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Answer: Not Relevant

Your-judgement-is-irrelevantYour-judgement-is-irrelevantBy Laura Hayes

Answer:  "Not Relevant."

Two very recent stories from two different moms are compelling me to write this article.  I'll start with the take-home message. If you take your child to the ER or hospital, for something other than for an adverse reaction to a vaccine, it is important that you know beforehand how you will answer one of the first questions that you will be asked by medical staff, which will be, "Is your child up to date on his/her immunizations?"  After hearing these two recent stories, I suggest you consider answering with, "Not relevant. I would like you to treat my child based on his/her symptoms versus on his/her vaccination status (and, of course, based on any other known medical issues and/or family history)."

Now, here is my rationale for that suggestion. The first mom took her son to the hospital presenting with 2 major symptoms of tetanus, which over the course of a couple days escalated to more than 10 symptoms of tetanus. Because this child happens to have an Autism diagnosis, the doctors immediately attributed (i.e. wrote off) his symptoms as resulting from "pediatric delusional behavior due to Autism" which they felt explained his spasming "behavior" (i.e. his spasms were voluntary vs. involuntary and/or medical in origin) which led to his rhabdomyolysis (the destruction of striated muscle cells).  Apparently, his Autism "behavior" also caused him to not be able to open his mouth properly or chew his food in order to consume needed calories (i.e. Lockjaw). This is not uncommon for parents who have children with Autism to have their children's symptoms, whatever they may be, written off (and often left untreated) due to their Autism diagnosis. Despite initial, and then additional, symptoms of tetanus, because he'd received his DTaP vaccines, and because his blood tests showed titers to tetanus, they refused to consider tetanus, treat for tetanus, document that he had tetanus, or report a suspected case of tetanus to the CDC...ignoring requests from his highly-educated and intelligent mother to please do a proper and reliable assessment for tetanus (a costly test which I think involves injecting the patient's blood serum into a mouse to see if it develops tetanus...not positive about the details of this diagnostic test). 

First, having been vaccinated against tetanus does not at all mean that one won't get tetanus...there are many reported cases of tetanus in the vaccinated, i.e. vaccine failure is a reality.  Furthermore, vaccine failure and waning "immunity" are the rationale for the many booster shots for the DTaP vaccine, because it is known that it doesn't always "take" and that it wears off (if you even believe that it offered any protection in the first place).  Secondly, having titers for tetanus in one's blood does not mean that one is immune to tetanus and therefore won't contract it, not at all.  There are many cases of people with high titers for a certain disease who then contract the disease, and, there are also many cases of those with no titers for a certain disease who do not contract the disease even when exposed.  Despite these known facts, and quite unbelievably, titer levels post-vaccination are how vaccine efficacy is determined!  This mother believes, and rightly so, that the doctors and the hospital do not want to believe/admit that the vaccine for tetanus doesn't work (they don't want to admit to the reality of vaccine failure), they don't want to believe/admit that one who has blood titers for a certain disease can still contract it, and they don't feel legally or morally obligated to properly test for or report this boy's probable case of tetanus to the proper authorities (i.e. to the CDC, which also doesn't want to admit to vaccine failures). The system now in place has been purposefully and shamefully designed to deny and hide vaccine failures (in addition to vaccine injuries and deaths) and to not admit them to the public.

