information on vaccination status was available, 83% were unvaccinated. In the target group for routine childhood MMR vaccination (1–4-year-olds), 81% of the cases were unvaccinated. Three measles-related deaths were reported during the period November 2012 to October 2013, and eight cases were complicated by acute measles encephalitis. "

One has to ask why, in order to calculate the percentage of vaccinated measles cases, all the reported cases with documented vaccination history (10129) were used and not just the confirmed cases (6667). The result "83% were unvaccinated" does not tell us how many of the confirmed measles cases were unvaccinated. There would seem to me to be no other reason to use reported cases than to hide the number of confirmed cases that were vaccinated, or to inflate the percentage of unvaccinated. Can you think of a reason for including the vaccination status of the 3462 who didn't have measles?

Even in Figure 4, non-measles cases are counted as "Measles Cases" . Why is that? Would you agree that if the aim is to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine, attention should be focused on the confirmed measles cases? The measles-like cases are irrelevant, unless given to show how unreliable clinical diagnoses can be.

Also, because we are not given any details about the three measles-related deaths, we know nothing about them. One of the deaths, presumably, was that of 25 year old Mr Colfer-Williams who was vaccinated, and seeing as "The highest notification rate was among infants under one year of age" the other two deaths might have been infants too young to be vaccinated, or they could have been other vaccinated adults or children. The question is: if they were unvaccinated, why fail to mention it?

"in the US From 1956 to 1960, an average of 450 measles-related deaths were reported each year ( 1 death/ 1000 reported cases) "

If, by this, you are claiming that the death rate from measles complications in the pre-vaccine era was 1 in 1000, you must have overlooked the important part which states that there were "roughly... 4 million people infected with measles each year". 4 million /450 = 8888. There's a huge difference between 1 death per 1000 measles cases, and 1-2 in 1000, claimed by the CDC and 1 death in 8888 in the pre-vaccine era, wouldn't you say?


By the way, Eindeker, as a continuing comparison, while my parents were not at all worried about measles, mumps or rubella, ( beyond making sure that we caught them in childhood) they certainly were scared of polio.
And I remember seeing a scar my mother had on her arm from a smallpox vaccine she had when she was a child.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker says:-
"He (Mr Colfer-Williams) got measles, he had other health issues and he finally died of giant cell pneumonia, with a fulminant measles rash, if he hadn't had measles he might well be alive."

Yes Mr Colfer-Williams MIGHT still be alive if he hadn't got measles, or if the Welsh hospital had readmitted this very ill patient, instead of telling him to go away and take paracetamol, or if he wasn't already immune compromised due to the asthma treatment he received in hospital ......or how long is piece of string!!

Mr Colfer-Williams died from respiratory failure caused by pneumonia, exacerbated by his existing severe asthma, which was already causing him breathing difficulties. The measles didn't help, but certainly did not cause this death. Get over it Eindeker. As the pathologist stated at the inquest:- "Measles is a viral infection which doesn't kill you but it can lead to giant cell pneumonia."

In any case Mr Colfor-Williams was VACCINATED against measles as a child. The vaccine plainly failed him. The Welsh health authorities have NOT told us what proportion of measles cases were actually vaccinated against this disease, but took 'refuge' in the 'not FULLY vaccinated' excuse, i.e. only one vaccine dose, but 'boosters' were not initially part of the child measles vaccination programme, including the MMR vaccine.

There's NO excuse for Sarah Hayes quoting pre 1968 UK measles statistics. This was purely designed to scare people into getting MMR jabs for themselves or their children. As John states, the whole overhyped thing was blamed on Dr Wakefield putting parents off the vaccine more than 10 years ago. According to Dr Hayes, the measles outbreak was mainly affecting teenagers, but the official measles cases recorded a large proportion of 1-4 year olds, officially stated to be more than 95% vaccinated. At the 'end' of the outbreak the Swansea area health authorities were left with more than £100,000 worth of unwanted MMR vaccine, a bill picked up by UK taxpayers. Those 'teenagers' shunned the vaccine. They showed more sense than the health authorities.

I'm pleased you pointed out the UK implementation of the single measles vaccine in 1968, 20 years before the MMR vaccine. This inconvenient fact was virtually ignored by Dr Hayes, and the UK media, particularly since it did not sit well with their campaign against Dr Wakefield, who merely advocated a return to the very effective single measles vaccine pending more research into MMR vaccine.

Those UK 'about 100 deaths every year' before measles vaccinations, included both children and adults.(Hayes said they were children). I have NEVER EVER called measles a "mild, inconsequential virus". Both my children received measles vaccinations and my 6 grandchildren have all been immunised against this disease. 5 of them received MMR vaccine; the remaining child, sibling of our 'Wakefield Babe', was immunised (at great expense) with single jabs, as were Alison Singer's younger child, and quite probably former Prime Minister Tony Blair's son Leo. Very sensible too.

