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Weekly Wrap: Epidemics, Fast and Slow

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

We knew this was coming: “Imagine cities, countries, and entire continents ravaged by Ebola-like outbreaks, with millions dying in the streets from crippling, incurable, and fatal diseases,” someone named Eliyahu Federman writes over at Fox News. “That is what the world looked like before the middle of the last century - before the widespread use and development of vaccines that eradicated these diseases.”

And of course the return of this pestilence is all on Jenny McCarthy: “Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy are scaring parents out of vaccinating their children, spreading misinformation and promoting conspiracy theories, such as the long-disproved claim that vaccines cause autism.”

Conflating death in the streets with reasonable concern that vaccines cause autism is really pushing Ebola NY Postit, wouldn’t you say? The fact is that an effective response to a rapidly spreading epidemic – Ebola in Africa – is completely consistent with taking action to end a slower but no less damaging one in America – autism and other disorders caused by the bloated and out-of-control CDC childhood immunization schedule.

And isn’t it interesting how the CDC has ended up on the wrong side of both? Its stewardship of the response to the arrival of Ebola on our shores has been so messed up that President Obama just appointed a lawyer – a lawyer, not a doctor! – to run things from here on. As far as I can tell he has zero background in public health whatsoever. What a relief.

I thought only medical professionals were qualified to make decisions about such things as disease control and prevention. But maybe not – maybe they let infectious people on planes, don’t provide effective protection to the help (aka nurses), don’t “scramble the jets” when they really do need scrambling (Ebola), and do scramble them when they don’t (chickenpox, influenza, rotavirus, etc).

Rather than demonstrating the bankruptcy of concern over vaccination policies, Ebola points to the bungling of the people who are in charge of those policies.

Now, whether a vaccine for Ebola would be a good thing or not, the fact is there is't one. What we’re seeing at the moment is the importance (and, unfortunately, the failure) of common sense public health measures – quarantining the infected, getting basic sanitation and safe water and health infrastructures into the developing world, and finding not just preventives, but treatment. Using the blood of people who’ve survived Ebola to treat people fighting infection is an old idea – the diphtheria toxin-antitoxin was derived from the blood of infected horses. But it works!

Taking advantage of Ebola to claim once again that vaccines don't cause autism – when the fact is, vaccines do cause autism – is really quite unpleasant, not to mention irrelevant. We have to retain the ability to prevent and respond to urgent outbreaks like Ebola along with the slower-moving kind. It’s taken 25 years of a bloated and corrupt vaccine policy, but half the kids in this country now suffer from some kind of neurodevelopmental or chronic condition.

That’s what's killing us, not Ebola.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism


Jeannette Bishop


I want to hope it's just PC-ness. I'm very sorry things are so tough for your daughter (and you). I've heard this rumor that all of our income tax goes to pay interest on some ancient debts that are always rolled over, never payed off, so I guess I would say that part for you is just as well (and maybe why our government works so hard to maintain happy profitable corporate tax-payers), but all the quantitative easing (money generation) and money generation for government debt continually subtracts value from our little paper dollars, so don't despair! We all get to contribute when our food prices and other expenses go up!

So, maybe "national security" means our "leaders" feel more secure when we're distracted by crises like ebola! Though it's probably not that simple...


Well, the Czar is politically correct - has played by the rules.

Sit there and discuss populations need to be addressed.
Sit there and talks about third world African and Asian populations needs to have some of the pie.
Sits there and talks about -- must not forget climate change --- formally knowns as global warming till the American people caught the EPA lying through their teeth.

Meanwhile the little woman sits there and shakes her head in a very agreeable way.

Such a sweet couple -- of course they need to be appointed to some kind of government job. I am so glad to support them with my tax dollars.

By the way since I have had to support my daughter this year from the vaccine injury that lead to too many mood shifitng -- bipolar -- I will not be donating too much to them. Just saying, I hope he hangs on to his law practice.

Jeannette Bishop

To me this makes a similar kind of sense as saying autism is a growing public health "concern" and then acting as if you are concerned most about not inadvertently improving anything.



So if our new ebola czar views the top leadership challenge as "continuing growing population"--which Kissinger identified earlier in a classified report, National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200, as the greatest threat to "national security," ...

so all this makes complete sense, I'm sure, once you understand the definitions of "national security" and "public health" which are what exactly?

Godfrey Wyl

@david m burd:

"If the past is any guide, using an experimental cytotoxic, antiviral drug on sick patients is the true recipe for a quick demise of the patient. The experimental antiviral drug brincidofovir was given to Thomas Eric Duncan; guess what? He then died soon thereafter."

