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The Vaccine Injury Movement

Vaccine-injury-shotsBy Anne Dachel

Oct 10, 2014, AofA Contributing Editor and Thinking Moms' Revolution's  Lisa Joyce Goes was interviewed by Ronan Farrow on MSNBC.  The title of the report was Debunking the anti-vaccine movement.

Farrow didn't hide the fact that he's a strong supporter of vaccines.  On MSNBC he cited the World Health Organization saying that vaccines save two to three million lives a year around the world.  In his view, vaccines only do good and there is no truth to the claim that they're also causing neurological damage in children. 

Farrow's coverage implied that only PARENTS link vaccines to autism and other damage in children. That's absolutely false and a real newsman would know that.  If he wanted to cover this issue legitimately, he'd have talked to any the host of independent doctors and scientists whose work does support a link.  In his brand of news reporting, they simply don't exist.  He eagerly gives the last word to health officials promoting their studies. "The Centers for Disease Control reviewed existing literature and 'there is not a causal relationship between certain vaccine types and autism.' 

"Some parents aren't convinced and they continue to stay away from vaccines for their kids."  

Enter autism mom Lisa Goes 

Farrow asked Lisa about what happened to her son when he was vaccinated.. 

Lisa: "We noticed physical ailments, illnesses. Right after his six month vaccinations, he became incredibly ill, had a 104 degree temperature, he developed all over body eczema, he developed a bowel condition that unfortunately led to over twenty diarrhea-filled diapers a day.  So our journey began with physical illness and ultimately manifested in behavioral issues."

Farrow responded by ignoring everything Lisa had just said and instead quoted Dr. Peter Hotez, "By the time a baby is born, autism has happened.  That's the major reason we wouldn't expect a vaccine to cause major changes in the brain leading to autism."  The message was clear, what happened to Lisa's son and thousands of other children just like him was just a coincidence.

Farrow went on to again cite the claims of the CDC: "It's been shown in multiple studies there is no link between the use of vaccines and autism. Large epidemiological studies have been conducted by the CDC and others." 

He seemed puzzled that Lisa wasn't convinced by all the science against her claim.   He said, "Do you concede that a majority of the scientific evidence does suggest there is no link?"

Lisa urged everyone to pay attention to the CDC whistleblower story. She challenged the credibility of officials who say there is no link.  She added, "I can tell you my personal experience watching my son fall into severe, chronic auto-inflammatory neurological illness, that we have problems that we need to address." 

Lisa then turned to how pervasive this is.  "Over fifty percent of parents at this juncture are questioning vaccines, and with very good reason.  There is one of me in every neighborhood.  I just got a call from a friend who is an educator and of 18 children, six have neurological anomalies."

Farrow wasn't interested in what she said.  His only response was "The science does say over and over that there is no link and this idea that there is this whistleblower has been debunked." 

Moving on from Lisa's vaccine injury claim, Farrow talked about the large percentages of non-vaccinating parents and how this threatened everyone.  "The Hollywood Reporter looked at a bunch of wealthy schools in LA and found out they had lower vaccination rates than South Sudan."  He blamed parents like these for outbreaks of whooping cough and measles.  He had this pointed question for Lisa: "Why put other children at risk who depend on your children's immunity."

Lisa's answer echoed what I was also thinking.  "What is it that these affluent women who are married or are scientists or doctors themselves, what is it that they know that they are not sharing with everyone else?"

(An excellent question.  I'm still waiting for some reporter to actually talk to any of the non-vaccinating parents whose kids go to those schools in LA.)

Lisa's next statement said it all: "It's time to look at both sides of this issue."  She continued, "Chronic illness as a result of vaccines is very real.  It's happening to children all over this country and all over this world. Now is the time to act on it.  Now is the time for parents to take the accurate science to their doctors."

The rest of the conversation was on the 2004 CDC study and Farrow seemed confused about who the authors were.  He said, "The study at issue is something that the original authors went back and looked at again and they say they don't stand by those findings."

Does he mean that the CDC has rejected their own study?  Does he think Brian Hooker worked for the CDC?

Lisa summarized things very well: "Our children have been harmed.  They are repeatedly being harmed.  Our pediatricians are not educated and are not aware from an autoimmune perspective, what's happening to the mitochondria of these children."

