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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

As the walls close in on the bogus claim that vaccines don’t cause autism, the latest trick of the vaccine injury deniers seems to be calling it something else.

So we’ve got idiopathic autism (meaning cause unknown). Secondary autism (meaning triggered by some acceptable environmental factor, like valproic acid, in the womb). Regressive autism (like, we just didn’t notice it before). Autistic-like features due to some genetic vulnerability merely triggered by vaccination (like, mito disorder). And even vaccination that results in autism but doesn’t cause it.

And now comes “isolated” autism. This charming term popped up in the William Thompson whistleblower investigation. One of the stated purposes of the 2004 study he has renounced was to look for “isolated” autism as a risk of earlier MMR administration – “isolated” being a subset defined by the paper’s authors as “those with autism and without comorbid developmental disabilities.”

According to the powerful fraud complaint filed this week with the HHS Office of Research Integrity, the research did in fact turn up a link with “isolated” autism, just as it did with black males, but both findings were suppressed.

Reading the description of “isolated” autism brought to mind those hoary days of yore, lo a decade ago now, when I looked into the rate of autism among ye olde Amish. Much time and effort has gone into debunking my humble anecdotal observation – which was, and is, that in this group with a documented lower vaccination rate, there appeared to be less autism.

One of the debunkers, Autism News Beat, no friend of this site, did me an accidental favor. Mr. News Beat reported that Dr. Kevin Strauss, a pediatrician at the Clinic For Special Children in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, told him “the idea that the Amish do not vaccinate their children is untrue,” something I never claimed anyway.

Then came the beauty part: “Strauss said the clinic treats ‘syndromic autism,’ where autism is part of a more complicated clinical spectrum that can include mental retardation, chromosomal abnormalities, unusual facial features, and short stature, as well as Fragile X syndrome. ‘We see quite a few Amish children with Fragile X,’ he said.

“Strauss said he doesn’t see ‘idiopathic autism’ at the clinic, which he defines as children with average or above average IQs who display autistic behavior. ‘My personal experience is we don’t see a lot of Amish children with idiopathic autism,’ Strauss said. ‘It doesn’t mean they don’t exist, only that we aren’t seeing them at the clinic.’”

In other words, all those Amish kids whose autism can’t be explained as part of a genetic spectrum present from birth – where the hell are they? They sure aren’t hard to find in the rest of the country.

Idiopathic autism. Isolated autism. Same difference. That’s because there’s a low rate of autism in otherwise typical children who are not inflicted with the CDC’s bloated infant vaccine schedule. There’s a high rate of autism in previously typical children who are.

That’s why the CDC had to change the rules – their protocol -- in the middle of the game – their 2004 study –- to flee from the data showing a higher rate of autism. Remember, there is not supposed to be any cause-and-effect between vaccination and autism, ever, under any circumstances. Not for a particular vaccine, or the timing of the vaccine, or the group that receives it. So signals like the ones suppressed in the CDC study are far more significant than “subgroups.” This isn’t supposed to happen to any child, anywhere. If it does … well, if it does, then vaccines cause autism.

Which, of course, they do.

And speaking of nutty nomenclature, Lou Conte and Wayne Rohde wrote a great piece for AOA this month on a new law review article on the vaccine court’s miserable performance. In the Omnibus Autism Proceedings, the judges had said vaccine-induced autism couldn’t happen (six impossible things before breakfast, etcetera).  But get this quote that the authors of the law review article got from David Bowman, a spokesman for the Health Resources and Services Administration:

The court "has not compensated any cases based upon autism alone in the absence of sudden serious brain illness after vaccination," he wrote in an email.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Our whole argument is that serious brain illness – encephalopathy, about which vaccine manufacturers warn in their official product labels – leads to the behavioral syndrome called “autism.” So how is compensating autism following “sudden serious brain illness after vaccination” supposed to be a complete defense? It’s actually a signed and dated confession.

So, to summarize:

“Isolated” autism is not isolated – in any sense of the term, since about 1 in 68 kids in this country have it.  Thanks to William Thompson, we know on-time vaccination is a big risk.

“Idiopathic” autism (cause unknown) is not idiopathic. It doesn’t seem to show up in less vaccinated groups.

Autistic-like features following vaccination in a child with a mitochondrial anomaly does indeed add up to vaccine-induced autism.

Brain damage from vaccination that leads to autism is, in fact, vaccine-induced autism.

When are some of the smarter and more independent members of Congress, the medical profession and the mainstream media going to get with it here? Now would be good.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Eileen Nicole Simon

Encephalopathy is the cause of autism. Functional MRI has shown under-connectivity in the language circuits of the cerebral cortex. Diminished brainstem volume and abnormalities of the cerebellum have been reported for more than 40 years (in PubMed lookup: autism brainstem).