I have already commented on brincidofovir. To that, I would add that Ashoka Mukpo was also treated with the drug and seems to be doing quite well. Neither positive nor negative effects can truly be inferred on this basis.

Another experimental antiviral, favipiravir, was used in the case of Teresa Romero, who has preliminarily tested negative. This drug has no cytotoxicity against human cells.

Godfrey Wyl


"-VERY IMPORTANT: ALL Hemorrhagic fever viruses (all strains of Ebola, Marburgs etc…) are actually very fragile virus particles that need a very specific environment to survive for even a short time. The virus doesn’t not live very long outside of a human or animal host."

Marburg virus can remain viable for four to five days in dried blood.

"ALL Hemorrhagic viruses require extreme heat and humidity to survive, they literally die very quickly when they are exposed to air conditioning."

Two examples that this is incorrect are Argentine hemorrhagic fever and hemorrhagic hantavirus disease, both of which afflict temperate climes.


Cia: I posit that pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic medicines can all be shown in more specific ways now to contribute to forms of malnutrition that f*** up the body and the immune system and genetics, making people and animals susceptible to microbes, which themselves may also be forced into virulence, which animals and people must then adjust to again. Before that, there may not have been pesticides and modern toxic synthetic medicines, but there were certainly heavy metals that may have been associated, for instance, with mining precious metals and maybe tool making.
And even without those and before that, there was certainly more traditional malnutrition in cultures stemming from the advent of agriculture dependent on grains, and grain storage and grain transport, and the rodent and insect infestations that would have gone hand in hand with that. We know that humans don't have the ability to digest grains in the way that would make their minerals and vitamins wholly bio-available and that a grain dependent diet would come with it's own microbiome shifts that could have also added another vector for nutrient deficiency, because we know now that certain microbes help digestion and nutrient production and others hinder it.

The manmade problems are not always deliberate, but they are still manmade and we have the knowledge now to avoid making the same mistakes and succumbing to the same mythical fears they spur over and over again.



A quick google search shows Klains' wife Monica is a lawyer for National Geographic. I believe their lawyers have acted aggressively with any who speak against their direction.

Jeannette Bishop

The whole czars for this, that, and everything else is a big "why is that even a political 'plus' to have a CZAR" thing for me in general, but maybe I'm really not in touch with the political mainstream. One minute I'm afraid we live under the fourth Reich, and the next, the USSA (maybe it's both) and not enough are concerned enough, but I guess we could have gotten an IACC-like committee instead.

Wait, czars don't form committees do they? I really have no idea what they do... but then it might be pretty scary if they did do more than that.

"As far as I can tell he has zero background in public health whatsoever. What a relief." I'm thinking this was in some way sarcasm, but aimed at the CDC/pharma complex or all concerned?

Ron Klain's appointment makes a lot of people really unhappy here:


Our government should act as seriously as the fear they've promoted (assuming the press isn't driving the cart) to keep both the media and government credibility propped up (and maybe save a few lives, I don't know), never mind what shutting down travel and applying quarantine does to the financial prospects (or is it the global control agenda) held by a few apparently never-well-enough-off corporate shareholders.

Some pretty smart people I'm aware of are speculating the powers that shouldn't be want to set up global health initiatives that will rule our "healthcare" choices even more, because the response to this seems to be aiming to demonstrate we need planetary rulers to step in and take charge. I'm left to desperately hope they are just selling a vaccine or just distracting people from noticing the CDC behind-the-curtain, but I'm pretty susceptible to vaccine injury & autism in the USA myopia.

Jeannette Bishop

I don't know if this technology is as accurate as claimed, but if the FDA were more enthusiastic, I'd be more dubious (ok, in reality both the FDA's reluctance and DOD reliance makes me dubious, but it might be helpful to understand more about this testing method):


Could it hurt to let hospitals already in possession of the technology apply it perhaps as a preliminary test for ebola with that understanding? I can see problems in that such efforts might possibly cast doubt on officials claims made here or on official claims made overseas, but otherwise, wouldn't having more than one test give us more information?

Angus Files

For sure, Pharma have a vaccine for everything, but none of them work...