The second case involved a mom going by ambulance with her toddler-aged son to the ER due to suspected croup which was severely affecting the boy's ability to breathe. Upon arriving at the ER, she was asked if he was up to date on his immunizations.  When the doctor learned that he had received no vaccinations to date, he said that he would then need to treat her son differently than he would treat a vaccinated child...i.e. her son would need to be tested for epiglottitis with both a chest and a neck x-ray, which apparently he would not do if her son was vaccinated. When the mom asked if they could first try the breathing treatment to see if it worked, then the x-rays if it didn't, he said no and insisted that both be done. To be clear, epiglottitis can be very serious, and should not be taken lightly.  However, both vaccinated and unvaccinated children can contract epiglottitis. Just because a child has been vaccinated (with the Hib vaccine) does not at all mean that the child cannot contract this disease. In reality, I don't see why a doctor would treat a vaccinated child versus an unvaccinated child any differently if he truly suspected epiglottitis. When the mom challenged him later regarding this, and asked him if epiglottitis only occurred in unvaccinated children, he answered, "Yes."  NOT TRUE!  If one does even a cursory look into this disease, one finds that it can result from many sources (many of which don't have an associated vaccine).  Additionally, we know that each and every vaccine has an admitted percentage rate of failure.  How ignorant and arrogant the behavior of this doctor was, and I would argue, how dangerous He is making treatment decisions based on vaccination status versus the patient's presenting symptoms (as was the doctor in the story above).  He is assuming that vaccines are 100% effective, and that the vaccinated won't contract certain illnesses.  He is assuming that unvaccinated children are more susceptible to diseases, when in fact, the very opposite may be true due to their superior immune systems and often-superior health.  

After the doctor lectured this mom with his scientifically-unfounded opinions about the dangers of not vaccinating her son, he then proceeded to threaten/bully her by saying he would then need to keep her son for a few more hours because he wasn't vaccinated (this was after her son had responded successfully to the breathing treatments and was back to breathing normally, and after the x-ray results were back). He told her that she "would need to feel the consequences of choosing not to immunize" by being made to stay longer! She then asked him if he was going to hold her hostage because she didn't vaccinate (you go, Girl!).  He responded that he wasn't holding her hostage, that he was just concerned about her unvaccinated son.  She waited one more hour to make sure her son's breathing remained steady, then left the hospital, without seeing this ignorant, arrogant doctor again.  Let's hope and pray he doesn't call CPS for "neglectful parenting" as seems to be a developing trend with regards to parents who choose (legally choose, I might add) to not vaccinate their children.  Below is an excerpt from an email I sent her:

Although you need to tread carefully with such ignorant and arrogant doctors (because it is becoming increasingly common to report non-vaccinating parents to CPS), you can always remind medical staff that vaccines are 100% elective medicine in the state of CA, meaning you can take them or leave them, as you, THE PARENT, sees fit.  Vaccines have just as many (and in my opinion, far more) dangers as the diseases for which they're targeted, and as I mentioned, they are often ineffective (and their effectiveness is lied about, as the current Merck Whistleblowers case shows, where 2 former employees of Merck are suing Merck for lying about the efficacy of the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine).  

In this second story, another option (especially when your child is having trouble breathing!) is to respond to the question "Is your child up to date with his/her immunizations?" by truthfully answering "Yes, he/she is" even if your child is not vaccinated at all, or is partially-vaccinated.  How is this truthful?  The immune system is working 24/7/365, constantly developing and refining itself in response to its environment and in an attempt to keep the body healthy.  Thus, it is indeed up to date, as in up to the second!  (Your answer could be challenged by hospital staff if they have immediate access to your child's medical records which might include your child's vaccination status, but from recent stories that I have heard, and from personal experience, once a parent answers the immunization question, the medical staff proceeds with their next question). Most important, of course, is getting the needed treatment for your child in a timely fashion, so say/do what is needed to accomplish that.  If you need to be "creative" in any way in today's tyrannical world, by all means, be creative!  It is your child, even if the nurses, doctors, hospitals, and state seem to have forgotten that very important fact.

In summary, disclosing that the child had been vaccinated negatively impacted the treatment of the first child (and the proper testing for and reporting of possible tetanus), and with regards to the second child, disclosing that the child had not been vaccinated negatively impacted the treatment he received. In either case, the child's vaccine status was not relevant to initiating timely and appropriate treatment and should not have impacted his treatment at all! Treatment in both cases should have been based on presenting symptoms (and anything else pertinent, as mentioned at the beginning), not on vaccination status.

I hope sharing these 2 mothers' recent stories with you will help you prepare for any ER/hospital visit you might need to make with your children. Reminder that if Urgent Care is an option, it might be a slightly safer bet with regards to not being reported to CPS by medical staff for not vaccinating.  Scary times in which we are living.  Hoping that you won't have any need for either the ER or the hospital.