The “neurodiversity” idea of autism is the result of a euphemistic redefinition of the characteristics of autism: (1) Developmental language disorder, (2) Choreo-athetoid movement disorder, and (3) Diminished level of consciousness. Ideas like “social-communication disorder” and “restricted repetitive movements” demand more rigorous definitions in neurological terms.

Encephalopathy is caused by prenatal exposure to valproic acid (in PubMed lookup: Kulesza Lukose). The encephalopathy of autism is also caused by prenatal rubella infection and prenatal exposure to alcohol. The encephalopathy of autism is also part of the encephalopathy of genetic disorders like PKU, adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency, fragile-X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, and myriad recently discovered copy-number-variant (CNV) and single-nucleotide-variant (SNV) conditions.

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy at birth affects the brainstem auditory pathway and the basal ganglia, which can explain the triad of characteristics that define autism. Complications at birth have been reported more often than any other etiological factor in autism. Asphyxia plus jaundice causes a condition called kernicterus. Injection of synthetic vitamin K at birth was identified as a cause of kernicterus in the 1940s and 50s. Has this been forgotten? In PubMed lookup: Robertson AF, for his 3 papers on errors in neonatology. All three can be downloaded without charge.

Encephalopathy can also be caused by vaccinations. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded compensation for cases of encephalopathy, and autism is clearly often part of the encephalopathy. Vaccination is not the cause of all autism. Finding the encephalopathy of autism should be the priority. Then the contribution of vaccination to this encephalopathy will become clear, and the ides of "neurodiversity" will become irrelevant.


"The encephalopathy and its variations will at some point be fully described. Ridiculous ideas like “neurodiversity” will then go away. "

Sadly, I really don't think it will because the concept of autism is changing.

Here's a recent article in the Daily Mail:

'I've always felt like an outsider': Caroline Hearst's autism was only diagnosed at the age of 55

I think if Caroline Hearst's condition is autism then most people would conclude that autism has always been around and that it has nothing to do with brain damage - which is one of the reasons we face such opposition especially from newly-diagnosed adults.

The problem with Ms Hearst is that since her diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome in 2009, she has been very busy raising awareness about autism. She runs a website Autism Matters and has a blog; she was a member of the New Zealand Government Advisory Group on Autism in 2010 providing advice to senior government officials; she presented at Autscape in 2012, and has become "an autism trainer, focused on delivering training from an informed insider". She is also an activist in the Neurodiversity Movement:

Aspects of autism and neurodiversity

Autism - Ordinary or Extraordinary

"It is frequently stated that only 15% of adult autistics are in full time employment; I think this figure is misleading because many working autistics, often found in high-level and well paid jobs, are undiagnosed. Or they might have been refused a diagnosis by a professional who, like Baron Cohen, would “withhold the diagnosis” If someone with the traits of autism appeared to be managing their life. An article in the Guardian last year began with a photo with the caption “In the UK, 77% of those with autism are still, as adults, relying on their parents for support.” Clearly this sort of (mis) information would be frightening to any parent whose child just received an autism diagnosis. "

Where does the idea come from that many undiagnosed autistics are often found in high-level and well paid jobs? And how does one get through to someone who knows all about autism because he or she has it? As time goes by and the message of adult activists with their newly-discovered condition spreads it's becoming increasingly difficult to combat their ideas, especially when self-advocates are advising government agencies and influencing the IACC. See Jim Moody's comment here:


Do these people really know what autism is, or do they only know about the condition they have?


Thanks for writing this - I so wish anyone in the mainstream would pick up on any of this and report it - all i tell people about this and they just look at me with a ? on their face - even some pepole with children who are on the spectrum......

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dan. I don't think there's more needed to simply spell out the vaccine-autism reality.

I'll just add this, for anyone interested, not really focused on autism, but I think Dr. Humphries is very "with it" on vaccination, and I found this interview pretty informative:



Skiing accidents don't cause the inability to walk without crutches, except if a leg is broken, in which case the broken leg caused the mobility impairment; the skiing accident did not cause the mobility impairment.

Shell Tzorfas

Though I dislike math and have Dyscalculia.. here is an algebraic reference that I have been working on..1c x80V=A (One child) x 80 Vaccines=Autism.

Shell Tzorfas

The fact that Fragile X, Short stature, and Chromosonal anamolies are being identified as a part of Autism now is the very reason that pharmaceutical corporations get away with funding research into the bogus genetic theories that include how we have always had autism. They need to be separated the way Down's Syndrome is. They are renaming these groups as "Syndromic Autism??" This must stop! The funding goes into Universities, Ivy League schools and other arenas to simply fool the communities. This is how they indoctrinate young minds. It is then published in The TIMES, Wall Street Journal,and Forbes- They are all strictly Pro-vaccine regardless of the amount of seizures, Autism, Diabetes, SIDS, and deaths that are adding up=way more than the harm of most childhood illnesses. It is a closed circle spinning a web in today's society. In addition there are different sects of Amish. Some vaccinate while other sects never do. I know this for sure because in 2009 I met and spoke with a sect that did vaccinate. 1 in 6 US children now have Developmental Disabilities and this began once the US protected vaccine makers from being sued in regular courts. Kids went from around 5 or 6 vaccines to more than 80. We now have the first generation of chronically ill children beginning to age out of the school system and unable to take care of themselves. What will happen when their parents age out? Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."

