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Dachel Media Update: Mysterious Virus Affecting Vaccinated Children

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Sept 22, 2014, PreventDisease.com: Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. and Canada And Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children

The Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) has infected more than 150 children in the U.S., and has recently spread to Canada with 18 confirmed cases in three provinces.

So far, no one has died from the virus but dozens of children have had to be treated in intensive care units.

Enteroviruses, such as EV-D68, are related to the common cold virus and can spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing, by close contact with infected persons or by touching a contaminated surface. In general, Enteroviruses circulate and peak in the summer and fall months so it is not unusual to see increased illnesses caused by Enteroviruses this time of year, however the intensity at which the virus is attacking children is rare.

. . . Vaccines Are Causing Mutations That May Jeopardize The Health of Future Generations

Vaccines are causing an unprecedented number of mutations creating superbugs and potent viruses and bacteria that may eventually threaten future generations and humanity itself. Evidence continues to mount from the scientific community who now admit that certain vaccines are in-fact causing both viral and bacterial mutations.

Life-threatening pathogens are capable of evolving rapidly and developing genetic decoys that serve to disguise them from even the most powerful drugs. University of Oxford researcher Rory Bowden found that pathogens switch genetic material with other bacteria, but predominantly for the part of the genome responsible for making the cell coating, which is the area targeted by vaccines.

Sobering message.  So far all the kids who've come down with EV 68 are vaccinated.

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http://www.medscape.com/multispecialty on Jan. 1oth.

There is an article to be read if you sign in there. The caption reads "Only one child in paralysis outbreak has fully recovered. The CDC is still investigating whether enterovirus D68, a cousin of the polio virus, is associated with these cases of acute limb weakness . . ."

About 25 years ago they found out there was a small mutation in the hepatitis B (amino acid placement?) that resulted in breakthrough infections in already-vaccinated patients. I wonder if the same thing is happening here. Upon reading about the hepetitus B vaccine "shift" problem, I wondered if the mercury in the vaccine at the time could have been responsible for it. Or, in other words, when other ingredients are added to a vaccine, can they inadvertantly change the amino acid protein profile in the virus just enough to result in "vaccine induced resistance" that end up prolonging an epidemic rather than just containing it.

Godfrey Wyl


"I thought that was an interesting article, but there were no sources within the article."

It provides this:

"'So far all of the reports we are seeing are coming in from children who have been partially or fully immunized,' said infectious disease specialist Dr. Heather Ashton. 'Reports are managed through the National Enterovirus Surveillance System and the summaries thus far are all coming in from vaccinated pediatric populations in the U.S. and Canada.'"

However, it does not appear that the NESS provides such data:

"NESS, initiated in 1961, is a passive, voluntary surveillance system that monitors laboratory detections of enteroviruses in the United States. Participating laboratories are encouraged to report enterovirus detections by serotype, specimen type, collection date, age of patient, and sex of patient to CDC monthly. Enterovirus serotyping is performed by sequencing the genome region encoding the VP1 capsid protein by immunofluorescence using type-specific monoclonal antibodies, or by neutralization with type-specific polyclonal antisera."

There is also no affiliation given for Dr. Ashton; the only academic I can find by that name is a retired professor of psychopharmacology in the UK who specializes in benzodiazepine withdrawal.

Nat Philosopher

The last update I saw on this was the WakingTimes article on 9/23, which cited a named Doctor and a named database being searched. I would like to know if your post is based on updated information and what the source is.

It wouldn't be surprising if the virus were exploiting a vaccine created hole in immune systems. Numerous peer reviewed publications, including randomized placebo tests, show flu vaccines in particular have disposed some children to respiratory illnesses and have damaged both human and animal recipients CD8+ T cell response to novel viruses.

Some discussion of this with links to pubs can be found at http://whyarethingsthisway.com especially posts 9/26 and 9/17

cia parker

I thought the same thing. My daughter had it last month, but was not formally diagnosed. What would be the point? It's a virus, no treatment, and she doesn't have asthma. Her middle school sent home a note saying that the enterovirus was rampant at the school (as in all schools here in the Midwest): it's a virus going from one person to another, recently vaxed or not. My daughter's last vaccine was ten years ago, but she had a very severe cough for a month anyway.

BoB Moffitt

Whether or not "all the children have been vaccinated" .. the scientific possibility that "vaccines are causing mutations that may jeopardize the health of future generations" has a ring of truth to it.

Admittedly .. I am no-where near qualified to speak as a scientist .. but .. common sense suggests it would be damn near impossible to administer six - eight vaccines in a single visit .. all the while knowing those multiple vaccines contained substances .. both .. chemicals and metals .. capable of causing a toddler's genes to mutate .. and .. then be surprised should that fully vaccinated toddler prove more susceptible to the EV 68 virus.

Remember the "pig viruses" found in vaccines .. that were only "discovered" because "new microscope technology" allowed scientists to "see them for the very first time"?

That episode alone should have forewarned the entire industry their vaccines may not be as "free of contamination" as they believe them to be.

Indeed .. if this article proves true and can be authenticated by other scientists who have the courageous to do so .. the future of mankind is already at risk.


I guess the Gates polio vaccine program "built" a more virulent strain.http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/13/5/926.short

cia parker

I think it's a misconception to think that unvaxed people will be so healthy that they won't get clinical cases of any illness. Contagious illnesses existed for millions of years before vaccines, and often sickened and killed people from every social class, although more of the malnourished than the well-nourished. I definitely think we need to stop nearly all vaccines nearly all of the time, and think that we have the resources in our society to ensure that most people will go through the contagious illnesses and recover, and that that is better than permanent damage from vaccines.

cia parker

All the children that have been diagnosed with EV 68 have been hooked into modern medical systems. Since the disease is sweeping through all the schools, I'll bet 99% of the kids getting it aren't going to a doctor and are not formally diagnosed with it. I found that Latin American children have more enteroviruses and more of every kind of respiratory virus than American children. But it's also true that 99% of all children everywhere have received some vaccines, so I don't think it's correct to say that only vaccinated children are getting it. We'd need to do a survey of completely unvaxed children to see if any of them are getting it: I'll bet they are, but for the generally healthy it's just a bad summer cold.


How do we know that they've all been vaccinated? I thought that was an interesting article, but there were no sources within the article. I'm curious if they know whether this is occurring right after a particular vaccine (like, kids who had the flu vaccine in 2009 were more susceptible to swine flu).

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