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Brandon Guppy
By Anne Dachel

Like most everyone out there, I get a lot of information from my Facebook page.  So many articles and videos that I would never be able to search out for myself, instantly appear there.  I really appreciate what my 4,100+ "friends" post to me. 

I recently found this: Life with Autism in Pictures: The lion who had no courage.

The photo really needs no words.  It's a mother with her disabled son.  The young man in diapers is the side of autism we never see in feel good stories during  April, Celebrate Autism Month.  The photo made me think of Michelangelo's Pieta, the Virgin Mary grieving as she holds the body of her crucified son, Jesus.   Or maybe one of the Mary Cassatt paintings of a mother and child.  The image of this maternal bond is universal.  It's also heartbreaking when it involves someone who was left like this because of the vaccines he received as baby.

The young man is Brandon Guppy, age 20, shown with his mother, Michelle.  Michelle has the blog, Life with Autism in Pictures,

where she writes about her son.  More importantly, she shows us photos of what his life is like.


"On my 'Life with Autism' blog, it is my hope that the words you read are inspirational in some way. But on this blog --- I wanted it to be different. I wanted the pictures to be more powerful than the words. Here will be some of our most powerful pictures in our 'Life with Autism' - with only a few words to explain..."

Monday, Sept 8, 2014, Michelle posted, "The lion who had no courage" that reads like a journal account.  She specifically addressed members of the media, admonishing them to cover this issue honestly and thoroughly.

"Doing away with vanity & dignity tonight.

"I'm sure Brandon would forgive me if perhaps it would make one member of the mainstream media try and help him... I doubt they'll ever see this, much like I doubt today's seizures would be the last.  But, one can hope.... 

"He's had seizures yet again today...and finally at 8 pm he tried to get up.  He's been on the gymnastics mat on the floor of his bedroom right where he landed from the first seizure in falling out of bed this morning. Most parents have the luxury of waking up to the sound of an alarm.  I frequently wake up to the sound of choking, some body part banging against the wall, or a loud thud as he hits the floor.  I met him in the hallway and by the look in his eyes I knew we better go back in his room and not dare try and go downstairs.  It's hard to describe seeing your child like that...."

Michelle criticized the media for failing to report on the CDC whistleblower scandal.

...When Todd got upstairs from hearing him have a seizure, I asked him to take this picture.  I want the media to see who it is they are silencing by refusing to report on the CDC Whistleblower story.  I want them to see just how "vaccines save lives" actually plays out in real life.  I want them to see what the trade off of acute recoverable illnesses for chronic lifelong debilitating illnesses looks like.  And as much as they try to ignore it, that trade off does have a face.  And there are thousands of them.  I want them to see this and be brave enough to look me in the eye and ask me which I would rather my son have had - a miserable two week ugly rash in measles that would provide a lifetime of immunity and a stronger immune system for having survived it; or a lifetime of illness and seizures and a weakened immune system.  And I want them to show that answer to the world.

I want them to see who they have forsaken as an accomplice to their preservation of Pharma's fairytale illusions of health, herd immunity, and the greater good.

His seizure may have been in my arms - but make no mistake mainstream media -- the tears I've cried in begging God to end this nightmare of CDC corruption and fraud, his seizures, his pain, his lifelong illness -- is all in your hands.

Perhaps the only thing worse than your silence in his suffering, is how the only voices you have allowed, are from those who profit from or force through mandates -- his suffering.

You can't see it, but on the wall behind me is a scripture verse that says, "Love....bears all things believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things...."

As I sat there holding my son, I wondered how many more seizures his body can bear.

I wondered how much more we parents must be made to endure.

I wondered if I had anything left in me to dare to allow myself to hope, to believe, that justice would come to him in my lifetime.

The justice Congressional Hearings and convictions would bring.

You could do that mainstream media.

You could help us call for those.

But you don't.

It would be better for you to be a tin man with no heart or a scarecrow with no brain, than to be a lion with no courage.

Sadly for a generation of children, you're all three.

