Remembering Avonte Oquendo: Tackling Autism Safety
When an Autism Mom Dies

Dachel Media Update:

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Oct 6, 2014, Huffington: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Oct 5, 2014, The Nation (Pakistan English newspaper): The Whistleblower Controversy

Oct 4, 2014, Who is responsible for autism?

Oct 1, 2014, The Daily Signal: The News Is Fit to Print But Are Major News Organizations Fit to Report It?


Adverse side effects are very rare. The FDA requires up to 10 or more years of testing for all vaccines before they are licensed. More common side effects, such as a sore arm or mild fever, are minor and temporary and can be controlled by taking acetaminophen before or after the vaccination. More serious reactions occur extremely rarely (on the order of one per thousands or one per millions of vaccinations), according to the CDC.

We'll keep seeing stories like this until the cost of all these disabled children simply overwhelms us.  I firmly believe that the whole April-Celebrate-Autism thing is designed to seemingly acknowledge autism as a major issue while downplaying its true significance.  It's calculated.  Experts keep doing their best it seems, lots of theories are out there, alas, autism remains the perpetual medical mystery. 

Among the REASONS TO VACCINATE is "Immunizations will save you time and money." Tell that to hundreds of thousands of autism parents who saw their children regress and have never stopped footing the bill.

Periodic crisis like H1N1 and Ebola are used to hype the need for vaccines.  They are indispensable.  The press gives us the message constantly. No one wants to take an honest look into side effects.  No other medical product is so universally promoted and defended.

 Once David Kirby told me that questioning vaccine safety is like attacking motherhood. 

The Nation 

Every now and then, the debate about whether Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccines cause autism resurfaces and throws off the work of doctors and scientists everywhere, who have been trying to negate this false claim made by a doctor in 1998. A US federal Judge's assent to let the charges proceed against Merck, one of four producers of the MMR vaccine, regarding lying that the vaccine was 95 percent effective has given rise to calls for checking its link to autism once more. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US is seen as part of the conspiracy, although no evidence exists to support any of these theories.

While the scientific community does not possess a complete understanding of the specific genes that cause autism, it is an irrefutable fact that autism is something that a child is born with.

*Note to Pakistan and the rest of the world, if we continue to an unchecked, unsafe, ever-expanding vaccine schedule as safe for masses of children then we'd better get used to providing for the increasing number of chronically ill and disabled.  It is the price we'll pay.

Like the thousands of other parents of children with disabilities, Kristi has learned she will forever battle to get her son the services he needs. Most recently, she filed a federal court action against the Norwood school district, a rare occurrence but necessary when it tried to block Zion's placement in a residential treatment center, she says.

When it comes to children with disabilities, there is plenty of debate about how to handle and pay for their medical needs, education and care when their parents cannot. There are no easy answers. That means for parents like Kristi, the work will never be done.

"People don't know," she said. "They get to have kids, watch them grow up and go to college and get married. I have to worry about what happens to him when I'm dead."...

This is a very frightening article and it should have everyone's attention, regardless if you have a child with autism or not. We're told about a once rare disorder that is now so common that everyone knows someone with a son or daughter who has autism.  There's been "a 10-fold increase in prevalence in 40 years" and it's "only partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness."  So why aren't there alarm bells going off everywhere?  Why aren't we desperately trying to find the cause of this often devastating condition? 

In June Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT announced her findings that by 2025, half of all U.S. children will have autism.  She blames our toxic environment, namely exposure to Monsanto's weed killer, Round-Up.   Mounting independence studies link the exponential increase in autism to the tripling of the vaccination schedule since 1983, exposing children to known neurotoxins and live viruses without monitoring the cumulative effect on the health of a developing baby.

 It is actually incorrect to say that there are 3.5 million Americans with autism.  That comes from applying the one in 68 rate across the population.  In truth the rate is based on studies of eight year olds, not eighty year olds.  Why does Kristi say, "I have to worry about what happens to him when I'm dead."?  Why can't anyone show us a comparable rate among adults?  Where are the 50, 60, and 70 year olds with autism like Zion? 

The answer to the question, "Who is responsible for autism?" is obvious: IT'S US.  It's the taxpayers who will ultimately be responsible for caring for this generation of disabled Americans when their parents no longer can.  Many news stories talk about the high cost of educating autistic children.  This is nothing compared to the cost of caring for them as adults.  Maybe when we're all paying for this epidemic we'll get serious about addressing the cause.