Yes, it has been a simultaneously underwhelming and yet over the top response. One gets the impression hat they want you to be terrified, yet not so terrified that something sensible like containing the borders (flight restriction) be considered. In other words, once again it seems like its about the money.
This new Czar apponted byObama having worked for that pharmaceutical company law firm makes me even more suspicious of their motives and handling of the Ebola situation. In any case, the American public is rightfully learning more about how corrupt some of these "health" agencies are. Unbelievable that the CDC would spend 25 million on bonuses since 2007, especially it being a government agency.
This may have been an attempt at distraction from the Whistleblower but has backfired on them and badly.

cia parker

But there have been epidemics and pandemics for thousands of years, beginning with people settling down in one place to farm, raise animals, and start villages, towns, and cities. Diseases that started in animals adapted to humans as a result of humans living in close proximity to their farm animals, even in the same room. I went to open air museums in Europe at which some homes had the animals on the other side of a door from the main room with the fireplace for cooking. Pandemics like the bubonic plague stretching from China all the way across to the British Isles occurred many centuries ago, when no pesticides or industrial chemicals were in use. The Spanish pandemic flu started in animals too, probably geese and pigs, mutating the way influenza viruses do to take hold in humans,and killed millions. Every human alive in 1918 subsequently had antibodies to that H1N1 flu, even those who had not had a clinical case.

We remember those terrible plagues that killed so many so quickly, especially children in the case of many of them. (The Spanish flu left children and elders relatively unscathed, because, as a new disease, like Ebola, no one's immune system had any defenses to it, and the frenzied attempts of vigorous, mature immune systems to combat it led to a higher death rate in healthy, well-nourished young adults in the prime of life, killed by their lungs filling up with fluid that caused pneumonia or asphyxiated them.

Viruses (and many bacteria) are always going to find a way to propagate, and will mutate and change looking for a way to propagate and spread just as a natural law. There seems to have been a change around 1976 that let the virus in wild animals (and it may or may not have been new in them at that time) take hold in humans when the humans consumed it in undercooked meat. Pesticides are bad, and do worsen many conditions, but the viruses would be present and very dangerous regardless.

I think fear of disease is a survival mechanism, but trying to deny that there would be fearsome, deadly diseases if people gave up modern perversions like exposure to heavy metals and pesticides is a mistake. This fear is what has allowed the perversion of vaccines to get so far, the longing for reassurance that if you buy into their promise you'll be protected. Sometimes you will be, sometimes you won't, but you'll pay the piper for sure in many other disabling or deadly ways. But it's mistaken as well to think that if we turn away from perversions like pesticides and industrial chemicals, then we'll be safe. And mistaken to think that good nutrition would be enough to keep us safe. It improves our odds, but is not always enough to prevent disease.

The people in the Ebola zone are in a bad situation, the result of many factors, some in their hands and some out of it. The population of Africa has tripled in recent decades, and, unfortunately, epidemic disease is one of the natural mechamisms for reducing unsustainable populations of malnourished people. The tropics are a terrible area for human habitation, most crops and domestic animals cannot thrive there, or often survive at all. The number of debilitating tropical disaases that are endemic there is great, the number of people weakened by them, attempting to survive in crowded conditions is huge.

All these are reasons why they are so affected by this. There aren't enough hospital beds for even a fraction of the sick, so most people are nursed at home, giving the disease to their families, and their infected waste is not treated. Many are bribing the Red Cross safe burial squads in order to perform traditional burial rituals which cause many to be infected. These are all factos which have led to their tragic situation, and factors which do not apply outside Africa, where the disease is not going to take hold since it is not airborne and we do not live in these conditions.



Huh? I understand that bats may harbor an ebola virus. All animals and humans harbor viruses. Bats are not new to the earth, though, and neither are people.

Show me the research that proves that the general population in West Africa hadn't already adjusted to the ebola virus and that the general population doesn't/didn't manage it well prior to the 60s and 70s. And prove to me that animal vaccination campaigns in the area did not contribute to more virulent strains of diseases in animals that bats might of bitten.

Know what is new in the areas over there since the 60s? Pesticides, heavy metal poisoning in the water from mining, and vaccines. Not so different from AoA's previous discussion about heavy metal influence on the polio microbe as far as geography, seriousness of reaction, and personal susceptability are concerned, and heavy metals and vaccine effects on families with autism.

The ones dying from ebola are the same ones succumbing to autism: those whose immune systems and genetics have been altered by the trifecta of industries built of man's greed: pesticides (chemicals), heavy metals (mining) & vaccines (patent-able medicines).

