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Havin' Trouble with CDC Whistleblower, William Thompson

When You Know You Are Being Lied To……

Big lieWhen You Know You Are Being Lied To…My Initial Thoughts on the CDC Whistleblower News excerpted from Beth Clay's blog - read the full post here.

By Beth Clay August 27, 2014

While mainstream media have ignored the flurry the past two weeks after the Focus Autism Press Release, the Peer Reviewed Research paper by Brian Hooker, PhD, and the Autism Media Video, several online media outlets and social media have been a blaze with the news of a CDC employee reaching out to Dr. Hooker and coming clean about what I consider a well-orchestrated cover up of information about increased risks associated with vaccines. Specifically the timing of certain vaccines, the use of thimerosal in vaccines, and what is known about risks of brain injury from vaccines in general. Those who led this activity showed significant malfeasance and disregard for the health and well-being of children. They have violated the public trust and have dragged this entire controversy out for 15 years rather than address with integrity and openness the issue and move forward with solutions that improve the safety of vaccines and respect the individual person’s unique medical condition and rights to personal medical choice.

I am not part of this conversation because I have a child that was vaccine injured and became autistic. I was the staff lead on the original House Oversight Committee’s investigation looking into concerns about vaccine injuries. The year was 1999. Two of our Subcommittees has been looking at different topics. Chairman Shays had taken on the reports of anthrax vaccine injures in the military and Chairman Mica had taken on a review of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and as part of that looked a bit into the Hepatitis B vaccine. I well remember meeting Mrs. Betty Fluke from Indiana who testified before the subcommittee about her experience both in the VICP and in getting access to the only treatments that might offer her relief. She had prior to the vaccine been a vibrant healthy woman – wife and mother- who when I met her wore leg braces and walked with crutches.

When we talk about the VICP, we typically think and talk about babies being injured, however; like more than half of the individuals who file claims in the VICP program, she was an injured adult.

Chairman Dan Burton elevated the issues up to the full committee and expanded the investigation. We initially were not looking at autism. Chairman Burton often times paraphrased a quote from Abraham Lincoln: “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

In all of our work on the Committee, we were looking for the truth. When it came to vaccines, while we were accused of being ‘anti-vaccine’, which was an absurd claim. We – both Chairman Burton and myself in truth were and are ‘pro vaccine-safety’.

We worked from the knowledge that vaccines hold a unique place in medicine in this country. They are the only drugs that are mandated by a government (states) as a condition of participation in schools, day cares, and some jobs (health care, school personnel, first responder, etc.) based on recommendations of the federal government (CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Because the government is abridging the freedom of Americans with these vaccine mandates, I anticipated that because it was a group of drugs that almost every American would receive, that the bar on approval -the safety requirements for approval would be elevated. Imagine my surprise and disgust to find just the opposite. There seemed to be a rush to get something approved and in the market place so that manufacturers could make their investment back. (Yes that was a discussion in one of the advisory meetings!) Both the FDA and the CDC Advisory committee membership were replete with conflicts of interest that were either ignored or waived – meaning that individuals participating in the approval process of drugs or their recommendations for inclusion on the recommended schedule (to be mandated by the states), had financial ties to the makers of vaccines. The CDC was so lax in its management of their advisory committee that they simply granted everyone a waiver ‘whether they needed it or not’.  Read the full post here.



I was mistaken -- it was a naive Cohen. When I heard this and misunderstood -- I thought that was out of character for Colleen since she is a master, genius at playing politics and she well knows how to hunker down and hide -- only showing up to stop progress when nessacary as in a Congressional meetings and IACC meetings when the majority of the public is napping..

Julie Penny

Beth, Thank you for walking us through the details of the House Oversight Committee's Investigation starting in 1999 re. vaccines and autism and how it was thwarted at every turn. Your perspective is invaluable in unmasking and discrediting the CDC's lying machine and its henchmen that ultimately even included the Masters Omnibus Vaccine Injury Court. Congress has to grow some balls now that the cat of truth has been let out of the bag--Time for them to go after the CDC et. al with a vengeance. What went on is a sleazy and heartbreaking tale...that continues.


I am hearing the little cute liar Coleen Boyle got on CNN and continued to lie and lie and lie.

Is she not a piece of work!

Birgit Calhoun

Should I say the lie began in 1969 when I got a single dose rubella shot? I was pregnant with my third child. My child caused me sleepless nights for 40 years. Did they test that vaccine on pregnant women? I venture to say: not.

They do not give MMR to pregnant women now. So where were their studies about the science then? There was a lot amiss then. Pharmaceutical companies have, for a long time, looked at profit first.

Fluoride and Thalidomide were put on the market solely for the purpose using those substance for profit rather than that science came first. They used the science to fit their needs. Those two products were by-products of other manufacturing processes. Pharma would have had to find a way to dispose of the chemicals safely.

Vaccines were not much different. I just didn't know it then.

Science, I thought, was still trustworthy when I was young. Now my position has become one of no trust.


The lie began in the 70s - not 15 years ago.

The DPT shot could cause autism in rare instances - James Cherry and people like his ilk were at taht time upping the boosters; upping the number of injuried children and getting away with it - as Congress took away our rights to sue.

When I was taking the class in college on Infectious Diseases - and Dr. Otero preached the saftey of vaccines -- the text book was not saying that. Not that you can trust the written word all the time either. But at that time I was getting the truth from the written form -The book was saying over and over and over again that a good vaccine requires no or very few boosters. The more boosters the more dangerous and that was why the Three in one typhoid vaccine was a horrible vaccine since it was given often to prevent disease.

So -- let us get back to the 30 years mark or maybe the 40 years mark --

when did they start lying? More than 15 years that is for sure.

david m burd

John, You've come up with a PERFECT fit for 'CDC.'

Other appropriate appellations could be Causing Disease in Children, Centers for Deceiving Citizens, Complicit Doctors in Crime. etc.

We can both laugh and cry about most government agencies having titles that so often are a complete contradiction of their so-called original mission. And the CDC wins the contradiction award hands-down.

Angus Files

That should have a Hash tag on Twitter great...just got a rear car sticker made on ebay for £5 with



John Stone

Centers for Destroying Children?

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