Angus Files

The mirage,all the journo-shills fail to articulate, is that mysteriously, we all have the same story of a sort, to tell usually decline after vaccination .We all live thousands of miles apart from one another,we have never met,but according to the shills(and friends) we all have been "duped" by any and all of our brave Drs who have dared to report what they see in our very sick, dying ,and dead, children/adults.

Thanks Dan, my head is doing that much shaking these days in disbelief of the pharma denial, that when I die, I am coming back as a nodding dog in the back window of someone's car....nod nod nod .


Another Cassandra

At some time in the mid/late 90s the term "acquired autism" was replaced by "regressive autism". What led to this change? Why did this change take place? When exactly did it take place? How was this carried out (and by whom)? Where is the first reference? Who was involved in the change? All these questions need answering by someone who can navigate the heavier medical journals and their archives; sadly, this is beyond my experience/capabilities.

N.B. Acknowledgement to Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936, Nobel Prize for Literature 1907.

"I Keep six honest serving-men/(They taught me all I knew);/Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who".

Eileen Nicole Simon

Any adult who has lost language is disabled. Any child who never acquired language is disabled. Language disability is the result of neurological impairment, encephalopathy. Adult aphasia is most often associated with damage in the left frontal lobe (Broca's area) or left temporal lobe (Wernicke's area). Functional MRI indicates incomplete maturation of these brain areas in autistic subjects.

What impairs maturation??? I have tried here and elsewhere to point out that damage of nuclei in the brainstem auditory pathway around the time of birth disrupts postnatal maturation (myelin formation) of the cerebral cortex. Brainstem encephalopathy is not repaired by "plasticity."

The auditory system has higher metabolic needs than any other area of the brain. Also, damage of midbrain nuclei in the auditory pathway leads to loss of speech comprehension in adults. I provided literature citations (evidence) of this in a presentation I made at the IACC meeting held in November 2008. See http://iacc.hhs.gov/events/2008/slides_eileen_simon_112108.pdf page 5.

Autism is a neurological disorder. Incomplete language development, stereotyped movement disorder, and diminished level of consciousness are its major manifestations. The underlying encephalopathy has many causes (fragile X, tuberous sclerosis, prenatal infection, postnatal jaundice, asphyxia at birth, and more). The encephalopathy and its variations will at some point be fully described. Ridiculous ideas like “neurodiversity” will then go away.

Anne J.

Excellent summary! I do think more people are beginning to see through all the "denials".
I place as much blame on the mainstream media as I do on the CDC. If journalists were doing their job, the autism-vaccine connection would have been exposed several decades ago ("watchdogs" my a--!). If the public was being told the truth, they would be horrified. Most journalists should hang their heads in complete shame! No one with half a brain places much stock in anything they write anymore, if it's in a mainstream publication. I believe their lack of coverage on the CDC Whistleblower story will come back to haunt them.

Laura Bellefontaine

Can the public start asking questions? I feel they pay no attention since they believe anti-vaxers are unjustified in their decisions. Look it up!

Laura Hayes

Excellent summation of the current state of things, Dan. Apparently, there is a way to try to deny any and all truth, no matter how obvious it is. The bummer for the Vaccine Injury Deniers is that the truth will continue to bubble to the surface, no matter how they try to quash it, and it will resonate with those looking for the truth...like parents who must make vaccination decisions for their children.

Let's all keep saying it, rather, let's SHOUT IT from the rooftops:

VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM...and a whole lot more.

And, here's a message we all need to be sending to our Members of Congress:


Donna L.

Ugh. It makes me sick to think that this entire epidemic might have been avoided if only the first few cases had been correctly - and publicly - labeled "sudden serious brain illness after vaccination" rather than "autism."



So why is Congress surprised at a poor performance by CDC in health promotion? They have been demonstrating pure incompetence regarding autism.

Maurine Meleck

And we shouldn't forget "crock of shit" autism-those that are diagnosed with autism to get services but don't really have it.

And "idiot doctor syndrome" autism-doctors who previously couldn't recognize autism but now somehow can recognize it
through a process called "idiopathic brain transformation."

Dan Burns

What about "idiopathic ignorance," a contagious disorder suffered by pathetic idiots who host news shows?

BoB Moffitt

"When are some of the smarter and more independent members of Congress, the medical profession and the mainstream media going to get with it here?"

When they finally receive mandated treatment .. for "isolated indifference" .. which the people recognize as a journalistic or political disorder .. rather than a medical disorder.

As far as I know .. the only treatment for political "isolated indifference" is to vote those suffering same .. out of office.

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