Disease, epidemics, pandemics? They are manmade. Don't shoot the winged messenger.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Dan Olmsted. As always, you are a voice of reason in the dumbed down atmosphere of what passes for "news" these days.

david m burd

If the past is any guide, using an experimental cytotoxic, antiviral drug on sick patients is the true recipe for a quick demise of the patient. The experimental antiviral drug brincidofovir was given to Thomas Eric Duncan; guess what? He then died soon thereafter. From what? Kidney failure perhaps CAUSED by brincidofovir? All the public is fed is fear mongering and no real medical facts about the supposed ebola patients. Were the hyped fatalities in Africa ACTUALLY from ebola, or from the myriad other rampant diseases common to the African region? Here's a PR blurb about "brincidofovir" from its maker Chimerix in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Chimerix also says it plans to partner with global authorities to provide emergency access to the drug, apart from the clinical trials. Those requests must be made by doctors. The Chimerix drug has already been provided for emergency access in at least two cases. Health professionals identified those individuals as Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died last week at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, TX, and freelance journalist Ashoka Mukpo, who is being treated at Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE.

Brincidofovir is still experimental and is not yet approved by the FDA to treat any viral infections. The drug is based on Gilead Science’s (NASDAQ: GILD) injectable antiviral cidofovir (Vistide). Like the Gilead drug, brincidofovir works by interfering with the process by which viruses make copies of themselves. But cidofovir has also been linked to higher risks of kidney damage. What Chimerix has done with brincidofovir is attach cidofovir to lipids. That makes the drug absorbable in the gut, which in turn makes development of the compound in a tablet form possible. The lipids also mitigate the risk of toxic effects on the kidneys from the drug.

david m burd

Godfrey Wyl, thank you for providing a good belly laugh! I have a bridge or two here in Virginia I will sell you -- at half price!


What a nation of feeble little weirdos we've become. Like Gerhardt Hapsburg in that 30 Rock episode.


I think you mean, what gullible little weirdos we've become.

Its sad actually, that people who had measles as children a few decades ago… now fear it as adults. Heck most of them even fear mumps and chicken pox now. It makes no sense.

How can anyone believe what the media is saying about Ebola, after the fake scares they created over SARS, bird flu, the swine flu…..

These guys exist to create fear, because scared people will accept whatever solution you offer to make the fear go away.

And the soon to be offered solution for the fear that's being manufactured, is a large scale rollout of an ebola vaccine.


Hey Zed --- "More is not always better, better is better". Meanwhile two nurses comes down with Ebola.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm thinking Liberia likely has strategic and/or resource value that some want to use the U.S. military to obtain/secure. They've been coming up with reasons to intervene and establish military presence in various locations on the African continent for some time. "Build hospitals" and maybe stay to provide vaccines/treatments after? Maybe stay forever, or at least until private contractors can take over military function like in Iraq?

I wonder if bringing the missionaries home was to give the impression the west had better means to deal with ebola here and make it seem plausible we needed to take our tech/know-how there on a "humanitarian" mission. Those missionaries survived and despite concern no one seemed to develop ebola from the CDC's unprecedented and according to some illegal move. Maybe they planned to bring ebola, on screen or for real, to the U.S. also all along, but the first official case came after the CDC whistleblower, and that man dies, as far as we know, after exposing hundreds, and I can't tell if they want us to think that was or wasn't the CDC's fault, but I suspect we were supposed to blame Duncan (who was only a plane ride away and wasn't completely forthcoming about his exposure to ebola). And the media that was trying to tell us that that whistleblower thing we might have been hearing about wasn't anything to pay attention to, probably feels it can safely ignore the vaccine-autism issue at least for a while (though maybe the CDC whistleblower thing wasn't much a factor in any of this). To me it's all so irrationally an over-the-top and simultaneously underwhelming a response, so I'm speculating based on what is actually being done so far, and I'm a little apprehensive to see to solutions an ebola "czar" and others come up with now.


The more I read on Ebola, the more I am sure it is a psy-op. The latest scare tactic is the virus has aerosolized-meaning it's gone airborne like the Flu. From my research this "mutation" is based on one study that hasn't be duplicated. Remember all the Wakefield trolls chanting the mantra that Wakefield's study has never been duplicated, well this Ebola air borne study hasn't be replicated. However it has been elevated to the status of "Gospel" to the point it has terrorized people. But this is the point right? Terrorizing the populace to the point where they will accept any drug or VACCINE the government offers them. Isn't this what happened during the so called 1918 Flu Pandemic? When the military men were returning home from Spain after the end of WWI the vaccine makers (government) found themselves with a surplus of vaccines. Brilliant idea was initiated: tell the populace that the men would be bringing back from Spain all sort of evil wicked bad and nasty virus & germs so they need to stack up on vaccines that would prevent them for being infected with???? and guess what the vaccines were free. If you read anything outside of the government propaganda on the 1918 Flu the reports will tell you a Flu virus was never found. Electronic microscope wasn't invented until 1930. What was found was bacterial pneumonia caused by excessive aspirin use to lower fevers from the cytokine storm created by the vaccines given.