Michelle has channeled her pain into photos and stories about her son, and they are powerful.  They give us a look into what Brandon's daily life is like.  She describes what autism has done to her son.  It's very hard to view her work and then realize that mainstream medicine, health officials and the media just don't care about individuals like Brandon.  I contacted Michelle to thank her for doing this and to somehow let her know that many, many people can relate to her life. 

I asked her some questions. Here's what she told me.

Michelle, tell us what happened to Brandon.  How was he diagnosed?  What is he like?

 Brandon was born typically....a healthy boy who smiled and had personality and laughed.... He has a brother who is eighteen months older than him, who was born healthy as well.  Nothing significant stands out in Brandon's infancy, except for, looking back over medical records, how I would bring him to the Pediatrician after each round of vaccines.  First for thrush, then for eczema.  Then worse eczema.  Then  for ear infections, more ear infections.  All the while, at those visits, getting more vaccinations.  He stopped hitting developmental milestones, emerging language of 6-8 words stopped and then chronic diarrhea began.  His personality changed where he would rather stay in his room and bang his head against the wall while rocking back and forth.  His smile faded, in its place that cold, strange stare that was so haunting. He couldn't stand to be strapped in a car seat or have anything touching his body he had such severe sensory dysfunction.  When he would accidentally fall and have an obvious cut or goose-egg, he would laugh.  Yet when we tried to hold him gently, he would cry.  Where he would once wear hats, he eventually had to wear a seizure helmet.

To describe both my boys would be like describing the sun and the moon.  Brandon's older brother who is typical, is like the sun -- he's full of color and lights up our house with the brightness of language and laughter.  Brandon is like the moon -- he is a soft glimmer of beautiful shadows in the silence.  That silence conveying what language cannot say.  To describe Brandon is to start with how through years of painstaking therapy, he has come such a long way from when he was first diagnosed.  He is a warrior - he is who grounds us in staying centered on what and who truly matters in life. To live with him is to be daily inspired by his strength and courage.  He lives for the moment.  The, pain, laughter, goodness, or hardship of each moment.  He laughs when happy, and screams out in frustration when in pain.  He simply lives in innocence.  He teaches us more than we have, or ever will, teach him.  The moments where we get to see the boy God created are magical and we have learned to simply inhale those moments deeply and savor them, as we do the rare pictures where we see him, not autism.  His rare moments of pain free laughter get us through those next moments of anything but.  He loves his straws, jumping on the trampoline, and being wrestled by his dad.  To describe his autism is painful.  It is pain.  He's had years of chronic diarrhea that would literally burn the skin off his bottom to the point of bleeding.  He's been to the emergency room countless times from seizures.... stitches, staples, IV fluids from being knocked out for days.  He's had teeth shattered, several times.  He has knocked holes in our walls from the force of seizures.  He has cycles where he will sleep and cycles where he won't.  It is rare that because of those sleep patterns we can even get to school on time, and then there are the many days he never makes it to school because of waking up having seizures.  Autism dictates that his life is lived one painstaking step forward only to be blindsided by something else that knocks him two steps back.  It is exhausting caring for him and there is no down time while he is awake.  He requires constant supervision and redirection.  We must assist or prompt in every life skill.  What makes our "Life with Autism" so much more difficult, is that we have never found a mainstream doctor who would take the time to truly investigate all the myriad of biological disorders he has. So instead we must spend every dime we have on seeking out "alternative" doctors whose treatments that do help, aren't covered by insurance.  You cannot describe autism without including the lifelong financial devastation it brings.

You are very clear in your writing that vaccines cause autism.  Why, in your opinion, are doctors so blind to what is happening to our children?

 I believe that doctors can only share with their patients what they have been told regarding vaccinations, safety, necessity, etc.  I don't think doctors have the time to research on their own.  From sources other than who they work for, what they get from the AAP, CDC, NIH, or Pharma-reps who peddle their pills and poisons in their office, -- I think, I would hope, that if they truly investigated on their own, data and research from independent sources, they would have a different view.  I think their CEU's and all that they are required to do, are all from Pharma in perks and etc.  I think they are dazzled by their illusion of health.  There is too much conflict of interest.  Especially when you hear doctors are given incentives or rewards for having high vaccination rates, etc.  I think doctors have been as duped as the parents have.  Like the public, doctors are only receiving information from one source, and sadly for a generation of children, that source is fueled by making money and customers.

