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How Involved is the CDC Whistleblower?

Dachel Media Update: Atlantis (Oops, Atlantic) Writes Another Mythical Story about "Anti-Vaxxers"

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Oct 20, 2014, The Atlantic: The Psychology of Anti-Vaxers: How Story Trumps Science

Oct 20, 2014, NBC's Snyderman faces credibility issues

The Atlantic

Dr. Douglas Hulstedt, a pediatrician in Monetery, California, shares Smoot's preference for personal stories over scientific evidence. Hulstedt accepts patients who are not vaccinated. He goes even further, and recommends refusing vaccinations if a patient has a family history of autism, lupus, Crohn's disease, or Type 1 diabetes.

"Why do I need a medical study?" he says. "If 80 percent of the parents of children with regressive autism in my practice say their child reacted after the MMR [measles, mumps, and rubella] shot, why do I need a medical study?" Hulstedt says that studies showing no link between the MMR vaccine and autism or showing that vaccines are safe and effective might have "fraud in the reportage."...

The Atlantic actually beat the bushes found a doc who doesn't insist that all of his patients get vaccinated.  Of course everyone else, including the CDC, says they're safe, safe, safe......


I tried to post ONE COMMENT...there were no links.......   It seems The Atlantic is very selective in First Amendment rights.

The quarantine against possible Ebola exposure ends this week for Dr. Nancy Snyderman, but the troubles clearly aren't over for NBC News' chief medical editor.

An admitted lapse in the quarantine, combined with a curiously imprecise explanation, unleashed a furious response. NBC must now decide whether Snyderman's credibility is too damaged for her to continue reporting on Ebola or other medical issues and, if so, for how long. The network would not comment.

Listen NBC, Dr. Nancy's credibility was damaged far beyond repair years ago when she decided to cover up the horrendous damage from an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Friends, if possible we should direct the discussions away from vaccines, about which the populace has been so brainwashed- to a more fundamental ethical question.
It's my body, not yours. You have no right to think of doing invasive medical procedures on my body, unless I wish to have them.
To do that would be unethical and unAmerican.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Good for Dr. Hulstadt, who noticed and spoke out abbout the Emperor wearing no clothes. Hurray for the Doc in Monterey.

David Foster

I am noticing a pattern with some of these very biased and uninformed articles...they are being written by very young journalists who are clearly using the same talking points and 3x5 card of "facts"...i.e. "Wakefield study was first to try to link MMR and autism, but was retracted" yada yada yada.

I doubt a one of these stenographers has actually looked at the actual Lancet 1998 study, much less understand that it was not designed as an epidemiological study.

Take a look at the author...she looks like she's 12:


I posted a comment on The Atlantic article in which I stated that "anti-vaccine fears" is a straw-man because for most people the choice not to vaccine is not out of fear but an informed decision. Of course, then the pro-vaccine trolls (including Dorit Reiss) descended upon me, trumpeting their usual claims that science says vaccines are safe for all but a very few, so any decision not to vaccinate is not an informed one. I pointed out that medical researchers like Ben Goldacre how found that only about half of the science gets published, usually the positive half. But of course they ignored this.

I have come to the conclusion that it's pointless to comment on these mythical articles. We will just be drowned out by the Dorit Reisses. We should ignore the mainstream media just like they ignore or denigrate us, until they actually publish something fair and balanced, like Alisyn Camerota recently did on CNN, in which case we should give them positive feedback. Let us focus our time and energy on continuing to provide good information about the risks of vaccines, and the people who want it will find it. The people who blindly trust their doctor, the media, the government, or the pharmaceutical companies, well, they're sheeple, and it's a shame their kids will pay the price.

BoB Moffitt

To NBC .. as Nancy would say .. "Just fire the damn woman".


A fb friend today posted the Atlantic article. Honestly, I've had enough of the late summer to fall biased, one sided US mainstream articles that vilify parents for questioning the safety of vaccines. It's beyond insulting already. If we have to sign a paper consenting that no dr or pharma company is liable if our kids get hurt from vaccines, why shouldn't we question vaccine safety?

The continued condescending tone of these mainstream articles that are basically saying, "shut up, don't listen to your parental intuition, trust your doctor the CDC bc they know more then you" is just begginning to get too wierd.

Well now that I've started...

I'm also fed up from reading how it's because of unvaccinated kids there's an increase in diseases.

I'm fed up that these articles claim vaccinated kids are healthier then unvaccinated kids. Interesting that every parent of an unvaccinated kid that I know is always boasting about the health of their kid. I definitly can't say the same about the parents of the vaccinated kids I know. I Have actually never heard that said from someone I know that has regularly vaccinated their child.

Please can someone do a legitimate unvaccinated vs vaccinated study. Is there an unbiased university that could do it?

My right. My choice. My parental intuition.
No vaccines for my child.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Anne and Anita Donnelly! Great reporting, as always, Anne. And Anita, I am going to share your awesome comment right's spot on!

I called Dr. Hulstedt's office today to personally thank him for his excellent comments (I left a message with his receptionist, but still hope to thank him in person on the phone). Love that he said who needs a study when parents are reporting the truth to him. Duh! How ironic that there are so few doctors like he is out there.

Calling all doctors with common sense and decency...please step forward to join the ranks of the precious few who are speaking truth and remembering their oath to "First, do no harm."


A few years back, Dr. Nancy came down very hard on Dr. Wakefield, ...who has written over 140 medical papers.

Not sure when America will get tired of her medical wisdom.

Vaccine safety and wisdom in the United States is based on UK /Murdoch news reporter Brian Deer.

Brian Deer spent 7 years trying to discredit a 5 page 1998 Andrew Wakefield paper on 12 children. hundreds of children with similar symptoms followed...


Dr. Nancy believes Brian Deer is a medical genus...

The Today show, January 2011

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Matt Lauer & Brian Deer on the MMR vaccine

Anita Donnelly-my son stopped banging against walls thanks to Dr. Wakefield's teachings

Dr. Hulstedt's like that crazy doctor who told parents to pull their children out of the water when they looked like they were drowning. Everyone KNOWS that water is good for you!
Those kids were going to sink anyhow. Or he's like that nutty legislator who decided to put crosswalk guards up near the place several kids got hit by a car. I mean, even though it probably was NOT a car that injured them, they were genetically going to end up with broken legs at that precise age in time anyhow due to the first grade time bomb gene . . . And what about the researcher who paid attention when someone asked if ulcers might be caused by a bug rather than stress? All the American doctors welcomed his thinking--WAIT--no, that didn't happen, he and his partner got made fun of and ended up having to go to Australia to follow up on their hunch. . . and they got the Nobel Prize for medicine. Go figure. But what about that dr who listened to parents and realized that the MMR vaccine was linked to brain injury and odd behaviors? That one. The one who should get the Nobel Prize for Medicine next. . . . sigh. Thanks for your awesome reporting again, Anne. And consider doing what the shills do when they get blocked. Just create another ID, and go to the library and log in from a different IP address or a different browser. I am quite sure the Dorit's of the world do that all the time, and probably have about 20 different log ons. I know, you have too much integrity for that. . . . And the shills probably never have to do that, they don't get blocked. They aren't motivated by love or the truth they are motivated by arrogance, denial, or greed. Sigh. Again.

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