The Daily Signal  

The First Amendment provides important protections to our individual liberty, going so far as to specifically identify "the press" as protected. Implicit in this guarantee is that the press will not become complicit in the government's narrative. Such complicity could arise from intentional bad deeds or a desire to advocate. In the case of Luke Russert, it seems that complicity is derived from poor journalistic training and a lack of interest by NBC News in putting out a good news product.                                                                                                        

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



"… The FDA requires up to 10 or more years of testing for all vaccines before they are licensed…."


Remember this statement, when the new headlines proclaim how the Ebola vaccine is being rushed through a couple of weeks of safety checks

John Stone

Of course, in the original of 'All in the Family', the BBC's 'Till Death Do US Part' the Reiner role was taken by Anthony Booth who later became Tony Blair's father-in-law. Booth was nevertheless fairly disaffected from New Labour politics. If he had not gone down with Alzheimer's in 2004 he might have had something else to say.

This Daily Mail report is from 2001:-

"MMR jab: Cherie relative is autism victim

"by FIONA BARTON, Mail on Sunday

"The sister of Cherie Blair held a Downing Street meeting attended by the medical expert who first raised the alarm about possible links between MMR vaccine and autism.

"And as well as the No.10 talks, The Mail on Sunday today reveals that the Blairs have a relative who suffers from autism.

"One of the organisers of the meeting, held on October 19, was Lyndsey Booth, a campaigner on the rights of autistic children. Also present were gastroenterologist Dr Andrew Wakefield and senior Department of Health officials.

"The revelations come as the Prime Minister and his wife continue to insist that their children's privacy means they will not say whether they have complied with Government guidelines and given their 18-month-old son, Leo, the triple MMR vaccine.

"Lyndsey Booth, a former lawyer who now practises as a homoeopath, is the second member of Cherie's family to enter the controversy over the risks of inoculation.

"Lauren Booth, Cherie's halfsister, wrote last week of her fears for her daughter and her decision to refuse the triple jab.

"Now Lyndsey is revealed as an active campaigner for the rights of autistic children.

"Her intense interest stems from her efforts to secure proper treatment for a relative who suffers from autism.

"Last year she attended the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism at the House of Commons.

"The meeting in Downing Street was held in October to discuss services for autistic children with bowel disorders.

"Dr Wakefield, who was forced to resign from London's Royal Free Hospital earlier this month over his research, was the first to claim that combining three live viruses in one injection could be dangerous. Of the No.10 meeting he said: 'I'm not sure who set it up - at least two of the people have political associations - let's say it didn't do any harm in getting the meeting.'

"Lyndsey Booth declined to comment.

"The Department of Health said last night that parents with a family history of autism should still give their child the triple inoculation. A spokesman said: 'There is no reason not to give a child the MMR jab in these circumstances.'"

Read more:

So typical of Blair to invite Andy to No 10 and then stuff him. He told ITV news after the denunciations Richard Horton (editor of the Lancet) and Brian Deer in February 2004:

"There is absolutely no evidence to support this link between MMR and autism. If there was, I can assure you that any government would be looking at it and trying to act on it. I hope, now that people see that the situation is somewhat different to what they were led to believe, they
will have the triple jab because it is important to do it."

The politicians will watch their own families drop and say nothing.

BoB Moffitt

I am constantly amazed at our media's hypocrisy .. such as .. every time Jenny McCarthy is mentioned .. to discredit her opinion .. she is identified as a former "playboy bunny" rather than a "mom".

Yet .. Rob Reiner's former career .. which began with his most noteworthy role as Archie Bunker's aptly named "meathead" son in "All In The Family" .. is quickly forgotten .. most likely to prevent his former character "role" to intrude upon his now considered "expert" opinion on vaccine safety and efficiency.

Somehow .. a former "meathead" proclaiming himself an expert on vaccine safety and efficiency .. just doesn't inspire confidence in me.

For Anne

Mr. Reiner's point about saving time and money was a hoot! Autism costs will bankrupt our budget, educational resources and cripple our workforce.

Rob Reiner have you heard of whistleblower?

Rob Reiner: how embarrassing to be writing a pro-vaccine article now right after the whistleblower has come out. Are you even aware of that?

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