How have you been able deal with having a son with such critical needs?   You say a lot about your faith.

 It is hard.  Unbearably hard.  I won't deny that.  Some days when I drop him off at school, I leave skid marks in leaving!  That's obviously not true -but I do think of doing that.  Honestly though, some days I do think what it would be like to just keep driving.... To just for a while run away from autism and its the hardship and stress. I miss carefree.  I miss spontaneous. I miss my husband and we live in the same house!  I have missed most of my older son's childhood. My husband and I had to be tag-team parents, and the scarce family vacations we took were always one with our "other" son and one home caring for Brandon.  Autism takes, and takes, and takes some more.  And just when you think you can't take anymore, it gets its second wind and takes even more.   Which is why respite is so critical.  Parents need time off.  Autism is just too heavy, we need frequent breathers, and we just don't get it.  Either we can't find anyone or when we can, we can't afford to pay what they would charge. And with so few program and opportunities for recreation for them, not only are we as parents isolated, but our kids are too.  I don't want to go out for dinner with my husband if it means yet again, my son is stuck at home. He needs to go out appropriate for him, and have fun too.  For me, my faith is what keeps me closer to sanity than falling off the edge of crazy.  I do not believe that God created children to be autistic.  I believe autism is a man-made disorder.  But that in that autism, there is purpose.  I seek that purpose each and every day. In how his life can somehow make a difference.  I believe in the HOPEISM of that purpose -- in that one day there would be healing for him, but in the meantime there is much hope.  That we are not alone in our pain, in our suffering.  That we are not forsaken.  It was in prison where Paul preached some of his greatest sermons... I want my faith to be like that, in how I have somehow managed to make this "Life with Autism" my greatest ministry. My greatest advocacy in moving people off the couch of complacency to be brave in standing for truth and taking back our children's health from corporate greed and Pharma's poisons.  Where until he is healed, perhaps inspiration from the bravery and courage by which he lives his life, heals or encourages others.

How do you feel about the way the media portrays autism?

 It's hurtful.  I've never been bullied as a child, but after years of battling the media and their one-sided portrayal of anything autism, or worse, wrong portrayal, I can somewhat understand the oppression, the burden, the feeling of futility bullying brings.  I will never have enough time to refute each blow, I can never outspend each bully.  The media adds to our burdens with more burdens of trivializing our truths.  Dismissing our concerns.  They choose the most successful of the spectrum to portray the entire spectrum as but just people who have differences.  Autism for me, and for many of my friends, is not a difference, is it a devastating disorder.  My son has never played cowboys and Indians.  He's never had the ability to understand sports to play T-ball.  He's never understood he has a birthday, let alone enjoyed any celebration of that.  He's never had a sleepover with friends.  My husband has never been able to teach him life skills at Boy Scout Camp, instead he helps him get dressed, teaching him those life skills at home. He has never danced with a girl at prom.  Had a girlfriend.  A first kiss.  He will never drive a car, have a wife, or kids of his own.  My husband will never get to retire and we will never have empty nest.  Yet all we hear from are those who can speak for themselves, care for themselves, have a job, live on their own; while my son cannot even speak.  They listen to those who don't want a cure, when all my son wants is to not be in pain.  Not have a seizure.  Even autism organizations do this in only showing pictures of perfectly photo-shopped children, youth, or adults in wildly successful scenarios.  Of course that's the hope we all have and work our hardest toward, but the reality is never portrayed. That is not my son, that is not our reality.  It is insulting how autism is portrayed as a celebration, a gift, something special.  It is none of those things.  Our children are the lights of our life, it's not about that, it's about how the autism affects and steals from every facet of their life.  If autism is a celebration, don't send me an invitation.  If it's a gift, show me the return line.  If I'm a "special" mom to a "special" child, then I'd rather be whatever the opposite of that is, and just have had the chance to be a regular mom with a regular child.

