Dachel Media Update: Atlantis (Oops, Atlantic) Writes Another Mythical Story about "Anti-Vaxxers"
The Hooker/Wakefield/Moody Complaint - "The Hammer Falls!"

How Involved is the CDC Whistleblower?

Whistleblower-protectionBy Eben Plettner

Almost 2 months ago it was revealed that senior CDC scientist Dr. Thompson had been talking with Dr. Brian Hooker of Focus Autism on allegations that the CDC had manipulated data to avoid showing a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Since then there has been a lot of discussion of how involved Dr. Thompson really is. Was he a true whistleblower or was he a man reaching out that just got caught in the middle? Recent revelations from the legal complaint filed with the CDC have offered more insight on Dr. Thompson's involvement.

The complaint filed to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI)   See ORI Complaint pdf here) centers on evidence of malfeasance by the CDC in hiding research data showing a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. The ORI is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services that oversees research integrity in several government agencies including the CDC. These are the people that investigate research fraud and they can debar doctors and force papers to be retracted. The majority of their judgments are against university researchers, but there are cases against researchers in the government although less common.

In this ORI complaint several new pieces of information about Dr. Thompson came out.  One of the biggest ones is that Dr. Thompson had not only provided the original data set to Dr. Brian hooker, but reviewed and approved Dr. Hooker’s reanalysis paper also.

“Dr. Hooker’s paper was reviewed and approved by Dr. Thompson.”(1)

The fact that Dr. Thompson had reviewed and approved the release of the research paper shows that he was well aware that this paper was about to be published. This makes it extremely difficult for the original publisher of the paper, Translational Neurology, to support their decision for retracting it and also raises several other questions. It was also noticed that the paper is now available on the Translational Neurology website with a simple note at the top about the retraction. The website also has a nice red button that states it as one of the most accessed papers on their website, which seems odd for a retracted piece.

Could this be that they know there is much more evidence coming out? It was previously revealed that Dr. Thompson had provided thousands of documents to Congressman Posey, this is hundreds of thousands of pages. That would take several boxes to contain. You don't just walk out of the CDC with the boxes of restricted data in a day or two, especially after a whistleblower in that department is announced, and definitely if you were the one named as the whistleblower. To have gathered this information and have “secured” it must have taken Dr. Thompson weeks if not months. So at the very least he knew the research paper was coming out and was working to save information. Not the actions of someone caught off guard.

Another bit of information that was released in the recent ORI complaint is that on August 28, 2014 after Dr. Frank DeStefano, the director of the Immunization Safety Office at the CDC, was interviewed on CNN, Dr. Thompson sent Dr. Wakefield a text informing him that DeStefano had just lied to CNN.

We are in the drivers [sic] seat now that Frank has lied30 in his interview with cnn [sic]. I am going to pursue this internally at the CDC.”(3)

So what did DeStefano lie about? That would be him saying that Dr. Thompson was standing by the original findings (2). The wording of the text is also interesting as he says "we are now in the driver seat” -- by saying "we" it sure sounds like he is still working with Wakefield. This is not long after the release of Dr. Thompson’s name, and he is still in contact with Wakefield and talking as a team. Not the words of someone who was unexpectedly put on the spot.

The complaint then goes into detail on how Dr. DeStefano lied to Sharyl Attkisson in their interview on multiple instances.(5,6) So DeStefano was trying to do damage control and not get caught in lies and yet had to tell lies that Dr. Thompson has provided evidence on. If DeStefano tries to defend this as an honest difference of opinion, as some have said it was, there is even evidence that this was not,  discussed in the ORI complaint.

… So what do we really know of Dr. Thompson?

We know we have never had a friend like him before. Not just blowing the whistle, but staying in his position even if it gets hostile and continuing to fight for the truth.

RE: Alleged Research Misconduct – falsification by omission of material results in the publication of: “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta. 2014;113:259-266


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Afb_logo_col_newEben PlettnerCOO
[email protected]




Please do NOT let the ball drop. There can be NO freedom without TRUTH. Lies are the chains that bind us.

cia parker

I'm looking forward to seeing the 100,000 docs Thompson turned over to the CDC, and also looking forward to the revelations the whistleblowers you refer to may make. None of my congresspeople have shown even one particle of interest in our history of vaccine damage. I would be very happy if they were dragged even kicking and screaming across the line of the truth about vaccines and what we need to do about it. I'll be jubilant at hearing what ridiculous lines they'll eventually come up with to justfiy their willful ignoring of the truth that has degraded the lives of so many of their constituents. Very very happy. And very scornful, of course. But in the meantime, not knowing how many years this is going to take, I'd advise everyone to make their vaccine decisions as though this were seventy years from now, and very few people will get any vaccines.


