Maine Voices: Breakdown in Accountability at Heart of Decline in Vaccinations
Dachel Media Update: Jackson and Sharpton Silent on CDC Whistleblower

SafeMinds Calls for Immediate Investigation Into Vaccine-Autism Science Manipulation at HHS

Fraud puzzl;eFraud investigation is warranted, says SafeMinds.

Atlanta, GA — For over a decade SafeMinds has claimed that the CDC manipulated data to show no link between vaccines and autism. But at least for one study, the rumors were put an end.

In a statement, William Thompson, Ph.D. acknowledged that he and his co-authors “omitted statistically significant information” linking the MMR vaccine to an increased risk of autism in a 2004 study. An independent reanalysis of the same data suggests that African American males have a 340% increased risk of autism if they received the vaccine prior to 36 months of age. Thompson also admitted to a cover-up of the increased risk, stating, “Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” says Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, Vice President of SafeMinds. “We have found problems with every result generated by the CDC claiming no autism-vaccine link.  Sadly, their studies were utilized by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to deny restitution to over 5000 families whose children developed autism after vaccines.”

In 2004, CDC researcher Thomas Verstraeten published a study examining the mercury preservative thimerosal that had similar protocol manipulations. The first run of the raw data obtained by SafeMinds showed that children were 7.6 to 11.4 times more likely to have autism if they had high exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines compared to no exposure. Four alterations of the data occurred until the final publication showed no statistically significant findings.

A 2007 CDC study was written to minimize findings of increased autism features of tics and language problems from thimerosal which Thompson now admits to in his latest disclosures. A 2010 CDC study utilized a statistical overmatching technique to eliminate detection of autism risk. Two CDC-sponsored studies having data inconsistencies and conclusions were authored by Poul Thorsen, now a fugitive on the Inspector General’s most wanted list for wire fraud and money laundering.

Read the full article at the Safeminds' site.



@HandTRTC (+ all)
Thx for the update. I recall reading this awhile back & thinking this 1997 DoD item somehow related to War Syndrome issue along with the persistent kids vaccine=autism situation.

A quick search trying to follow up on where this 1997 rollback led, indicated that (re your post- the human testing & informed consent on vaccinations) this issue became buried in several programs in the military's biowarfare 'research' agenda. I was able to follow one up thru ~2007 or 2008 - not sure where the other one(s) led. My guess is some other threads bear following. Vaccine development for these DoD program items seems to have been a significant part of the thrust, and probably how things get firewalled from domestic scrutiny / informed consent.

At any rate, the BioPharma is a $1T/year industry worldwide and the scrutiny that AoA et al have brought upon their domestic havoc largely led to 'offshoring clinical trials', thus avoiding domestic US legal oversight & scrutiny. This largely allows them to circumvent informed consent issues (ie, high titer MMR LA trials fiasco in low income neighborhoods, early 1990s) and keep the cost basis low.

While offshoring of vaccine/drug trials & attendant activity keeps the overall backend costs of product development & field/clinical trials low & profit end high, this perhaps served to circumvent FDA/CDC/WHO/etc oversight since these agencies appear to have largely been neutralized from much of anything but rubberstamping vaccines, drugs, etc. Different foundations appear to be complicit in this program as well. Maybe this is all old hat to many of you, but hadn't really connected the varied threads & realized how extensive or embedded things might be.

What this also means for the 'Hooker-Thompson-CDC malfeasance' and vaccines=neurological damage within the US population is that damage via vaccine has been consistently identified on a global basis.

For a quick review & some additional links, see

Probably not the most extensive, but thought the citations reflected the extent of the problem and put the GSK-China bribery scandal into perspective. It also suggests what the recent dengue & eboal news has been partially (mostly) about. I suspect that West Africa, with its rich resources, is the new 'South Africa clinical field site'- likely becoming a new proving ground for all manner of clinical trials.


I think we should also be calling for Colleen Boyle to immediately step down from the IAAC until further investigation of her role in the recent CDC fraud. Let's not forget her role in the Agent Orange hearings that resulted in denying our veterans proper medical care for many years. Like now, the CDC produced their own watered down studies to deny any link. History is repeating itself with the vaccine-autism tragedy.My feeling is that the only reason Colleen Boyle is involved with the IAAC is to make sure no research is recommended into the vaccine autism connection. If the whistleblower allegations are true (which it appears they are) then she has already lied under oath.I would love to see her grilled on the witness stand for her part in all of this cover-up, but at the very least, she needs to be immediately removed from the IAAC!

Jenny Allan

@Carol - From Brian Deer's website. (The article was written by Deer in the third person).
Exposed: Andrew Wakefield
and the MMR-autism fraud
Brian Deer's award-winning investigation

"Deer (who in April 2006 reported the first British measles death in 14 years) took no view on whether vaccines may or may not cause autism, but never found any scientific material which repeated the Lancet findings."

Since Deer regularly edits his web articles, I can't supply a date for this comment, but Deer has always contended the Lancet 12 children "did not have bowel disease", but were subjected to invasive treatments for purely research purposes. This nonsense was, of course, well and truly demolished by Lord Justice Mitting in the UK High Court, February 2012, during lead clinician Professor Walker-Smith's successful appeal against the GMC's guilty verdicts and removal of his license to practise medicine. The Judge stated the GMC's examination of the evidence, supplied by Deer the sole complainant, was inadequate and superficial and in many instances the GMC's conclusions were just plain wrong!

This has not stopped Deer from continuing to plug the same old lies in his website and on pharma sponsored blogs like 'Scienceblogs'.


Where/when did Deer say that?