John Stone

In most cases we are dealing with false alternatives and false comparisons. I don't view with indifference all the data that Eindeker cites, but that doesn't justify the quickly hidden fall out of the vaccine program. The real consequence of disease do not justify the trashing of anybody who points to the consequences of dealing with it according to the policy. If you deal with scenario of mortality at the time the products were introduced you also have to acknowledge that mortality from these diseases had already collapsed in the "developed" world and may have continued to go down, that we may have evolved better treatments, or even just safer vaccine products. But actually what we have had is a bitter, mendacious campaign to support the policy which would be unsustainable without it.



I also had measles, mumps and rubella as a child; and yes they were all considered by my parents to be mild illnesses; there was a sense of relief after they were able to check them all off, and some parents would try and expose their other kids to a sick kid, so they could get them all 'done' at once. The worst I remember was very bad itching and being warned not to scratch because it could leave scars.

You may doubt us, but I can imagine you having a similar conversation in the future trying to explain to someone about prevalent views in this timeframe on say the flu and ebola.

Imo, right now, I would say most people were very scared of ebola. I would say most people are not similarly scared of having contact with someone with the flu.

Later someone may say to you, using statistics, that this is incorrect. The flu is on record as having killed x number of people every year, and there was only ever one death from ebola on American soil. Of course people were terrified of the flu. No one was worried about ebola.

But the reality of how most people view the flu today, imo, is that it is not as dangerous as ebola. Would you agree?

(IMO, most people probably suspect that the recorded numbers of "deaths from flu" are likely inflated and include deaths from pneumonia of people who were already in very poor health. )

So yes, despite what you may think , these illnesses were considered as pretty mild by the average person, during the time when they occurred commonly.


I know I was long in my response:

Let me point out again that Tom Insel said in front of Congress that we had not solved the problems associated with the worse out comes of disease through vaccines.

The 100 deaths that use to be well there for measles; are still that many-- but we really don't know the numbers since the CDC likes to fiddle around with the data.

Tom Insel said we have won nothing through vaccines when it comes to mental retardation. I myself am pretty sure just looking at my community that we have in fact come out far worse on that end with vaccines.

Nope, don't believe it is Even Steven like Tom Insel muses.

Once again - Going to Tom Insel's TED TALK -- the numbers of all mental illness across the board from autism, tourettes, bipolar, depression, ADHD, ADD, sleep disorder - schizos- seizures are going up and up and up. Well he did not talk too much about autism - cause that brings up vaccines.

The word autism and vaccines are now linked in the human psych.

That is just the way it is.

The only thing they (our fearless leaders in these federal agencies) now know to do about this is re describe autism - get those kids with the middle type of autism - the largest group - out of the autism spectrum -- by putting them in about 10 other categories - you know -put them in a bunch of DMS disorders like: communication disorders, ADD, anxiety, tourettes maybe --

And what are we arguing about Hmmmm? You agree that vaccine injuries are possible so that means what we are argueing about are the Numbers perhaps.

Since I think that there is something really rotten down in Georgia and there is no trust - I do my own numbers. And My numbers go like this I know a lot of people/children that are PDD-NOS, asperger, classical autism, or bipolar, or addicted to drugs (Drug addiction is co morbid with mental illness).


(continued) sorry too quick posting: in the US From 1956 to 1960, an average of 450 measles-related deaths were reported each year (∼1 death/ 1000 reported cases)


@ Jenny
He got measles, he had other health issues and he finally died of giant cell pneumonia, with a fulminant measles rash, if he hadn't had measles he might well be alive
Giant Cell Pneumonia
A rare fulminant respiratory disease with tachycardia and dyspnea, linked to severe measles infection that compromises the immune response
Prognosis Poor with high mortality, especially in patients with leukemia, cystic fibrosis, immunodeficiency, and persistent measles viremia

End of story Jenny, the coroner returned a verdict of natural causes due to giant cell pneumonia consequential to measles what are you trying to say if people die of measles with other comorbidities that really isn't the fault of the measles virus or they didn't die of measles???? As I said weasel words

You are right that Sarah Hayes' quote of c 500,000 measles cases pa in the UK and about 100 deaths a year was wrong, but she only got the date wrong not the number of deaths.
The figures she quoted refer to pre-1968 when the first measles virus vaccine was introduced https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/measles-deaths-by-age-group-from-1980-to-2013-ons-data/measles-notifications-and-deaths-in-england-and-wales-1940-to-2013 there were about 100 deaths every year from this mild, inconsequential virus (according to you & Benedetta) the corresponding figure in the US was c. deaths in the pre-vaccine era, nearly all children



The man that died of pneumonia had a compromised immune system, or else he would not have succumb to measles this way. What caused this man to have an immune problem to begin with???

I had measles, both kinds, in only three months times as a child. Yes: Me, I had it - along with every last one of my classmates - and this happened year after year; at our school. No one died, not one when blind, or deaf, or showed any traces of mental problems. That does not mean it could not happen - it just did not.

- My grandparents came down with measles their early 40s up on an isolated mountain creek -- very sick - but they returned to health.

The only problems with measles was my friend at church - her - baby brother contracted measles while in in the womb. He was a blue baby and had many serious heart operation, until he died from a heart operation when he was seven.

Rubella did not kill him, but the heart operation did. But; then again heart problems caused by rubella would have killed him quicker with out all the operations.