Just found this website:


Checking out the comments section, it's mentioned that many more whistleblowers are about to reveal more; it's mentioned these whistleblowers will make Thompson's revelations pale in comparison.

Hoping this is true. Fantastic if it is!!!

cia parker

I think a lot of doctors know about vaccine damage, but it would be very hard for them to break out of the world of conventional views on vaccines. Most doctors now are in group practices, and it would be very hard for them to say they're not comfortable with giving the standard talk on vaccines, the potential danger of the diseases and the benefits and lack of danger of the vaccines for them, and then administering the vaccines to patients who are not aware of the full picture of vaccine dangers. For those used to a high level of income, and used to having the money to pay all the many expenses they have, I can see where most would tell themselves that surely that many professionals couldn't be wrong, and tell themselves that, even if they are causing autism, asthma, peanut allergies, etc., in many children, that it would be worse to open the floodgates to increased incidence of whooping cough, measles, mumps, and chickenpox if they didn't strongly push the vaccines. They themselves are victims of the ridiculous disease-mongering of pharma companies, and have never themselves seen a case of measles. They live in a very cloistered world, and they have come up with coping mechanisms for silencing their conscience. If you deal every day with other medical professionals, smarmy pharma reps, get medical journals, go to medical conferences, and so on, then you are reinforced in the conventional views every day. If you break loose from the crowd and open a private practice in which you tell patients your real views on vaccination, you face professional punishment on many levels, and a probably drastic reduction in income. You would be cast out from the supportive group of your peers.

Morally it would be the right thing to do. Practically, I think all of us make compromises with our ethical views in order to live. I felt terrible at first cooking meat for my daughter when I decided to see if a grain-free diet would improve or cure her GI condition. It did, and it was worth it (sorry, chickens and cows). The disquieting thing was that after a short time I stopped thinking about the lives that had been taken to produce the meat (or at least stopped thinking as much). We took in a stray cat nearly two years ago, and are feeding a feral cat as well, and it bothers me to feed them commercial cat food based on meat, or homemade food based on meat. But cats are obligate carnivores. On the other hand, the animals killed had their lives which were brutally taken from them. But I've gotten used to the moral conundrum, and feed them meat. Grain products are terrible for cats, and they shouldn't eat any of them.
I was talking with a Muslim friend about Israel (which I completely support and admire). I asked if I should feel guilty for living in a house on land that belonged at one time to Indians. If a group of Indians demanded that I give them my house, would I have a moral obligation to move? Would they compensate me for it, or say that I had had no right to take it to begin with? But there I'd have to say tough luck, as sorry as I feel about the unjust treatment given to Native Americans for centuries, the reality is that I'm not going to give them our house.
This is all to say that I don't think that we can hope that many doctors are going to have a road to Damascus experience and try to restructure their lives for a world with reduced use of vaccines. Everything they have in the world rides on their having been correct in choosing the allopathic worldview, replete with vaccines. A few will break loose, but even Dr. Thompson backpedaled to a tremendous degree, stating both that vaccines can cause autism and that vaccines are the greatest miracle of the ages.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to find religion. And there's no need. Again, all I have to do, all anyone has to do, is never ask them to give us a vaccine, and, if they suggest one, say "no, thank you," or "hell, no!"


@Cia Parker,

I respectfully disagree. I have personally interviewed MANY physicians/nurse re: the vaccine issue. Trust me when I say that they DO KNOW and are concerned with, the issues surrounding vaccines. They're too afraid to speak out, for a variety of reasons, to be sure, but they DO know.

There is strength in numbers. Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a Board Certified pediatrician in New York, has also stated during various interviews that he, too, knows that other pediatric specialists have very private concerns about vaccines. He states he knows this because, he, too, has spoken with these folks privately and knows of their very real concerns.