Laura Hayes is the mother of vaccine-injured children, one of whom was diagnosed with "Autism" at age two as a result of his "routine" childhood vaccinations. It is her hope that by working to educate others about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines people will begin to demand that vaccine mandates be banned in each and every state. Additionally, she hopes to see the 1986 NCVIA repealed soon and liability for vaccine injuries and deaths returned to its rightful owners, those who manufacture and administer vaccines. She believes that if those two things were to occur, the health, development, and well-being of our children would drastically improve.



cia parker

I read that even in states like Miss and W Virginia, you can file a statement as a conscientious objector to vaccines. Does anyone know anything about that avenue?


Get an exemption. When they ask if you are up to date, mention the exemption. End of story. Won't work in Mississippi or West Virginia.


I totally agree the second doctor did a disservice to his patients by not treating vaccinated and unvaccinated children similarly! But his disservice is really to the vaccinated children he fails to X-ray given those circumstances.

I am the mother of two vaccine damaged children. My third is completely unvaccinated. She also developed severe croup and we ended up at the ER. The ER doctor gave Racemic Epi and then did the X-rays. And thank goodness he did. My daughter did have Epiglottitis. The reason for doing the X-ray to diagnose the Epiglottitis is to determine whether the child has to be intubated so they can breath. Without the X-ray, you can't tell if the airway is compromised. In our case, the racemic epi worked enough (and by some miracle, they "allowed" me to give her a dose of homeopathic remedy) so that they did not intubate her before transporting her 45 minutes to a bigger hospital with a children's ward. But, if the epi and remedy hadn't worked, who knows what would have happened. Hers was swollen bigger than my thumb. I try to avoid X-rays as much as possible but in this case, I was glad they did it.

I researched this afterwards and found Hib was indicated as the leading cause of Epiglottitis (97% of cases in one large study). It has also been reduced significantly supposedly since implementing the Hib vaccine. I take that with a grain of salt and it does not change my decision to not vaccinate my child. But given this, vaccination status in this case appears relevant as an unvaccinated child would then have a higher chance of having epiglottitis than a vaccinated one. In the case above, if the x-ray had been forgone and the child did have epiglottitis, there may have been a very different outcome.

However, Epiglottitis can also be caused by Strep, a virus, or even burning your throat with a hot drink! So it still doesn't excuse the doctor treating his patients differently or how he treated the mom after the fact.

The next time my daughter had croup, it did not go as well at the ER. The (different) doctor was dismissive, wouldn't listen to me when I said she was sensitive to meds, and was a complete jerk. Her x-ray this time came back completely clear and she responded immediately to the racemic epi but then had a reaction to it (severe pain and burning in her eyes). He wouldn't believe she was having a reaction to the racemic epi until I insisted the nurse print out the possible adverse reactions to it. Then he wanted to give her Dexamethasone, a steroid 25 times more potent than cortisol and 5 times more than Prednisone. Her breathing was completely better at that point and I respectfully asked why we couldn't just wait and watch. He said because Dexamethasone was the ONLY treatment protocol for croup at which point he told me "this conversation is over and you can either give her the shot or be dismissed for non-compliance." I said dismiss us. He got mad and walked out. Once again, one size fits all medicine is not in the best interest of the child!

We've had several run-ins with ER doctors with our children with vaccine damage. "Above all, do no harm" is a nice catch phrase but hardly a mantra these days.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you all for your comments. The advice in the post and in the comments is invaluable. You have included very valuable information and I want to spread this helpful information. My eldest child is now 46 and is alive partly because, at the age of 23,I refused to be intimidated by a gray haired authority figure in a white coat. I have white hair now, and I have a 13 year old grandson who has a religious exemption in the state we live in. You have empowering advice here -- creativity is a good thing.


