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Dr. Nancy "Just Get Your Damn Vaccine" Snyderman Breaks Ebola Quarantine, Risks Herd

Do_as_i_say_20090516Oh dear.  Did Dr. Nancy "exempt" herself from the rules to which she demands everyone else adhere? Vaccine industry watchdog, NBC News' Dr. Nancy Snyderman appears to have been caught not taking her responsibility to "the herd" seriously.  You know Dr. Nancy - the woman who, during the H1N1 scare admonished viewers, "There's no conspiracy, listen to your government, just get the damn vaccine!" Yes, the woman who tells us all that risk benefit analysis is secondary to protecting your neighbor, so called herd immunity, was spotted in Princeton, New Jersey  according to several eye witneses (see below.)

Ah, the price of fame, fortune and pharma, nowhere to run or hide.  

She seemed to disregard her voluntary 21 day isolation following her proximity to Ebola during a trip to Liberia on the NBC "If it bleeds it leads" disease tour. I think the mention of the "black Mercedes" by Planet Princeton (below) was a nice touch. Perhaps she thought that her car was considered isolation - tell that to the guys at the car wash.... 

Dr. Snyderman has been issued a full quarantine in response to her lackadaisical approach to Ebola.

Planet Princeton reported

Several Planet Princeton readers have reported seeing NBC News Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman in public over the past day.

Snyderman allegedly was seen sitting in her car outside of the Peasant Grill in Hopewell Boro this afternoon. A reader reported that a man who was with her got out of the car and went inside the restaurant to pick up a take-out order. Another man was in the back seat of her black Mercedes. Snyderman had sunglasses on and had her hair pulled back, the reader said.

An American freelance cameraman working with Snyderman in Liberia last week tested positive for Ebola. Snyderman, a resident of Princeton, was flown back to the United States with a crew member on a private charter flight this weekend. Snyderman and her crew were going to be placed under voluntary quarantine for 21 days as a precaution, NBC News President Deborah Turness announced in a written statement on Oct. 3 (see the letter below). NBC said the group would be closely monitored and was showing no symptoms or warning signs of Ebola.

On Tuesday, NBC News President Deborah Turness said in a statement sent to staff members that Snyderman and her crew were doing well and in good health. “While they are deemed to be at low risk, we have agreed with state and local health authorities that our team will not come to work, and they will stay at home taking their temperatures twice daily and staying in touch with the local health authorities for the remainder of the recommended 21-day period,” Turness said.

Snyderman is not under any kind of mandatory quarantine order by the CDC or the state because she is at a very low risk of contracting Ebola. Any confinement is voluntary.

NBC did not respond to inquiries about Snyderman today, and Snyderman could not be reached for comment.



The 1995 outbreaks in the Congo were in the news papers. In the end there was a final article - I would just love to find but cannot.

The African doctors took the blood serum of survivors of ebola -- out of the hands of the western doctors that would NOT give it --cause they said it would be too dangerous for those sick ebola patients. The African doctors also kicked those white doctors out.

Love to find the article -- would love to find anything on the internet about that -- but there is not one thing except how WHO is the hero in every case -- was called in -- begged to come -- well the Congo and Kiwit might have in the beginning but they sure was not begging them in the end.

Oh, as if we did not have enough big guns and minions in the HHS, NIH, CDC, Surgeon General(who has a large staff - it is not just him you know) -but we maybe will be getting another Czar -that is what we need some one else with a large staff - to not do their job.


re: ebola being assymptomatic in some people.

So there are 2 kinds of survivors - those that showed symptoms and then recovered, and those who were infected, but showed no signs of symptoms, and within 4 days their bodies pretty much controlled the virus. Am I interpreting that correctly?

And, the article talks about that as being the result of maybe 3 different cytokine reactions, with all their complexities, so those that get sick and/or die aren't reacting as effectively.

So would be providing oneself with nutrition known to strengthen those facets of the immune system while removing things from one's life that could limit or stop those immune reactions be one possible way to insure you are a healthy survivor, not a sick victim, and to decrease your own contagiousness to others if you do get infected, whether you know it or not?

Reminds me of that Duke Michigan study, yet again, where they were all infected with flu, but only half showed overt signs of illness, but 100% of them showed internal immune activation to the exposure.





Try the parallel link in the comment. Make sure you download it or make a print copy because it seems when a page get so many hit-it disappears.

Giving as good as we get from the CDC

Did anyone see Tom Freiden testifying before Congress today? I've never seen anyone raked over the coals like that in a hearing. Intensely gratifying--he was giving Tom Insel-like deflective answers to very direct questions, and several Congressman (and one Congresswoman who is a former nurse)just exploded on him. Priceless.