Swine Flu Expose: http://www.whale.to/a/mcbean2.html#CHAPTER%202
"Their scare-head campaign cry is that the swine flu is like the 1918 flu which killed 20,000,000 people. They don't have any usable and provable blood samples from the 1918 flu epidemic to prove it. That was 58 years ago, and the doctors were just as confused and inefficient then as now. However, one thing is certain — the 1918 Spanish Influenza was a vaccine-induced disease caused by extreme body poisoning from the conglomeration of many different vaccines."

"The vaccines injected into the body are poison and cause the typical poison reactions."

-The disease had the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1. Practically the entire population had been injected "seeded" with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums.
-That pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive with the addition of more poison drugs administered by the doctors who tried to suppress the symptoms. As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated. Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu. My family had refused all the vaccinations so we remained well all the time.
-There was seven times more disease among the vaccinated soldiers than among the unvaccinated civilians, and the diseases were those they had been vaccinated against. One soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why grown men should have an infant disease. Now, we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning. Those at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the world-wide vaccination campaign in 1918.
(Unknown to many the 1918 Flu epidemic was neither from Spain nor was it a Influenza. It actually began at Fort Dix) Swine Flu Expose a book by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

Substantiate Ebola for 1918 Flu. Here are some Ebola facts as of today. I say this because official documents with medical Ebola information has been changing or have been rewritten, just like fact sheets on vaccines have been changed over the last 10 years.

-Ebola has only ONE strain that is suspected to of been transmitted by aerosol exposure to the live virus. This is an absolute FACT. The Ebola Zaire strain called "Mayinga". "Mayinga", named after the nurse, who died after being infected with the virus without any known method of transmission- meaning that they suspect that she died through an aerosol transmission BUT it has never been proven that she contracted the virus though aerosol contamination. The Zaire Mayinga strain is the ONLY Ebola strain that has ever been even suspected of being transmitted through aerosol contamination, and it is extremely rare not having been seen since 1978. Story goes: Mayinga, pregnant attended the funeral of a Ebola victim. The coffin was closed, being pregnant she did not come into contact with the deceased yet within days she began to show symptoms of the Zaire strain. She eventually died from it. Based on this event the one study was done which determined Zaire Ebola had mutated and became air borne. I'm providing this but I'm still trying to find out more about it.
-ALL the strains of Ebola, and Marburg viruses are very very contagious through membrane transmission ie: through direct contact with liquid particles, contact with the sheets, bandages, needles, medical instruments etc of an infected person.
-VERY IMPORTANT: ALL Hemorrhagic fever viruses (all strains of Ebola, Marburgs etc…) are actually very fragile virus particles that need a very specific environment to survive for even a short time. The virus doesn’t not live very long outside of a human or animal host. THIS is why all cases of Ebola always happen in the same place, in Central/West African jungles: Very HOT and Very WET. ALL Hemorrhagic viruses require extreme heat and humidity to survive, they literally die very quickly when they are exposed to air conditioning.

Interesting Conundrum, at least I think.
The Ebola virus first appeared in 1976 in Africa. The first major outbreak was in 2003 in Gabon and the Congo. Since 2003, there has not been a single major outbreak in any country, including any African country, until the present outbreak in Sierra Leone, Senegal and Liberia. We are told that the virus in the latter three countries is the same one from the outbreak in Gabon and the Congo in 2003.

Question: How did that same Ebola virus get from Gabon and the Congo to Sierra Leone, 2000 miles away?

According to recent mainstream media reports, from the BBC the actual epicenter of the 2014 Ebola outbreak (Gueckedou/Nzerekore, Guinea) – the area where the outbreak allegedly started – has “miraculously remained free of Ebola so far.” (Ebola outbreak: Senegal confirms first case – web.archive.org/web/20140831045018/http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-28983554)

These are the things that make me go Hmmmmmm.

I'd like to buy the world a Koch

Here's a thought (not mine actually-- I'm not suicidal): privatize the CDC.


"Harber then asked about privatizing the National Science Foundation. Buck replied it would be better to have industry work with the science foundation rather than have the government run it alone.

'How about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?' Harber asked.

'Absolutely, again, partnering with private foundations, private hospitals, states and local governments, far more efficient than ... having the federal government run something.... I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't get health care or that we shouldn't have a function in our country like CDC. What I'm suggesting is that ... folks that are in control of that program, if they're in the federal government, are going to be a lot less efficient than if they're in the private sector.'"

