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Oct 9, 2014  MSNBC:  The truth about vaccines & autism |

The truth about vaccines & autism

We debunk the myths and bring you the facts about the heated debate over what vaccines have to do with autism with Autism Speaks Senior Vice President, Dr. Paul Wang.

MSNBC's Ronan Farrow: "There's zero evidence of such a link.  The Centers for Disease Control, reviewing existing literature, concluded there is not a causal relationship between certain vaccine types and autism.

Ronan then interviewed Dr. Wang about the CDC's 2004 MMR study.  Wang said that if you look at the results from the original study, the increase risk was from getting the MMR later than the other test subjects.  "People who got it on time, have no increased risk for autism."   He was firm that there was no evidence that the CDC had covered up evidence.

"The safety of the MMR vaccine doesn't hang on this one study.  There have been many studies looking at literally millions of children who've received these vaccines and there is no increased risk of autism.  In fact, a recent meta analysis that looked at all suggests that the MMR seems to protect people against autism.  The rate is lower among people who got the vaccine then  people who didn't."

This was stunning.



Wang called regression at the time of vaccination A COINCIDENCE.  Parents just miss the subtle signs of autism that were actually present earlier, according to Wang.  "Research suggest some of the brain changes start before birth."

Ronan then told viewers to "help people get educated about vaccines so everybody can make an informed vaccine decision.  Go to our website...get facts...share them on Facebook and Twitter..."

This MSNBC coverage was in truth a cover up.  Where is the science that shows the MMR prevents autism?  It's so absurd one hardly knows how to respond.  I think it's meant for the truly uninformed out there who will believe anything as long as a doctor says it on TV.  It also shows how desperate the vaccine defenders have become.

Wang must have this position because he will blindly accept the pharma-friendly line.  I can't imagine a greater insult to parents who watched in horror as healthy, beautiful children regressed into autism than to be told that they just missed the earlier signs.

MSNBC cited Bob Wright as the founder of Autism Speaks and then went on to trash the claim that vaccines are linked to autism.  It should be pointed out that in 2012, Wright gave testimony before the U.S. House Reform Committee.  He said that his 11 year old grandson Christian was born healthy and was developing normally. "We thought he was very precocious. He seemed to be brighter than average. He had an enormous vocabulary and then he lost everything."

He added, "I'll tell you without any secret, my daughter firmly believes that vaccines were the relationship that triggered him into this pit."

Wang's claim of no link isn't convincing.  Even the daughter of the founder of Autism Speaks believes vaccines caused her son's autism.

I would like to ask Dr. Wang if he's aware of the 83 cases of vaccine-induced autism that have been compensated by the U.S. government.

Maybe Wang could explain how medical experts at HHS could concede the vaccine injury case of Hannah Poling and agree that her autism was the result of the nine vaccines she received in a single doctor's visit.

Since Wang believes that it's just a coincidence if a healthy, normally developing child suddenly loses learned skills, stops talking and regresses into autism directly following vaccination, he needs to tell us WHY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS SAY THE SAME THING.  We're supposed to believe the agency that runs the vaccine program when they deny a link between vaccines and autism, at the same time they remain clueless about the cause. 

The role of Autism Speaks seems to be to look on as hundreds of thousands more children fall victim to autism and boldly call for awareness and early intervention.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



Parents, Do Your Research!

Ronan Farrow is certainly not clueless. He graduated college at 15, was a Rhodes Scholar--and, most importantly, was a law intern with none other than Davis Polk & Wardwell.

Not that I ever heard of Davis Polk & Wardwell, but when I looked them up, they describe themselves on their website:

"For many years, Davis Polk has been one of the most active advisers to the largest and most innovative companies across the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, benefits management, medical devices and equipment, diagnostics, genetics and related sectors.

We are regularly called upon to advise on the most significant transactions that take place within the industry. Through our broad transactional experience, we understand the complex issues – including FDA, regulatory and intellectual property issues – that these companies face in financings, licensings, acquisitions and strategic partnership. In addition, our litigators regularly advise some of the industry's largest companies on major antitrust investigations and challenges, mass tort cases and consumer actions, patent litigation and other commercial disputes.

We have advised on some of the industry's most high-profile transactions."

Ronan Farrow is a former pharma lawyer, and undoubtedly still has ties to the industry.


Ronan Farrow is not clueless - he was doing his job - We the foolish puble thinks he is working for us. - I don't know why we think that since they get their money from the people that are advertising their products.

Oh, the people advertising are getting the money from the public -- well something happened there now didn't it.

tony bateson

This is shocking and disgraceful.Paul Wang cannot be a real person - there is no one anywhere who could say in such distinct and authoritative tones that there is no connection between autism and vaccines especially someone whose work implies they speak for autistic people.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

BoB Moffitt

Dr Wang:

"In fact, a recent meta analysis that looked at all suggests that the MMR seems to protect people against autism."

This is the same "junk science" that fugitive from US Justice Poul Thorson employed in his now infamous Denmark study that suggested Thimerosal in vaccines may have actually "prevented" autism.

There is no shame to these people .. absolutely none .. and .. the media that gives them opportunity to spew this crap is even worse .. a prime example being MSNBC's Ronan Farrow .. who proved himself to be absolutely clueless on this issue.

I can't imagine anyone in their right minds hiring someone who lists MSNBC on their resume?

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