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A Letter on How To Educate Your Pediatrician on the Ramifications of the CDC Whistleblower on His/Her Practice

LetterWe invite you to share this letter with your pediatrian, who is probably unaware of the OGI complaint regarding the CDC vaccine whistleblower.  Thank you to Autism Media Channel for sharing.

On October 14, 2014, a complaint was filed with the Office of Research Integrity and the relevant authority at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As a result of this Complaint, there may be serious legal consequences going
forward as pertaining to clients in your practice or place of business.

This notice calls for your immediate attention to scientific misconduct at theNational Immunization Program of the CDC. Full details of this misconduct,
confirmed in a public statement by CDC Senior Scientist and co-author of the
science in question, Dr. William Thompson, can be found at  http://media.wix.com/ugd/b3aa2b_da6435ff9a2144d6aa3358fec58550af.pdf.       

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the above misconduct and to
make you aware that CDC scientists identified and concealed statisticallysignificant data that showed causal associations between MMR vaccinationtiming and autism risk in specific subgroups of children.

At a minimum, informed consent for the administration of MMR vaccinations
should include a detailed reference to the above noted Complaint and/or copyof the Complaint itself to the parents of prospective recipients of the MMRvaccine.


Parents for Ethical Research



Not sure where to post this. Just watched this excellent hour long documentary on flouride. It ties in the synergistic effects of lead, mercury and flouride and also explains that blacks and hispanics absorb more lead than whites because of genetics (blacks more than hispanics). I wonder if the flouridation of Atlanta's water has made the black babies there more susceptible to autism after vaccination. I believe Atlanta's water is flouridated. Boyd Haley is featured among others talking about the harmful effect of flouride and of our vaccine program.

Among the many points made is that one can't avoid flouride by buying bottled water. It is absorbed by the skin while bathing and is in many products including juices made from concentrate, beer, etc.

Sallie O. Elkordy

I have gone mainstream with the TV show, "AUTISM: VACCINE INJURY" in Queens and Manhattan in NYC. I will send a copy of this program to anyone who likewise can get it aired. Here is 10 minutes of this hour long program starring Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Polly Tommey, myself and others: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205129470661675. While all of us educate people in many different ways, I have found that airing television programs on public access is the most successful successful effort I have made because I am reaching the vastly misinformed television viewers, and many of them. People now welcome my approaching them in the streets in an effort to educate them about vaccines, which is new. You can also start a television program locally anywhere in the USA if you research your public access stations. I recommend doing this to expedite the awakening crucial to our success. As Polly says in the interview, in 2025 (just 10 years from now), 1 in 2 children will be Autistic and that you will either be a carer or autistic. This is daunting to say the least. The next airing in NYC is on Monday, Dec. 29th at 3pm on MNN Channel 2. If you live in Manhattan, please tune in. Contact me here if you wish more information on how to start your own TV show. I yearn to get as many people on mainstream media as possible to stop the shot. :) Sallie O. Elkordy ~ Contact: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sallie-O-Elkordy-for-NYC-Public-Advocate/587347554614900

Julie Leonardo

Eli-jay, my advice would be to NOT ever set foot in that practice again. And a week or two later is not sufficient time in my opinion for your child to recover. You dont have to have ANY shot right now. At this point, just take a break from vaccinating and do some more research. Go to vaxtruth.org or nvic.org and bone up on vaccines and your rights. In the meantime, if you can go to another local practice, maybe a family practice, natural minded practice or D.O., you may have better luck avoiding vaccines. That way, you can get medical care without the pressure. Maybe someone else can chime in on what to do legally about the doctor's lie.
As for your kids, I highly recommend going to tacanow.org (autism), wellnessmama.com or westonaprice.org in order to get information on how to heal your child and boost the immune system. I am so sorry you experienced this. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Many of my friends and acquaintence tells me that when their kid started having trouble they left the ped office and went to regular, old time doctors. That these doctors let them out of the shots and even told them yeah -- they should never have any more.

Foolish me - did not do that. Oh how I wish I knew enough at the time to do that.

J. Bishop for Eli-jay

My daughter had developmental delays and problems following and throughout her infant vaccines and only really started making slow progress between her 18 month vaccines and 4 yr boosters (a period where she had no vaccinations). She had a major regression after her 4 yr boosters, starting approximately 10 days after. This was not an immediate, but gradual event with a worsening or return of past symptoms and also developing symptoms I had not seen prior. She had MMR and all her other vaccine boosters at once. I don't know which vaccine(s) was/were problematic.