Hi Mom of first child, I hope your child recovers soon, and I applaud your focus and determination to identify what is wrong.
One thing that struck me from your comments that might be worth looking into; what medications/anaesthetic agents were given during the two eye surgeries?
it might be interesting to see what side effects, common or rare, those medications can produce, since it seems you linked the procedures with a worsening of symptoms? Just something that you might want to look into. Our family has a mutation on the MTHFR gene and we react badly to all kinds of medicines.

Teresa Conrick


This is so relevant for how the microbiome is connected to our kids and their symptoms. We must keep pushng this to doctors and research. Excellent, Mom of the 1st child, that you are pushing for testing, CDC acknowledgement and future help for other kids. Ellen was so smart for seeing these connections. Here is an older link about this information. God speed to us all.


Karen Woytowitz

Every time I take my son (age 15 youngest of 3 boys) to the pediatric endocrinologist (he is being treated for growth hormone deficiency), I am asked if he had the flu shot. I should probably answer yes, but I have always just found it easier to be honest in the long run. It is not relevant to his condition whether or not he gets the influenza vaccine, and my response is always followed by a disapproving stare and short lecture about the safety of vaccines. Except that they aren't. I lost a son in January to multiple immune mediated illnesses, and my second son struggles with ADD and asthma. We don't vaccinate anymore, and it is our business, and ours alone.


Dear Mom of the 1st Child,
I am so sorry for what your son has gone through and hope for a quick recovery. I wanted to mention that Dr. Suzanne Humphries talks about tetanus in her lecture series recently put online. From the youtube description:

"The first full part of four contains information about tetanus. Dr Humphries speaks on the disease, how it works, how to deal with it and the history of tetanus."


Birgit Calhoun

In the days when my youngest son was about 9 years old (1979), the emergency personnel was not as fixated regarding vaccines. But the above story reminds me of what happened to my son Erik.

Our family had gone to Lake County (Ca.) during the Christmas vacations. It was very cold there, and he got very sick on that trip, with vomiting and diarrhea etc. But he was recovering and he went back to school when school started.

About half way through the school day the school nurse phoned and said Erik was sick. The schoolbus was bringing him home. When he got home he was unable to walk from the bus to the house. This was serious. We placed him on his bed and he was starting to arch back and his head went as far back as it would go. His legs were crossed. His feet were pointed. His arms were drawn to his body. He also started foaming at the mouth. This was frightening. We called up emergency and they said to come in.

We arrived with Erik, and they went through blood testing and all kinds of other procedures. Because Erik did not talk, and he was mentally handicapped, he surely had epilepsy. I tried to tell them that this was not the case, but they didn't want to hear it.

They started and IV drip that included phenobarbital for the "epilepsy".

The bood tests would take a while before the results came in. Erik's state got worse and worse.

A few hours later the tests came back. Erik did not have epilepsy. He had tetany. He had very dangerously low levels of potassium at 1.6 mEQ. An adult would die with that low a level. They actually were honest enough to tell us that giving him an IV with phenobarbital was exactly the wrong thing to do because the saline without minerals made his potassium level even lower. The phenobarbital was counter-indicated as well becaue it would make his tetany worse.

As soon as they found out about the potassium deficiency, Erik was giventhe right kind of mineral supplemetation. Erik was in intensive care fof several days. During that time developed Kawasaki syndrome which was a very new syndrome at the time.

Erik had to stay in the hospital for total of six weeks.

The reason why I bring up all this is because things are not always what they seem to be. Tetanus is not tetany, and it is wise to know whether it is a seizure or lock-jaw or something else. Erik's potassium level must have been on the low side already. But with the vomiting etc. his potassium level had become critically low. The body posture and the foaming and so on was tetany.

Regarding the above statement, I agree completely. It is irrelevant whether the child has been vaccinated. It is really a good idea to treat the symptoms at the emergency room and not assume things that are not there.

Jeannette Bishop

It's unspeakably frustrating to see one possibly vaccine injured, injured without informed consent of the risks of the procedure, and simultaneously at increased risk for further injury because of false beliefs in the efficacy of the same suspect vaccines.

Also, to see the profession at times determined to make the "unvaccinated are more at risk" shoe fit, even to the detriment of patients.

