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Dachel Media Update: A Letter to Pope Francis

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

Nov 18, 2014, ABC news had the story, Pope to Meet With Autistic Kids to End Stigma. 

Pope Francis will meet with autistic children and their families in a bid to help raise awareness and end the stigma and isolation of people living with autism spectrum disorders.

The Saturday audience will cap an international conference on autism being hosted this week by the Vatican's health care office. Organizers said Tuesday it was the biggest medical conference of its kind on autism, gathering more than 650 experts from 57 countries.

The Rev. P. Augusto Chendi of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers told reporters the aim of the conference and the papal audience is to "help break the isolation, and in many cases the stigma, that surrounds people affected by autistic spectrum disorders."

While autism is increasingly diagnosed in places like the United States, where about 1 in 68 children are said to be on the spectrum, it is still largely unknown and undiagnosed elsewhere, including in the Vatican's own backyard of Italy, said Dr. Stefano Vicari, head of pediatric neuropsychiatry at the Vatican-owned Bambin Gesu hospital in Rome.. . . .

It was hard to read this.  Is the Pope really getting in line with Autism Speaks and all those who pretend that there isn't a problem with increasing numbers of neurologically disabled children?  When I read lines like "end the stigma" and "raise awareness," it sounds like April, Autism Awareness Month all over again.  "While autism is increasingly diagnosed" is a lot like no real increase, better diagnosing.  I only hope that people can make the Pope realize that children are suffering, that this is part of a huge cover-up and no one really cares. 

Here is my Open Letter to Pope Francis:

Dear Holy Father,

As a lifelong Catholic, married, raising four children--one with autism, I'm happy to see you focusing on this disorder.  I do have concerns however.  We need more than just awareness for autism.  It is unclear what you mean by "and a higher autism rate in Italy."  

Back when you were born in Argentina in 1936, autism was an unknown condition.  There simply weren't people who displayed the behaviors we've come to call autism spectrum disorder.   It should be of concern to you as head of the world's Catholics that the autism rate is always based on studies of eight year olds, not eighty year olds.  When we talk about autism, we're always talking about CHILDREN.   In other words, when we talk about autism, we're always talking about CHILDREN, and this is because it has only become epidemic in the last 2 1/2 decades.  Where are the adults?  What has the Church done for this significant population in the past?  Was there a need 20 or 30 years ago? My point is that, no, there was not a similar need 20 or 30 years ago.  Something has changed since 1990, and I am one of many who believes that it is the tripling of the U.S.'s vaccine schedule for infants and children, a schedule which includes known neurotoxins in the form of heavy metals, known carcinogens, known auto-immune triggers, animal and human viruses, animal and human DNA, antibiotics, the list goes on.  If parents were actually informed about what was being injected into their children, they would be shocked, and I believe they would not allow it.  If only there were informed consent, but there isn't.  Parents are not informed about the many risks of vaccines, including chronic illness, severe, lifelong disability, and death.  Worse, proper studies of vaccines and the U.S.'s vaccine schedule do not even exist, and therefore, true informed consent can not even be achieved.

Holy Father, millions of children with autism around the world are being neglected.  No health authorities anywhere have called autism a crisis.  A disorder with no known cause or cure is treated as a curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out.  As a prominent figure, you could call for answers.  You could ask why the definition of autism was broadened 20 years ago, yet the rate continues to increase every couple of years.  

Parents everywhere want real help for the epidemic number of sick and disabled children.   Please don't join the chorus of people who pretend that all we need is recognition and early intervention. We need someone in your position to call for an end to this Autism epidemic, which is very possible, but which those profiting from the increasingly-profitable vaccine market do not intend to allow.

Holiness, I sincerely hope you meet with children who have severe autism so that you can see just how debilitating this condition can be.  Autism is now a worldwide disaster.  Children who can't speak, are in diapers as teenagers, and are a danger to themselves and to others are being ignored.  More and more of them will be aging out of school with no provisions for care as adults.  This is the nightmare shared by autism parents everywhere: What will happen to my child when I die?  Right now, no one can show us how large numbers of autistic adults are being cared for.  The future for these children is black, because they don't exist in the adult community currently.  This is a new, manmade epidemic of iatrogenic origin and catastrophic proportions. .

