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Mercury, Simpsonwood 2000, and an Elementary Cover-up


By Jim Thompson

We teach mathematical graphs to children in our middle schools.  For example, look at this 2001 article “Living Graphs.”

“In this article, we discuss some ideas and techniques for teaching and learning this language and for giving life to graphs in middle school classrooms.  In algebra, students typically construct graphs of functions represented by symbolic formulas.”  See Living Graphs.

Now back in 1999, scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were also working on graphs related to real life activities.  These graphs represented associations between brain injuries in children receiving vaccines with Thimerosal, a mercury based vaccine preservative, and the amount of mercury they received.  These graphs were presented at a CDC meeting in June of 2000 at the Simpsonwood Methodist retreat and conference center in Norcross, Georgia (Simpsonwood 2000).  These graphs, and their different versions before and after Simpsonwood 2000, are described in great detail in the book “Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.(2014). 

But well before Simpsonwood 2000, scientists already knew that mercury in its various forms is extremely toxic.  For example, in 1939 a paper was published showing that mercuric chloride at a level of 8 parts per billion kills a certain species of fish.   Considering that one part per billion is roughly equivalent to one sugar cube in a swimming pool--then Thimerosal preserved vaccines at 50 thousand parts per billion mercury concentration can hardly be declared safe.

So back to Simpsonwood 2000, Tom Verstraeten of the CDC modeled an association between neurologic developmental disorders and exposure to the mercury based Thimerosal. 

“For the overall category of neurologic developmental disorders …That's an increase of 0.7% for each additional microgram of ethyl mercury. For an example, if we would go from zero to 50 micrograms of ethyl mercury, we would have to multiple these estimate by 50, so that would give us an additional increase of about 35%, which is pretty close to the point estimate for this category.”  

See Simpsonwood transcript at  pp. 41-42.

Now here is where we can use the same algebra taught to our middle school students.  It gives us a straight line graph based on Verstraeten’s equation.  The equation is:  an association of relative risk of neurological developmental disorders equals 0.007 times the micrograms of mercury received in vaccinations.  The equation is simple (y = 0.007 times x).

Now before that Simpsonwood 2000 meeting Tom Verstraeten saw a problem with the math.  The multiplier was originally much greater than 0.007!  Before Simpsonwood 2000 Tom Verstraeten wrote to his co-workers in an email titled "It just won’t go away,” “As you'll see some of the RRs [relative risks] increase over the categories and I haven't yet found an alternative explanation ...”  

So this takes us to an elementary cover-up by the CDC.  As Robert F. Kennedy Jr shows us in his book, the CDC scientists changed the way their graph looked by compressing the vertical part of the graph.  They did this by graphing a straight line on a logarithm vertical scale.   This makes a steep slope on a straight line graph of increasing association of brain injury with mercury exposure look almost like a line with no slope, or flat line, which does not show an increase of risk with exposure.  See pages 135 and 136 of “Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak.” This elementary cover-up, along with removing children from the original database to make the risk multiplier smaller, show us that (1) mercury in vaccines is unsafe, (2) the CDC cannot be trusted to oversee vaccine safety.

Currently the CDC tells us there are as many as 56 million doses of flu vaccine that still contain mercury!  Please contact your elected US Senators and Representative.   Ask them to stop the use of Thimerosal (heavy metal mercury) preserved flu vaccines for children and pregnant women.

Taylor 11 25 2004 cJim Thompson is a registered professional engineer.  His first granddaughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, verbal apraxia, motor disorder, and sensory integration disorder. Her loving memory has influenced his family’s decision to help protect children from vaccine injuries.


Jim Thompson

Grandmom to Almost-Recovered Child, here is an example of the danger of acute levels of dimethyl mercury exposure.

“Karen Wetterhahn (October 16, 1948 – June 8, 1997) was a professor of chemistry at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, who specialized in toxic metal exposure. She made national headlines when mercury poisoning claimed her life at the age of 48 due to accidental exposure to the organic mercury compound dimethylmercury (Hg(CH3)2). Protective gloves in use at the time of the incident provided insufficient protection, and exposure to only a few drops of the chemical absorbed through the gloves proved to be fatal after less than a year.” See

Regarding protection from sub-acute environmental levels, the USEPA has established a threshold level of inorganic mercury allowed for drinking water of 2 parts per billion. See .

The mercury by weight in a Thimerosal preserved flu shot is approximately 25 thousand times higher.

Regarding protection from methymercury, the USEPA has set levels of ingestion of 0.1 micrograms per kilogram body weight per day.

and .

That means a child would have to weigh 550 pounds not to exceed that threshold when receiving a Thimerosal preserved flu shot.

And in terms of the CDC scientists’ motive to cover-up evidence of harm from mercury in vaccines look at what happened at Simpsonwood 2000. See Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, June 7-8, 2000, Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, Georgia at .

On the first day of this meeting, there was a presentation of data and graphs summarizing evidence of statistical associations between increases of Autism (and other neurodevelopment and neurological problems) and Thimerosal vaccine preservative containing mercury.
On the second day of this meeting there were a series of three questions put to attendees. Here is the first question and response summary.