They must be conscious at some level, or several, that their attitude and actions themselves are evidence that the official narrative may be more contrived than realistic.

Mom of the 1st child

I’m the mom of the first case. On Monday, my pediatrician and I conferenced with the CMO (chief medical officer) where he conceded that there must be an underlying diagnosis that they have so far missed. In essence, he agreed that pediatric delusions in an autistic child cannot account for the severity of the rhabdomyolysis, back bending spasms so severe they broke 7 posterior ribs and were resistant to multiple drips and boluses of Benzos, opioids, etc forcing them to paralyze my son for 6 days, and abnormal ECGs and wide swings in BP and HR (autonomic instability) prior to and during paralyzation. Panels on the Lumbar puncture CSF, MRI, EEG, blood work up for bone metabolism and metabolic disorder, and assessments by neurologists have ruled out any other likely diagnoses and failed to come up with a diagnosis. Tetanus fits all of these plus the lock jaw and several other more minor symptoms my son had. Still, I am pursuing to get insurance to cover genetic testing for dystonias (which could partially fit some but not all of the presentation) where I am confident these will all be ruled out. Also, I need to come up with $950 to ship and $866 to test a 2.5 ml frozen serum specimen collected by the hospital 2 days after onset of lockjaw and bone breaking spasms to the Belgium lab that published an in vivo mouse tetanus toxin assay. All this to ensure that the appropriate and correct tetanus diagnosis is recorded and reported to the CDC. Not just for my son’s ongoing health, but for others like him. I know of 6 others with children who have had spasms/headache/jaw pain-feeding problem episodes that may be subclinical presentation of tetanus of an intestinal (colon) origin. My son suffered from leg spasms and gait problems with headache and teeth pain for many weeks before developing rhabdomyolysis with full blown generalized tetanus spasms. We think it started and was persisting in his gut (per the Medical Hypothesis “Autism and C. tetani” published by E. Bolte), and subsequently “escaped/invaded” during the stress of an eye surgery 10 days before he was admitted to the hospital for treatment of rhabdomyolysis. The eye surgery itself could be the initiating “puncture wound” --but the fact he had weeks of leg spasms before the eye surgery suggests an intestinal origin which the medical literature supports. Up until June before the spasms took over his quality of life, he attended regular 4th grade ed with a 1:1 RPM trained aide and was very active, including mountain biking 10 miles with ease. After the onset of severe symptoms in early August, it took him 8 weeks to regain >95% function (the expected timeline for the inhibitory synapses degraded by tetanus toxin to repair) before a second eye surgery partially knocked him back to about 50% of function due to more headache, teeth pain, and spasms of the torso. He improved some after a few weeks until we started a round of antibiotics (specifically intending to kill clostridia in the gut) which again knocked him back again to 50% a couple of week ago. He is about 75% “back” now. Function is interrupted by episodes of painful spasms in the torso plus teeth and head pain—he is no longer having the spasms in the legs/feet but having them in the torso isn’t much better even though he has better control of his legs (walking) during his torso spasms. In summary, until we can alter the terrain and microbiome composition of his gut, I fear he will continue to be susceptible to subclinical/localized spasms and headaches. We will be restarting IVIG, which we had done for several years before discontinuing in December 2013, as a way to try to maintain gut health. And in the meantime, if I can get the tetanus diagnosis confirmed and reported, I hope to get his case published in the medical literature to bring more awareness that the diagnosis is being missed because, as it has already been reported many times before yet subsequently ignored by most doctors, not even adequate toxoid titers are 100% protective against tetanus.

Angus Files

And when it all goes wrong, blame the parents...SIDS,MSBP,etc..

Sir Roy Meadow said soooo..