The question that needed to be answered; frantically researched and millions of dollars put in for such research was ---

Why did his mother not still have immunity from her case of measles long ago? What was wrong with her immune system, what went wrong???

The same intense research should have happened for answers of why some babies only a few days old succumb to whooping cough-- why did their mother not pass on their immunity like it is suppose to - to those babies for at least the first year if not years of life.

Why did this young man succumb to pneumonia? Why, why, why?

The worse thing that vaccines did was - promise the problems of infectious diseases all go away. It made people, government, and scientists complacent, lazy, and very unkind, as well as unconcerned about people and little children whose lives have been ruined or at least made more difficult when immune things go wrong.

By such as yourself - and what ever other minions working with and for pharmacy companies -- this not discussing vaccine reactions, and instead pointing fingers toward people that have had family members injured by vaccines-- and thus refuse to compile any further to vaccinations has caused stagnation in this area of science and knowledge. And I might add it is epidemic of people being injured and an epidemic of cold hearts in high plaes to the point that trust in the government, and medicine is eroding. If there are problems with people not getting the vaccines - then let the blame lie were it belongs: and it is not with people out there trying to raise their kids the best they know how.

Tom Insel head of the IACC as well as the entire NIMH; gave a statement a few years back, in front of Congress headed up by Senator Harkin. He said that the worse out come of infectious diseases was mental retardation. He said in a round about way that vaccinations had not taken this worse outcome off the table. Did you hear that???? IT still exist; we gain nothing from vaccinations except we don't get so sick anymore from the actual disease. I question that too - did we exchange one disease for another such as diabetes or thyroid problems? I am pretty sure we did -- and even much more than that.

What Tom Insel thinks or at least said; for there is no way to know what Tom Insel (pontification, high up the political ladder, kind of - almost a science guy )--really knows , but he must know??? Cause the numbers of this worse case kind of problem has increased.

If you listen to Tom Insel's TED TALK on U- TUBE - he gives us some staggering statisitcs on our nation's mental health. After telling us how high the numbers have risen across the board, he jokes and says -- that since he is the head of mental health of this nation, and it all has risen under his direction; he guessed he should be fired.

He has failed, and it is his fault. WE are being injuried by vaccines; and he stops it at every turn at the IACC meetings.

Then on top of a vaccine injury we are furthe feed to the wolves of big pharma companies as they offer false hope in Prozac, Abilify, Zyloft, tons of seizure medicines, benzos, Ambien that long term use will shrink brains and cause dementia. On top of that we have Pain Clinics/Pill Mills - that offer only ophoids for immune/endocrine pain - which does lead to addiction, death and no real answers.

Why should there be a real discussion - Eindeker when there is money pouring into the coffers of the very industry that caused - the INCREASE in the immune dysfunction in large numbers of people.

That is what is going on

Jenny Allan

Eindeker- Let's have the ENTIRE quotation from your BBC link, before you accuse me of 'weasel words':-

"Mr Colfer-Williams, who had a fiancee Cairo and young daughter Dakota, had been treated in Morriston hospital in Swansea for his asthma and not for measles. Back in April, his mother Angela Colfer said he went to see an out-of-hours GP the day before his death with a rash "from head to foot" but not on his arms. But the following morning Mr Colfer-Williams was found dead at his flat.

Consultant pathologist Dr Maurizio Brotto told the inquest that 5ft 8ins tall Mr Colfer-Williams was "very underweight" at just 7st 7lbs. Dr Brotto told the inquest Mr Colfer-Williams was positive for measles and died from giant cell pneumonia caused by the disease.

He said: "Measles is a viral infection which doesn't kill you but it can lead to giant cell pneumonia."

The inquest heard that Mr Colfer-Williams had suffered from alcohol problems and just two weeks before his death he had gone into detox leaving his body vulnerable to infection."

The key word from pathologist Dr Maurizio Brotto is 'can'. As he stated, the measles virus MIGHT have caused Mr Colfor-Williams pneumonia, but this patient had many co-morbidities, including (as the inquest also heard) his body being already vulnerable to infection.

Forget the BBC's interpretation of the pathologist's evidence. The BBC's reporting was shamefull, deliberately inflating the number of Welsh measles cases and spreading 'doom and gloom', including ridiculous false claims about UK measles cases and deaths, including the following tosh, (which was hastily edited out of internet copy after I publicised it):-
"On a BBC Television interview, Dr Sara Hayes, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board’s director of public health, stated:-
"Before the introduction of the MMR in 1988, about half a million children caught measles and about 100 died from it each year in the UK."
This scaremongering tosh was repeated on the BBC's internet news transcript 9th April 2013.

Mr Colfor-Williams's mother insisted her son had received a measles vaccination in infancy. The Welsh health authorities stated only he had not received MMR vaccine. In fact, Mr Colfor-Williams probably received a single measles vaccination, even although he was born in 1988, the year of MMR vaccine introduction. I believe many health boards advocated using up stocks of single vaccines, before introducing new ones.

Vaccinations, so we are all told, provide life-long immunity, but in this case at least, the vaccine apparently failed.