There are lessons we all need to learn in this life. The biggest lesson for any of us is to walk through our FEAR. Strength of moral fiber, having the courage to speak the truth, even if you feel you are the only one speaking the truth, is the lesson most of us are eventually confronted with at some point in our lifetime.

I've certainly been there. Still am, if truth be told. And I'm quite certain I'll find myself there yet again when the time comes.


Just PM'd you over at Mothering.com. Check your inbox, please!



By all means, please feel free to post my comment over at Mothering.

I'd like to get in touch with you privately. Would contacting you over at Mothering be my best bet?


Bayareamom, I have a very close friend who is a nurse for over 25 years. Anywho, she has been talking about doing a thesis about nurses and breast cancer, since she says (for whatever reason) their rate of breast cancer is higher than the average (not sure if this is her personal observation or published somewhere). I have been tempted to mention the forced vaccines nurses have to take, but of course I won't, I don't want to interfere with her research process. Not sure if she has had time to pursue it yet, however, I am wondering what, if anything, she would find out.


SonInRecovery, Amen to that

cia parker

And most nurses know less about vaccine damage than we do. I don't think they would be more persuasive than we already are when they speak against vaccines. The good thing is that all it takes is for individuals to just say no. That's all. Unless you live in Mississippi or West Virginia and have no option but to send your child to public school, no one has to get any shot. All people have to do is google the question, and many thousands are doing so every day. I think we're close to the critical mass that will mean victory. I'm not sure what victory will mean, other than making everyone aware that each vaccine can disable or kill, so that they know what's at stake if they choose to get any. And I think we're nearly there.

cia parker


I don't think there are going to be many in the system willing to buck it. I think, like your friend did, that the answer is to tirelessly tell the masses our stories and about vaccine damage. Very few of those in comfortable positions are going to be willing to leave that rewarding and placid world in which vaccines keep killer diseases from affecting many people, as long as most people trust and obey the spokespeople for the medical cartel, and in which vaccines only damage the proverbial one in a million rather than the actual one in five.

We've already made great inroads. Every couple of years the number of people refusing some or all of the vaccines increases. About a third of people now believe that vaccines cause autism, up from less than one percent ten years ago. This issue is snowballing. Eventually the powered classes are going to have to accommodate us rather than the reverse. Thinking of examples of despotic ruling classes in different societies which voluntarily gave up their power over the common people because those controlling them felt guilty, I can't think of any. Revolutions happen, but never with the support of those who benefit from the exploitation.


I have thought too that it will take mutiny within medicine. I think it's already occurring though in that practitioners aren't going along - more than is being reported. There was the family practitioner journal survey that showed a significant percentage of FPs have little confidence in pre vaccine safety testing. There were the MSM articles recently reporting the low uptake of flu vaccine in health care workers and the low administration of Hep B vaccine at birth in major NY hospitals. Then in the Atlantic propaganda piece that Anne posted yesterday, there was a not so subtle threat directed at physicians who don't follow the schedule, with a physician quoted as saying that physicians who don't follow vaccine standards are committing malpractice and should face disciplinary action. There are signs of major cracks. Let's hope that the Complaint cracks it wide open.


bayareamom, can you either repost your comment on mothering dot com's vaccination discussion forum, or else may I have permission to repost it? You might also submit it to Thinking Moms Revolution, Vaccination Council, A Shot of Truth, and whatever other autism parent websites you can think of.

Dan, Mark, Kim--I think bayareamom's comment is worth posting as an article on its own.

It could be the first step in convincing nurses and other health care professionals to come forward.

A lot of autism parents are nurses...

Son in Recovery

I have to have hope for my son; I do not accept that the manipulated data can be ignored along with the thousands of other documents. I need to have hope to keep my sanity and that my son and all the other kids suffering is not in vain. I know there are very powerful groups involved, but we are many in numbers and our voices will not be silenced.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for this analysis.



I'm certainly not saying don't bother. Let me clarify:

I'm simply saying that anyone who feels we can get through to Congress, or get anywhere with this Complaint that's now been filed is barking up the proverbial wrong tree.

There is an elite financial power base that we are dealing with here, both on the political and healthcare front. The ONLY WAY we are going to see an INSTITUTIONAL POWER CHANGE IS BY A POWER FORCE WITHIN THOSE SAME HIERARCHIES.