Farrow wasn't interested.  He cut her off saying, "Lisa Goes, I do have so much sensitivity for your situation.  As I've said, I've dealt  with some of these conditions in my own family, but the fact is, the science says we are not losing people to vaccines, but we are hurting people when people don't vaccinate.  I appreciate you taking the time--"

Lisa challenged him: "That's absolutely inaccurate, absolutely inaccurate."

Ronan Farrow sounded like he was a vaccine company rep or an employee at the CDC.  He clearly wasn't being a reporter.  He seemed only interested in promoting vaccines as safe and making mothers like Lisa look like they didn't know what they were talking about.  He said he sympathized with her and other autism parents, yet he had nothing to say about what happened to her son.  His vague comments, "I have autism in my own family" and "I've dealt with some of these conditions in my own family" are irrelevant.  Unless he took a perfectly healthy child in for routine vaccinations and then watched that child fall apart, he has no clue what Lisa and many thousands of parents have gone through. 

Farrow's agenda was obvious from the headline: "Debunking the Anti-Vaccine Movement."  Why was Lisa Goes considered "anti-vaccine" when she had vaccinated her son? 

What she really is part of is the growing VACCINE INJURY MOVEMENT.  These are the really dangerous people as far as the vaccine promoters are concerned.  They witnessed the side effects and they're speaking out. 

Who could miss the media assault on Robert Kennedy, Jr. in July BEFORE his book, Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak,  even came out.  For daring to compile the science showing the clear and present danger of using mercury in vaccines, Kennedy was pronounced "anti-vaccine" by major news outlets.  It didn't matter that Kennedy has repeatedly expressed his strong support for vaccinating our children.

July 13, 2014, Slate (Phil Plait): Follow-Up: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Vaccines

"Saying in one breath that vaccines have done good but then in another attacking them and increasing fears of them based on nonsense puts him squarely in the anti-vax camp."                       

July 20, 2014, Slate (Laura Helmuth, Health and Science Editor): Robert F. Kennedy Jr. profile in the Washington Post: Anti-vaccine theory and new book

"After Slate's Bad Astronomy blogger, Phil Plait, criticized Kennedy for speaking at an anti-vaccine conference, Kennedy called me to complain, and I wrote about our very one-sided conversation."

"Kennedy, more than most anti-vaxxers, really ought to know better."

July 21, 2014, TIME (Jeffrey Kluger): RFK Jr. Joins the Anti-Vaccine Fringe

"Kennedy, more than most anti-vaxxers, really ought to know better."

July 21, 2014, The Daily Beast (Russell Sanders): Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Twisted Anti-Vaxx History

"Despite multiple studies showing no link between vaccines and autism, RFK Jr. continues to use his position to spread that lie. What will it take to make him stop?"

July 20, 2014, Forbes (Steven Salzburg): Robert Kennedy's dangerous anti-vaccine rhetori

"He's been embraced by the anti-vaccine movement: he gave a keynote talk at their annual conference, Autism One..."

Farrow, Plait, Kluger, Salzburg et al. need to realize that their phony coverage isn't resonating with the public.  Parents are increasingly skeptical about the claims of vaccine safety.  They're not buying studies from the agency with everything at stake in this controversy.  We're all still waiting for the first INDEPENDENT study showing no link.  So far, no one has ever made that claim about any of the dozen officials studies.  (And the recent calls for Dr. Thomas Frieden's resignation as CDC head because of the poor management of Ebola should make us all skeptical of their claims about vaccines and autism.) 

The media's cover-up coverage only works if you close your eyes to how sick our children are.  That's the real tragedy with this kind of reporting.  What's happening to our children just doesn't matter to news people. 

These reporters and almost everyone else in the media fail us day after day.  They can't figure out why this controversy doesn't go away despite all their efforts and all the studies officials produce showing no link between their vaccines and autism.  Where are the reporters who are skeptical of the assurances from people at the CDC with endless ties to the vaccine makers?   Why doesn't anyone ask, "Who funded the study?"  Why don't news people ask officials about a vaccinated/unvaccinated study?  Why don't reporters talk to the growing number of doctors who DON'T VACCINATE.  (I've interviewed a number of them over the years at Age of Autism.)   Do these doctors have soaring rates of autism, diabetes, allergies, asthma, seizures and chronic illnesses in their pediatric patients?

We're all waiting for the press to do their job.  Calling mothers who vaccinated and now question the safety of vaccines, anti-vaccine, is like calling someone who is concerned about GMOs, anti-food.  It's a red herring meant to change the subject so we don't have to talk about the real issues involved here. 