I think we have to consider the possibility that when the mainstream media is willing to throw a government agency under the bus-- even let us know about the screw ups with full color photos that are curiously absent for equivalent scandals-- that it may be part of the corporate scheme to privatize everything from prisons (check), war and child protective services (it's happening incrementally) and eventually the CDC, law enforcement and other important sectors of government (check mate).

Godfrey Wyl

@cia parker:

"Ebola is a new disease, so it's much more dangerous at this point. It will continue toning down with time."

This seems highly optimistic, given that there is an animal reservoir which frees the virus from selection pressure. The scenario that you propose would require establishment of endemic circulation, which would lead to the collapse of the public health system in any country, due to the nonspecific initial symptoms.

cia parker

I agree with you, there's no way they're going to mandate an Ebola vaccine here, no one's going to be getting it, so there would be no reason. Yes, two nurses nursing an Ebola patient in a very unprepared, clueless hospital got it, but it's not as though we had any more than that one unexpected Ebola patient suddenly appearing. Cholera has reappeared in Cuba, bubonic plague killed and infected people in Colorado last spring, but that's not enough to try to force a whole nation to submit to a vaccine for them. At most they're hyping it to get Americans to support paying millions to pay for the vaccine for Africans.

This outbreak is different because it never affected big cities before, but this time it has. I don't think it was planned, but just one of those things. It would eventually have happened. This epidemic is real and horribly tragic, but the greater tragedy is that the people are mostly malnourished and ill equipped to cope with infectious disease of any kind (not downplaying the horror of Ebola, but well-nourished people at this point stand a better chance of recovery). It's not going to affect anyone reading this here and now.

What they should do, however, is give Ebola patients an appropriate homeopathic remedy. Crotalus horridus would be the one most indicated for most of the cases, Lachesis or bothrops for some cases. The symptoms are pretty much like cholera, and cholera patients treated homeopathically only had a 9% fatality rate while those treated allopathically had a 40-90% fatality rate. It would be cheap, easy, and save thousands of lives.

Godfrey Wyl


"Something about this epidemic that suddenly emerged as a novel illness thousands of miles from where it originated doesn't make sense."

Two of the three bat species strongly suspected to be the animal reservoirs have ranges that include the affected countries.




I honestly don't feel there's any way in hell they're going to mandate an Ebola vaccine here in the States. They 'may' mandate a vaccine in some of the African countries affected by this virus, but even that's questionable, for a variety of factors (of which appear in the link I've posted earlier).

Personally, and it's just my own opinion, I would turn off the news, not feed into the fear/hype with this whole thing, and concentrate on something else. There is absolutely no sense in getting ourselves all worked up over something that most likely will never affect any of us.

Does this mean that I don't think Ebola is real? No. It's real, but I think FEAR can get in the way of common sense. Some rather significant questions have been raised by several people about this so-called epidemic; one question I have is why the sudden surge of outbreaks when these outbreaks have occurred before, but yet, they've never pumped up the fear porn as much as they're doing now. But then I read that the DOD has partnered with some bio-tech company to make a vaccine - this was in January of 2014, and what do you know, an outbreak of 'epidemic' proportion suddenly occurs in the Sierra Leone area in March/2014.

Coincidence? I think not. When you add up all the other info. that some very qualified journalists have done, and find that there are significant issues with PCR testing, etc., you realize certain things don't add up.

I did watch a bit of the Revolution Radio link that someone posted earlier. I certainly cannot vouch for the authenticity of some of the footage contained in that link, but the little naked boy who appears JUST FINE, who is walking toward the person who was filming, then lies down on the ground and I guess he's supposed to be one of the 'fallen ones,' is rather chilling.

Same goes for the young guy who appears to be around 20 who is supposedly deathly ill with Ebola, who has collapsed outside a shanty type hospital setting, moaning and groaning...when you see him at one point lying on his stomach looking all around as if to see if the camera's still on him...is equally as chilling. The camera pans to this young man's parents who claim they don't know where to take their deathly ill son. The 'father' of this guy ends up walking away and appears to be putting a wad of money into his back right pocket.

I have absolutely no way, myself, to verify that footage as genuine, but it's there if anyone takes a look at that link. So - what's going on?

What I DO know is that you can't trust the CDC WITH ANYTHING. As long as their collective lips are moving, they're LYING about something. And it's also quite clear they wouldn't know how to handle am Ebola outbreak in this country, EVEN IF THERE WAS ONE.

Why aren't the borders being closed? Obama's rhetoric that it would only 'make things worse,' makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever.