I have to tell you about the huge controversy linking vaccines to autism in our children.  Countless thousands of parents in America attest to the fact that their children were born perfect and were developing normally until they were vaccinated. Suddenly they changed.  They came down with things like chronic diarrhea, seizures, and loss of learned skills (including speech).   Doctors can't explain why this happens to healthy children.  The only thing they're sure of is that it couldn't be caused by the vaccines that child just received because they have lots of studies (all with ties to the vaccine makers).  Mounting research by independent experts receives no acknowledgement, and worse, is lambasted, despite the validity of their studies and findings. 

Health officials have refused to call for a simple study looking at children who've been fully vaccinated and ones who've never been vaccinated to compare the autism rates.  It would seem to be a simple way to show once and for all that vaccines don't cause autism, as the medical community always claims. But no one will call for such a study.  It is my sincere prayer and hope that YOU would be the one to make this simple, much-needed, common-sense request.

I would also like to point out that in 2012, the Italian Court of Rimini ruled that the MMR vaccine triggered autism.   Likewise in the U.S, a federal court has recognized vaccine induced autism in over 80 cases.  Still officials continue to cover up the truth and to assure parents that vaccines don't cause autism.

Holy Father, nothing could be more urgent than what's happening to our children.  In the U.S., the number of vaccines a child receives has more than tripled since 1983 and with it a myriad of health problems.  It is now common to find children with diabetes, life-threatening allergies, seizures, bowel disease, asthma, learning problems and autism everywhere in our schools.  We have the most vaccinated children ever and some of the sickest.  and most disabled, not to mention a shamefully high infant mortality rate, despite the world's highest per-person healthcare expenditures.  Still mainstream medicine isn't concerned, or if they are, they remain silent due to industry and government pressures to support the vaccine program no matter what.  Somehow vaccines have become the sacred cow of medicine.  They like to take credit for all the autism, claiming that it's better diagnosing of a disorder that's always been around.  How can that be, since no one has ever been able to find a comparable rate among adults?  One prominent researcher, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, now predicts that at the current rate of increase, by 2025, the autism rate in the U.S. will be one in every two children. 

Please do more than ask for awareness. We've had more than two decades now of calls for recognition.  Every April around the world, prominent buildings are lit up in blue for autism.  All this does is make autism seem like a normal and acceptable part of childhood.  It's a red herring designed to downplay the more than two generations of children who have now been lost to the nightmare of autism.

Holiness, there isn't much time left for people to act.

Anne McElroy Dachel

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



Autism Speaks has a tremendous amount of influence and power and yet we have never seen them "come out" to support the 1000's of severely autistic adults who are in constant crisis due to lack of proper medical treatment. Hospitals are not equipped to deal with these severely autistic non verbal adults. They rely on antipsychotics and ativan the entire time they are in the hospital, which only worsen the behavior. Clearly, pharmaceutical companies have fallen short on offering doctors a medication that would target the areas of the brain that actively involved in triggering non stop self abuse, which leads the autistic adult to hospital in the first place. German researchers have noted that deep brain stimulation of the basal lateral portion of amygdala, when activated, show a remarkable reduction in the terrible SIB we see in autistic adults who end up in ER rooms. Yet, there is no known drug to target that area of the brain deeply involved in acute chronic self abuse. In order to get an opportunity to even do diagnostic evaluations to see what the underlying medical etiology is trigger an acute escalation of severe SIB, it's critical the SIB behavior is controlled so the patient can safely have an MRI, rule out underlying etiologies triggering the sudden onset of off baseline SIB. That's the other challenged, too many hospitals rely on old school diagnostic tests, where a non autistic person could lay still for an exam, the severely autistic person in crisis, can't even get the basic medical care needed because their behavioral is so out of control, and the more ativan the hospital relies on the worse the SIB becomes, due to ativan being one of the worst drugs to treat SIB.


As the mother of two sons with severe autism (ages30&22) I kept the vaccine controversy at arms length for the majority of their years as, I believe, a subconscious decision to protect myself from being inundated by waves of guilt, sorrow, and yes white-hot rage that I knew would engulf me if I tread that path. Once I allowed myself to embrace the brutal fact these children by and large are vaccine-injured, I found myself intolerant of other forms of deception and criminality that I kept at arms length including the sexual assault against children by clergy. Once my first born was diagnosed, I sought understanding by way of the spiritual dimension as well as the medical. The Church was my refuge in a world that marginalized and ran in horror from families such as mine. How well I remember the faces of fellow diners at a fast-food joint during a marathon wrestling match with my first born, desperately struggling not to get bit while 7-months pregnant. Many, many battle-scarred memories. Sadly autism is only part of a continuum in a war against children that includes abortion, vaccine injuries, and yes, child-trafficking. I am hanging by the most fragile of threads to the Church (robust tether to God thanks be to Our Lady) because Christ has not abandoned his church even though too many of his priests abandoned him long ago by lives of depravity. Finally, Pope Francis' history with the military junta in Argentina during the Dirty War should give anyone pause. He could very well be the greatest deception of all.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I'm afraid I am old enough to remember (from reading earlier in life; I was born after WWII) about how Pope Pius the ??? did not step forward and protest the rounding up of the Jews. We old Boomers are turning into voices crying in the wilderness. Pope Francis is a man my oldest values want to believe in. I left the Catholic church in 1967 at the age of 18, the minute I got out of "the house." My point? Watch what he does. He may be the simple holy fool who hollers out that "the emperor has no clothes," but chances are slim. Still would love to be a believer... and yes, his alignment with the Autism Speaks crowd does not bode well for faith or oldest hopes.


