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Capital Gazette Letter To The Editor RE Vaccinations

When Things Fall Apart

MirrorBy Kent Heckenlively

This article is addressed to those members of the Centers for Disease Control or other branches of our government's research programs who have knowledge of the vaccine-autism connection.

It's time to cross the line and come over to the side of the angels.  With the defection of CDC scientist, William Thompson, and his reported cache of 100,000 documents relating to the health effects of vaccines, your time is growing short.  Thompson has also handed this information over to Congressman William Posey and I would assume, many others.  It's clear to me that blood is in the water.  I mean, this guy has already retained a whistleblower attorney, for God's sake!  Turning documents over to a Congressman and retaining a lawyer, hmm, I wonder what comes next?

It's only a matter of time before the predators arrive, and who knows what they will do to you?  Don't you want to be one of those supporting Thompson's story, rather than those who are facing the angry wrath of congessional investigators, as well as the national news reporters who have finally woken up and are taking their job seriously, as well as the lawyers who will inevitably jump into this issue?

If you don't have it handy, the phone number for Congressman Posey's Washington, D. C. office is (202) 225-3671.  I'm sure there will be somebody who will take down your information as well as any documents you want to provide to them.

Maybe this will all come as a relief to some of you.  It can't be good for your health to hold such information inside of you, knowing how much you are harming this current generation of children.  I don't care what justifications you gave yourself over the years, what lies others told you, but that time is over.

I listened to a podcast recently with Desmond Tutu, entitled, "The God of Surprises."  In it he talked about South Africa's Truth and and Reconciliation Commission and I thought about how a similar process might be unfolding in the vaccine-autism issue.  He spoke about how the "truth" is something that might come out in a day, or a few days.  But reconciliation, the healing of wounds to make something stronger, takes much longer.  I think of the horror of apartheid, or how people might die from violence, or thoughtless actions, and those who remain behind are left with a choice.  According to Tutu, reconciliation is generally not something that happens in a day or a week, but may take years or decades. 

Even if everything is revealed in the next few weeks or months, my journey to reconciliation with those who have allowed millions of children to be injured will be far from over.  Tutu said that one should not worry about how long the process takes, but try to take small steps each day towards achieving that goal.  I might be able to do that.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are those in the scientific community who have been guilty of crimes against humanity for information they have concealed, or policies they have advocated.  And yet, I don't see our community as any different that those in South Africa, or as Tutu discussed, the Tibetans represented by the Dali Lama, who radiate joy in spite of what they have been through. They are stronger than the injustices which have been done to them.

I am hopeful that Tutu's "God of Surprises" will give strength in the days to come to those who have much to confess.   It's probably no coincidence that "truth" comes first in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  But if those who are presently concealing information will reveal what they know, I promise that each day of my life I will try to take a step towards reconciliation.

That number again for Congressman Bill Posey's office is (202) 225-3671.

If you would like to call for a retraction of the 2004 MMR study by the Centers for Disease Control and published by the journal Pediatrics, then please go to this web-site and sign a petition.

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: OneScientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about HumanRetroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases, being published on October 14, 2014.   Visit their website at Plague The Book. You can pre-order the book HERE.



Antibiotic use has been linked to breast cancer, and a reminder that even if one hasn't taken antibiotics for illness, there are antibiotics in the food (poultry comes to mind as an example). Glyphosate, which is used on GM crops, is also classified as a pesticide (but I doubt the studies were on this type of antibiotic, I haven't read them myself).


"The measurement of a person's worth isn't what they say they believe in, but what they do in defense of those beliefs. If you're not acting on your beliefs, then they probably aren't real. I don't want to be a person who remains afraid to act in defense of my principles."
- Edward Snowden

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dr. Michael Schachter, You might be interested in this one. Our relative here in Delhi has a sister who has suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis since teenage years. The older sister, now , about 60 years of age , finally visited a dentist for the first time in her life, some months back. the dentist drilled and later put a crown. In all probability there is a mercury amalgam under the crown. Two months later this woman fell sick with rheumatoid arthritis. Who would have imagined that- one single dental amalgam filling and a result of rheumatoid arthritis. Obviously, the mercury in vaccines could do the same for vulnerable people

