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Dachel Media Update: Cynthia McKinney on Autism & Ferguson Missouri

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Oct 13, 2014, San Francisco Bay View: Cynthia McKinney on autism and Ferguson

(Radio interview--14 minutes)

While people were righteously rebelling in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, against police terrorism, a Center for Disease Control whistleblower confirmed something that has been on the lips of conscious ghetto dwellers for decades. International peace activist Cynthia McKinney speaks on the U.S. government spreading autism through vaccinations in the Black community, on Ferguson and much more...

So this is something new that our community is having to cope with, and it's reminiscent of Listeneugenics because they knew that whatever the formula was that they were using was going to have an adverse effect on Black babies - Black male babies in particular is what they studied. But there was this adverse reaction, and they did nothing; they remained silent. It's outrageous....

I have not read of any response of the national Black Caucus, but I could not imagine that the Congressional Black Caucus would remain silent on this. They’ve been veritably silent on many issues, especially what was going on in Gaza. There’s been a lot of discussion about why members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Black officials in general were so silent on Gaza, but I cannot imagine silence on something like this. And the most activist members of Congress that I’ve read about who are on this – forcing the CDC to turn over papers – are Republicans actually.

McKinney is a former six term U.S. Rep from Atlanta, GA (of all places!).  I hope the African American community demands answers.  It is outrageous.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Is it possible that the DNA in Vaccines affects different genotypes differently?

Here is what blows my mind on this: There is DNA in some of the vaccines, right? Or at least there is some material derived from animal or fetal tissue (beef diploid hearts? --google CDC vaccine ingredients) . Is it possible that the fetal tissue can interact with certain genetic types and not cause any issues, but harm others, much like blood type? Autism cuts across all groups, and increases in all groups based on the dose of mercury and aluminum and other toxins, or synergies between them. But what if there are also special risk factors based on combining genetic material in ways not found in nature? What if these vaccines send a genetic message to the DNA to make a brain be wired like the animal or stage of the fetus that the DNA came from? what if this links with DNA from group A without causing issues, but when it links from DNA from group B, it does cause issues or it causes enymes not to be formed, or it causes something else to go haywire simply because in one case it overwrites what was supposed to be there, but in others, it does not due to genetic makeup. I am speculating wildly and I admit it. but the fact is, the scientists do not imagine what COULD happen and that is why we are in this boat.On CBS on Oct 7, I heard A CDC rep scoff at Charlie Rose's concerns about Ebola as if planing for the worst case scenario was silly. . . . Every community--every industry --- plans for disaster and plans for that 1% possibility--- then hopes for no disaster. But they plan for the worse case scenario, they use the outliers as markers to what is not right with the process--if they ignore the outliers, they know it is at their own peril. But not the CDC, the NIH, the Doctors organization. They try to shame the outliers out of existence by not even letting us speak about what we observed. Their lack of respect for science, for evidence, for the truth, for the simple concept of CONTROL GROUPS (they want 100% vaccination so there will be no control group!) -- is tragic, devastating, and criminal.

Deborah Valentine

Thank you Ms Cynthia McKinney for boldly speaking out about this egregious, outrageous Modern Day medical assault on the very demographic that historically has been targeted and genetically mutated. This criminal offense of a blatant attempt to cover-up such an undertaking should be shouted out on every political, civil & human liberty organization 'Rooftops' demanding answers and responsibility. Cynthia McKinney was the first voice I heard in the Social Media world to speak out loudly on the CDC Whistleblower on the ASD and targeted Black Male disproportionately and the YEARS long Silence and Fraudulent maneuvering of a coverup~Not only is it reminiscent of Eugenics, it is Our current times Eugenics Holocaust! And we are demanding answers and responsibility!

Vicki Ward

I second Kapoore's comment. I am very happy to see Cynthia
McKinney's views in this update. Well done.


I'm so glad Cynthia McKinney is not remaining silent because this is outrageous. I mean they talk, talk, talk about genetics and when they finally find a real genetic link (low vitamin D levels in African American males) then they shove it under the rug. Outrageous. I really hope the Black Caucus raises a stink. It's all of our children... we have to start caring.

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