 Your son is 20, what is your hope for his future? 

That the Lord return before I die.  That is my "Plan A."  I cannot bear the thought of dying and leaving my son behind.  It gives me nightmares that I cannot escape.  It's in my every waking thought, and no amount of faith or praying has diminished that worry.  My hope is that I can find doctors where I live who will take the time to understand his medical issues and help me get access to treatments for those, fully covered by insurance, so that he can lives as pain-free a life as he can.  My hope is that he can continue to be in the therapy center he is in with funding assistance to be able to continue to learn how to be as independent as he can be. I pray for funding for camps who want to help, to be able to expand and have weekend camps for them, so while they are having fun and a chance at normalcy, us aging and weary parents can have rest.    Community services and recreational programs.  All those things I desperately hope and pray for, for him and all who are like him.  My ultimate hope and prayer is that when I die, he is not left in a place where he will only be drugged and never have the chance to go outside and jump on a trampoline and see that the sky is blue. 

What does our society need to do for this generation of children with autism aging into adulthood?

Find its moral compass again.  Realize that people, not profit, matters.  It will take going back to simplicity, to where communities work together to provide for each other in that community.  Sharing resources and expertise.  It will take churches offering their buildings that sit empty most of the week - to open their doors to partnerships with disability organizations to provide the place, if they can help provide the people and training.  It will take people not worrying so much about how we can't do something, and being determined to find a way to do that something.  Because this generation of children entering adulthood, needs a whole lot of that something.  And more.

This is more.

In 2013, Michelle wrote about her IACC testimony.  She told them about her son's vaccine-induced regressive autism.

Michlle also created a YouTube video for "Hear Me Well."


 "Vaccines didn't save his life, they destroyed his health.  Vaccines can and did cause my son's autism."

I think I'll bring this story up again during the insane media frenzy we see every April.  Print and broadcast outlets will try to convince us once again that regardless of the rate, autism isn't a serious condition or a real problem.  They'll tell us about "better diagnosing and show us happy, engaged kids on playground equipment or interacting with speech therapists.  And we'll be reminded that while autism may have no known cause or cure, experts are sure that an ever-expanding vaccine schedule is not to blame.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.




I am one of those High Functioning ASD portrayed in their misleading campaigns for mass propaganda. I DO NOT CONSENT to their abuse of OUR injuries!! What is being done to us is nothing short of crime against humanity and should be addressed with REAL pictures and videos! Ask my husband what he has to deal with when I have to spend days in bed because I cannot function after a couple of days doing simple tasks like running errands or grocery shopping. Ask my husband how he deals with trying to keep me from committing suicide and leaving our 4 ASD children and HEALTHY non vaccinated breastfeeding infant alone to pick up the pieces when I have a severe depressive episode. In our family VACCINES did this. I wasnt like this until I was 16!!! Diagnosed after my boosters for high school. My kids werent born like this!! I watched each 1 shut down and turn into a child that I didnt even recognize anymore!! In MY family, we are evidently the so called ones who should be protected and yet we are STILL attacked by key board warriors to vaccinate our "disease riddled crotch goblins". We have YET been able to obtain a medical exemption and what happens when they remove all exemptions?

You are warrior! Please keep sharing your truth. The ASD community NEED to see the ugly side and I honestly wish I could be as brave as you. I wish I could share videos of what I have to go through personally, but I know they would use it against me to take my children and damage them further or worse, kill them. It already almost killed 2 of my sons. It has killed all 3 of my daughters. I'm terrified ol f what's to come for us. It's why I refused to get rediagnosed as an adult and why I absolutely will not take my children to get diagnosed. It's easy to see what they have. Hand flapping. Oral fixations, minimal eye contact, constant vocalization and limb or head banging, self isolation, severe depression, aggression, hyperactivity often followed by repetitive behaviors.... the list goes on. If they were vaccinated again, it would not be too hard to speculate theyd be fully regressed and what then? I can barely handle the overload now! How can an ASD parent care for 4 ASD children with extreme regressions?? What happens to my non vaxxed child after hes forced to catch up to the ridiculous schedule?