John Stone


Well, they certainly had to come up with something. It will remembered that all this was accompanied by a very unspontaneous and unscientific media three month "hate" against Andrew Wakefield, who it will be recalled only advocated splitting the vaccine before the government intervened and changed the policy to stop the availability of single vaccines (after all where would the industry be today with its ever increasining line up of multivacs if they hadn't done that?). Of course, it doesn't matter how many lies our health officials and pharmaceuticals companies get the media to tell about Andrew Wakefield because it is all in such a good cause, eh?



Would they lie? Wouldn't they just!


These are weasel words Jenny

but at the time of writing this there have been NO measles deaths in any recent UK so called outbreak, neither in Wales, nor in any other part of the UK. The young adult male measles case mentioned by Cia, officially died from respiratory failure, having being refused re-admission to hospital, in spite of being very ill.

The coroner returned a verdict of natural causes due to giant cell pneumonia consequential to measles: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-23135464 A man died from pneumonia after contracting measles during an outbreak of the disease in Swansea, an inquest has found.

Dr Brotto told the inquest Mr Colfer-William s was positive for measles and died from giant cell pneumonia caused by the disease.
He said: "Measles is a viral infection which doesn't kill you but it can lead to giant cell pneumonia."

He clearly died as a result of his measles infection, whether or not he had pre-existing health conditions is irrelevant, unless you are rewriting the rules for disease notification. In another report it was stated he had no recollection of having had measles vaccination, nor was their a record of vaccination in his primary care records


John life, and laboratory techniques, have moved on in the last 18 years since your 1997 quotation
During the most recent 12-month period (November 2012 to October 2013) the 30 EU/EEA countries conducting measles surveillance reported 10 678 cases.
Sixty-two percent of the cases had a positive result in a measles laboratory test (serology, virus detection, or isolation).
Of the 10 129 cases for which information on vaccination status was available, 83% were unvaccinated. In the target group for routine childhood MMR vaccination (1–4-year-olds), 81% of the cases were unvaccinated.
Three measles-related deaths were reported during the period November 2012 to October 2013, and eight cases were complicated by acute measles encephalitis.

There are numbers of confirmed cases and total notifications on the HPA website going back to 1996, of course if you are claiming that only a small % of reported cases are actually measles then that makes measles a far more dangerous disease........

John this "conversation" is a totally moving target, you just hop from one issue to the next, at least Cia had the good grace to say the tetanus/sterilization story was nonsense, but you just moved on from that with no comment.

How's about commenting on the European measles statistics & deaths, and acknowledging that yes in these statistics the majority of cases used to compile the data were from laboratory confirmed cases?

Both the Welsh & the European measles outbreaks have been controlled by MMR catch up vaccination campaigns, funny that if only a small number of these reported cases are measles? Out of interest what public health measures would you have put in place in Wales when there was 1 measles death and cases were climbing steeply?

I'm assuming that you do accept that the vast majority of cases were in people who had not received 2 MMR inoculations?

Jenny Allan

Just to clear some of the transatlantic fog, here are the official figures for THAT Welsh measles outbreak.


Welsh official laboratory confirmed measles and mumps cases:-
2013: Total for the year 327 includes adults up to age 57. Most cases recorded in April (220) and May (50)
2014: Total for the year 22 cases
2013 Total for the year 56 cases
2014 Total for the year 26 cases
(virtually all mumps cases in 15-34 age group)

I don't know where Cia got his 3 measles deaths in one UK outbreak, but at the time of writing this there have been NO measles deaths in any recent UK so called outbreak, neither in Wales, nor in any other part of the UK. The young adult male measles case mentioned by Cia, officially died from respiratory failure, having being refused re-admission to hospital, in spite of being very ill. Previously he had spent a week in hospital being treated for his severe asthma.

I've included the mumps stats for your interest. In the UK the MMR vaccine has prevented this disease in young children, only for it to infect young adults instead, when it is far more serious.

John Stone


Let's be clear, health officials were telling the press that they had 432 cases in Swansea when they only had a single confirmed case.


My understanding is that rules were different in Wales from the rest of the UK and that elsewhere it was rightly forbidden to give out notifications as actual cases, it having been established in the 90s that doctors were only making a correct diagnosis 1 in 40 times. This report in the Daily Telegraph 8 January 1997:

"London (Europe Today). – "97.5% of the times that British doctors diagnose measles they are wrong", says a publication of the Public Health Laboratory service. The mistake being made by National Health GP's was found when the services tested the saliva of more than 12,000 children who had been diagnosed as having measles. Roger Buttery, an adviser on transmissible diseases at the Cambridge and Huntingdon Health Department, said that the majority of doctors "say they can recognize measles a mile off, but we now know that this illness occurs only in 2.5% of the cases." Buttery says that doctors classify as measles, many other viruses that also cause spots. He found eight different viruses during the survey in East Anglia. One of them, parvovirus, gives symptoms similar to German measles. The reason for the high rate of error puzzled Buttery. "Doctors are neither vague nor careless," he said. The solution is to defer the diagnosis until more detailed information can be got. There are 5,000 to 6,000 cases of measles registered each year in the United Kingdom, but these findings now call most of them into doubt."