Thank you, Lisa Goes, for speaking out.  Great job.  And even though Ronan Farrow wasn't listening, I'm sure many mothers were worried when they heard you describe what happened to your son.  The natural response is "I don't want that to happen to my child."  ...And then they look for the information--in places other than the mainstream news.


Tony Bateson

There's one thing you can be certain of when DTP vaccine propagandists defend this product and that is that when they quote damage from endemic disorders not prevented because of 'vaccine avoiders' it is always a single figure case. I was born in the thirties and in my childhood there were two deaths known to me from Diphtheria and Polio. During my daughter's lifetime from 1963 her autism has been followed by at least several hundred thousands of others. I remain staggered by the outright falsity of the vaccine establishment's propaganda.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.

cia parker

If Ronan is 26, he was born in 1988, when only the DPT, polio, and MMR were given. The Hib was starting to be given around that time. But if Ronan hasn't had kids yet, and he was Mia's last, probably neither one of them knows anything about the current state of affairs. He grew up on the horrors of polio and the miracle vaccine that stopped the ravages (and I think it really did, but that was then, this is now).


"...I think Melinda Gates must be very unaware and gullible to back the huge polio drops campaign in India..."

I wouldn't bet on it. I'm sure she's most likely in the "it's all for the greater good," camp.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Here is my experience with the so-called polio cases - In countries that use polio drops, it is usually impossible to know if someone got wild polio or vaccine-derived polio, unless you know the history. In my nursery school in India we had a mother how got "polio" at age 6. she had been given the drops and then when she developed polio after the drops, she was given some story about how the drops simply provoked the live polio that was somehow there in her body because she had not been vacccinated earlier! she believed that, but another mother knew that she had had vaccine derived polio as a child. Another parent told me that an elderly person in their home got polio after a baby in the family was given drops. My children grew up with a neighbor boy who had a severe limp from "polio" . Today, I would say that there is a strong likelihood that some well-meaning relative took him for the polio drops and he got vaccine derived polio. His grandfather was totally against polio drops, so that would have been done secretely and it would have been assumed that he had wild polio, when he became ill. I think Melinda Gates must be very unaware and gullible to back the huge polio drops campaign in India. The number of deaths from vaccine derived polio must be far more than the deaths (earlier) from wild polio. Despite the huge drops campaign and lots of pats on the back for eliminating polio from India, it remains to be seen if India can ever or will ever stop their huge drops campaign with the thousands of cases of vaccine derived polio, resulting.. Recently a doctor explained to me that I should not make a big deal about a death of a three year old near our home from vaccine derived polio. I am not to look at anecdotal cases, she says. You have to see the greater goal. Basically, the end justifies the means. And obviously the doctors dont want to get into explaining to parents that their child might get injured by polio drops and request parents to pay for the more expensive injectable vaccine. I feel sure that the parents of the three year old would have preferred to save their child's life with a few thousand rupees for the injectable. But my friend says absolutely not- We cannot vaccinate India with the injectable vaccine - the children just have to be sacrificed for the greater good.


@Jeannette Bishop:

..."Farrow was born just before the U.S. schedule really expanded, so his personal experience is likely limited. Though maybe I should add I might be more surprised to learn he's had any experience with any vaccines, than that he's had absolutely none."

Here's the answer, straight from Mia:


Mia FarrowVerified Account ‏@MiaFarrow

"My kids were vaccinated on schedule. All but one. He was 6 when I adopted him. Polio found him first. He is paraplegic. Vaccinate your kids."

Betty Bona

A "gap year" between high school and college is becoming very popular for high achievers going to respected colleges - the colleges hold their spot for the next year. The idea of a gap year is to experience the world. Parents with money find themselves footing the bill for their high achieving teenager to take an extended vacation to one or more exotic places. Shots and drugs are part of it. The clinics send them off with Cypro because it's a strong and broad based antibiotic, leaving it to the young ones to decide when they may need to take it. They may have to take Larium as well for prevention of malaria, on top of the multiple vaccines they have to take. It's very sad to see these teenagers, top ten in their class of 500, returning with tendon damage from the Cypro, but it's worse when they seem to have lost their coping skills. Many kids seem to manage just fine. Just like some kids seem alright with the bloated early vaccine schedule. Most people who believe in the benefits of modern medicine would never make the connection, but if you watch with an open mind, it's there.

