Dachel Media Update: The MMR Vaccine Whistle Only The Injured Can Hear
Dr. Bob Sears on #CDCwhistleblower

Text Message Confirms #CDCwhistleblower Apology to Wakefield for CDC MMR Cover Up

Age of Autism has confirmed the veracity of this text message  from #CDCwhistleblower Dr. William Thompson to Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield.

Wakefield Text from Thompson

AJW: "Is the press release real?"

WT: "Yes"

AJW:  Thank you. This was the right and honorable thing to do. Andy.

WT:  I agree. I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty.

AJW: I forgive you complete and without any bitterness.

WT: I know you mean it and am grateful to know you more personally.

(We are grateful to Celia Farber and  her Truth Barrier website where the message was first published.)


False Skeptics Make Me Laugh


So, Gorski posted more of his usual pointless, rambling drivel that is chock full of conspiracy mongering and innuendo claiming that Dr. Wakefield made up this text exchange.

Brian Deer responds to the post, basically saying that Gorski is reaching and actually *defending* Dr. Wakefield (in an off-handed, weasling way).

I must say that I'm thoroughly enjoying this idiotic, self-righteous clown's credibility self destruct.

/passes the popcorn.


Brian Deer says that he never offered an opinion about whether or not MMR can cause autism. That changes his scenario somewhat. Now there are MMR-injured children out there (at least theoretically) but even so Richard Barr sought out as litigants parents whose children's medical records do not support their claims of injury. And that was because he, lawyer though he is, thought the attorneys on the government side would just read the Lancet paper and say, "OK, pay everybody" without doing any further checking?

That was never plausible, but now it's downright crazy.

John Stone

Hi Celia

You are quite right about the first part - we did check it out - but I suspect it was just the heat of the moment. Of course we would want to credit you and The Truth Barrier.



Celia Farber

That image is taken from the story published at my website The Truth Barrier, yesterday.

Why did you elect not to cite the source?

That isn't proper form, at all.

My guess is that after I published it, you asked Dr. Wakefield to confirm it, and so felt it was kosher not to cite the origin.

In any case, please include the source--link below. And keep up the good work.

Thank you.

Celia Farber,

Editor, The Truth Barrier


Jennifer Horne-Roberts and Keith Roberts, parents of our most beloved Harry.

We lost our beautiful, brilliant son Harry Horne-Roberts in this most terrible MMR/autism tragedy, which also wrecked the lives of all our family. Finally our darling Harry was killed by a mixture of psychotropic drugs given him by his doctors without our knowledge or consent, aged just 20.
Those responsible defy all civilized description.They are outside humanity.


Was thinking today that "Bought" the movie should be released any day.

From the movie's website, the below question written in 2013:

... What if Andrew Wakefield was right?"


Here's Dr. Wakefield's affidavit demolishing Brian Deer's charges: http://issuu.com/wakefieldjusticefund/docs/1_3_12__plt_original_petition#


BoB Moffitt

I am 75 years of age .. and .. I have learned a few things in my life I believe worth sharing .. such as .. author unknown:

"it is better to walk alone than walk with the crowd going in the wrong direction"

I would also suggest that whistle-blower Tompson has finally discovered the wisdom expressed by Dale Wimbron in his poem "The Face In The Glass":

"When you get what you want in your struggle for self
And the world makes you king for a day,

Just go to a mirror and look at yourself
And see what that face has to say

For it isn’t your father or mother or wife
Whose judgment upon you must pass,

The person whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the one staring back from the glass.

Some people might think you’re a straight-shootin’ chum
And call you a great gal or guy,

But the face in the glass says you’re only a bum
If you can’t look it straight in the eye.

That’s the one you must please, never mind all the rest,
That’s the one with you clear to the end,

And you know you have passed your most dangerous test
If the face in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years
And get pats on the back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you’ve cheated the face in the glass.


Shirley Higginbotham

As the grandparent of an autistic child I pray that Dr. Thompson will stand by his statement and stay safe. Please continue to tell us the truth for the sake of these children.


Dr. Thompson,

Thank you! When you apologize to Dr. Wakefield, you are speaking to our hero, you are apologizing to us.