I don't know what they claimed about the final tally, but the whole exercise was conducted as a personal and political vendetta against Dr Wakefield.

Not enough lies for you? How about the UK's 12,000 annual flu deaths (only a 36,000% over-estimate)?



Dear Cia
Thank you for your comment about the covert sterilization program that never was, I do not understand the motivation of people who peddle such dangerous nonsense, no doubt it will resurface in another few years.

Re your comment on MMR most well-nourished, previously healthy children can overcome measles just fine, improve the functioning of their immune system, and get permanent immunity and the ability to protect future babies the key word is most. recent data from the outbreak in Western Europe still suggests a case fatality rate of 1 in every 3-4000
High numbers of measles cases in Europe which began in 2010 continued in 2011, with more than 30,000 cases in each of those years. Overall, with more than 30,000 cases of measles in Europe in 2011, there were 8 deaths, 27 cases of measles encephalitis, and 1,482 cases of pneumonia. Most cases were in unvaccinated (82%) or incompletely vaccinated (13%) people.

Is that fatality rate acceotable? Note only 5% of the cases had had their 2 courses of MMR vaccine.

Upsettlingly SSPE has re-emerged in this outbreak where it had virtually been eliminated prior to the outbreak, reports of SSPE from Germany include:

•a six-year-old girl who had developed measles when she was seven-months-old and too young to get an MMR vaccine. Although she was only just diagnosed in October, she is already unable to walk and talk and has to be fed via a gastric tube.
•a 13-year-old girl who died in October. It is thought that she developed measles as an infant after being exposed to an unvaccinated 11-year-old boy at her doctor's office.
•a 19-year-old boy who developed measles when he was just 6-months-old from an unvaccinated child, SSPE when he was 10, and just died from complications of SSPE in February 2014.

These are cases in Western Europe, not the 3rd world in mal-nourished people so I do not accept your comtention that
most well-nourished, previously healthy children can overcome measles just fine
I guess it depends on whether you accept "most" as 1 death in 3-4000 cases, and of course there will be 10 times that number of people left with permanent neurological sequelae after measles, for me that is unacceptable as a preventable disease.

John I cannot find the reference but from memory >50% of these reported cases had serological identification as measles

John Stone


As far as I know there was only one death associated with measles in that outbreak (the one you detailed). There was lot of lying by health-officials eliding reports with actual cases (a wholly unreliable guide). Apparently, it is alright fore health officials to lie providing they get what they want.

cia parker

I agree with you on the implausibility of the contraceptive in the tetanus vaccine, but not on what you said about thimerosal and the measles deaths in the UK. Disabling reactions to the MMR, which, as a live vaccine, never had preservative or adjuvant chemicals in it, are usually caused by vaccine encephalitis, which can be caused by any vaccine, just from the reaction of the individual immune system to the assault of the vaccine.

Three measles deaths in the UK in one outbreak are not enough to justify giving the vaccine to every child there: most well-nourished, previously healthy children can overcome measles just fine, improve the functioning of their immune system, and get permanent immunity and the ability to protect future babies. If all those benefits could be offered by a vaccine, we'd see it universally peddled and the occasional adverse reaction accepted for the greater good. One of those three measles deaths was in an adult with severe asthma and alcoholism, who, his mother said, had gotten the measles vaccine as a boy. Parents of immune-compromised children must do a lot of research before deciding whether or not to get the vaccine for their children less able to cope with natural measles than most: it is still not a reason to damage everyone for the sake of attempting to protect a few. No one should feel compelled to get any vaccine: every one can disable or kill. Parents must be taught in the case of measles the advantages of appropriate doses of vitamin A, complete bed rest, no fever reducers of any kind, and of keeping the patient quiet at home for a good three weeks after the rash appears, to permit the immune system time enough to recover and avoid the dangers of secondary infections.

cia parker

And of course it would be good to modify the existing protocol in every nation to make intravenous vitamin C the first line of treatment for tetanus and almost every other disease, toxin-mediated or otherwise. But it would need to start in the First World countries, and then be adopted in the Third World ones. Third World countries like those in Africa present special difficulties because access to intravenous vitamin C would be impossible for most to attain quickly enough to save lives, while vaccination with the tetanus vaccine can be carried out in programmed campaigns. Not that the vaccine is always safe, the mercury in it caused my MS, but it is usually safe and almost always effective, probably for at least forty years if the series is completed.

cia parker

I agree with Eindeker on this one. I don't believe there is a conspiracy to effect population control through deliberate tampering with the tetanus vaccine. That being said, it is imperative that the authorities at every level promote the use of contraception in order to control the current uncontrolled growth of the African population, which is the primary cause of almost every misery which afflicts them.

John Stone


I was making the point initially that I have no idea what was in the products or which lab reports to trust. I am aware of often being lied to.

Although I am quite addicted to Strictly Come Dancing I am aware of being mostly lied to there about anything which happens in the background but at least in that case it doesn't really matter. The trouble is that BBC news broadcasts are no longer any more reliable than SCD (and I don't watch them at all). The US equivalent btw is Dancing With The Stars, but I wonder whether it is as good.