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear Julie- Tell me, Why are we supposed to believe one single study of HRT, which seems to have studied only one method of HRT - and does anyone of us know who is behind the study and what their motives might be? I personally, no longer trust any medical research unless it is replicated and if people who I respect for their ability in science, trust the study. Breast cancer is suddenly surging in India, and there are very few people here who have taken HRT. I got interested in breast cancer causation last year, and I soon collected quite a few presumed causes. One was aluminium ( flu vaccines?) One was low vitamin D levels. Another is supposed to be birth control pills.
Anyway, this is just one more area in which the medical - pharmaceutical complex probably does not want anyone to know the truth. I mean, if they did, they would be talking about the various possibilities and what one might do to avoid unnecessary risk. They do nothing of the sort and they love to get that old faithful GENETICS in the headline, instead.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear CD, Dont destroy your career by saying things people dont like to hear. Stay the course- You may be able to do more good in the future. I have , personally decided to stick to the science and avoid opinion. For example- Thimerosal-- Why do you ask your doctor? We should be asking the mercury toxicologists. HPV? - Its not MY idea- There are many reports of injuries and deaths, in the government records. Let's google and see them. - or I'll give you the email of a family that lost their daughter after HPV vaccine. I think one of the many things we are learning in this field, is how to avoid the pointless, heated debates. (After we have lost a few friends, alas)

John Stone


I said "in any context". I think that what happened to CD was sad and everyone knows this can easily happen and is very disheartening.


CD, this is interesting: "I've recently discovered through their team of doctors that vaccines may have played a part in damaging their immune systems." Few doctors admit that in public - I sometimes wonder how many say that in private.

I think we all need to be kind and patient with each other. We have different opinions and experiences. People go through various processes, evolutions. We have in common a belief in the importance of transparent honest science and the right to make vaccine choices.

Billy Joe

Arrest them all for fraud, negligence, intent to harm, murder, and treason. It is as simple as that. Use the words!!!

Michael B Schachter MD,CNS

I am a professional and have no doubt whatsoever that vaccines play a role in autoimmune phenomena. I will be lecturing on this topic in an upcoming conference for integrative practitioners in November. Although continuing medical education credits will be given to attendees for most of the other lectures at this conference, none will be requested for mine because material covered in CME lectures has to be generally accepted by the medical profession. At this time my views are not widely help by the majority of physicians and other health care practitioners. The purpose of the lecture is to make professionals aware of the controversies surrounding this topic and recent events, such as the CDC scandal, which have not been covered by the mainstream media. I do think my views are widely held by parents of autistic and other children who have been damaged by vaccines.


In regard to speaking out against vaccine injuries:

Because many of our children have most definitely paid with their lives,
parents are less concerned about adults possibly paying with their careers.

How sad for humanity's future when “the very magnitude of the crime" is handily used as "the best excuse for doing nothing” (Hannah Arendt).


Y'all might be interested in joining (before Dorit & co try to take over) the discussion here about an interesting little tidbit from 2004, where Glen Nowak, the head of marketing for the CDC, was instructing physicians to literally fear-monger the flu shot in order to sell flu shots, whether of not the circulating flu viruses were from a dangerous strain, whether or not the flu shot's efficacy was sub-par, and whether or not there were any severe adverse effects.

Check it out:http://www.mothering.com/forum/47-vaccinations/1450137-cdc-s-recipe-fostering-public-interest-high-vaccine-demand.html

The highlight:
"Fostering demand, particularly among people who don’t routinely receive an annual influenza vaccination, requires creating concern, anxiety and worry. For example,
> a perception or sense that many people are falling ill;

> a perception or sense that many people are experiencing bad illness;

> a perception or sense of vulnerability to contracting and experiencing bad illness."

So he instructed doctors to create concern, anxiety and worry--in 2004. Remember? The year a flu shot "shortage" was declared, even though before that, the only people taking flu shots were elderly or immune-compromised?

And that was 5 YEARS before the h1n1 pandemic-that-wasn't hit the news.