We have been betrayed! This is NOT a blessing! This is a nightmare!! This is why some mothers resort to murder/suicide as their option... they view it as a kindness because the suffering is more than they can bate to watch. We NEED compassion and advocacy and the very groups who purport to do that are right there in bed with the very people and companys who caused our problems to begin with!

Trace the money, find the culprits. Stay away from anyone claiming science is settled. Those are the dangerous ones because they REFUSE to do SCIENCE while our ASD community is EXPLODING!!!

I will not be used as their puppet and nor will my children. I STAND with you!!


It is not only vaccines. In addition to the vaccines there are the antibiotics plus the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs plus air pollution and other stress sources. Similarly to Brandon, my son had eczema within several weeks of birth, which was severely exacerbated within 5 days of his 2 month old vaccinations. The eczema was followed by ear infections, bronchial asthma and later hyperactivity. I notice that pollution exacerbates him. When he is in the seaside, getting the sun and far from the smog, he has almost no issues. Whenever he has a fever I try to use as few non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics as possible. NSAID-s and antibiotics are known to increase allergies and autoimmune diseases. Brandon seems to have an inflammatory disorder, which has affected not only his brain but also other body systems (skin, colon) so in his mother's place I would try everything that fights inflammation: leaving the urban area and going to live in the countryside where there is less pollution, low calorie diet, raw food diet, low allergen diet, rotation diet, sunbathing, vitamins, hyperthermia, no NSAID-s, no antibiotics (as much as possible), sensory deprivation therapy (Brandon is sensitive to stimuli, so this should help) etc. Fortunately I stopped all vaccines as soon as my son's eczema became severe. I did blood tests and at 4 month old he was allergic to egg white. At later tests he was allergic to sea food, tomatoes, chicken meat as well. He avoids sensitive foods like egg white, peanuts, milk. When he eats egg white he gets eczema, bronchial asthma outbreaks. The food allergy is born when the child is vaccinated, due to the aluminum and viruses, bacteria proteins they inject into the body. The child has also been exposed to toxins in the womb.

Joan Campbell

Very moving story, sending love and strength to Michelle and Brandon.

Jeff Ransom

Linda1 said "Put THAT on a billboard." Love that.

I have said Put THAT on a billboard or a radio ad or a TV ad for years but NO autism organization will/has the courage, and no one can or will tell me why I do not know if they just do not have the courage or what, if it is money I think once people see a hard hitting ad campaign people will donate. I have money to donate to any autism organization that will put together a hard hitting (key word hard hitting) ad campaign.

A billboard that says The real, autism story, 20 year olds in diapers.

But this story should be required reading for everyone in America, especially the politicians and so called medical experts. This, could be the best/most complete article I have ever read to let people that does not have a child with autism know what it is like & some of the thoughts some of us have, like what she says in this article like, Plan A is "That the Lord return before I die."


As ASD parents, we are with you, Michelle. Many thanks to you and your noble, sweet boy Brandon for the courage to lift the veil and expose the truth about severe autism. Going public to deliver such a powerful, high-impact "This is your brain on vaccines" image, not only for the "good of the herd", but for its very survival, was a very, very selfless, admirable act.

I would like to think that the next time you see that sweet, angelic smile on his lips it will be because he has felt the embrace of the collective spirit of the mommies and daddies that his graceful soul has reminded to fight a little louder, and a little more tirelessly.

My thanks to you three for delivering such a breathtaking public service announcement. Badass.

I hope you intend on using it every chance you get.


I do believe there are a large number of people with autism who have seizures and other health issues due to vaccines. In this case, the young man was born acting pretty normal and I think this is often the case when unsafe vaccines make a change in an individual and severe autism sets in. This was NOT the case with my 41 year old who also wears diapers (pull ups now take the place) but anyway he has paralyzed bowels too. But, he was born NOT NORMAL. He cried and cried and wouldn't stop crying. He was born posterior with bruises over his ears due to forceps pulling him out of me. I caught the Hong Kong flu at conception and I think that had much to do with autism showing up immediately when my son was born.