Thank you for your courage and honor!

John Fryer

Hi I think people are not reading this correctly.

Yes, it did show that black Africans suffer from MMR more than other groups.

But the way the CDC do the data mining is to guarantee every time that on average, the NUL result from NUL research will clear vaccines from any harm.

But in the over matching it is likely one group will show statistically significant adverse effects. Indicating even choosing data to show no effect, can show effects in one area but implying harm in all areas.

So, the proper conclusion is that EVERYONE is at risk from vaccines when given too early or when they contain several different live viruses including at least one that is not only teratogenic (rubella live virus) but is linked by government, industry and regulators to autism.

Despite setting up an experiment to clear vaccines as safe, it proved yet again they can be dangerous and the earlier you get them the more potential for harm.

Professor Boyd Haley in an off the cuff remark when pushed thinks we need to wait until 5 years of age, matching that for my day when the safety was 1 in 50 000 000 compared to odds today sometimes too scary to mention (from industry researchers even.).

What he did not get over was the research more than 50 years ago (Frank Engley) showing that for Staph Aureus a killer bug, that the thimerosal merely holds it in a state of inanimation and this can, in short time overwhelm the body and if the mercury has already been sufficient to induce sudden death, the body continues to act as a medium for the bugs which then turn up at autopsy in large amounts.

The whistle blower tells us all that huge studies can easily be rigged to fool some people for decades and the research of AJW on a few people, injured and investigating what the likely causes could be, is both cheap, quick and the only way to solve this causation for autism.

Anyone remember Pinks Disease? This wasnt solved even by noting the few had taken teething powder but finally in a few cases by measuring mercury in those harmed and not harmed and noting the harmed groups had more mercury on average but there were EXCEPTIONS. In the event, stopping the mercury stopped the disease. But it wasnt 100 per cent evident at the time!

There are at least three serious errors in the vaccine schedules:

1 The mercury

2 The dangerous vaccines such as MMR and varicella and unneeded ones.

3 Too many, too soon. Professor Haley NEEDS support for his not before 5 (years) for all these vaccines, now given at ages where there are 52 million with autism.

There are problems however!

1 The children will now communicate their adverse effects to their parents!

2 We wont need all those vaccines, since they take better as you get older. Early MMR vaccines and others too soon are a joke, as these first vaccines given do NOTHING except cause harm.

And if measles is now extinct in the USA, then why risk autism by this vaccine? Madness, madness or just madness?
Why not ensure those coming to US.A have the vaccine or the waivers? Surely all those pro-vaccinators will be only too happy to get all the shots for those illnesses now quasi-extinct to save the insult to baby who can wait until 5 years of age?

I forget! The hep B is given to babies because adults (big babies) wont take the shots!

Women and children first it seems. (from risking getting your brain altered etc?)


Annie, I don't know if you remember the movie "Tootsie" but in it there's this great scene where Dustin Hoffman's character (Dorothy Michaels) goes rogue on live tv and makes this great speech that includes some real revelations. It's priceless. It would be funny as hell if one of those 'reporters' went rogue with this story on some kind of live tv. Hey, I can dream.


I am not sure why William Thompson has apologised Dr Wakefield it seems very odd to me. Dr Wakefield was involved in research into gastro-intestinal problems in children who had been diagnosed with autism. His interest was a viral aspect having done work with measles virus and Crohn's diease. The problem he faced in the UK was parents pointing to either a single measles or MMR causing the regression, he to my knowledge did not do any work on African British children noting rates of autism. Why is this scientist still then backing vaccines knowing the damage they do, for me it just does not make sense. Perhaps he should meet the parents and children whose lives he and other like him have destroyed. No, just an apology does not do it for me.


I propose that each person commit to telling a minimum of 5 people (outside of internet social media and email) about this, targeting especially people of color, pharmacists and health professionals. Ask those who receive the news from you that they tell at least 5 others. We will get the truth out despite the mainstream's complicity and in doing so, we will show them as the criminals that they are.