Benedetta, when I received--as an adult--4 vaccines at once in preparation for going to a developing country for work, my thyroid suddenly stopped working. At the same time, I suddenly started having symptoms of celiac disease--which was not diagnosed for years.

The year leading up to my celiac diagnosis, I suddenly started eating many more wheat products after being given some new cookbooks aimed at busy working parents. During that year, my symptoms of low thyroid returned, even though they had been successfully addressed by Synthroid for years. My Synthroid had to be increased every month--with no improvement in my symptoms of low thyroid.

Finally, through a fluke, I had tests done and was diagnosed with celiac disease, and within a week of starting a gf diet, my thyroid symptoms improved. We had to keep LOWERING my synthroid dose, and my endocrinologist finally figured out that during the time we had been raising it, I hadn't been absorbing any of it due to intestinal malabsorption.

So I suggest that your daughter go on a gluten-free diet, if she isn't already on one. Better yet, gfcf. I'm sure if I hadn't, I would never have gotten healthy, and indeed, I would be much, much sicker.

There is a lot of discussion about Synthroid being less effective than Armour, but I suspect that for people who can only tolerate Armour, it's only because more easily absorbed by a gluten-damaged intestinal tract.

david m burd

john stone,

Au contraire!! We DO need "to let loose socially" - and to vent and tell our naive friends and relatives the truth about vaccines' toxicities!


Laura Hayes

Not that this group needs reminders, but...here's a link to an article about China taking action against GSK for bribing doctors and hospitals. Below is an email I sent out to my email group just now, and thought many of you might also be interested:

First, read this brief article.


Here is a list I found on GSK's website of vaccines they make (you can also look up which medicines they make). Think they're not bribing U.S. doctors and hospitals to use and sell their products...think again. The question is, why do the Chinese take legal action while Americans don't? Perhaps because BigPharma's financial power controls our politicians, mainstream media, regulatory agencies, medical schools, doctors, and medical trade groups. BigPharma's influence is not only far-reaching, it is as corrupt as it gets. Buyer, beware. Laura

Trademark Generic
ACWY Vax Meningococcal polysaccharides serogroups A, C, W135 and Y
Ambirix Hepatitis A (inactivated) and hepatitis B (rDNA) (HAB) vaccine (adsorbed)
Boostrix tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine, adsorbed
Cervarix Human Papillomavirus vaccine (types 16, 18) - recombinant, adjuvanted, adsorbed
Engerix-B Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)
Fendrix Hepatitis B (rDNA) vaccine (adjuvanted, adsorbed)
Fluarix Influenza vaccine
FluLaval Influenza vaccine
Havrix Hepatitis A vaccine, inactivated
Hepatyrix Hepatitis A (inactivated, adsorbed) and Typhoid Polysaccharide vaccine
Hiberix haemophilus B conjugate vaccine (tetanus toxoid conjugate)
Infanrix diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine adsorbed
Infanrix IPV diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (acellular, component) and poliomyelitis (inactivated) vaccine (adsorbed)
Kinrix diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis adsorbed and inactivated poliovirus vaccine
Menhibrix meningococcal groups C and Y and haemophilus b tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine
Menitorix combined Haemophilus influenzae type b and Neisseria meningitidis group C (Hib-MenC) conjugate vaccines
Nimenrix meningococcal group A, C, W-135 and Y conjugate vaccine
Pandemrix influenza vaccine (split virion, inactivated)
Pediarix diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis adsorbed, hepatitis B (recombinant) and inactivated poliovirus vaccine combined
Priorix measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (live attenuated virus)
Rotarix human rotavirus vaccine, live attenuated
Synflorix Pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine (adsorbed)
Twinrix combined hepatitis A (inactivated virus) and hepatitis B vaccine (genetically derived surface antigen)
Typherix typhoid vaccine (purified polysaccharide antigen)
Varilrix varicella in healthy adults and adolescents

For CD

CD,, I completely undstand how you feel. It gets to be demoralizing when you get jumped on. Recently I saw a blog where the guy just mentioned opting out of the hep b at birth dose and he got killed in the comments- not necessarily by logic, mind you, but the anger was enough to put off many of us.