Bob M.,

Ari Neiman, et al are addicted to praise. They're as simple as that. They over compensate for their obvious insecurity and immaturity by being big mouths who publically display themselves to the world making sure their views are not questioned. Secure people do not have to do this.
Neiman and company make matters worse for all people on the spectrum.

Secure people are ones like Michelle who are quietly in the trenches with severe autism day in and day out doing a wonderful job. The Ari Neimans of the autism community are a disgrace and couldn't hold a candle to Michelle, her husband and her son.

Anne, thanks for shining the light on a true autism hero parent and her family.


Have you tried Classical Homeopathy. I was introduced to it when my cat got diabetes. This guy was curing it in three years-- on the phone... I and dad are now on homeopathy with does it by skype or phone. Both geniuses in my mind. Here is a basic introductory book on internet or free on skype.

Louis Conte

I've never posted comments twice in one day but I will for this article because of the photograph - the Pieta of Vaccine Injury - and Anne's powerful writing.

I've often pointed out the similarities between the autism epidemic and the mercury poisoning incident in Minimata, Japan. Bravo to Michele Guppy for giving us a photograph so much like W. Eugene Smith's "Tomoko Uemura in her bath".

The article also reminded me of a poem by an unknown Japanese fisherman who was poisoned at Minimata:

"When I thought I was dying
and my hands were numb
and wouldn't work--
and my father was dying too--when
the villagers turned against us--
it was to the sea
I would go to cry.
. . .
No one can understand
why I love the sea so much.
The sea
has never abandoned me.
The sea
is the blood of my veins."

beth johnson

I like your comparisons to art, Anne. How about comparing the photograph to this famous one- also with a mercury association:


Vaccines have been a problem, long before the '90s. The smallpox vaccine was given to all of us who were born before 1965. It's recognized by the round scar it left either on your upper arm or thigh. My older sister has a scar. I was given two, at different times, yet I have no scar. My next sister was also given two. Apparently they didn't think that the first one had worked. Well the vaccines, she was given others also, caused her to spike a fever so high that she developed cerebral palsy. She was 6 months old, born perfectly healthy. She turned 50 this year.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Anne Dachel and Michelle. The picture of you and your son Brandon does bring Michaelangelo's Pieta to mind, and that you describe your children as the sun and the moon spoke loudly to me and probably every parent who has a damaged and an undamaged child. I hear you well!

I can think of my first two sons as "sun" (2.5 years the younger) and "moon" (the older.)

It was a malignant brain tumor and subsequent radiation that turned my oldest (of four children) into "my moon;" he has now happily survived to age 46, and I still hope that he may live with assistance semi-independently one day. But I understand the fear that he could outlive me.

My "sun" son is the custodial parent to his "sun" son (16) and his "moon" son (age 13,who has severe regressive autism and bowel disease.)

Here is what Keats wrote about the moon:

"Oh Moon! the oldest shades 'mong oldest trees
Feel palpitations when thou lookest in:
Oh moon! old boughs lisp forth a holier din
The while they feel thine airy fellowship.
Thou dost bless everywhere, with silver lip
Kissing dead things to life." -- Keats, Endymion, III, 44-57

Never give up. You and your husband are not alone. You are very brave and beautiful -- thank you for doing this interview with Anne.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Anne and Michelle. I saw this video yesterday and thought how it conveyed such a powerful and informative statement in only about a minute.