Are you as up on your vaccine injury stats from that period? Let's talk risk benefit ratio. Except we can't do that, can we. We'd need reliable figures that we don't have because reactions aren't reliably reported because that information doesn't sit comfortably with the medical industrial complex's view of the world.

And how many future measles deaths will be caused by suppressing milder childhood infection with temporary immunity, leaving the future adult population unprotected?

How many children suffered severe brain damage or death from the medical intervention meant to protect them from tetanus?

If you want to talk reality...


Dear John
You leapt from HCG in tetanus toxoid vaccine to thiomersal/merthiolate & aluminium adjuvants in one movement worthy of "Strictly Come Dancing" (it's a popular UK TV program). By your lack of response to the original posting, that of a covert sterilization program using tetanus toxid vaccine containing HCG, do I take it that you accept that

A These results are in fact false positives due to an incorrect test procedure being used
B When the correct procedure was used there was no HCG found in the vaccine
C This is nothing but the same old rumour retold again and in the meantime 100,000's of women & babies lives have been saved from a truely horrible disease by focused vaccination of women of child bearing age in 3rd world countries?

Moving onto thiomersal (I'm British so I'll use British notation) your point would have a lot more relevance if thiomersal hadn't been almost entirely removed from the US & UK schedules and entirely from Scandanavian schedules with no discernable effect on autism incidence. I made this point previously and your only reply was "the data are too confounded to draw any conclusions" can I use your phrase cold bloodely suppressing though in this case referring no discussion of this inconvenient fact here.

Then you mention aluminium adjuvant John, you do accept that we all have Al3+ circulating in us, 24/7? Don't take my word for it, look in any text book. If you look at the literature aluminium adjuvants transiently raise the peak aluminium blood concentration by 5%, well within the bounds of normal physiological variation, a fact conveniently omitted in reviews of aluminium adjuvants by the likes of Shaw & Tomljenovic et al.

John Stone


More people here will recogise merthiolate under the name thimerosal, which no sensible person would think was a suitable ingredient to inject into humans or animals - aluminiun salts don't sound much better.

Now, how about you address the problem of cold bloodely suppressing the collateral damage of vaccines (I mentioned the whooping cough vaccine). It is the only thing which makes the program sustainable, isn't it?


@ Betty, Jenny & John
As you comment this farrago of nonsense re a covert sterilization program via tetanus vaccination appeared in the 1990's and was more than adequately answered then: The vaccines were sent to hospital laboratories and tested using pregnancy test kits which are developed for use on serum and urine specimens, and are not appropriate for a vaccine such as TT (tetanus toxoid), which contains a special preservative (merthiolate) and an adjuvant (aluminum salt.) When the vaccines were tested in laboratories which used properly validated test systems, the results clearly showed that the vaccines did not contain hCG. The results found in six laboratories in five countries on tetanus toxoid vaccines from seven manufacturers are available on request. The low levels of HCG like activity seen in some samples were the result of false positive reactions. In fact, in a laboratory in Hungary, it was shown that the sterile water supply from the local hospital gave a higher false positive level of HCG than did the TT vaccine. (Reproductive Health Matters 6 1995)

And from this year:
The controversy over the tetanus jab has deepened after one of the laboratories the Catholic Church used to test samples claimed that the church misinterpreted the results. Dr Kalebi said the vials delivered to Lancet by the church were treated as human samples and not as vaccines. “We tested these samples as we would a request to determine pregnancy”.
The hCG hormone is produced in large amounts throughout pregnancy and therefore aids in determining results of a pregnancy test. He added that it was not communicated to him and his team that the vials were a vaccine and not a human specimen.
Now can we please put this nonsense to rest, so John who do you trust?
And BTW your quote brain damage in at least 1 in 30,000 cases is incorrect the rate with the old whole cell vaccine was 1 in 310,000 (Vaccine 21 2003 Baker)

In the meantime 100,000's of mothers & babies have had their lives saved by the campaign to eliminate maternal & neonatal tetanus.

Jenny: giving you information that doesn't sit comfortably with your view of the world isn't "hate" it's called facing reality. BTW there have been 3 measles related deaths in the UK (remember the chap in S Wales??)and of course there have been over a dozen measles deaths in Western Europe in the recent outbreak of 30,000 cases, the vast majority in unvaccinated communities:
Sixty-two percent of the cases had a positive result in a measles laboratory test (serology, virus detection, or isolation). Of the 10 129 cases for which information on vaccination status was available, 83% were unvaccinated. In the target group for routine childhood MMR vaccination (1–4-year-olds), 81% of the cases were unvaccinated. Three measles-related deaths were reported during the period November 2012 to October 2013, and eight cases were complicated by acute measles encephalitis. ecdc.europa.eu/en/.../measles-rubella-monitoring-may-2013.

Betty Bona

Eindeker, your first post is misleading in that it suggests the 1970s patent was the whole story about infertility vaccines with hCG linked to the tetanus toxoid. Your next post indicates that you are familiar with a 1993 version of that type of infertility vaccine. Here are three more examples of the hCG infertility vaccine linked to tetanus toxoid.