Then you top it all off by things like the whislwblower getting absolutely no coverage (except by a few brave, Independent stations) and it gets tough. As someone said - it's tough to fool someone; it's even tougher to convince people they've been fooled.

I hope you and your family get healthy. Yes, it is betrayal of the worst kind. Let's hope it unravels soon before most of us are debilitated.

diane w farr

CD, Your insight is the dialoged we need here to help solve our dilemma.


The flu shot clinics are starting and it's very upsetting to see people given these mercury (and aluminum, etc.) laced shots. This is everywhere. The vaccine machine rolls on even after a senior scientist at the CDC comes out and says that thimerosol is neurotoxic and causes tics and autism-like symptoms, after he admits that the research has been manipulated, the public lied to, and the press doesn't cover any of it. While the public lines up for their shots. Then there was the propaganda from Nova on Monday night and the PR professor at U of Ga brainwashing students with lies at the "Science" Cafe on Tuesday. I do apologize for lashing out at you. John is right. Your post came along when my level of frustration with these other situations was high. After a while you just want to scream, STOP! Sorry.

Jeannette Bishop for Kque

Kent, thank you! Truth needs to come out fully. I think repeated selective, sometimes outright false, data dissemination regarding vaccination, possibly patronizing in intent, possibly with mal-intent on the part of some, has allowed us to go well off course in our understanding of what we are doing.

@CD, thank you for speaking out to your friends and sharing your experiences here.

I'm not a "professional," but as CD has indicated the paradigm shift can be huge and painful for all of us. It's taken a long time for me to fully acknowledge to myself that my health has been reduced by nearly every encounter with "healthcare" I've had (I hope I'm an exception, but...), the same sources have probably been behind some if not much family suffering (that uncomfortable view tends to isolate me even from family members I suspect could be helped by the truth), and I first had to acknowledge that I brought much harm into the life of at least one of my children.

And the view of other aspects of life has changed for me. I don't have much faith in any "credentials," titles, etc., now. It is daunting to feel like you have to figure most things out not just on your own, but often with disinformation, peer pressure, even rather tyrannical legislation to get past.

Then I see possible/probable vaccine injury in the families of nearly all of my friends. I'm not a very vocal or social person (possibly another benefit of vaccination) and life is now that much more conflicted. I feel I need to be getting word out, and I might do better to not try since I seem to be pretty good at turning people off. I think there's this mixtures of awareness that something is pretty wrong today, combined with not really wanting to know what it is, especially if it is something like vaccines.

But the post 1986 vaccinated are coming of age and I think the reality of the cost is coming home to more people, even with other economic problems to blame. I think denial about how healthy some "health" advice has been is dying, hopefully in time to save more of our lives.

The few amazingly brave souls I'm aware of who've made huge sacrifice in attempt to correct problems in various institutions, do their jobs with integrity, and almost always lose their jobs with integrity, keep me going. I'm sure the system keeps us in the dark about many others. All their experiences and information need to come to light. I'm thankful for Dr. Thompson's efforts to get the truth out, and I'm praying for those, if there are any at the CDC or elsewhere in our institutions, wanting courage and means to also do the same.

John Stone

I think CD's situation is tragic and I do think she was making an important point. I don't think any one of us is in a position to let loose socially in any context.


I've had enough bullying yesterday so I will gladly bow out of this conversation tonight. I honestly do not understand the sarcasm and anger directed toward me in these comments. I find it very hurtful for you to imply that I would knowingly allow harm to come to someone else by not speaking up about something I feel isn't safe. What kind of monster do you think I am?

david m burd


I have a timely question to you about your being your rhetorical statement "not even sure of what's truth anymore?"

Since the CDC, etc., are currently on record of recommending flu shots to pregnant women and then their 6 month old babies, with said flu shots usually containing the mercury Thimerosal, and further the CDC is insistently & consistently on record stating Thimerosal has zero danger being so injected: Do you think the CDC is truthful? Or you can't make up your mind?

Good luck on your journey for truth.