Michelle Ford

I don't have children with Autism, but I want you all to know that I've heard you. There are those of out here who have chosen not to vaccinate because we see your struggle and hear your truth. You are the bold and fierce minority who are shedding light on this disastrous epidemic. Thank you! Thank you. You are all my heroes. I share your stories with others and we are gaining momentum. Your voices are not lost. The battle isn't over yet, but you are making a big difference in the lives of children all over the World. Thank you again!

they will never speak for me

@Bob Moffitt-I agree. Ari and gang demonize AS and anyone who speaks the truth about living with severe autism and they always seem to be the prevailing voice in the end. Digusting. Diary of A Mom is another one. She writes entire blog posts on how she dislikes AS and Suzanne Wright while she drones on endlessly about her perfect life with her high functioning daughter. She. Has. No. Clue. Ari, Wilson and others like her are so self absorbed they don't see how their actions and writing affect the individuals on the other end of the spectrum.

BoB Moffitt


"Thank you to this mom for her blog and for showing what autism IS for so many of us."

The videos of "Hear Me Well" are devasting to watch .. as was the original Autism Speaks produced "Autism Every Day" .. a video you can view here:

Autism Speaks was crucified .. demonized .. by the likes of Ari Neiman .. who proudly occupies and eagerly represents the "high end of the spectrum" .. aided by a very compliant media .. demanding the parents shown in this riveting video consider autism a "gift"

In all honesty . . I truly do not know which is worse .. Ari Neiman .. or .. the media .. that allows him to spew his vile condemnation of parents of children on the lower end of the spectrum?

In any event .. I suspect the "Hear Me Well" videos will be given the same callous disregard by the media as was the original "Autism Every Day".

The obvious question is WHY?



"The media adds to our burdens with more burdens of trivializing our truths."

It was Pharma and the government that caused the autism epidemic.

The press and media that perpetuate it.


There's not a parent on this planet, who vaccinated their child because a review of the science convinced them it was the right thing to do.

The media is 100% responsible for selling us the vaccine lie.

The SAME media who refuses to report on faked vaccine research, or on vaccine damage stories like the one being presented by this beleaguered family.

The day will come, when they WILL be held accountable for this crime against innocent children.


Thank you to this mom for her blog and for showing what autism IS for so many of us. It seems that the majority of the "popular" autism blogs written by parents today are of Asperger kids and their parents endlessly bragging about how awesome autism is for their kid, vacations with their kids, a multitude of activities their kids particpate in and the entire family always decked out in fancy clothes living in fancy homes. Give me a break. Sadly, these blogs have a huge following and this is what catches the media's attention. The pretty side of autism. If those parents had to live a day in this mom's shoes they would implode.

Laura Hayes

One more flashback, this one back to Rick Rollens' testimony from 1999.

Painful and excruciatingly maddening to KNOW that ALL of this vaccine damage could have been stopped in its tracks...DECADES ago! Even in 1999, it wasn't new news. What was new then were the astronomical numbers of new autism cases. Vaccine damage goes way back...which is what led to the terrible 1986 NCVIA.

Vaccine crimes may be the biggest crimes against humanity of all times. And they are growing exponentially by the day.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Michelle and Anne, for this powerful interview. The damage inflicted on our innocent children is not only heartbreaking, it is criminal.

Flashback in time to 2002. Here is a video clip of Indiana Congressman Dan Burton doing his damnedest to stop the carnage of our children. Unbelievably, and tragically, the evil, corruption, and carnage continue unabated today. As a matter of fact, they're worse.

Yes, we need to continue to share our stories in both written and video form. We need to continue speaking the truth about the fact that there is no safe vaccine, each and every one causes damage. Once in, you can't get the stuff back out, and you have just allowed a cataclysmic chain of events to begin that will reveal itself over the course of your child's lifetime. Don't let one of your loved ones be the next victim.

Adam Mortenson

The fundamental error we make is believing that if something isn't big in the news then its not a crisis. America has never had a bigger crisis than the current autism epidemic. 1 in 68 12yr olds. It's not time to be placated by feel good stories and pipe dreams about better diagnosing. It's time to face ugly realities with an iron stomach and a steel spine because the awful truth about the vaccine program is going to hurt. But once you understand what really happened to this generation you will be empowered to help recover as much as we can.

Cynthia Cournoyer

The media likes pictures. They like heart wrenching disasters. They like emergencies. They like the forlorn and downtrodden. It's time to flood them with pictures of autism. Often it takes a video or a picture to get them to act.


