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Jenny Allan

It took me some time -and a magnifying glass - to realise this was a complete SPOOF!! I am writing from the UK, so would not qualify as a prospective member of the IACC. From the comments and articles on AoA, US parents of autistic children are far from satisfied with the performance of the IACC and its present committee members.

US Parents and other concerned persons, here's your chance to at least TRY to get things changed. The IACC has been temporarily disbanded and will re-form in 2015 with new committee members. Nominations are invited for non federal members. I was concerned to read "current non-federal public members may also be re-nominated to continue to serve". Present members, Alison Singer and Matt Carey, are both committed pro vaccine campaigners, refusing to entertain even the possibility of any vaccine autism link, (although Ms Singer chose monovalent measles mumps and rubella vaccines over the MMR vaccine for the younger sibling of her autistic child). Dr Carey runs the Left/Brain/Right Brain Blog, which is very critical of AoA editors and contributors.

From the REAL IACC Web page:-
"Who Is Eligible?
Nominations of new non-federal public members are encouraged, but current non-federal public members may also be re-nominated to continue to serve. Self-nominations and nominations of other individuals are both permitted. Only one nomination per individual is required. Multiple nominations for the same individual will not increase likelihood of selection. The Secretary may select non-federal public members from the pool of submitted nominations and other sources as needed to meet statutory requirements and to form a balanced committee that represents the diversity within the autism spectrum disorder(ASD)community......................................

........Nominations should include a cover letter of no longer than 3 pages describing the candidate's interest in seeking appointment to the IACC, including relevant personal and professional experience with ASD, as well as contact information and a current curriculum vitae or resume. Up to 2 letters of support are permitted in addition to the nomination, with a page limit of 3 pages per letter. Please do not include other materials unless requested.

Nominations are due by 12:00 midnight Eastern Friday, November 14, 2014 and may be sent to Dr. Susan Daniels, Director, Office of Autism Research Coordination/NIMH/NIH, 6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 6184, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 by standard or express mail, or via e-mail to IACCPublicInquiries@mail.nih.gov."

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks! Very much, to whomever deserves the credit for inserting some honesty in the bureacratic-speak!

It's a good thing though that you had the "/end satire" at the bottom or I would not have read enough to catch on (something about the DHHS banner repels).


Nice one!

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