I have copied and pasted the following:

..."For over twenty years the Department of Defense (DoD) or their contractors were allowed to use the American people as "guinea pigs" for testing of chemical or biological agents. Since July 30th, 1977, the United States Code annotated Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 remained on the books until drawn into the arena of public discussion on talk radio.

Last year, Joyce Riley vonKleist R.N., presented this as a topic of discussion on several national radio talk shows and was immediately greeted with skepticism and ridicule by many news directors and editors who refused to acknowledge the existence of such a law. The debate raged on for several months and many listeners took the initiative and the time to research this law only to find that it indeed existed! At the suggestion of the AGWVA, thousands of letters and phone calls poured in to public officials' offices demanding an explanation and their position statement on this law.

Due to overwhelming public outcry, section 1520 was quietly repealed by the passing of H. R. 1119, the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal years 1998 and 1999. Section 1078 of this bill prohibits the DoD, either directly or by contract, from conducting tests or experiments using chemical or biological agents on human subjects (with exceptions).

Under the (just repealed) law, the DoD has been permitted to conduct such a test or experiment if informed consent is obtained. According to U. S. Senator Olympia Snowe (ME), the conference report on H. R. 1119 was passed by the Senate, by a vote of 90-10 on November 6, 1997 and signed into law by President Clinton on November 18th, 1997..."


I copied and pasted the above. I remember reading it years back and being very disturbed by it. Although the law was repealed, note that it does make allowances for INFORMED CONSENT!!!

Does that include vaccinations? I am not sure.
Terrifying thought if it does.

My understanding that giving Big Pharma indemnity had been written in the original Patriot Act. I do not know what provisions are in Patriot Act 2 though.

I highly doubt that they remove the indemnity for Big Pharma any time soon.

May God help the children.


Brian Deer says that he's never offered any opinion on whether or not MMR causes autism.

Mary Margaret Sherman

We need a facebook Share button on your site.
Now we can only LIKE we need to spread the word.


Unusually large number of "put options" and insider sales by Merck, Pfizer, J&J, etc principals last week when this news broke. Looks like the wagons are circling and some recognition that this issue will hurt the bottom line(s).

Hey, short sell your stocks & lawyer-up all you want, but I would suggest your company's grow a conscience and exhibit some integrity pretty quickly.

How about GSK & BMC leading a call for reinstating Wakefield's MD license? That would be monumental.

Anne J.

Does anyone know what vaccine mandates are in Obamacare?
I've heard there are some that are due to kick in in 2015 (ie mandatory for all healthcare workers, ect). I would hope these mandates will now have clear exemption options, in light of all the "fraud issues" that have recently surfaced.


I have been thinking a lot about the uproar in Ferguson regarding a black man being shot, and to date that I have not heard of or seen news of an uproar or even acknowledgement from this same community of people regarding the 340% autism risk for black males covered up by the CDC. Where is the outrage?


Time to drain the swamp.

You know, if we really want to partially get to the bottom of this, it would be mature of the US, as a society, to actually call for repealing the NVIC act which indemnified the companies selling vaccines from lawsuits. Calling for a defacto back award or fine of say, $250-500B to be collectively taken from the varied vaccine companies would be a good start. Tort reform on this issue should be next. It's all about corporate accountability, medical justice and integrity.

NVIC, I believe, essentially placed the burden of liability upon the gov't & taxpayers. Further, the CDCs papers and likely court testimony largely served to minimize damage awards. Thus, nearly 30 years of industry-favored court awards could easily be negated to significantly called into question.

The CDC folks, while culpable and deserving of blame, are merely the fall guys for allowing the profit-driven, largely unregulated and now-failed paradigm of 'large scale disease control through mass vaccination'. The real folks and groups to pillory are those running the show at GSK, Merck, etc.

In large part, they funded the key seminal studies and overtly/covertly paid to quash dissonant findings (ie, see Wakefield, now Hooker, prob many others). Those findings, I believe, should now be republished with full apologies.


Yes, thank you to all who stayed the course. The truth is coming out and I'm very grateful for Dr. thompson's information, however it came out. Yes, Tim, the Brian Deers, Paul Offit, the scum at the CDC, NIH and "science"blogs all deserve what they get.

Tim Kasemodel

The people I am waiting for a comment from is Brian Deer, Paul Offit and anyone associated with GMC in Britain.

Their silence says it all. You have to believe that Offit had to have been contacted to make a comment on Hooker's study since his ugly mug was shoved in front of viewers every time a case of measles showed up in any little town.
I hope he squirmed with discomfort when CNN asked him to speak and he for once had to say "no comment". I also hope like hell the Judge considering juristiction Dr Wakefield's lawsuit in Texas is paying attention to all this as well.

Thompson's apology and Dr. Wakefields forgivness says alot about the charachter of each of these men and I felt a great sense of satisfaction reading it. What will give me euphoria will be seeing Dr Colleen Boyle carted off in handcuffs for lying to Congress - twice.

I also want to thank SafeMinds for never backing down on their original reports that have now been proven correct, and Brian Hooker for never backing down getting the truth out.

BoB Moffitt

Humpty Dumpty appears to be teetering atop his carefully constructed wall of "manipulated to deceive" data .. and .. hopefully .. that carefully constructed wall .. just as the despised Berlin Wall .. will be deconstructed .. brick by brick .. live on CNN.

Where are the State Attorney General's?

Surely it is their job to "protect the public" from evil doers in their State? While not yet proven guilty .. none-the-less .. the evil doers stand publicly accused .. making them worthy of vigorous investigation .. to find them either guilty or innocent .. of preying upon the most innocent among us .. our children?

By the way .. does "unavoidably unsafe" .. allow for the deliberate manipulation of scientific data to deny increased risk of autism?

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