CDC Scientist Admits Cover-up of MMR/autism Causation Demand a Full Investigation by Congress
Dachel Media Update: C- (no vaccine injury) Span on Vaccines

The Insanely Good Soul of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

GoodBy Kent Heckenlively

It's said that moral challenges bring out the worst and the best in people.

It's difficult to find a situation more appalling than the news revealed by CDC whistleblower, William Thompson that for more than a decade the CDC has concealed information that lowering the age at which African-American males received the MMR shot resulted in a 340% increase in autism.  It's a state of affairs which turns my stomach, even though it is confirmation of what many of us have believed for years.  These researchers may have a doctorate in science, but they lack even a high school diploma in courage.

And yet on the other side of the ledger is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who has been the most visible public face of our cause.  Wakefield has said on many occasions that this controversy has cost him his job, his career, and his country.  He has not broken under the strain and we are forever grateful to him.

Then comes the news as reported in The Truth Barrier of two text message from William Thompson.  The first was to Dr. Wakefield's wife, Carmel, and read, "I do believe your husbands career was unjustly damaged and this study would have supported his scientific opinion.  Hopefully I can help repair it."

The next was actually a series of text messages between Thompson and Dr. Wakefield.  Dr. Wakefield begins the exchange by asking, "Is this press release real?"

Thompson replies, "Yes!"

Wakefield writes back, "Thank you.  This was the right and honorable thing to do.  Andy."

Thompson says, "I agree.  I apologize again for the price you have paid for my dishonesty."

Wakefield writes, "I forgive you completely and without any bitterness."

Thompson responds, "I know you mean it and I am grateful to know you more personally."

This exchange absolutely staggers me.  It's one thing to read about forgiveness in some foreign land, like Nelson Mandela forgiving his oppressors for his twenty-eight years of imprisonment and the abomination that was apartheid.  Or the parents who forgive the drunk driver who killed their child.  But this one hits so close to home.  

Wakefield can forgive one of the people who destroyed his career and do it without any bitterness?  I've long said I want to win the autism war, but I don't want to become the war.  I hunger for the truth, but I also want to laugh again, and hold people close to my heart.  I want to respect those with scientific expertise for their knowledge, as well as their commitment to the truth, however uncomfortable.  I want to believe there are those who will truly act as guardians of the public's health.  And yet I don't know if I can ever reach that place.

I am genuinely puzzled as to how to hasten the day when science turns its full attention and resources on curing autism.  We must have the truth, but I also want us to act in a way that causes a mass desertion of those scientists who know so much but have hesitated to share that information because they wonder what we will do to them when they decide to cross over to our side.

I say to those scientists that they need only look at the insanely good soul of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and know that he represents the very best of us.  He is a man to emulate.  For the sake of the oath you took to protect the public health, for the world you will leave behind, for the sake of all our children and grandchildren, you need to tell the truth.  And soon.  

If you would like to call for a retraction of the 2004 MMR study by the Centers for Disease Control and published by the journal Pediatrics, then please go to this web-site and sign a petition.

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: OneScientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about HumanRetroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases, being published on October 7, 2014.   Visit their website at Plague The Book. You can pre-order the book HERE.


bronwyn millar

It is great to see that Dr Wakefield has so many fans but please be careful not to put the man on a pedestal. He is human and reserves the right to be fallible. As a mother and a vaccine truth advocate I salute his work but I don't think it's fair to the cause or to the man to hold him to such high standards. When we idolise in this way we rob people of their human right to flaws.

Having just finished Callous Disregard I am interested to read more on the actual links and science that AW has discovered since the Lancet paper was published. It is good that he has published the book because it does help to put people in the legal picture, however I would really like to read up on what else he has discovered that could bring us closer to a cure.

Another book with more proof of harm would be great. I am reading everything I can on vaccines and virology and would be very interested in seeing him revisit the work they did in the Lancet paper with new facts and hindsight.

Laura Hayes

To Shell Tzorfas,

Tetyana Obukhanych, Stanford PhD immunologist and author of the excellent book, Vaccine Illusion (, not only gives lectures, but is soon beginning classes via Skype. Perhaps this could be a starting point for those doctors who are interested in questioning today's dogma and status quo, and learning more about how vaccines are not only harming our children (and all who receive them), but how they have irreparably harmed the natural immunity of the human race.

Also, here is a link to a presentation by Tetyana Obukhanych:

Jeannette Bishop

To Dr. Wakefield and Carmel and family, I can't express clearly, I can't express adequately how grateful I am for your sacrifices.

In the Autism Media Channel CDC whistleblower video, Allison Folmar's words, "When you lose your faith and trust in do you repair that," stay with me and I keep remembering how many times when I'm nearly crazy with the collective non-response and organized suppression of what is happening to our children, well below what I expected of humanity, you are always among the few I think of to keep it together.