I wonder what happens now? Thank you to anyone who seeks to tell the truth. The truth always comes out in the end. As a parent of a severely Autistic son affected by the MMR, I have always known what caused his Autism and when he had his shot of MMR at one year old he was never the same again. The signs are all there, and the gut feeling that you wish you had never given it in the first place.
I hope this opens a new door for all those affected by Autism the gut, and digestive problems with the MMR and that their families and carers have a right to know the real truth behind the trauma.
Blessed are those who speak the truth. Cursed are all those who have hidden this behind closed doors. Thank you for this.

david m burd

The corruption of America's mainstream media in 1989 when the FDA gave the green light to Pharma to advertise their toxic brews, since the media have sold their integrity for the annual $billions they now receive for such advertising.

And, also beginning in the 1980's the New York Times health issues leading reporter became Lawrence Altman who was trained in all things medical by the CDC, and thus the NYT became CDC's leading cheerleader (and stooge) - with the rest of the medically-illiterate American reporters becoming copycats of Altman (who were lavishly treated to Big Pharma soirees al exotic vacation locales hosting Pharma promotional conferences.

Of course, reporters from such as the Washington Post and LA Times were also feted, as were tens of thousands of doctors and their spouses, on and on. So for decades, the upper echelons of editors, reporters, and doctors have swallowed whole whatever the CDC tells them. I'm sorry to say it, but the battle to get truth to the public has barely begun.


See the video here:

Deep In CDC War Bunker CDC’s Führer Orders Final Solution – Overwhelmingly Superior CDC Stormtroops Obliterate Dr Brian Hooker’s Paper


Annie  Donnelly

As we can see by the reaction to Thompson now, even if he had come out in 2004 he may have been ignored. We have to do something to get this covered. Maybe everyone print up the letter admitting the lies and put a stack in our prior drs offices? Post them on all local starbucks bulletin boards? This has to be top down and grass roots as well. Pray for more whistleblowers. Pray for the media to break. Pray for the truth to out so powerfully that it can never be bottled up again. I suspect the Ebola story and potential cure was timed to keep a desperate Africa from calling out the CDC. Why that story now? It has been brewing for months. Why hold out this hope? Which is probably just another lie. Once you decide that you have the right to unnecessarily sacrifice some for the same of the "pack"--that you have no obligation or compassion for the innocents who pay the price for your expensive theories---(10000 vaccines would be safe! They are powerful enough to stop epidemics yet safe enough to inject in your newborn) --we as a society have entered into moral quicksand. I see the headlines--the crime of the century. I see the documentaries --the warrior moms and dads and children. . I see the Nobel prizes. Andy. The Geirs. Krigsman. Jill James. Bernie Rimland. McCandless. So many many more. The Pulitzer. Dan, Mark, Kim, Anne, so many more. The faces of the recovered children as America does a man on the moon effort to reverse autism ---and succeeds . The joyous speech that has been bottled up for decades. Shouting thank you to all of you heroes who never gave up the fight and those still out there who need the courage to stand up, walk out, join forces, clear your conscience and let the world begin to heal!!


The media blackout is not hard to understand. Just count the pharmaceutical commercials and add up how much $$$$$$$$$$ that means to a network. Since the US is one of only two countries that allows prescription drug advertising on television, it is high time we made that illegal again. Then maybe we could get a semblance of a "free press" back again.


I knew Thompson's press release had a necessary political spin and he and Wakefield actually respected one another! I KNEW Andy was not a villain and I am so grateful to Dr. Thompson for coming out. Such a hard thing to do. I admire them both so so much and Andrew Wakefield is a personal hero of mine. Because of him I have two healthy children. Man, did I get persecuted for my decisions....thrown out of DR. offices....arguing with loved ones. But it's only a fraction of the crap he has had to endure.

Dr. Thompson please stay strong....for all of us mothers. Please become a hero to the next generation of moms. We need you.

Birgit Calhoun

Here is the article I thought Time had first shown and then deleted: Journal Retracts Paper that Questioned CDC Autism Study (http://time.com/tag/vaccines/)

The sentence that I thought was particularly telling was: “This article has been removed from the public domain because of serious concerns about the validity of its conclusions. The journal and publisher believe that its continued availability may not be in the public interest. Definitive editorial action will be pending further investigation.” Obviously Time is resorting to a quote by Translational Neurodegeneration so they can hide behind their own ignorance and at the same time influence their readers to keep believing the paper from 2004.