Betsy Hartman, Director of the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College, Massachusetts, wrote an article (Population Control in the New World Order) back in 1992 mentioning such vaccines:


Here is something from a women's health group:


Here is the pub-med link to a more recent paper by Talwar from 1997 regarding an infertility vaccine with beta hCG linked to the tetanus toxoid:


The pursuit of this type of vaccine was alive and well many years after 1970. This doesn't prove that the Kenyon women are being surreptitiously vaccinated to produce anti-hCG antibodies and thus sterilized for some period of time, but it does mean that questioning the vaccines given in light of the claims by the bishops is not without merit. As evidenced by Betsy Hartman's article, some are concerned that certain groups may place so much importance on population control that the end will justify the means even if it abuses human rights. Many in Kenya believe this is the case, and an investigation is required unless we are world order bullies.

John Stone


If people don't know what to believe they certainly know they should not believe health officials. I have just found on my shelves (inherited I think from my mother) a book, 'Don't Tell the Patient' by Bill Inman, founder of the UK yellow card scheme. Message from it is quite clear: they were never certain that whooping cough vaccine was any use, that whooping cough mortality was in steep decline before the vaccine was introduced, they knew that it was causing serious brain damage in at least 1 in 30,000 cases. This was all before they introduced the accelrated schedule in 1990 when it presumably got much worse. He mentions thet Prof Gordon Stewart was the most shabbily treated doctor in his entire professional experience.

If the British government and its officials had not lied, covered up and denied everything my son would have had a life.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker accuses us:- "White Rose, Art of autism & Jenny you are potentially playing with peoples' lives whilst ignoring the dramatic reduction in neonatal and maternal tetanus because of vaccination:"

I resent the accusation we are potential murderers for raising legitimate concerns about certain vaccines, particularly since it is officially admitted vaccines are 'unavoidably unsafe' for some recipients. As I stated in my comment, it is important for such serious vaccine concerns to be properly investigated. This is the only way to reassure the public, and therefore protect vaccination programmes. This is hardly being 'anti-vaccine'.

Bill Gates accused Andrew Wakefield of being a 'babykiller', and, following the BMJ publication of Brian Deer's first (of a trilogy) article 'How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed' in January 2012, the US media storm which followed would have seen Dr Wakefield strung up tortured and lynched, had he been in front of a baying mob instead of indoor TV studio cameras. In the UK, Deer's articles were virtually ignored by a press and media advised by their lawyersDeer's BMJ articles were potentially litigious. The Sunday Times, virtually disowned Brian Deer after that disgraceful Anderson Cooper CNN interview, although Deer has written several subsequent articles for that Murdoch owned publication.

Dr Wakefield's alleged crime was alleged mass child measles deaths, due to parents not vaccinating their children with MMR vaccine, but in the UK a single measles vaccine had been part of the child vaccine schedule for 20 years prior to the introduction of MMR vaccine in 1988. Dr Wakefield merely suggested reverting to this vaccination schedule, pending further MMR vaccine safety research. The UK Government, in their wisdom (NOT), withdrew the single vaccine choice.

As for those measles child deaths, in the UK there have been TWO since MMR vaccine. Both children were unvaccinated due to serious co-morbidities, nothing to do with Dr Wakefield. In fact, Dr Wakefield's Transfer Factor (an immunology treatment) was designed to help these children. Too bad it was 'pulled' by incoming UCL Director Prof Mark Pepys, although the patent remains with the Royal Free, joined by a number of others presented by Pepys. As yet his collaboration with MMR manufacturers GSK, has produced NO dementia cure, but he has recently gone cap in hand to the UK Government to develop 'immunology cures' for diseases. It seems Wakefield, who was first to link autism and bowel disorders was ahead of his time!!

Eindeker, you and your cohorts are using the language of HATE in your attempts to suppress vaccination concerns. This endangers both the parents of vaccine damaged children and any media or professional person who dares to publicly express any vaccine concerns. This dangerous rhetoric does nothing to reassure the public about vaccine safety.


@ Betty please tell me where I'm wrong "The way you characterize the 1970s vaccine is not at all true." There is no secrecy about this, it's all in the public domain http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7683889 Just provide credible information for you assertion about HCG antibodies
@ Art of autism "The fact it may be totally resolved with a little Vitamin C? Now, that is scary." No what is really really scary is you believe what the talking head is saying rather than just checking the original literature, Cochrane reviewed this is 2013http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18425960 please note their conclusions
We included controlled trials of vitamin C as a prevention or treatment for tetanus, whether or not placebo controlled, in any language, published or unpublished....One single trial was eligible for inclusion. This non randomised, controlled, unblinded treatment trial involved 117 tetanus patients and was undertaken in Bangladesh. Vitamin C at a dosage of 1 g/day was administered intravenously alongside conventional treatment..... However, concerns about trial quality mean that this result must be interpreted with caution and vitamin C cannot be recommended as a treatment for tetanus on the basis of this evidence

White Rose, Art of autism & Jenny you are potentially playing with peoples' lives whilst ignoring the dramatic reduction in neonatal and maternal tetanus because of vaccination:
One of many success stories is that of Bangladesh,where intensified immunization activities raised the proportion of women immunized against tetanus from 4 per cent in 1986 to 90 per cent in 2001. Over the same period, the number of newborns dying of neonatal tetanus each year fell from about 40 per 1,000 live births to about 3 per 1,000 live births. Today in Bangladesh, some 12,000 newborn babies die each year from neonatal tetanus,compared with about 100,000 in the early 1980s."