Shell Tzorfas

It is TIME for the Thinking Moms (TMR) and other Experts-Parents of vaccinated children who watched as their children got Shot into Autism, Chronic ear infections leading to ear tubes and ADHD, Asthma, deadly peanut allergies (Peanut products contained in vaccines) Asthma and other chronic illnesses hold a class to educate Doctors on the harmful effects of vaccines-something I hear that is NOT taught in medical school. The expert parents, Dr Wakefield (and me) can educate them as some might still be interested in the art of "Healing." There are others who could sit on this podium or dais. Kindly nominate them. It would be of high integrity if this class could suffice as one of the required, "Continuing Education Seminars." Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."

Isabella Thomas

I can 100% say that Dr. Wakefield has a good soul. He once told me he would do it all over again even though he lost his country and job. I want to thank him, Carmel and his family for all the sacrifices they have made in fighting for justice for our sick children and young adults.

Mother of two children in the Lancet study.

John Fryer

Still virtually nothing about the whistle blower on TV, radio or newspapers!

This factual story, is now confirmed. Many simply couldnt believe it. Science is not about picking and choosing data to fit a preconceived idea.

Nor is it about inventing results to suit those who pay you.

Unfortunately and many have already noted it costs very little to buy 'favours'.

The USA senate evidently can be bought for as little as a thousand dollars a man, while some arent even thought to be worth this amount!

We now know our worst fears about thimerosal and MMR have been proved wrong.

The damage may be much more than even Andrew and everyone else imagines.

Over one million SIDS with no rational explanations yet, other than suspicion of vaccine harm.

Tens of millions living with autism ,in all its full spectrum from almost nothing, through to no life without ventilator support.

But what else is the CDC, FDA and USA government hiding about vaccine harm?

ALS/MND/Lou Gehrigs is sometimes linked to vaccines but is so slow at first (delayed action) that everyone has MISSED a vaccine link.

And the effect of even THINKING vaccine harm has been merckilessly put down todate.

And that genetic card is used brutally to allay, deflect and 'prove' a bit of fraud and omission can fool most people all the time.

Time to use the vaccine card?

Not much SIDS, autism or ALS if the genetically susceptible REFUSE vaccines?

How many of the above groups STILL insist on their bloody vaccines? Not the SIDS! But we all know that, dont we?

COMMON SENSE is not so common as people imagine.


SIMPLE OBSERVATION trumps expensive research even when done properly, which we see is a big and ongoing problem at the CDC in 2014?

John Stone

Hi Cia,

John Walker-Smith was probably the first back in 1972.


Carmel Wakefield

Thank you Kent - it is so refreshing to read your comments. I can confirm that my husband does indeed have a good soul and that he will never cease his fight for the children who have been harmed by this pervasive distortion of the truth and evil - nor will we, his family. Onwards and upwards!

cia parker

I used a Wikipedia article on Wakefield's autistic enterocolitis for a letter to the editor about a study by Micah Mazurek, who claimed to be the first to make a connection between bowel disease and autism. I pointed out that Wakefield had been the first, but used quotes from the Wikipedia article which said that Wakefield was a scurrilous liar who had totally invented a connection between autism and bowel disease, which "scientists" did not accept. Now everyone accepts that they are connected.


Those who speak knowledge and defend the defenseless, like Dr. Wakefield, get the pillory.

Those who spread lies and damage countless lives for profit and privilege are rewarded with riches and fame.

High time the situation gets reversed. Far too many of us parents can bear witnesss to the truth for that not to be an attainable goal.

Angus Files

Lets hope Deer is involved in the CDC whitewashing as well..

12 coats of whitewash and still Deer never covered the whitewashing he was meant to do...All still very transparent....


Annie  Donnelly

Notice Erik m is showing the new meme:
First it was total denial .
Now it's "even if"'--
Erik M how dare you. How about going to a special ed classroom for severe children and see just how ill those children are. Then you tell me if it was worth the price to keep their parents from realizing that their MMR shot should have been delayed. You ask us
to accept preventable injury becuse the CDC can't figure out
how to keep some children from grievous harm and still maintain their theoretical herd immunity.
Okay in the spirit of this post I am trying to forgive you for you know not what you are saying.
What you are saying is profoundly wrong.

david m burd

Carol, terrific enumeration of Deer's villainous false charges ---- Thanks!


I've noted a few examples of Deer's distortions below. These examples are illustrative rather than exhaustive. At the end is a link to Dr. Wakefield's affidavit.

Child 1: Deer says that 10 weeks before MMR Child 1 could not “hear properly,” sign of a developmental disorder.

Fact: Medical records show Child 1 had a simple ear infection after which his hearing was normal.

Child 2: Deer says that Child 2’s head banging occurred months after MMR rather than two weeks.

Fact: One of 2’s doctor says that he started temper tantrums about two weeks after MMR.

Child 3: Deer says that Child 3 did not have non-specific colitis.

Fact: An image of Child 3’s biopsy was included in Lancet paper. It showed dense infiltration of inflammatory cells.

Child 4: Deer says that Child 4 had developmental delays before MMR.

Fact: Medical records show Child 4 regressed after single measles vaccine and became worse after MMR

Child 5: Deer says that Wakefield concealed concerns with Child 5’s development before MMR.

Fact: Medical records noting these concerns were not in possession of the Lancet authors.

Child 6: Deer says that Child 6 had “fits” [febrile seizures] before MMR.