My personal recommendation is to find out what vaccination exemptions are available in your state (NVIC.org is a good resource) and find a pediatrician that respects your choices. You are almost certain to not get full information on vaccine risks and limitations as far as they are known from your pediatrician, but it sounds to me like you need someone who at least is aware there are problems. I also recommend you document your son's current health and developmental level and any regressions if unfortunately something like that occurs. If any problems follow, a VAERS report should (but may not) be filed by the pediatrician. Also, I believe one or two weeks is not outside of the official adverse reaction window (which may not be an adequate guide itself) of the MMR. I don't see how a pediatrician sincere about minimizing risk to your son (which may not be possible without taking an exemption) would introduce further vaccinations so shortly after.


oh yeah btw.. He has an appointment to get his other shots in a week or two.. Im really upset and need to let the doctor know that i am aware that he lied to me about the whistleblower story,to get my son vaccinated.. AHHH im so upset at myself at the same time. cause i really didnt have all the information i needed before coming into the pediatrician's office that day.. I just thought it would be ok to not want to vaccinate my son that day if i didnt want to..


I need some serious advice... I went to my son's pediatrician to get a yearly check-up and of course he's 4 years old and its time for those mega vaccines// I told the front desk that i did not want my son to get his vaccines , because i had some concerns about my son not being the same child after he got his mega shots when he was 2 years old, and is getting evaluated by child find services to see if he is within the autisim spectrum.. Front desk informed the doctor . only for the doctor to have the staff tell me, that he will not see my child unless he gets vaccinated... I told the staff that i did not want my child getting all those shots at once ..That i had gotten the information about the whistleblower Dr. Thompson. I went ahead and told them that if he could just give him 2 shots then Id come back and give him the rest of the shots.. so the doctor agreed to see my son.. When the doctor came in to do a check up.. All he did was tell me how there are no problems with vaccines and that the story of the Whistleblower was a farse and that the Doctor that came up with the story wasnt even a doctor... ??? My sons pediatrician went ahead and gave my son his chicken pox vaccine and an MMR!!! Why did this doctor not want to talk to me about my concerns for my son? He did everything possible to get me in and out of the office as soon as he could.. when i left the office i started searching for information about The whistlerblower story being a farse, only to find NOTHING about what my son's pediatrician claimed, I only found stories of Dr. thompson and what was going around and how the mass media didnt wont put this story on the news.. whAT DO I DO NOW.? is a doctor allowed to lie .. Im really upset.. I really didnt want my son vaccinated again until he got check out for autism. My sons pediatrician after vaccinating him with an mmr then gives me a referral to a neurologist to get my son checked out.. Does this even make any sense??

John Stone

Hi Steffi,

Yes, that seems to be pretty much the universal experience.

Steffi Thormann

I see :( I'm not froom the US but trust the public media mechanisms are just working to maintain the system! Yesterday, in German TV, there was a programme called: Vaccination - no, thank you! However, it was all about pro vaccine, with not even a little room of discussion! I haven't got my child vaccinated so far, but you cannot imagine the pressure which is put on me by my husband's family, who regard me as kind of schizophrenic who is neglecting these "divine gifts" of modern medicine!!!!


Go Public;

It is public - Oh the main stream news -- You mean the same new channels that have to give a bit of air time for lots of money to drug companies tell us about wonderful it will all be if we go on their brain shrinking depression drugs.


But Senator Posey does have 1000s of pages of stuff that a whistle blower brought out with him fomr the bowels of Hell - the CDC .

I wrote my kid's peds for years about the update of my kids health. They already darn well know.

I think they need to be in the new black -- Orange -- too.

Pediatricians let us not only divide people's body parts up into each specialist heart, lungs, kidneys, GI, brain -- but let us further carve us out a niche on a patient's age.

John Stone

Hi Steffi,

As you see the complaint is public. Unfortunately, the mainstream media can be relied on by their pharmaceutical sponsors not to report it.


Steffi Thormann

Hello all, I am new to this forum and read with a lot of interest about this letter and the complaint. My questiion is, since I didn't find anything in the main stream news, are you planning to go public about this coomplaint? - Keep up the goood work!

