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Dachel Media Update: Mississippi Last in Vaccine Choice

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Nov 25, 2014, Jackson (MS) Free Press: Mississippi Last In Vaccine Choice    

While local sports enthusiasts rave that Mississippi is No. 1 in something other than obesity and teen pregnancy, the state has slid into first place in more than football in recent months. Mississippi has the highest rate of vaccinations.

But vaccination-rights activists like MaryJo Perry, co-director of Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights, claim this is not necessarily something to brag about.

Mississippi, however, has significantly fewer medical exemptions granted than surrounding states-16 in 2011

 Interesting that they would allow this mom to have this kind of coverage.  Of course the story doesn't mention the lack of liability on the part of the vaccine promoters.  I guess the message here is that WE ALL MUST VACCINATE...  too bad if your child can't handle it.  We'll still fight you on it.

"Mississippi, however, has significantly fewer medical exemptions granted than surrounding states-16 in 2011." 

"GULP" ...Sixteen medical exemptions in the whole state?  (Do they vaccinate anything that moves in MS?) 

Only one of my comments is posted on this story.

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Oh come on Bob - stop belly aching- We have this problem taken care of -- WE the PEOPLE Of the UNITED STATES set up a WHOLE Federal Government Agency to do this simple job - leave it alone - if you can't trust a federal agency who can you trust.

By the way on the Mississippi Health Department Website - they are so pleased with them selves.

They said Mississippi is dead last in everything else but we are first in getting our vaccines.

Many wrote on the site -- Maybe that is why you are dead last in everything else.

BoB Moffitt

It is infuriating to seek statistics and be left with percentages .. such as .. 100% in Mississippi or 85% in Colorado .. which means absolutely nothing unless we know "how many" children entered kindergarten that year.

Isn't it possible that 85% of children in Colorado .. outnumber 100% of children in Mississippi .. since both States do not have the same population?

In any event .. how difficult would it be to compare the almost 100% vaccination rate of kindergarten children with the rate of chronic autoimmune disorders in that State .. as compared to the same chronic autoimmune disorders in less vaccinated compliance states .. such as .. Colorado.

Yeah .. I know .. it's just "too hard" to do. I mean it is not as easy as landing a space capsule on at moving target light years away.

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