Fact: Medical records indicate normal development until MMR, after which near cot-death with behavior change.

Child 7:Deer says that Child 7, brother of Child 6, had “fits” [febrile seizures] before MMR.

Fact: Medical records show normal development until MMR, after which became quiet and language-deficient.

Child 8: Deer says that Child 8 was not developmentally normal before MMR.

Fact: After surgical repair of heart problem, developed rapidly. After MMR, grand mal seizure with rapid deterioration.

Child 9: Deer says that Child 9’s parents blamed MMR for regression 2 months later, which Wakefield concealed.

Fact: Clinic note of Walker-Smith says “MMR…no obvious reaction.” Parents only made association at later date.

Child 10: Deer says Child 10 did not have non-specific colitis.

Fact: Dr. Anthony: mild chronic inflammation in colon. Dr. Casson: decreased goblet cells; epithelial focal abnormalities.

Child 11: Deer says Child 11 showed slow speech patterns and repetitive hand movements before MMR.

Fact: Father’s letter to Royal Free says MMR, then months of sickness, then autistic behavior at 18 months.

Child 12: Deer says that Child 12 did not have autism.

Fact: Psychiatrist Dr. Ing says Child 12 had autistic spectrum disorder.

John Stone

erik m

I wrote about the Wiki nonsense earlier this year.

Nor was the DeStefano paper the only CDC paper with twisted data. I wrote about another example last week but ther are many.

Angus Files

Very true John Stone ..was it also used in the US hearings stopping 5000 claimants claiming damage...

Long live Dr Wakefield many thanks to him and Jim Thompson.

I hope more whistle-blower's come forward and we stop this mindless destruction of the children all for profit.


erik m

known for his fraudulent 1998 research paper on links to mmr and autism.

educate yourself and dont endanger your kids because you read something on the internet.

many studies have been conducted on this relationship, none showing correlation besides this one, which was quickly rebuked by the entirety of the scientific community. its not a conspiracy, its overwhelming peer reviewed evidence.

even if there were a correlation, autism may be a difficult condition to live with but death of otherwise healthy kids from preventable diseases is a travesty.


I think the "Hear This Well" youtube should be posted at the left of this browser, with the other ones. How about it, AOA?


Thanks for the funny updates, Falseskeptics, I don't have the stomach to look at Respectful Insolence bullshit these days. Children being harmed is not as amusing or abstract as Orac would make out.


Kent, great job pointing out Dr Wakefield's kindness. I don't have autistic kids, and only became interested in the autism-vaccine debate after working with my autistic guys and sensing something wasn't adding up, and then contemplating vaccines for my own kids. Delving into the Wakefield affair and seeing him in an interview, he immediately struck me as a kind, sincere person. Certainly not the arch villain that he was being made out to be.

Now some have said it would have been better if Dr. Wakefield didn't break the whistleblower scandal, since it gives our foes something to attack. Perhaps -- perhaps not. Someone not so dear to the issue may not have forced Thompson's hand so much, and perhaps give him more wiggle room. Considering though how much Andy has endured for us and our kids, it's only fitting that now that the denialism is starting to unravel that he is at the centre.

@False Skeptics
Did you notice that Deer at one point referred to Wakefield's 'misconduct' -- and not 'fraud'? Perhaps the time has come where he is seeing the sense in cutting his 'potential losses'.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

So, Gorski yesterday posted more of his usual pointless, rambling drivel that is chock full of conspiracy mongering and innuendo claiming that Dr. Wakefield made up this text exchange.

Brian Deer responds to the post, basically saying that Gorski is reaching and actually *defending* Dr. Wakefield (in an off-handed, weasling way).

I must say that I'm thoroughly enjoying this idiotic, self-righteous clown's credibility self destruct.

/passes the popcorn.

david m burd

Kent, well said - thank you. To me the great majority of people (scientists, engineers, general public) having been educated and told for decades to believe in vaccines simply don't let themselves to think otherwise. The "inertia" of the human mind is extremely difficult to overcome.

I can forgive pediatricians and even most CDC'ers who have been brainwashed to push vaccines, but those that have kept secret such as Simpsonwood and Thompson's 2004 study, and have 'lynched' Andy Wakefield while KNOWING the truth I cannot forgive. I say it is the duty of our society to severely punish medical professionals I contend are indeed criminals.

John Stone

I think sometimes we have to put our anger behind us in order to operate at all, and of course whatever Andy thinks and feels about what happened to him as he knows it is nothing compared with what has happened to countless children and their families. That said, the timing of the DeStefano paper was critical: it was accepted for publication July 15, 2003 and published February 2, 2004. Meanwhile a Sunday Times editor with close links to British medical establishment had hired Brian Deer to run after AW, the result being a host of flawed allegations by Deer and Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, launched just three weeks after the publication of the paper and Judge Nigel Davis, brother of GSK director and Lancet proprietor Crispin Davis, just a few days after that pulling the plug on the UK MMR litigation.

Now supposing the paper had been published with its unaltered data at that time history might look very different. Of course, it was never going to happen but no wonder Deer is whining now all the time on Orac's blog.

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