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Dachel Media Update: Experimental Ebola Vaccine, MIT Hypothesis

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Oct 7, 2014, MIT News: Autism as a disorder of prediction 

Oct 3, 2014, First healthy volunteers injected with experimental GMO Ebola vaccine

MIT News 

Autism is characterized by many different symptoms: difficulty interacting with others, repetitive behaviors, and hypersensitivity to sound and other stimuli. MIT neuroscientists have put forth a new hypothesis that accounts for these behaviors and may provide a neurological foundation for many of the disparate features of the disorder.

The researchers suggest that autism may be rooted in an impaired ability to predict events and other people's actions. From the perspective of the autistic child, the world appears to be a "magical" rather than an orderly place, because events seem to occur randomly and unpredictably. In this view, autism symptoms such as repetitive behavior, and an insistence on a highly structured environment, are coping strategies to help deal with this unpredictable world.

I'm sick to death of this kind of wordplay.  "The MIT team believes this could result from an inability to predict another person's behavior based on past interactions. People with autism have difficulty using this type of context, and tend to interpret behavior based only on what is happening in that very moment." 

I posted a comment and reminded them of this MIT research....In June, 2014, MIT's Dr. Stephanie Seneff predicted that by 2025...that's eleven years from now...., the U.S. autism rate will be one in every two kids. 

 (I don't see my comment.)

Maybe the folks at MIT would like to see the kids with autism I work with.  They definitely have "an inability to predict another person's behavior based on past interactions." 

They're in diapers---and they're NOT BABIES. One girl is twenty. They're nonverbal.  I don't know... if they can "predict another person's behavior based on past interactions."

Actually, my goal is get them to make eye contact with me and notice that I'm in the room.

Genetically modified Ebola vaccines are already being administered to healthy volunteers in the United States, UK, Gambia and Mali, as officials worldwide are fast-tracking the creation and approval of an Ebola vaccine.

Glaxo Smith Kline said in a press release:

The Oxford study will involve 60 healthy volunteers, while those in The Gambia and Mali will each involve 40. Each set of volunteers will be split into groups of 20 that will receive different doses of the vaccine so researchers can evaluate the best dose to use in terms of both safety and activity.

NIAID are testing this same vaccine in the USA, in addition to a related vaccine that is designed to protect against two Ebola species (Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan).

 I'm sure this will be sold to us as DEATH IS JUST A PLANE RIDE AWAY.  Where woulld we be without a worldwide pandemic every few years?  And our only hope is a vaccine.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Other news

Reports of Bill and Melinda Gates programs (GAVI, PATH) being sued for causing harm to girls in India with vaccine trials that really didn't meet informed consent requirements.


Lively debate today in Parliament on status of the Ebola vaccine. There's apparently a battle for the rights between a Canadian co and WHO or CDC?

Truth is hard to come by

What--no placebo group? Not even one small group receiving a real placebo? Not even a small group getting the typical vaccine "placebo" of just the adjuvants and other ingredients, but no Ebola viral fragments?

What kind of science is that? Oh yeah. Vaccine science. No control groups necessary. All potential effects will be beneficial--apriori. No need to bother with considering whether the assumptions inherent in any vaccine experiment are actually valid. Why that would be heresy.

Now are all these volunteers going to go expose themselves to Ebola later to see if the vaccine really worked? Of course not. The experimenters will just measure the volunteers' antibodies and declare the experimental vaccine effectiveness based only on that. And if some of the volunteers later do get exposed and still contract the disease…well, you know, sometimes vaccines just don't work for everyone or possibly the virus mutated. That happens you know.

I think it would be very interesting to learn exactly who these healthy volunteers are and what sort of risk information they were given prior to volunteering.


Bill O'Reilly said last night that there was something that the CDC was not telling - that the CDC was being evasive.

What is new, I guess he is not use to dealing with them cause he never did his job on them for years like he and all news casters are suppose to.

But Bill O"Reilly well knows there is something wrong with the childhood vaccine schedules - I saw his face and he struggled to bite his tongue about it with Jett Travolta. I don't know why I keep watching him -

Sorry Bill; the only thing they are not telling us that after H1N1 flu, the bird flu, SARS and let us not forget the swine flu of 1976 --were it was the vaccine that was the most dangerous thing at the time ---hmmm-- speaking of 1976--brings to mind when a very scary virus that emerged in a village by the Ebola River; down south from where it has re-emerged now. Time to scare those Americans really bad -- and while we are at it; have the news caster mention ever once in a while just how many people die a year from the flu -- flash those big numbers up on the screen, baby; all the while talking about the scariest virus of all time -- that should turn the American's attitude around.

And as for CDC doing a good job keeping a virus contained, and tracking it and under control. If you read the history of AIDS as it entered the United States -- CDC was unwilling to do what it needed to do then -- and took a very easy attitude toward that one too.

The CDC can do nothing right - morally, intellectual---- cause there is no vaccine nor will there ever be a vaccine for the AIDs virus. But there just might be a money making vaccine for Ebola.

Narcolepsy Update

Narcolepsy recently linked to histamine. The vaccine seems to have provoked a critical hyperimmune response.

This ties in with work regarding co-morbid allergic atopic diseases found commonly in autism and the work undertaken into mercury at Tufts by Theo Theoharides in regards to mast cell activation.

Further investigation is required and it would be interesting to investigate particular cohorts of children that may be or have been susceptible in the future or the past.

John Stone

There were seven unexplained deaths in one of the trial groups for Pandemrix in 2009. Marc Girard wrote extensively about it. The European authorities shrugged and the mainstream media just played three wise monkeys.

LInda L.

it appears there is no control group in the study as each group of 20 will receive different doses of the vaccine. A fourth grade student would tell you that the study appears flawed from the outset.

BoB Moffitt

The cynic in me wonders what their definition of "volunteers" are?

Jenny Allan

Godfrey- The present Ebola vaccine trials are certainly not being 'overcautious', by restricting the numbers of initial healthy human volunteers to test the vaccine. No doubt, if all seems well with the initial vaccine trial volunteers, then more Ebola vaccine trials will be undertaken with larger numbers of healthy volunteers involved.

Trials of vaccines and other medications have, on occasions, gone horribly wrong in the UK. The first H1N1 flu vaccine, was rushed in with insufficient testing, particularly since a novel adjuvent, Squalene, was used. A version of this vaccine killed children in Australia and induced Narcolepsy in countless European children. The H1N1 flu strain is still incorporated into current UK flu vaccines, but with a traditional adjuvent.

I cannot imagine important world health policy decisions ever being taken as a result of reading (quote) 'a post at the "Controversies in Hospital Infection" blog'. I HOPE not anyway!!


"healthy volunteers." And then after never caring about later side effects for these healthy people, they will go on to recommend it to ipu healthy persons and babies. We know the drill.

Godfrey Wyl
"The Oxford study will involve 60 healthy volunteers, while those in The Gambia and Mali will each involve 40. Each set of volunteers will be split into groups of 20 that will receive different doses of the vaccine so researchers can evaluate the best dose to use in terms of both safety and activity."

This seems to me to be a very cautious approach, perhaps even overcautious. There is a post at the "Controversies in Hospital Infection" blog that outlines a way to conduct a larger-scale trial in the field.

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