If you can't trust the CDC with the vaccine issue - and I think it's very clear that we cannot - why on earth would we trust them with anything else? The CDC is a corrupt institution, just as are all our other medical cartels/institutions. These medical cartels are nothing more than tentacles of Big Pharma, literally at its beck and call.

I've never been much of a television viewer; definitely haven't been for quite a few years. What little I've allowed myself to view on the news re: this Ebola thing is enough to gag me. The fear mongering and downright idiocy I've witnessed when watching ANY of the major news channels is enough to turn me off for good for the remainder of this Ebola issue. Even the so-called alternative guys are adding fuel to the fire. Everyone's got bills to pay; it seems as though everyone is jumping on the Ebola wagon.

I still keep thinking of that saying that someone in my life has repeatedly said to me, which goes something like, "When there is chaos all around you, STAND STILL."

Still seems like the most practical thing to do at the moment.


I do believe the "bugs" are more deadly and dangerous. We've created a very weak generation, immune systems damaged by vaccines, so yes , I would expect the worst in an outbreak of anything. We had a terrible cold go through the house, all of my vaccinated kids were horribly ill, with the fourteen year old adding a double ear infection to the mix, the ten year old with a 104 temp. The six year old, unvaccinated, nothing, praying this holds. Could this weak group of kids handle measles, mumps, chickenpox, probably not, we really damaged their immune systems horribly.

cia parker

The two nurses with Ebola now treated Duncan from Sept 28-30 with only ordinary gowns, no hazmat suit or other special gear, although he was already suffering from explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting.


Serious Investigative Reporting needed

Is it just me or does it seem possible that we've got two potential things going on here with vaccines, vaccine policy and vaccine industry propaganda.

In response to the #cdcwhistleblower situation we have the following strategies:

First, "We'll show them how badly the world needs vaccines."

I'm interested in the reports out of Africa that say the only people getting sick with ebola are those who've been given medicines and vaccines in trials...doesn't seem to be a lot out there on this but obviously such voices would get the same treatment as those proclaiming vaccines caused my sons autism...

...Plus, there was the pharma company's "accidental" dumping of live vaccine-strain viruses in drinking water waterways in Belgium...

...and then the US govt has a patent on ebola and lots of gmo experiments have been going on...and we know from the history of polio vaccines (Read: The River: Journey to the Source of AIDS and The Virus and The Vaccine)that Africa is where American companies go to test new vaccines.

Then, after world swallows the "the world needs vaccines pill" all the people who've turned a blind eye to the autism epidemic will be better able to sleep at night. Maybe, they hope and pray, just maybe they won't get stoned in the middle of town square after all. Oh since we don't do stones any more, let me change that to be JAIL time...they won't get jail time.

And they also won't get jail time if their bosses were incompetent...hence the feigned incompetence at CDC...

egads...who knows there this is going. It's all very strange and needs some deep looking in to...imo.

@Here comes the pharmocracy

Even Donald Trump mentioned outright that the new Szar for Evola will be complicit with CDC in his twitter. Repubs a little more on the ball it seems.


"Assessment of the Risk of Ebola Virus Transmission from Bodily Fluids and Fomites"


cia parker

I found out this morning that a man in Colorado a few months ago died of bubonic plague, and infected several other people. So pretty equivalent to Ebola in the U.S., and yet the media have not fanned this one into flames. It is totally conceivable that an epidemic of plague among rodents could spread to a certain number of people, who could then spread it to others, creating an epidemic of bubonic plague like we have never seen before. But if no one else seems worried about this, very few people will become concerned, because it's so unlikely that this would ever become an epidemic affecting large numbers of people. The Ebola virus could conceivably mutate to become airborne, but it's very unlikely that it would, and unless it does, it's not going to become epidemic in a country where we don't nurse Ebola patients at home and would not tolerate dead bodies piling up in the street.

cia parker

I agree, Carol, I did too. But measles and pertussis used to be much more dangerous than they are now, probably the others too, but I don't know what they used to be like. Ebola is a new disease, so it's much more dangerous at this point. It will continue toning down with time. Even now a lot of people in Africa are getting permanent immunity to Ebola through subclinical infection, just the way many people have always gotten subclinical immunity to all common diseases they're exposed to.