Ray Gallup

Typical media person who thinks more of herself than anybody else. She feels she is privileged and so what if somebody catches a horrible disease from her.

For Godfrey from Linda1


The link you gave re asymptomatic Ebola infection leads to:

"The requested page does not exist."

Godfrey Wyl


"Ebola can be asymptomatic: -Human asymptomatic Ebola infection and strong inflammatory response:

"Also, is the PCR test to diagnosis Ebola accurate?"

The parallel comment to the paper that you cite makes clear that the result rests entirely not just upon PCR, but upon nested PCR.

False Scientists Make Me Laugh

Vincent Ianelli, your attempt to defend Dr. Nancy ring very hollow when one hears that it was only 1 day or hours from the affected person being symptomatic alongside her.

Ray Gallup

The Ebola problem in the US is being handled the same way as the autism/vaccine situation by the CDC. If you consider the CDC was taken in by the fraud perpetrated by Poul Thorsen, anybody with half a brain can see these people at the CDC don't know what day it is. After being a regular viewer of the AMC TV show, The Walking Dead....I find that show to be less grim than what may happen to all Americans once the CDC gets finished with this Ebola mess we are faced with.

Jeannette Bishop

I can't find a recording with good quality video and audio, but this CNN news segment caused some stir when two correspondents did a satellite up-link to each other within the same parking lot.

CNN suggested something like this wasn't an intentional deception, just a bizarre outcome of their dependence on high-tech methods.

Though the proximity within the parking lot must have been very close.

But then I've seen a picture of two friends standing side-by-side texting each other, but...

I also saw a reporter standing on the streets of NYC telling us on 9/11 that building 7 seven had just collapsed a few mintutes prior, when another building right behind her started to go down and she turned around surprised and they cut off the feed. I was left thinking for a while "How many buildings does that make then?!?" and vaguely waited for an explanation that never came. Then mostly it was shoved out of my mind in concern to hear for several days in a row that rescuers were able to save someone, anyone possibly alive and trapped in the debris, and all the other concerns that came with viewing the criminal event.

I can't find the footage of that reporter now, but there are plenty of videos of BBC's reporter, Jane Stanley, talking about the collapse of the same building while it stands in the skyline image behind her. It seems that that predictive feed about building 7 went out to several "news" agencies, and their function in New York was not investigative.

So, I don't know that Dr. Nancy was even in Liberia, though I've seen footage that made it appear she was in Africa somewhere.

She said in one NBC broadcast she had worked with this photographer for at least a couple of hours when he had started showing symptoms and that he had been with their team for about 72 hours before that. She believed he was infected before joining them...all of that may be true, but I just can't be sure of any of it.


Vincent misses the point. Most people who read this article and others know that Snyderman and her crew were under a voluntary 21 day quarantine. Over the years Snyderman has been a shill for the pharmaceutical industry-pushing every vaccines and her famous quote: ""-- just get your damn vaccine" meaning do what the CDC tells you to do regardless if you want to or not. It's for the greater good and herd immunity. Yet, when she volunteers to abide by a quarantine, regardless if she really wanted to do it or not, when she felt compelled, she broke it. In other words: do as I say, not as I do. If you go along with the current mindset of the CDC Ebola is far more deadly than the Flu yet Snyderman decided a cup of soup was more important than anyone else.

Ebola can be asymptomatic:
-Human asymptomatic Ebola infection and strong inflammatory response:
-Ebola can be asymptomatic for weeks.

English: you can have the virus but have no symptoms yet be contagious just like the pertussis vaccine shedding which Tod Merkel of the FDA states makes people who have taken the pertussis asymptomatic carriers. Merkel states: not good for the public.

Also, is the PCR test to diagnosis Ebola accurate? Jon Rapport has written about the test:

-the PCR test has problems. It is open to errors. One of those errors occurs right at the beginning of the procedure:
Is the sample taken from the patient actually a virus or a piece of a virus? Or is it just an irrelevant piece of debris?

Another problem is inherent in the method of the PCR itself. The test is based on the amplification of a tiny, tiny speck of genetic material taken from a patient—blowing it up millions of times until it can be observed and analyzed.
Researchers who employ the test claim that, as a result of the procedure, they can also infer the quantity of virus that is present in the patient.

This is crucial, because unless a patient has millions and millions of Ebola virus in his body, there is absolutely no reason to think he is sick or will become sick. So the question is: can the PCR test allow researchers and doctors to say how much virus is in a patient’s body?