In other words, those that are already WORKING WITHIN those power structures can truly effect change FROM WITHIN.

And NOT just by the means of one individual. This will have to be comprised of MANY within those very institutions, if we are going to see any sort of change.

This elite power structure has taken hold throughout the years in various ways. Its tentacles are now vastly more over arching than it was many years ago. THIS is the power structure - that unseen power structure - that controls from within.

I know what I'm talking about. I've witnessed this power structure in extremely personal ways because of my own familial history with it. I'd been warned about this power group by an individual in my own family when I was really putting myself out there in a public way when I was working with the NVIC.

It is this very power structure that has literally caused various individual threats to livelihood and to the very lives of those that have dared to run up against it from time to time. It's an extremely negative/powerful force of individuals that have certain agendas at stake.

It is an insult to ALL OF THOSE THAT SPEAK TRUTH to have these same individuals in these powerful elitist groups do what they do, in squelching and burying ANY effort in bringing forth the truth about this issue, or any other issue for that matter.

Those of us of whom have worked tirelessly, on any level, be it at a parental level, or all the way up to the level that Dr. Thompson now finds himself, know damned well the forces that be that contrive to bury the truth, no matter what the cost.

I've repeatedly stated that NUMBERS MATTER. But those numbers HAVE to be comprised of individuals who will be able to circumvent the MSM to the point that THEY WILL BE heard.

That's NOT going to be the average parent who has the average kid who has the average vaccine reaction who has the label of autism.

Those numbers HAVE to be comprised of those individuals who work within these established cartels WHO WILL DARE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST TO THEMSELVES.

As it is, the paws of those that control the mechanisms by which the truth gets buried, have the upper hand. They have ENORMOUS POWER, i.e., financial power, to wield their control over those that control the masses, such as our MSM.

I had one particular individual who is an M.D. stay at our home a few years back. She's been instrumental in getting the word out about vaccines and the harm she knows can occur in both adults and children. She differed with me on one point...

She did NOT feel that those individuals established within our medical cartels would come out en mass to speak out. She felt, after working tirelessly for years within the system, that the only answer as to the truth getting out, would be to continuously educate the masses about the harm vaccines can cause.

I disagree.


That is, it is vital that those of whom we've given much authority and respect within our medical establishments MUST HONOR THE INTEGRITY OF THIS PROCESS by speaking the Truth, no matter what the cost to themselves or to their loved ones.

Of course, all of this necessitates the ability to cross through FEAR, to do so.

And perhaps this is THE ONE LESSON those in our medical establishments MUST learn. To walk through their own fear to speak the truth...no matter what the cost.

There are lessons here for everyone, at every level. Those that are viewed within our modern society as heroes, i.e., our doctors, nurses, scientists, etc., perhaps have the most to learn in this regard. A few have spoken out, but not nearly enough.

Hopefully, the more that do, the rest will follow...

David Taylor

@John Stone and Bob Moffitt: I'm a big fan and supporter of the work that you do. I read every word the two of you post here. I believe in the truth of our cause and will never stop fighting. I'm "peakdavid" on Twitter and I've been working it all day.

Optimistic or pessimistic--it is our moral obligation never to give up. As Gandhi said, "Throughout history, truth and love have always won." I hope it is in our lifetime and on this planet.

John Stone

Hi Bayareamom

Why bother? We may as well all give up before we start. I really don't see it working. (Irony btw).



WOW!!! THIS is what I'm talking about. Nurses speaking out about mandatory flu vaccines required for employment, etc. Please watch Julie Sterns in the video provided at this link. We desperately NEED MORE NURSES AND PHYSICIANS TO SPEAK OUT.

THEY KNOW. THEY KNOW. But too many of them are still choosing to remain silent. I do understand, believe me, the repercussions suffered by those that have already spoken out, but as Julie Sterns states, there is strength in numbers.

I would seriously change my life's outlook from a glass half empty to glass half full perspective if I started seeing more folks in the medical community speak out about this issue.

Can you just imagine the repercussions for our medical cartel if we could literally see, at the minimum, some two hundred or so nurses/physicians arrange a caucus and/or a PR event, detailing what they know about the harm vaccines can and have, caused? THAT would change things...almost overnight.

And I don't mean just simply signing some sort of Petition wherein various physicians/nurses state they are aware of the harm vaccines can cause.