Laura Hayes


Excellent advice! Like you, I advise parents to NEVER sign ANYTHING to which they don't agree, which includes the wording on the vaccine exemption affidavits of many states. I suggest to parents here in CA to simply cut off the self-incriminating affidavit section of our new PBE form, write their own affidavit on a separate sheet of paper, and staple it to the rest of the exemption form (perfectly legal). I also suggest that they use a black Sharpie to cross off anything and everything to which they don't agree on the actual vaccine exemption part, such as what the state of CA defines religious beliefs to be if they are going to check that box, but don't agree with the highly-restrictive and discriminatory wording created by the CA Dept. of Public Health (in the U.S., we do not/should not have to define or defend our religious beliefs, per the First Amendment, and most especially with regards to the risk-carrying medical procedure of vaccination, and someone is going to need to do a legal challenge of the highly-restrictive and discriminatory language that is now on the new CA PBE form next to the Religious Beliefs box), and I also suggest that next to the Receipt of Information part they write in that they received this information, but that they do not agree with it. And definitely do not sign any vaccine exemption form created by the AAP or your doctor...they are some of the very worst I have seen, they open up the parent to vast liability, and by signing would then have the parent agreeing to lie after lie about vaccines.

Thank you again, Danchi, for providing some extremely helpful suggestions for parents so they can be prepared in advance for any trips to the ER/hospital.


So far, my statement that we have had everything we need has worked for us. I know with the new healthcare system this won't work for much longer. Our info will soon be tattooed on our foreheads. Not up to date...Unclean....etc.


Excellent advice, Laura!

I certainly hope that parents take this issue seriously. Just because something is an outrageous assault of parental rights and authority, doesn't mean it won't happen.

Parents need to be aware, and plan accordingly.


I had a nurse at an ER check in whisper to me, " Good for you!" when I informed her we didn't vaccinate.



I don't think parents can ever approach an ER visit or Pediatrician visit the way it was back in the day. Concern for the health and well being of your child has given way to bonuses and maintaing allegiance in the old boy club. Parents need to develop a ER/Ped kit to have on hand in case they need to to make an ER/Ped run.
-Pull up a copy of your states vaccine exemption form.
-READ IT THOROUGHLY before you sign it. Many states have changed this form over the last couple of years and now it includes language stating the parent who refuses to vaccinated will take responsibility for any child that develops a vaccine preventable disease as a result of the parent not vaccinating their child. DON'T SIGN THIS! There is no law that states you can not create you own vaccination exemption form and there are examples here: http://www.vaclib.org/exemption.htm. Take the time to research thoroughly this information. I would go so far to to create a cover letter stating you are providing this document in lieu of the Refusal Form which you feel is bias and inflammatory. Have it notarized which will give them pause to try and copy, cut and paste it to make changes.
-Make copies of all studies that confirm that vaccines are not 100% effective and highlight specific statements. Copies from PubMed, CDC are more persuasive.
-Make copies of vaccine vials inserts and highlight all adverse reactions.
-If you leave a copy with the ER/Ped office have someone sign a statement confirming they have received a copy. Make sure you create a word/works file of all of this so you can update when appropriate so you don't have to start from scratch when you do find it necessary to see the Doc. If your child visit the Ped or goes to the ER often, have several copies on hand to grab and go.
-If you have access to a lawyer, have him/her create a statement stating as per your state law the vaccine exemption form is a legal exemption provided by the state. This is just to demonstrate to whoever is gripping about your child not being vaccinated that you have legal representation. It may give them pause and hopefully they will back off.
-Many Doctors have power & control issues. They use intimidation as often as they use a stethoscope. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated. If possible, always have another adult accompany you to an ER/Ped visit. Discreetly have them video the visit. Make backup copies of the visit. The only way this sort of ER/Ped visits are going to stop is if they are exposed to the populace. People don't know this is going on. Exposure is always effective. Send a copy to your state representative to show that state laws are being violated. If enough people have videos of this a website could be created like Rate the MD's. Just a thought.

***At all times you need to be prepared.


I "lied" to a physician about my daughter being up to date on her vaccinations once when she was being seen for a serious medical issue totally unrelated to infectious diseases. He came back with a resident and my daughter's state immunization record, which I didn't know existed. He proceeded to try to teach the resident how to handle the situation. I kept repeating I would discuss it with her PCP, who is supportive of our stance, and never went back to him. He was so hostile about her vaccine status that we could not have worked together.

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