Kary Mullis, biochemist, states: “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron.” Translation: the PCR test can’t be used to say how much virus is in a person’s body. So the CDC’s gold standard for testing Ebola patients says nothing about whether they are sick or will become sick. It says nothing about why some patients do become sick. Other problems with the test: errors in carrying out the highly sensitive procedure; lab contamination of the sample taken from the patient; choice of a sample that is not a virus at all, or is the wrong virus.

Did Snyderman take all this into consideration when she had to have her cup of soup? Regardless if this is another CDC hoax or not it was irresponsible from a woman, a Doctor, who tells the public..."just get your damn vaccine".

Vincent Iannelli, MD

"This all suggests the Ebola scare is truly a farce if Nancy Snyderman working in LIBERIA directly with a cameraman who is supposedly ill broke her quarantine and was spotted out and about."

The cameraman developed symptoms the day after he worked with Dr. Snyderman, so wasn't contagious to her and the rest of the crew. And he was exposed while washing a contaminated car, not during an activity that involved Dr. Snyderman and the rest of her crew.

The only thing that is a farce is the hype that has evolved around Ebola and the fact that everyone who can post a comment on the Internet now thinks that they are an infectious disease expert.

Vincent Iannelli, MD

"She may have exposed others to a level 4 pathogen, if she was truly exposed, herself, to ebola."

She didn't expose anyone to anything.

Was she or the rest of the crew even around the cameraman when he was symptomatic?

'A spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Health said there was no need to decontaminate the restaurant or warn anyone who was inside because the CDC says people without Ebola symptoms aren’t contagious. “The NBC crew remains symptom-free, so there is no reason for concern of exposure to the community,” spokeswoman Dawn Thomas said.'

Although she should have kept to the original agreement, maybe we need to look at the need to keep people without known exposure in quarantine for so long…

Read the full text of Snyderman's statement:

"While under voluntary quarantine guidelines, which called for our team to avoid public contact for 21 days, members of our group violated those guidelines and understand that our quarantine is now mandatory until 21 days have passed. We remain healthy and our temperatures are normal. As a health professional I know that we have no symptoms and pose no risk to the public, but I am deeply sorry for the concerns this episode caused. We are thrilled that Ashoka is getting better and our thoughts continue to be with the thousands affected by Ebola whose stories we all went to cover."


How you interpret this article I'm linking to is up to you. But we had a non-lethal flu with fast transmission that was termed a "Pandemic." Now we have a termed "lethal" disease that they are trying to make it look like it spreads faster than maybe it really does, and they are so very vague about that original animal to human transmission. What animal was it? How did the animal transfer it to the human? What it casual contact, a bite, did it originate in an Ebola lab somewhere? Was it like HIV in a monkey transferring it to a lab worker, indicating western medicine techniques could have actually created the outbreak accidently? Are they continuing to test animals in that region and surrounding regions or having to do any culling? If not, why not? Is it possible it could have been a lab accident from a lab worker not following safety protocols? Before then it took 10 years to move from one geographical region to another? No talk about whether those in other regions have developed immunities to it that would reduce risk. How about those who've had Lassa, how are they affected? In this huge world of 7 billion people, as of august less than 3,000 were sick with whatever this is, but NIH is all over it? The outbreak started almost a year ago but we are just hearing about how awful it is now? It's so rife that as of August it had caused about 150 deaths a month, yet those comparatively low numbers have caused such shortages of hospital beds that other countries can't cope and require our medical and military intervention? Really? How many people were flying and driving in and out of those regions since December and the rest of the world has not yet seen "pandemic outbreaks" from so-called rapid easy transmission?
I'm not saying people aren't sick and dying, but there seems to be a lot of manufactured hype not supported by numbers, and the origination of this outbreak seems vague and deserves more detailed examination than what is discussed in this NIH celebratory-styled discussion of technologically new tracking methods and it's potential contribution to future vaccine use.

"Joined by an international team of scientists, Dr. Sabeti used advanced technology to analyze the genetics of the Ebola samples extremely rapidly and with high levels of accuracy. Using this technology, the researchers pinpointed a single late 2013 introduction from an unspecified animal reservoir into humans. Their study showed that the strain responsible for the West African outbreak separated from a closely related strain found in Central Africa as early as 2004, indicating movement from Central to West Africa over the span of a decade. Studying RNA changes occurring over the span of the outbreak suggests that the first human infection of the outbreak was followed by exclusive human to human transmissions."


When there is an ebola vaccine I am sure she will tell us all to get that as well.

Please everyone contact NBC or your local NBC station and tell them they can find a medical professional who has more respect for fellow human beings. She makes rules for us but doesn't think she has to follow them herself.

Maybe if people acted more responsibly - including Doctors - we wouldnt have so many vaccines to worry about.