I mean a venue wherein they gather together, in full media spectrum, and deliver the goods. NO HOLDS BARRED.

I KNOW they're out there. I've interviewed them personally. They're too afraid to speak out.

I may even begin to look at Dr. Thompson a bit differently now that his role in this has been more or less fleshed out as per the above article.

It's time for these folks to take their heads out of the sand and SPEAK UP. This issue impacts their own families and loved ones as well.


The masses will always be ignorant esp in America where they are kept very busy.

All through out history it has never been the masses that changes things -- it is the few, hard working brave souls that does it.

We will have masses that have all kinds of autoimmune diseases up to three generations that can't wait to get to those vaccine shots.

It will take a few smart, hard workers with fire in their eyes and soul to change it.

God bless those people.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Aye! Thanks BoB Moffitt whoever you are. I am 65, so I completely remember the Berlin Wall coming down. I remember how Vietnam ended in a mad scramble. I remember how President Nixon suddenly crumpled -- and lately I have been thinking and writing about the great danger of remaining silent while a segment of the population is targeted. I don't remember the end of WWII because I wasn't born yet, but I remember the American boys and girls my age whose parents were the holocaust survivors.

People not only can challenge the stacked deck of big government and big pharma and big agriculture -- they must! Thank you Dr. Thompson, Dr. Hooker, and Dr. Wakefield! Thank you, Attorney Moody. I was raised by a lawyer.

John Stone


Ultimately, it is an insult to everyone who works hard every day to try and achieve something. It sucks.


@John Stone,

REALISM is not pessimism. Books, lectures, caucuses, Congressional hearings, etc., so forth have been ongoing with Big Pharma cartel issues for decades, now. What's changed? Absolutely nothing. What happened to change ANY of this after Weldon's hearings?


What HAS changed? More and more vaccines being developed and in the pipeline, with the intention of adding yet more to the already overly burdened CDC schedule for infants/children, all the way up to the adult population.

And it's not just vaccines. How many times has the American public learned about other malfeasance with Big Pharma and it's bad boy buddies re: other medical issues? Fraud, known issues with certain drugs that were allowed to stay on the market, until said drugs were pulled when it was acknowledged the many deaths and injuries known to have been caused by said drugs all the while.

It will take an enormous public outcry for this to ever gain the speed it would need to, in order for this issue to be brought into the full scope of light. And frankly, I just don't see that happening.

I would LOVE to see this issue change the way that Big Pharma prevails in this country - and internationally. TO ME, it's going to take an almost supernatural force from the heavens above to change all this.

diane w farr

It's easy to be pessimistic. Simpsonwood, Wakefield, the Denmark study that was fraud, Thorson, the last congressional hearing, the media.....I've been optimistic many times. I watched Bought the other night. I'm afraid we are bought and sold. Our personal rights were sold awhile back. Our Supreme court made sure of it.


"I am not optimistic, although I admire Dr. William Thompson and agree that he is courageous and medal worthy.

However, a Congressional mandate to reform the CDC practices that have brought about this catastrophe of lies would require broad public outcry and pressure on elected officials. And for that outcry to be loud enough, some truth telling about vaccines would have to occur.

BigPharma, government health officials and a compliant media will never let that truth out. America's vaccine program is thought to be too important to public health and national security.

One of the primary motives of scientist bureaucrats like DeStefano and Boyle to commit fraud has been to protect the vaccine program for "the greater good." And I predict that is exactly what they will say to Posey's committee, if they ever get to the witness chair.

The "greater good" argument is also the one that will win in the halls of Congress and the media.

I see this moving to its inevitable conclusion in 20-40 years--a nation chronically ill and fiscally broken by a vaccine program taken over by predatory capitalism. Generations of children lost."

What David said; couldn't agree more.

BoB Moffitt

@ David Taylor .. you wrote:

"However, a Congressional mandate to reform the CDC practices that have brought about this catastrophe of lies would require broad public outcry and pressure on elected officials. And for that outcry to be loud enough, some truth telling about vaccines would have to occur."

I am 75 years of age .. and .. I have learned it does not require a "broad public outcry" to put pressure on elected officials to cause change. All that is required is INFORMATION.