"What makes our "Life with Autism" so much more difficult, is that we have never found a mainstream doctor who would take the time to truly investigate all the myriad of biological disorders he has."

Put THAT on a billboard. Place one in front of the entrance to the building where the IACC dog and pony shows are held, another in front of the CDC, and others in front of the AMA and AAP buildings, in front of medical schools and hospitals. Don't forget to put some on the roads to the Pharma complexes where these poisons are manufactured.

I'm so sorry, Michelle, Brandon and family.

Louis Conte

"The media adds to our burdens with more burdens of trivializing our truths."

It was Pharma and the government that caused the autism epidemic.

The press and media that perpetuate it.


I can only believe that the media executives that promote vaccines and ignore vaccine injury are indifferent to suffering. They don't have hearts, they are like the Cheka in Soviet Russia that lined people up against the wall and shot them by the millions. This is the mentality we are faced with. Our only hope is through the Congress. We have to get rid of the law that does not allow doctors and vaccine manufacturers to be sued. If parents could again sue their doctors the vaccine schedule would change overnight and certain vaccines like the MMR would be dropped completely or given after age three. But what't the point of the MMR after age three when a child has a fully developed immune system and can fight the bug. The bottom has to fall out from within and it's already happening among those who can afford it. The burden of autism will in the future be on the poor.

BoB Moffitt

I hate to keep harping on the same subject .. but .. everyday the media continues their wall-to-wall, 24/7 hour a day coverage of two incidents .. Ray Rice assault on his fiancee in the hotel elevator .. and .. Adrian Peterson's child abuse allegations.

Am I wrong to assume both of these incidents have been driven "solely" by the "images" the media constantly show to the viewing public .. Ray the video and Adrian the photo .. and .. in my humble opinon .. were it not for those visual images .. both of these incidents would have gone largely unreported in the media?

Okay .. I get it .. as they say .. a "picture is worth a thousand words" .. but .. if visual images are all that's required for the media to focus .. 24/7 saturation coverage .. of domestic violence and child abuse .. how can they ignore the many, many .. heart-breaking .. desperate .. "Hear Me Well" videos .. that have been posted now for a while .. with absolutely NO COVERAGE .. let alone the justified 24/7 coverage the "Hear Me Well" videos deserve?

So .. it must be something other than visual images of an ongoing national tragedy .. because .. those "Hear Me Well" videos show how tragic the autism epidemic has been .. for at least TEN YEARS .. and .. continues to be .. 1 in 68 (1 in 49 boys) .. making them equally worthy of the national press coverage given to EBOLA in today's headlines .. yet .. not one mention on

FRONTLINE? 60 MINUTES? 20/20? Bill O'Reilly? Meagan Kelly? Anderson Cooper? Chris Cuomo? Chris Mathews?

Perhaps it's not the visual images themselves .. perhaps it is the profession/organization those visual images threaten that determines the coverage given to them by the media? After all .. it is one thing to show images that disparage the "integrity of the NFL" .. it is quite another to show images that disparage the "integrity of the CDC"?


John Stone

Hi Anne,

Yes, it could be the image of our time. It made me think of the end of Kazantzakis's novel "Christ Re-Crucified":

“Priest Fotis listened to the bell pealing gaily, announcing that Christ was coming down on earth to save the world. He shook his head and heaved a sigh: In vain, my Christ, in vain, he muttered; two thousand years have gone by and men crucify You still. When will You be born, my Christ, and not be crucified any more, but live among us for eternity.”

A different story of course, but yes our children are being crucified by state orthodoxy.


rarely are words able to convey the power of a photograph and this blog is so heartbreaking I cannot watch it all at once. I can only say God Bless this family and keep them strong and protect them on the black and hopeless days with the shining brilliance of Love.

If this boy's fate was indeed preventable, if it was the result of unsafe vaccines, then the perpetrators are worthy only of the utmost contempt and must be brought to account to explain their actions at the highest level of justice in the land..

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