No one is saying Ebola isn't real. What is being said is the "uncontrollable outbreak" isn't real. This isn't the first time Ebola has "broken out" in Africa. There have always been protocols in place to contain it and it has been used on numerous occasion over the years. The question is why weren't those protocols followed? Why are people arriving in the US from Africa not subject to scrutiny when they re-enter the US? Why has the CDC not implemented their protocols for containment? Yes, people in Africa are dying but are they dying from the Ebola virus? Death is a common occurrence in Africa because of living conditions so how do we know Ebola is the cause? Just because the WHO & CDC say so? The African government is corrupt and so who is to say they wouldn't be complicit in a hoax if it's going to line someone's pockets. There are no autopsies being performed on the people that have died so how do we or the world know what they died from?

“I saw people die from Ebola.”

No you didn’t. You saw people die. You yourself have no idea what killed them. You can pretend you know, but you don’t.

“The doctors know what kills people.”

You win a gold star for your faith. You’re now a fully-fledged member of the Church of Biological Mysticism.

People who see other people die often assume they know why it happened. Certainly, when it comes to viruses, they don’t have a clue. They’re sure they know. That doesn’t make them right."
When you have hundreds of millions of people who assert that Ebola is killing people, you’re looking at faith.

Blind faith in authorities who don’t deserve it.

You’re looking at the construction of reality, which is then sold.

Take this example—a farming village in Liberia, one of the so-called epicenters of Ebola. The families manage to produce enough to get by. They live downstream from a giant Firestone rubber plantation.

For years, to no avail, the people of the village have been protesting the runoff of noxious elements into their water supply. Fish are dying. Crops are failing. That means malnutrition, hunger.

That means chemical assault on their immune systems.

People are developing sores, lesions, fevers, respiratory problems, digestive problems, including diarrhea.

How easy is it to call this Ebola, in light of the current hysteria?

“Everyone knows” it’s Ebola. But it isn’t.

People are obsessed by the idea that a whole population, in far-off nation, under the gun, must all be suffering from One Thing—in this case, a virus.

Jon Rapport: Death doesn’t=someone’s opinion about death
Storyline. Imagery.
A frightening virus is supposed to come from a far-off or strange place where “primitive things” happen.

West Nile=Uganda. SARS=China. Bird flu=“somewhere in Asia.” HIV=Africa. Swine Flu=Mexico.

Why don’t they ever say a pandemic virus came from Brooklyn?
Jon Rapport

Rapport has an entire section on his site about Ebola and ask some very concise questions such as the one above-why doesn't a pandemic virus start in a western part of the world? Answer: because in the West it s hard to stir up the fear factor needed to create a false reality. Remember the CDC for years push the lie that 36,000 people a year die from the flu. Flu vaccine sales in 2009 profited the vaccine makers in excess of 50 billion in one flu season. Just think about what a terrifying virus that turns you insides into liquid when your organs melt and run out of every orifice of your body will gain them if they happen to create a vaccine that they say will save you?


For those of you who think Ebola is a hoax, keep in mind that it's easy to take facts and make them seem opposite of the truth. Don't fall for it. You have to look beyond the interpretations and opinions, and know that people will lie and believe their own lies and get others to believe it, based upon their motive, which might even be denial. Just saying, don't just read some website and believe it because it sounds true. I believe Ebola is real and have read about it 8 years ago. The rumor was the Japanese created it when they were doing biological creations on an unsuspecting uneducated African tribe. Not saying that was true either (but makes sense), but I am believing in the current Ebola scare and recommend that people start researching now for things that kill it. I am leary of the vaccine they will create for it.


Arrogance is the only word that comes to mind as a description for Nancy Snyderman and her antics.


Arrogance, maybe. Or maybe, she's just a paid talking head who knows damn well that this Ebola nonsense is a made up scare, just like the HN1 was. Designed to scare people into lineups for the next round of ma$$ public vaccination$


Here is an interesting video which could explain why Dr. Nancy felt it was OK to break quarantine. Maybe because she knows that the entire thing is a hoax.

Ebola: NY Ties complicity video-Liberia Ebola actors getting paid.
Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS.


@Autismmom, you should see the Infowars site. Lots of negative comments and a call to hav her fired (petition mentioned).


I hope Bob Moffitt is right and that if true her career at NBC is over. She has lost any shred of credibility she might have had. This woman has mocked the thousands of parents who witnessed vaccine injury to their child. This woman - excuse me - doctor - told people to "get your damn vaccine." Such sound medical advice so eloquently stated.

Stay in your damn quarantine!!!!!!

Oh, Dr. Nancy……!

What a fabulous limerick, Aspiesmom! I love it!