From Unicef, or they yet another untrustworthy source??? I repeat where is there any credible data showing effects on fertility post immunization? There is no story here, apart from saving mother & babies lives, there is no smoking gun

Betty Bona

I'm sure you are aware of the similar controversy back in the early 1990s with women in Mexico, Nicaragua, and The Philippines. The same accusations were made then and the same response given. It is hard to find information on that controversy from the 1990s, but I believe some of the women vaccinated were later tested and found to have hCG antibodies in their blood. If that's the case, it points to a laced vaccine. Powerful groups can bury information and cause a controversy to disappear. A large sum of money was spent on the development of that anti-fertility vaccine. The way you characterize the 1970s vaccine is not at all true. I say we need to investigate and question. Our media won't do that for us, so if we want to continue to be free, we have to take over their job.

Jenny Allan

......and never forget, Bill Gates is committed to reducing world population via his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation vaccine programmes.

"The world today has 6.9 billion people and that’s headed up to about 9 billion. If we do a really great job, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” ~ Bill Gates (video here)"

Art of Autism

Eindeker, Or, maybe go for 0% death rate from tetanus with Vitamin C as the Bangladeshi study seems to suggest. The fact it may be totally resolved with a little Vitamin C? Now, that is scary.


Dear Betty
Where is there any evidence anywhere of fertility issues following tetanus toxoid vaccination? This whole sorry fiction that has been hyped by websites that should know better, it was put together by someone reading a 1970's patent that used HCG linked to tetanus toxoid to produce a possible contraceptive vaccine, the tetanus toxoid was linked to the HCG to make the HCG stimulate an immunological response and the contraceptive effect. There isn't one iota of evidence that this has been used in Kenya, the alleged levels of HCG found were orders of magnitude below that required to produce an immunological response.

What I do know Betty is that while you are doing your Questioning and investigation women in Kenya refusing the tetanus vaccine because of this total nonsense will undoubtedly die of tetanus, (& their babies). There is zero evidence of surreptitious population control via the vaccine, but there will without a shadow of doubt be deaths directly as a result of these rumours with no foundation.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker says :- "It's complete and utter rubbish, almost as good as the previous theory that thiomersal, a freely soluble material, somehow settled out giving rise to "hot" batches of vaccine."

I've never heard of any supposed controversy about the solubility (or otherwise) of thiomersal in vaccines. What IS factual is this dangerous preservative is almost 50% mercury, one of the most neurotoxic substances known to man. Ethyl or Methyl, BOTH are dangerous. However, mercury in vaccines is not the issue here. I have no idea whether or not the Kenyan tetanus vaccine contains sterilisation agents, but the widespread African concerns, particularly amongst the Roman Catholic communities, most certainly require proper independent investigation, if only to put minds at rest. Calling this "complete and utter rubbish" and "scaremongering gobbledegook" will not reassure anyone.

Betty Bona

Excuse my misspelling - that's "rationale" not "rational".

Betty Bona

Like you, I once agreed that if it was unfathomably evil, it couldn't be true. In these days with world power concentrated in a certain few that are sometimes even mysterious, it is in the best interests of our continued existence as free people to investigate this claim by the Catholic bishops. I wouldn't say it's true simply because I read the report, but your rational for calling it "nonsense" is dangerous. Every social system needs checks and balances to maintain fairness for all as much as possible, and the trend is always toward more control by the rich and powerful. Your approach gives the concentrated power block free rein to do as they please knowing they will not be questioned. Questioning and investigation is crucial to maintaining our freedom and a duty of all people who claim the benefits of a free society.


@ White Rose
Almost certainly because he doesn't want to be seen as a complete idiot. How can you believe this nonsense, just think about how big the conspiracy would need to be if this was true: multiple vaccine manufacturers, different "Kenyan" production batches different component lots, conspiracy of health ministries & what precisely would be the benefit to the vaccine manufacturers to take these risks? It's complete and utter rubbish, almost as good as the previous theory that thiomersal, a freely soluble material, somehow settled out giving rise to "hot" batches of vaccine. What is sad White Rose is that this detracts from the WHO program to eliminate maternal and neonate tetanus : http://www.who.int/immunization/diseases/MNTE_initiative/en/In 1988, WHO estimated that 787,000 newborns died of neonatal tetanus (NT)....WHO estimates that in 2010 (the latest year for which estimates are available), 58,000 newborns died from NT, a 93% reduction from the situation in the late 1980s.
Achieved by comprehensive vaccination programs and hygiene education: Between 1999 and 2013, the TT SIAs that were implemented targeted in total 161 million women of child bearing age with at least three doses of TT

That is something to be proud of, not this scaremongering gobbledegook!

White Rose

Why isn't the Pope making a statement on the Kenyan tetanus sterilisation situation ?

Anne , have you seen the Catholic press , I'm surprised you aren't highlighting any of this furore here ?

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