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Dr. Paul Wang Has Turned Autism Speaks into the CDC's Lapdog

Will Tyrants and Kings Test the Ebola Vaccine?

MD Ebola vax ad

I'm a Bruce Springsteen fan.  After 9/11, his album "The Rising" took on many of the political challenges of the day - including personal responsibility from those who demanded sacrifice from others.   The song was called "The Last to Die, " the lyrics go like this:

Who'll be the last to die for a mistake
The last to die for a mistake
Whose blood will spill, whose heart will break
Who'll be the last to die

Who'll be the last to die for a mistake
The last to die for a mistake
Darlin' will tyrants and kings fall to the same fate
Strung up at your city gates
And you're the last to die for a mistake

Well now that we have been properly scared to death over Ebola - there is a vaccine trial underway in Maryland.  I don't want anyone to die. Who does?  But there are tyrants and "kings" telling us what to do regarding vaccination, without a care for what our kids have already endured. What our families have endured. Protect the herd is their mantra.  I would like to know if the tyrants and kings (and queens) of pro-vaccination are lining up to test this vaccine, so that the rest of us can safely avoid Ebola infection.   My list would include Seth Mnookin, Paul Offit, Nancy Snyderman, Art Caplan, Alison Singer, Dorit Reiss, Amy Pisani, Rosalyn Carter (wait, she's over 65, nevermind),  Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Elizabeth Cohen, Anderson Cooper... feel free to add to the list in the comments.  

Wouldn't that be a powerful way for them to convince the American public to take vaccines? Line up, bring their family members, prove their worth to the herd like Sneetches on their way to earn their stars upon thars.

Someone has to test the vaccine.  Should it just be poor people who need a few dollars? Or those who have made a career of denigrating vaccine safety and choice advocates like most of us?  Put your arm where your mouth is - or something like that.




The (cough) fine team that "treated" Justine Pelletier at Boston Children's. All of them.


Most definetly EVERY PEDIATRICIAN who is a drug pusher
AND says vaccines are completely safe!

just another autism mom

I like this game. I nominate Lisa Randall.
Although since autism in our children is "genetic" ;) she may be another case of anecdotal post-vaccination autoimmune disorder development.

Donna Lynn

CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth "vaccines do not cause autism " Cohen

Jeannette Bishop

Anyone developing and hoping to sell or promote the vaccine should be happy to take it first.

If there ever was a disease that begged the question why some develop immunity after exposure without symptom, I think this would be the disease.


I guess ebola is similar to HIV and so maybe the recent HIV vaccine debacle may give us a preview about the supposed ebola vaccine. In the HIV vaccine trial they found that not only did the vaccine not prevent HIV but it conditioned the immune system to be more vulnerable to HIV. So now they are out there looking for those that got the vaccine rather than the placebo because vaccinated have a greater lifetime chance of getting HIV. And this reminds me of the Whooping cough vaccine that seems to make those vaccinated more vulnerable to another strain of whooping cough. And the flu vaccine that makes the vaccinated more vulnerable to a flu pandemic with a novel flu virus. In other words, they (the lunatics) may rush this vaccine to the market to stave off the epidemic but it might not work. Those that will get the vaccine will be medical personnel on the front line of defense... why would they offer it to those of us who they have repeatedly said are in no danger of getting the virus. Ohhh I forgot about all those viruses and diseases we vaccinate against where the possibility for getting the virus is almost nil like the Hib vaccine for newborns in mothers without hepatitis B, and the diphtheria vaccine (wasn't that disease raging in the fox holes of WWI? ) So I guess that the potential of getting an illness isn't too much consideration when it comes to getting a vaccine....Unfortunately.


Not only on the same day, but a couple in each limb on the same day, so they get to experience 4 sore limbs, the way babies do.

More questions.

Questioning in Canada today on why Canada sold the Ebola vaccine for a mere 200,000 to USA. Apparently it was a WHO decision?


The abusive shills at Slate, Mother Jones, Daily Kos, etc... these "alternate news" outlets are no better than the corporate MSM.

Read foreign press...


Yes, I agree-on the same day.

Donna L.
Absolutely, Bill Gates & MELINDA GATES.

cia parker

I think the lemmings will just have to take the Ebola vaccine if they really want it, and from the paranoia of the last few weeks, I'm sure a lot will, and then we'll see how reactive it is and have ammunition to use against it. It won't be mandated since there's no Ebola here unless you nurse someone infected with it in West Africa.