Dan Burns


This is a real letter. Please feel free to use it as a template, adapt as appropriate, and send it to your neighborhood vaccine provider.

Dear Kroger Pharmacy,

My son, Benjamin Burns, age 28, is a long-term customer. Your pharmacists have been part of our team as my family has sought to deal with the after-effects of the vaccine damage Benjamin suffered as a child.

You may be interested to learn that researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found statistically significant associations between the age of first Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination (MMR) and the onset of regressive autism. Over the objections of a senior CDC scientist, the evidence was suppressed. See https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/film-exposes-massive-us-governmental-fraud

On October 14, 2014, my friends at Parents for Ethical Research filed a complaint with the U.S. Office of Research Integrity alleging CDC fraud. You can read the complaint in full at http://tinyurl.com/mzunqu5

I note that Kroger Pharmacies are equipped to administer the MMR as part of your overseas “vaccinations made easy” program. In view consequences of the complaint, including possible legal consequences, you might want to consider the risks and ethics of continuing to provide the MMR as part of your overseas immunization service. At a minimum, to protect yourselves and your customers, you could include a reference to this complaint in your informed consent. If you have questions, you can seek clarification from me, or from the CDC.

K Brandt

I advise 1 step further:
Provide this information to all doctors, clinics and all companies that dispense flu vaccinations. Do it via certified, return receipt requested mail. Cite the Certified Mail # in the letter. Hold onto the documents and make available said evidence to any future vaccine damaged victim of that practice that the practice/pharmacy/grocery-store was informed of and [presumably] failed to convey such potential of harm to said victim. And let the sharks circle the chum. May they be pounded into penury the way every parent of every vaccine-damaged child was.
No prisoners. Since the parents of vaccine damaged kids don't get to retire, they don't.
Question: Why did vaccines cause so much expensive damage prior to VICP that VICP was enacted but were "perfectly safe" thereafter?
Answer: Safety is only for everybody on the other side of the needle.

Tami G

if you are going to print and send this to your local doctor or pediatrician, then instead of that 68-character link above, you would want to either attach the entire 34 page complaint, OR use a tiny url . I created one- here's that in case: http://tinyurl.com/mzunqu5

John Stone


I note Andy has just offered an explanation of the letter. From my point of view I had no part in its authorship. Surely people could and should make their own versions according to their own situation, if they think they can. There is plainly a legal issue (which could be pointed out in friendly ways to friendly people). The CDC lied and a formal complaint has been made. The estimable Christopher Foyle would advise tact where possible but not deference to non-legal authority (anything but that).


Andy Wakefield

Concerned by the legal ramifications of Dr. Thompson's disclosures and the existence of a formal Complaint, vaccine providers (not just pediatricians) should, if they have any sense, seek clarification from the CDC. This forces CDC to take a position on the Complaint, a document that is in the CDC's possession and downloadable at autismmediachannel.com. Please get this notice, as written above, to all vaccine providers in your respective neighborhoods.

Dan Burns

John, thank you for the clarification. Is this letter an attempt to intimidate? If it were to go out over my signature to Ben's clinicians, some of when have been my friends and colleagues for twenty years, I would need to know in advance: what are the "serious legal consequences" alluded to? I'd like to know the details so I could offer friendly advice. If the consequences are more imagined (or hoped for) than real, I'd have to ask ... what would Christopher Foyle (Foyle's War) make of a letter like this?

Hope my intention is not misunderstood. Truly, just trying to clear a path so I can help.

John Stone

Hi Dan,

I think you mistaken the context: it is template letter for any citizens who wish avail themselves of it. They could say they were "parents for ethical research" or thy could just sign their name(s).



Dan Burns

What is "Parents for Ethical Research"? Nothing on their website under "About Us" or "Contact Us."


Love this,what a great idea.

White Rose

I should add I wasnt going to be anywhere near as polite or diplomatic as this template has led me to be .

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that .

Can I still give them a "blasting" ?

White Rose

Done - funnily enough I was in the middle of doing my own maverick version of this anyway .

Roll on the Protests !


We could really make a difference with this letter. The doctors office would have a hard time pleading ignorance. There are surely some forward thinking doctors that would have to consider the implications

#Hearthiswell on Facebook put up a link to the pdf version of this letter as well. I'm going to start my mail out in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. .. 10 to 20 doctors offices.

Imagine the difference this could make if we all did it.

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