I apologize. I'm just sick of hearing health professionals rationalize and do to others what they would never do to themselves because it's their job or take or give drugs, treatments or advice that they don't understand or know to be beneficial or safe. I sincerely hope that your son and husband get better and that things become clearer as to what happened. I hope too that in time you will have the conviction and confidence to take a public stand, and that it doesn't jeopardize your career. The more that come forward, the less able the system will be to persecute integrity.


Linda1 I feel your anger is misdirected and you're missing my point a bit. The incident I spoke of yesterday was a conversation on social media among women I know...moms that are neighbors and friends. No trolls involved.

Do you know why I frequent this website? My husband and son are both very sick with autoimmune diseases and I've recently discovered through their team of doctors that vaccines may have played a part in damaging their immune systems. I would never have believed such a thing was possible a few years ago. It's a real paradigm shift. So I've been learning and growing as a mom and medical professional, doing my own research and trying to learn all I can. I'm still working through my own personal anger and sadness. I don't feel I'm some big authority or some big keeper of secrets, deceiving the public to protect my career and I resent the implication. I'm not sure what you think I'm supposed to be doing differently when I'm not even sure of what's truth anymore?


CD's worries are valid. I'm not convinced there are that many paid shills for pharma, just lots of people who are convinced they are right. A couple of things about online "conversations"

1. People like to argue
2. People want to be right

The easiest way to argue and "be right" is to quote authority, regardless how ridiculous that authority is. It is dead simple to rile up a large number of online posters to argue that they are right, and you end up getting what CD is experiencing, a mob yelling at him and potentially attacking him professionally.

BoB Moffitt

@ Maurine Meleck

Those were the days my friend .. from one grandparent to another .. very lucky to have shared the trenches with you over the years.

@ CD

"Frankly, it's risky to my career to put myself out there with my views, going against the advice of our institutions."

I do appreciate your reluctance to "put yourself out there" .. by "going against the advice of our institutions" .. because .. I have made similar decisions for exactly the same reasons .. during my 74 years.

Indeed, I remember some decisions I made with great regret even today .. which is why I have tried to teach my grandchildren .. "It is better to walk alone than walk with the crowd going in the wrong direction".


For those in Florida...

Is Congressman Posey pretty secure with his re-election this fall ???
This is a critical issue for everyone.

Let us know what help he may need.


I have to comment further. Those here are very familiar with your perspective, unfortunately. What you said isn't off topic at all. You have to realize a few things. One, when you comment online, the backlash you get is very often from trolls posing as parents who are paid by Pharma to intimidate you and to control and confuse the conversation. Two, do you realize that you are asking parents who have been betrayed by the health care system, whose children have been severely disabled and families torn apart, physically, emotionally and financially, why you should put yourself out there with your views and risk your career, when it is exactly that attitude, that cowardice and lack of commitment that enabled the crimes against their children to begin with?

If you know that our institutions are wrong, corrupt, and you don't speak up, your career, your license to practice whatever it is you practice, isn't worth the paper it's printed on.


Linda1 your comment is bothersome to me. First of all you have no idea the professional risk of publicly voicing my concern about vaccines. And vaccine safety is a complex topic with many grey areas. I'm not even sure what I think or believe most days because the facts are so convoluted. The more I read and learn, the more questions I have. I have no responsibility to share my opinions (and yes they are educated opinions, not absolute facts) via social media, but I sometimes do when I feel strongly about something. Most times it falls on deaf ears.

If a friend or family member or colleague asks my advice or it comes up in conversation I'm always eager to share what I've learned and what I believe. This includes what I've learned about independent research on vaccine safety, data manipulation and my concerns about the corruption and conflicts of interest in government and medicine.

In my profession it's a different story. I only work with adults and have an obligation to explain the potential risks and benefits of any intervention to my patients and their families. I can say I've never compromised my principles.

cia parker

I agree with Linda. Yes, the resistance to the truth is nasty and violent, but most of them are being paid to defend vaccines. Dr. Thompson feels guilty for all the lives ruined by his colluding in fraud: every person who remains silent at this juncture bears some responsibility for this massive destruction of lives.


I suggest that you calmly and authoritatively give your professional opinion (as is your right and responsibility) when warranted, your true professional opinion without qualifiers.