As for Dr. Nancy, I have no pity for her. She may have exposed others to a level 4 pathogen, if she was truly exposed, herself, to ebola. She is selfish and does not practice what she preaches. I'll bet she doesn't even take an annual "damn" seasonal flu vaccine. She is a pathetic fraud, and now the whole world knows it. There is nothing she can say to right this situation.

When I think that people are so often fired or lose their "sports teams" over mere words, albeit stupid, senseless words, whereas Dr. Nancy has exposed her own hypocrisy that could lead to the serious bodily harm of others, if she was truly exposed, it really makes me upset. I think she has to be let go. She is not setting a proper example for others.


Maybe it's a hoax and her cameraman didn't really have Ebola. Maybe they staged it so she could come back home and tell people " Get your damn Ebola vaccines."


There once was a doctor named Nancy,
Who did something quite chancey.
She damned people to vaccines
But broke her own quarantine,
Because of the soup she did fancy.


With her free time the next few weeks,

perhaps Dr. Nancy could watch this episode about the (now) "killer measles..."

Brady Bunch Season One / Is There A Doctor In The House


wow, check out the angry comments on Snyderman's FB page on reaction to her breaking quarantine.


Arrogance is the only word that comes to mind as a description for Nancy Snyderman and her antics.

Laura Hayes

Interesting and related article below and worth the lengthy read.

BoB Moffitt

If this allegation proves true .. Nancy's career at NBC is over .. which means .. you may next see Nancy at your local CVS .. pushing her highly recommended "free flu shots" to everyone entering the store.

Personally, I think Nancy is not qualified to work for CVS .. but .. that's just me


This Ebola story is getting stranger by the minute. On many comments sections there is mention of Ebola in fact being a parasite, not a virus. Also, quite apart from African sanitation and burial practices there is mention of the afflicted having had the meningitis vaccine. But the one thing I am seeing is that people simply don't believe what the CDC is saying. That in itself is really coming across.

Jennifer Stanfield

I would like to hear from NBC why they have not addressed the story regarding Dr. Snyderman's break from quarantine. She maybe at low risk but she has an obligation to everyone due to covering the story in Africa regarding Ebola. By doing so she has an obligation to not only protect herself but others who come in contact with her. I question NBC allowing their staff to go to Africa & endangering their staff. Not much was found out in the report that we did not all ready know?

Leslie Manookian

This all suggests the Ebola scare is truly a farce if Nancy Snyderman working in LIBERIA directly with a cameraman who is supposedly ill broke her quarantine and was spotted out and about. And NBC is saying she and her crew are at very low risk! Really? How can they say she is low risk if she was in Liberia and working with the cameraman who is now supposedly sick? Isn't being in an African country supposedly rampant with Ebola high risk? And how is it that a healthcare worker who treated Thomas Duncan in the hospital has contracted Ebola despite taking all the necessary precautions? The report regarding this healthcare worker says this transmission suggests there must be an alternate mode of transmission yet Snyderman and the rest of the crew are low risk? This just does not add up. But it makes for incredible theater.

@One set

Dr. Nancy Snyderman is a fake. Either she is massively irresponsible or perhaps the Ebola scare is a hoax of sorts. Which is it Nanc?

cia parker

Did you see that the cameraman on Nancy's crew who had been infected with Ebola has run up a half a million tab for his medical bills (and that was several days ago, it's easily over a million by now). He was a freelancer, and his medical insurance exempted coverage for such infections. Once again, the U.S. medical system has failed again to assist sick Americans!

cia parker

The abandoned oil rigs are a great idea! Also, I had seen that several countries are not sure what to do with their citizens who joined Isis and now wish to return to their home countries. And I read about a guy from Somalis expelled from the UK for his activities, but Somalia will not permit him reentry. I had been wondering where such people might be sent. Probably not Syria. Again, what an original and useful idea!


"-- just get your damn vaccine"

equates with
"Let them eat cake."

Louis Conte

We shouldn't have let her back in the country.

This is why abandoned ocean oil rigs could still have a purpose.

Mercky Business


"Karma" or just rampant greed, self promotion, bullying and hypocrisy coming home to roost.

No, I'm not Matt Lauer

How can NBC News continue to employ this physician reporter when she has proven herself to be so untrustworthy?


Maybe there is such a thing as karma.


When you feel you're entitled, no one else counts but you.

One set of rules for the elite, another for us

Hey Nance-

Thanks so much for protecting the herd, especially my little guy who today has a doctor's appointment in Princeton, NJ! We'll be sure to skip take-out at the Peasant Grill on the way home.

Big Hugs (whoops, maybe not),


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