"Mr. Schwartz: In the past you asked the question how strong are these data as a signal? That might be one question. What do you think of these data as a signal of a problem?...
[Summary answers]
Dr. Weil: yes
Dr. Brent: yes
Dr. Koller: yes
Dr. Stein: yes
Dr. Rapin: yes
Dr. Johnson: yes
Dr. Bemier: yes."
See Simpsonwood 2000, pp.186-198

So after this agreement and towards the end of the meeting on the second day Dr. Brent, a developmental biologist and pediatrican, raised a concern about speeding research on other epidemiological studies, and animal studies, and pharmokinetics of mercury in terms of how long it remains in children. He also said this: "The medical/legal findings in this study, causal or not, are horrendous and therefore it is important that the suggested epidemiological, pharmacokinetic and animal studies be performed."

Tony Bateson

It's a simple enough question, any college student researching in chemistry could no doubt provide a speedy answer and a basis upon which this could be proven or rebutted by any number of others. It is, does ethyl mercury potentiate with elevated testosterone to damage neurons.

If it does then this is what caused my daughter's autism. I saw the evidence of elevated testosterone in the 200 autism parents I met in the following years, not absolute, but a clear, distinct and marked bias towards raised masculinity. This has been consistently seen in these parents and their kids, like my somewhat testosteronal daughter. Further I have reviewed this observation with autism professionals who confirm similar observations. Earlier damage from ethyl mercury surely would not be improved by similarly threatening ingredients in MMR.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


Cytokine dysregulation in autism spectrum disorders {ASD): Possible role of the environment

WW Thompson and co-authors study is referenced therein showing no link to mercury{hmmmm?}.

Jim Thompson

Benedetta, yes here is one of the requirements for good science in government.

For each agency, under a March 9, 2009 Executive Memorandum here is an part of the requirement:

“By this memorandum, I assign to the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (Director) the responsibility for ensuring the highest level of integrity in all aspects of the executive branch's involvement with scientific and technological processes. The Director shall confer, as appropriate, with the heads of executive departments and agencies, including the Office of Management and Budget and offices and agencies within the Executive Office of the President (collectively, the "agencies"), and recommend a plan to achieve that goal throughout the executive branch.”

See .

So far however CDC vaccine scientific fraud appears to have been left in the CDC’s hands and the fox is overseeing the henhouse for safety.

 Grandmom to Almost-Recovered Child

Yes, your granddaughter looks like such a dear cutie. I have more questions . . . are we fighting TWO battles--it just is beyond belief that this would not be out of shots by now:

Where is thimerasol manufactured? Who makes it? Who profits? If we find this out, we can boycott, we can disinvest . . .

Someone is mining this mercury (which is dangerous).

Someone manufactures it and makes it into thimerasol (also dangerous)

Someone either ships it through the US or through the world to get it to where it is put into vaccines (and if it spilled, it would be a terrible toxic spill--and probably has happened and been covered up. ) Does it go through the rails? Does it go through the air? Ships? )

Is this a big industry? Or some big shot investor or billionaireas? Who makes this stuff, including the mercury amalgams ?

Who else BESIDES pharma, will lose? Is it the side effect of coal burning , recycled into our shots? Who else is afraid of being held accountabe

Has anyone studied the net effect of 20 -100 million americans getting a flu shot and excreting the mercury and aluminum into the sewage system, or through their hair, every 6 months?

Does anyone get sick changing toxic diapers?

Does anyone try to add this up?

Does anyone regulate how, say, walgreens or CVS gets rid of expired vaccines?

If we can get to the root of this, maybe it will answer some of the bizarro mystery of why this is still being used since the 1930's. Maybe it is not just one industry fighting us, but several.

 Grandmom to Almost-Recovered Child

I know I have said this before, but I have to say it again:

1) Where does the mercury used in thimerasol come from? Presumably it is being mined, releasing it from the Earth where it is harmless, and allows this neurotoxin out into the atmosphere.

2) Where does it ultimately end up?
--Excreted by those who can excrete it in hair (ends up in landfill) or urine or feces (ends up in waterways or earth.
--The bodies and brains of our children and adults who can't excrete it, to be released by cremation or into groundwater when we die.

If people refuse to accept or care the horrible harm it has caused to our children, perhaps they will want to ban this fso they can have mercury free sushi or tuna. Or enjoy their sport fishing without getting exposed to a neurotoxin. It is destroying our waterways and our land. For what? So that the industry can save a few bucks a shot.


Jim, your granddaughter was beautiful; love how expressive she was, and looking into the camera nicely. You are honoring all children in a heroic way. I was unaware of the logarithmic chart until now. (Need to order Kennedy's book.) Thank you.


Are there laws for suppressing a vertical steep slope when there is one?

I mean even if it is a goverment agency doing it on a medication -- but for the greater good?

Do they have greater good laws on the books?

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