They're not going to push Ebola vaccine on Americans, because it's not going to become a problem here. There aren't going to be more than a few West Africans coming here like Duncan and getting sick within a few days. I think they're working on a vaccine now for West Africa primarily: this outbreak is the biggest in forty years because it hit big cities, which it had never done before. So whereas only hundreds used to get it, and it wouldn't be cost-effective to develop and market a vaccine for that few, in this case, with tens of thousands getting it and half of them dying of it, it is much more worth their while to develop a vaccine. While the Africans wouldn't be able to pay for it, international aid organizations would be and will, especially since everyone is so hysterical about the possibility of its coming to their country. The media are always going to fan the flames of hysteria, and governments will do so when it serves their interests, in this case to get public support for spending millions on vaccines for Africans and Westerners in Africa.


But autismmom, what if they mandate it?

I think THIS is why Art Caplan, Dorit Reiss, etc., have been ramping up their calls for vaccine mandates and punishment for refusers. They've been planning this all along.


I think they really blew it with this Ebola hysteria. Finally the public and even members of congress are seeing the ineptitude of the CDC with their pathetic response to Ebola. Nurses were begging for help with preparedness and protective gear (no CDC response), lack of quarantine or understanding of protocol, no travel restrictions to/from outbreak countries. The public also see the media as fear mongering. The public trust is GONE. Even if pharma introduces an ebola vaccine, after this, who in their right mind would get it? the vaccine will be rushed, our gov't will protect industry from lawsuits, I think it will be a flop in the US.


If they do come up with an ebola vaccine and it fails to protect against ebola as other vaccines have failed to protect against whooping cough, measles, mumps, and chicken pox; it won't be so easy to shove it under the rug. This will be the most high profile vaccine trial in history and no doubt will be tried on doctors and nurses in the front line of defense. So if they roll out the vaccine it better be full proof protection or it will be spread even more panic.

Of course, it is absurd to compare measles and chicken pox to ebola since the former are short term acute self-limiting illnesses while ebola kills at a rate of 50%. I can understand, though, why the government is so intent on blaming this epidemic on anti-vaxers because they may in fact have a few things to hide.

Dr. Cyril Brodereck, a Liberian scientist and former professor at the University of Liberia College of Agriculture and Forestry claims that the U.S. Department of Defense was working with the Canadian pharmaceutical company Temira infecting people with ebola virus in some kind of "trial"--maybe for the very vaccine that might be shortly marketed to us all. The trials started in January of 2014 and the epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Hmm.
The article was published in the Daily Observer in Monrovia Liberia. Something about this epidemic that suddenly emerged as a novel illness thousands of miles from where it originated doesn't make sense. If this story carries any weight or any of the others that are flying around relating to bioweapons labs in Liberia and Sierra Leon then the DOD and the CDC need a scapegoat fast. Why not those pesky anti-vaxers?

But will they succeed or has this episode of utter incompetence on the CDCs part cost it so much credibility that more people will doubt than trust anything that comes out of their mouths in the future.

Vicki Hill

The middle of the last century? I just checked the CDC website. They say that about 1,000 per year died in the US due to the polio epidemic. Hardly "millions".

Vaccines may be useful in some situations - when there is an immediate outbreak of a virus not previously seen in a population, for example. Vaccinating for things like chicken pox and mumps, however, can be downright dangerous. These viruses are always around and the disease result is worse if an adult contracts them after a vaccine has worn off.

"First, do no harm" needs to apply to vaccines as well as to the rest of medicine.


I read that the Ebola virus attacks the immune system.

The AIDS virus also attacks a part of the immune system too.

So it is questionable that that vaccine will ever be made.

No matter how smart looking the three doctors/scientists/researchers in military fatigues sitting on stools being interviewed by Greta, of Fox News may be.

Who are the human lab rats?

And what happened to Dr. Fasano's human lab rats from his choera vaccine that all developed celiacs? How are they? Are they going to the psych yet for mood swing disorders?

Here comes the pharmocracy

Heads up. Obama didn't just appoint any old lawyer to run Ebola response. He chose a lawyer who is a former partner at O'Melveny & Myers, who advise and defend pharmaceutical companies in class-action lawsuits, including our friends at Merck for Vioxx and AstraZeneca for a diabetes medicine that causes pancreatic cancer.

A Pharma lawyer, running the country's response to a perceived medical crisis, and given the title "Ebola Czar."

How much power will this "Ebola Czar" have?


Didn't take them long to get as sick of Frieden as we all are.


How absurd. I had measles, chicken pox, mumps and German measles just like every other kid I knew in the 50s. Nobody was dying in the streets. Nobody was dying at all. I stayed in bed for a few days and then I went back to school. I got the infection once and then never again.

What a nation of feeble little weirdos we've become. Like Gerhardt Hapsburg in that 30 Rock episode.

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