Melissa and Cia,
Thompson going to the media would give the media the opportunity to fictionalize the story and make Thompson out to be whatever they decide he is. Remember Anderson Cooper's interview with Dr. Wakefield? Stephanopoulos?

I think it is the people's job at this point to get the story out and we should trust that these parties know what they're doing. As hard as it is, we must be patient.


Me too! Teresa Conrick


This is a watershed moment- Dr. William Thompson, senior CDC vaccine researcher, apologizes to Dr. Andrew Wakefield for Thompson's dishonesty.

The long nightmare is coming to the end.

False Skeptics Make me Laugh

Gorski's brainless minions are saying that this text exchange is fake. Just like they claimed that Dr. Thompson's admission was fake.

Wonder how that turned out for them...

cia parker

I agree. This media blackout is hard to understand. I wish Thompson would call all the major news outlets and say We lied, vaccines cause autism, now why don't you alert the public to this extremely important news? I wish he'd call every member of Congress, put up on the Internet recordings of each phone call, and hold every elected representative of the American people accountable if they continue to drag their feet, permitting thousands more every day to be injected with always dangerous vaccines? I don't get it. What card does the CDC hold over the news media that trumps the public's right to know?

Dan Burns

When WT apologizes ["again"!] for the price Andy paid for WT's dishonesty, is he referencing only the 2004 Pediatrics paper? I think not. There may be more to this stunning apology, and its acceptance, than meets the eye.

Hopeful news indeed. I crave more.

Joe Sulaco

Well, well, well...a senior CDC autism scientist apologizes to the BLACK SHEEP of them all, Andrew Wakefield, M.D., "for the price" he paid for Thompson's dishonesty.

What in the world is Dorit Reiss going to do with this?

Oh yeah. I forgot. She'll ignore it.

But hey, OUR satisfaction has increased mightily. We. were. right. all. along.

Ray Gallup

I'm glad that William Thompson came forward as a parent with adult son with autism and aggressions who was affected adversely by the MMR vaccine, by Merck. I just hope the politicians, media, etc. do their job by correcting the wrong that has been done to Andy Wakefield, the families and their children/adults. There has been a major injustice done that needs to be rectified.....all these years later.

Teresa Conrick

I hope we are watching history unfold and a new fate for so many kids. Maybe we can work, all of us to repair the damage done to so many. It is humbling to see this exchange between these two men, these two men of Science and healing. I'm so impressed and have hope. Dr. Wakefields words of forgiveness should open the door for so many others to follow William Thompson. They are both so courageous. Will others have the courage to follow?

Anne McElroy Dachel

The headline for this could read:



melissa christopher

If he really wants to make amends he needs to call all the major news networks and come completely clean.... half measures will not cut the mustard... or clear his heavy conscience


Nice. However, 'Sorry' doesn't cut it completely for me.

There's about 40M African Americans and 300+M Americans as well as 7-8 Billion folks on this planet that have been (or will be) impacted in large, small and lingering ways by this public health nightmare.

For instance, how does this 'issue' play out with the vaccination initiatives by the WHO and their proxy, the Gates Foundation (IDK, maybe it's the other way around). The bulk of this planet aren't Caucasian and there's about 1B folks on the African continent alone.

Son In Recovery

If we keep sharing all the texts, phone conversations and notes from Dr. William Thompson will he continue to provide information? I'd rather hold all my cards and wait until my hand is complete before playing a few. My vote is to be llike Bibby Fischer and think 20 steps ahead of Pharma & the CDC.


Wow! This is truly amazing!


Thank you for sharing all of this. It means so much. An apology -- it may have been to Dr. Wakefield -- but you know I feel like it was to me too.

I don't why I want an apology -- since it won't bring back my friends children from the dead as they overdosed, or take away the scars of a life time of heart ache.

But you what --- for me---- it means a lot.

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