Lj goes

Thank you so much Anne. I miss writing for a of a... I miss writing a miss blogging I miss doing things that aren't related to autism recovery. Took a two minute break from cleaning my poop smeared bathroom(October regression bites!) to read this. So very grateful for all the work you are doing and the whole a of a team and everybody who is pushing this forward. We are ginormous now because they have failed to listen for so long...


You sure are right about that Betty!

Jeannette Bishop

I got a bad vibe about donating to Unicef at a pretty young and naive age. Had no idea why, at the time.

Farrow was born just before the U.S. schedule really expanded, so his personal experience is likely limited. Though maybe I should add I might be more surprised to learn he's had any experience with any vaccines, than that he's had absolutely none.

Betty Bona

I wonder if Ronan had any bad reactions to the shots he must have had while traveling to Africa as a UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth. Did he take Larium? I have watched some of the young people I know with what seems to be limitless potential. As they reach adulthood and settle in, many of them stagnate in mediocrity and lack of vision and direction. They lose that air of capability. For the most part, these are the privileged ones who have made multiple trips to third world countries, including Africa. I've been to a travel clinic with my son and, thankfully, managed to avoid any shots or nasty drugs, but he only went to Central America (and I had to look like a bad mom telling him to forego the shots and drugs they offered). Maybe Ronan is not as capable as he used to be. What some folks don't realize is that we are all potential victims of the vaccine and drug pushing medical cartel. It's not just the kids with autism.


I think too that we should cut Ronan some slack. He no doubt has been heavily indoctrinated, more so than most young people owing to his having graduated from college at 15, and privilege in being able to brush shoulders with (and be used by)the masters of these ideologies that he has learned so well. I think we need to worry about how he'll react once he realizes the depth of the lie he's been weaned on and that he has so vigorously defended.

This isn't some harmless fib about Santa Claus.


Guys behind Unicef don't mind putting guilt trips on young kids and do good parents. Yeah, it is an organization that would like to use a traditional Halloween for thier own. Never liked that - was never happy about digging out pocket change - and have oftened wondered who and what power was behind that organization.


Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter, would have done a much better job


Ronan Farrow is a .... .... well, perhaps I shouldn't say what I really think of him in mixed company ;)

John Stone

There is of course something inherently manipulative about UNESCO appointing 13 year-old advocates for their policies.

Maurine Meleck

Thanks Anne and thanks Lisa. It was a great interview. When one gets an idiot interviewer, it is always best to keep talking your talk fast and imagine that the idiot interviewer is invisible.

Donna L.

Ronan is just a baby...I remember when he was born. He is utterly clueless and obviously incredibly influenced by his mother's role in spreading polio -- oops, I mean the polio vaccine -- all over the developing world.

LJ did an absolutely outstanding job of trying to educate poor Ronan but sadly, I doubt there is any hope of changing his position on vaccine injury unless/until he has kids of his own and chooses to vaccinate the bejesus out of them. Then, well, we all know what happens then...

John Stone


Not only a moron but a son of privilege: at the tender age of 26 he's been a Unicef spokesperson, a member of the Obama administration, and an intern at the specialist pharmaceutical law firm Davis, Polk and Wardwell. Having said all that it was a pretty weedy performance (as I am sure his sponsors realised).

He may lack a paternal role-model.

BoB Moffitt

Unfortunately .. our US media (journalists, tv hosts, etc)is over populated with "reporters" who pride themselves for practicing "advocacy journalism" .. rather than the "investigative journalism" that once dominated the media.

An example of advocacy journalism is evident in Ronan's question to Lisa:

"Do you concede that a majority of the scientific evidence does suggest there is no link?"

As Anne states .. that loaded question could be answered with another question:

"Do you (Ronan) concede that a majority of the scientific evidence that suggests there is "no link" was done by the very same people who approve and recommend the unnecessarily aggressive vaccine schedule for children?"

As an after-thought .. how many decades have we been hearing that "air bags" installed in autos have "saved thousands of lives" .. only now to learn the most popular manufacturer of air bags (most likely popular for being cheapest) widely used in US autos has been found to be extremely dangerous .. acting as an explosive device when activated .. sending shards of metal into the face of some unsuspecting driver.

Why are all those auto manufacturers acting recklessly like RFK .. by issuing urgent warnings to immediately remove or deactivate air bags in their autos?

Are they crazy .. air bags save lives!!!!!

Dan Burns

The report should have been titled "Thinking Mom Meet Media Moron." Thank you, LJ. We love you.

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