Consider .. the Berlin Wall seemed to collapse overnight .. absent ANY evidence .. that a "public outcry" indicated such a collapse was eminent? Remember CNN "live" video .. formerly silent .. discouraged people .. atop that wall .. dismantling it "brick by brick" .. the East German guards unable to stop it?

Consider .. every major media outlet in the country refused to publish information that the United States was conducting unauthorized .. Constitutionally illegal surviellance .. of private American citizens .. until .. Snowden's revelation that provided the indisputable evidence .. that our nation was not only "spying" on US citizens .. but .. friendly foreign countries as well.

My friend ..the media and individual journalists are constantly threatened by government .. to remain silent .. less THEY be blamed for a resurgence in "preventable diseases" .. or .. for a future terrorist attack on the US.

Maybe it is my "senior" age .. but .. history is replete with COURAGEOUS media outlets and journalists .. who refused to be INTIMIDATED by government's threats .. and .. provided the INFORMATION .. that precedes great CHANGE.

As I said .. I am very "hopeful" that Dr Thompson's information will provide the same CRACK in the CDC's formidably impenatrable wall of "research deception" .. as Snowden did to CRACK the National Security apparatus that was routinely violating our Constitutional Right to PRIVACY.

beth johnson

I had thought that CDC had prevented Thompson from presenting at the 2004 IOM meeting. Wasn't he prevented from presenting at something? Because they knew that he knew...

beth johnson

I am finding reading this complaint fascinating, with additional details coming out. But, I WANT ON ONLINE LIST OF THE EXHIBITS (listed at the end of the complaint) with HYPERLINKS! Is this forthcoming? Please?


Optimist or Pessimist, THIS IS IT!
We either actively transform our society to non-toxic as we begin the healing process for generations to come OR it stays on toxic fast track and we are eyewitnesses to the fall of the American corporatist empire.

John Stone

David Taylor

If we don't believe that we can change anything then it is certain we never will change anything. Pessimism has nothing to contribute here.


Ohhhh Weep David Taylor if that is true!

BUT -- it already has been 40 - 50 years - the nation is already chronically ill -with endocrine type of illnesses.

Yes, on the whole there are still clueless masses but if you think about history - some times a few brave and smart people can change its course.

God Bless them indeed! Left to me and the masses - my sister-in-law with four vaccine damaged kids -- in Mississippi - first in vaccines compliance - last in everything else -- said nothing - did nothing as they gave vaccines to her two grand kids. One is not talking (Surprise) the other one - it's pictures -- it's eyes have this constant startled expression and that is it.

And my foolish daughter the once up on time nurse in spite of it all listened to the academia

No, the masses on the whole are sheep.

David Taylor

I am not optimistic, although I admire Dr. William Thompson and agree that he is courageous and medal worthy.

However, a Congressional mandate to reform the CDC practices that have brought about this catastrophe of lies would require broad public outcry and pressure on elected officials. And for that outcry to be loud enough, some truth telling about vaccines would have to occur.

BigPharma, government health officials and a compliant media will never let that truth out. America's vaccine program is thought to be too important to public health and national security.

One of the primary motives of scientist bureaucrats like DeStefano and Boyle to commit fraud has been to protect the vaccine program for "the greater good." And I predict that is exactly what they will say to Posey's committee, if they ever get to the witness chair.

The "greater good" argument is also the one that will win in the halls of Congress and the media.

I see this moving to its inevitable conclusion in 20-40 years--a nation chronically ill and fiscally broken by a vaccine program taken over by predatory capitalism. Generations of children lost.


Yeahhhhh, I have been thinking this ever since the story broke.

Talking forever with Dr. Hooker and Dr. Wakefield.

Escorted off of the CDC premises but 1000s of papers are being sent to Congress.

Oh please let me see how orange looks on on a few. We were listing in another blog. Orange the new black.

Dr. Thompson rocks


Jeff Ransom

I second that Bob Moffitt Dr. Thompson for "Times Man of the Year" .. the first of many awards for his professional courage to come forward with the truth.

All in favor say aye.

BoB Moffitt

I sure hope all you have stated is true .. if so .. we may actually begin to see a visible CRACK in the CDC's historical impenetrable wall of questionable reseach that has gone unexamined for decades.

If so .. I nominate Dr. Thompson for "Times Man of the Year" .. the first of many awards for his professional courage to come forward with the truth.

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