But, if this select group were to receive the vaccine, the data would show only how sociopaths react to the vaccine, data which might not be applicable to those not also suffering from the disease of chronic soullessness.

Donna L.

Bill Gates.


"But first.....I'd like to have them get up to date on their adult vaccines:"

Not first, on the same day. Catch them all up on the same day that they take the test dose of the Ebola vaccine.


Can we give Rosalyn Carter a pass? Wasn't she unaware yet well-intentioned, with no conflict$ of interest?

Or is there proof she knew evidence of vaccine harm?


Add to the list please:
Every single Pro-vaccine apologist, every single pro-vaccine website owner that mocks, minimizes and demeans those who want vaccine choice or are completely against vaccination, Amanda Peet, Jo Frost, every medical Dr. who is a paid shill for the pharmaceutical industry, Mike Stevens, EVERY SINGLE PAID INTERNET TROLL THAT IS EMPLOYED BY THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, everyone at the Daily Beast, the loser Russell Saunders (not his real name-he won't reveal it) who writes for the Daily Beast all the abusive and repugnant articles that demean vaccine choice. I'm sure there are others worthy of being the "test subjects". But first.....I'd like to have them get up to date on their adult vaccines:

Test it on the war criminals

How could you forget David Gorski?

And I would include the entire membership of "Voices For Vaccines" as well as their scientific advisory board.


The Omniscient Ones> Coleen Boyle and Julie Gerberding


Rosalyn Carter (wait, she's over 65, nevermind)
Why not Rosalyn? Afterall, the elderly are prime targets for all those flu and pneumonia and shingles shots. Add one more.

More vaccine testers

Re. Adding to the list: Paul Szoldra (Chili's petition) and Ivan Oranski should also help test the Ebola vaccine. Maybe Megyn Kelly, too. And of course lilady.


The doctor that cut the cancer off my husband's face - served in the military - THE GULF WAR.

When it came time to receive his anthrax vaccine -- he tells me this as my husband is waking up - out in the hall way --

His family with a lot of doctors in it asked if he was going to take the vaccine, and he said "Hell No!"

So, he tells the guy that gives the vaccine --the med tech, that when it comes his turn - he will lower his pants, the tech will aim the needle to the floor and put the vaccine on the floor -- and he will yell out -- Ouch - grab his rear end in pain, pull up his pants and go along his merry way.

I don't blame him of course - well sort of -- ut - nothing he can do but protect himself -- they all cannot be Dr. Wakefields.

As far as vaccinations go - I would imagine that the Mr. and Mrs Bush the elder, who both came down with Graves disease --and later Mr. Bush, parkinson was brought on by all the fine medical care they received as first family -- all thos wonderful, yearly flu vaccines/DTaP/ect.

Too bad they the Bushes just could not catch on that it was the vaccines - So that means to me it is not the top political leaders we are talking about here, but the top medical people -- you know the ones that call their pregnant, ready to deliver daughter-in-law from a top secret medical meeting from the lovely Simpsonwood resort to warn these young parents.

Anne McElroy Dachel

"Financial compensation will be provided"

So who will be the test subjects? Answer: THE POOR.

Why aren't they testing this at the Med School at the U of MD? Surely future doctors would want to be the first to sign up.

Jill Fenech

Don't forget Brian Deer and Fiona Godlee.


If Tyrants and Kings do line up, they will have their own separate line, and their own separate vaccine, blinded from the public, it will contain the placebo (a real one).

Oy Vey! Not again...

I would add Lawrence O. Gostin, Esq. (strong proponent of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Acts that have arisen in most states, and PREP Act writer) to the list for sure, along with Dr. Gregory Poland, who does clinical studies of vaccine adjuvants on adults and children. Then I would add in all of our elected representatives at the state and national level who do not believe their constituents or their children should be permitted to have philosophical or religious exemptions to vaccination, and who are actively attempting to take those exemption rights away. I would think that should provide more than enough test subjects for the ebola vaccines in development. Don't you?

But, let's not forget those who think participation in vaccine clinical trials should be mandated, like authors Suzanne Sheehy, and Joel Meyer:

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

John Stone

E Cal

Yes, we need "clarity" here - Ronan should be first.

John Stone

No doubt they will suddenly find powerful reasons why children in orphanages need to be the first to benefit.

E. Cal

Don't forget Ronan Farrow.

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