@Catherine. I'm with you. If I've learned anything in dealing with the low down dirty health system in this country it was to be aware, awake, and very very afraid. Autism has done that for me. I am no longer a Catholic, and haven't been for quite sometime, because of what I have come to know. Francis will be able to deviate where they will allow him to, but when it comes to this, he will walk the line. This is the sad truth. A good friend of mine didn't believe me, so I told her to call her local Archdiocese and ask questions. They ok'd the aborted fetal cell line use because they were grown on a sponge. Their words not mine. IMHO, the Bible makes it very clear that we should not be mixing DNA. Francis should know this. I do, however, applaud his efforts not to runaway when autism was mentioned to him.

Whooping but still have my brain

On this

---Which infuriated Wall Street, I think it's more likely that those stories were an attempt to Wakefield pope francis. I think and hope that he is a very good man and I have read a great deal about him. We need to get him the truth I trust he will listen with open ears.

Jeannette Bishop

If Pope Francis went along with U.S./Walstreet's agenda in the Argentinian "Dirty War..."

well, I'm wondering if we are seeing another cooperation with corporate interests?

Catholic who supports Pope Francis and refuses to reinsure her child with another vax

Thanks Anne. Literally, from your mouth to the Pope's ears. I have prayed for THAT for a long time, that he finds out about this. . .

I have to disagree with Catherine. Pope Francis speaks truth to power. However, we have to educate him about our truth. Anyone with the guts to point out the true causes of poverty, and to hold people accountable for injustice, as he has, is going to be open to hearing the issues about vaccination. I have to say that bringing my autistic son to mass and enduring the endless stares was very painful until I found a parish that reached out to us and welcomed him. I think that this is where Pope Francis is starting from. I wish --to God-- that we could have gotten some parents who could speak about this to go to this conference. Cross your fingers that they did. This is just one example of Catholics who reject vaccines for other reasons: . Bishops have twisted themselves into a pretzel and said "if you don't KNOW there is fetal cell lines in the shot, you are ethically allowed to get the shot" but if you do know you only are if not getting the vaccine would harm your child or someone else. This is a slippery ethical slope and usually the Catholic church is rigid on these things. It has made me VERY tempted to do everything I can to educate Catholics about the fetal lines in shots. Personally, it bothers me that there is DNA in some shots and we have no idea what can come of that as much as the sick cannibal like thought that they are using parts of a fetus to make a vaccine. It is wrong, simply wrong. How weird that people with politics that screamed about fetal stem cell research for paralysis etc happily pushed these vaccines on us knowing darned well they had fetal involvement. However, the fact that these vaccines are derived from fetal tissue allows me to have a religious exemption. I don't think the state would dare cross people on that line because they would then publicize it. They just quietly say 'religious exemption' without mentioning a fact that would probably get 20% of people to immediately walk away in either horror or disgust. So I am so terrified of losing that exemption that I wonder if its the best thing to publicize the quandary . . a terrible ethical quandary. Because if my son gets another shot I could lose all the ground we have made. And I will literally not get him another shot over my own dead body. So --anyhow--- once we explain that the ethical thing to do is NOT TO HARM YOUR OWN BABY, --and we show that vaccines do indeed do more harm than good--- we will be supported by any church that has not been somehow corrupted. Anyone uncorrupted is a scary thing to the vaccine people. I am curious though. DO you think that private schools and public schools get money from someone for putting "You must be vaccinated" all over their websites? I see it time and time again.


Any world figure the mainstream media fawns over as is the case with Pope Francis, should be closely investigated. As a Roman Catholic I have found some of his past comments deeply suspect. His alignment with the Autism Speaks crowd only confirms my suspicions.

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