You must not allow these bastards to force you into compromising your principles and controlling your practice in a way that jeopardizes public health and in a way that you will be ashamed of. Regardless of the response, you have a moral duty to tell the truth and not what you think people want to hear. Being silent while the lay public is being led into harm's way is not acceptable. I know it is hard, but this is one situation when if one is not part of the solution, one is a big part of the problem.

Julie M.

By the way, Edwward Snowden's process of revealing information and distributing it as a trickle into the American main stream consciousness is a good example. A data dump would not have been as effective. More easily swept under a lumpy rug. But outrage after outrage after outrage and then yet another outrage, over months, has motivated BIG changes to the infrastructure of our country.

Julie M.

I hope the malfeasance will make an impression, but there is precedent for ignoring the obvious harm and continuing to do whatever he hell makes the most money for the drug companies to blame.

Years ago, when they discovered the link between hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer, I heard a public health professional on Warren Olney's show in the local LA market, Which Way LA, predict that breast cancer would become the largest man-made medical epidemic of all time.

Statistics bear out on breast cancer. It's a monster killing mothers all across the country at rates much higher than any other form of cancer. Yet no heads have rolled. And I run across middle aged women All. The. Time. who still use HRT. Why is it still legal? Why is a lifestyle drug still killing rational, adult women? Because $$$.

These painful vaccine revelations will have to be carefully mid-wived into the light to achieve the outcome the autism community deserves.

I also hope this emotionally charged conversation can become a powerful case study for those trying to change the constitution to get money and corruption out of politics. That's where this nightmare started. The FDA in the 1980's under Reagan. Big Pharma has concocted this mess by leveraging conflicts of interest and buying off the United States of America, lock, stock and barrel. Health care is every bit as corrupt as the banking industry, but with a body count.


This is slightly off-topic but it's an important point I need to make. I see many comments by lay people wondering why some of us in healthcare don't step forward and speak up about our concerns about vaccines. I had quite the experience yesterday in cautiously trying to share my apprehensions via social media. Normally I don't go there for obvious reasons but yesterday I felt the need to speak up. A friend shared a post citing warnings about the HPV vaccine. When I shared my concerns, first identifying myself as a health professional then spelling out why I had reservations about this particular vaccine, I got slammed in comments. Not by my fellow medical professionals, but by other moms who already chose to vaccinate their children and felt my advice was irresponsible.

Pharma has done an outstanding job convincing everyone that every vaccine is 100% necessary, safe and effective. It's very hard to come up against that. Frankly, it's risky to my career to put myself out there with my views, going against the advice of our institutions. And it's discouraging and upsetting when I'm met with anger and hysteria by my fellow parents. I hate debating and arguing...that's not my nature. So what's my point? I'm not sure. Just thought I would give you my perspective from the other side of the aisle.


Reconciliation .. AFTER .. retribution and repentance.

But I will forgive it right now - if they come clean in time to do research and save my daughter's thyroid. Already twice this year she has had to up her thyroid medicine --Received a DTaP in 2012 and it has been a hell of a ride.

Hoping to win the lottery now -- for my bipolar (really just one dignosis in a long list of problems) daughter and not just my son with autism.

Maurine Meleck

Bob Moffitt-I remember that too and meeting you for the first time, Amazing after all these years how our lives have become so intertwined .


Thank goodness the CDC still has their Verstraeten Thimerosal data.

...that rang major alarms and provided for the secret and illegal CDC/ vaccine industry meeting in Simpsonwood, GA. in June of 2000.

They only had to rework that data about four times and Verstraeten joined a vaccine company.

oops, I forgot, the CDC can no longer locate the data for which they called the meeting...

BoB Moffitt

I remember well the Mom's Against Mercury .. "Remember Simpsonwood" rally .. at the entrance gates of the CDC in Atlanta Georgia .. 2007 .. when we gathered and pleaded via bull-horns and loud voices .. for someone working in that building to become the "whistle-blower" we knew existed somewhere in that fortress of deception.

Wonder if Dr. William Thompson was among the many employees driving their cars who surely heard our "loud voices" pleading they "come clean".

Reconciliation .. AFTER .. retribution and repentance.

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