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Hear Us Well – My Response to Elizabeth Cohen of CNN

Natalie Aug 15By Natalie Palumbo

I’m 20, a sophomore Motion Designer at Ringling College of Art and Design, and the only sibling to an older brother with low-verbal autism. I had been following the controversy surrounding vaccines, the CDC Whistleblower, and Elizabeth Cohen of CNN’s subsequent ‘vaccines don’t cause autism’ comments. Cohen emphasized that, “Some people don’t hear this well,” which insulted many parents that observed regression in their children following vaccination.

This prompted a video movement of parents telling their stories of vaccination injury with the hashtags: #HearThisWell and #CDCWhistleblower. Seeing so many people tearfully share their stories compelled me to speak my piece about this issue. I had always tried to keep my focus on my sibling experience and leave the vaccine debate to others. After what happened to my older brother, I face my future fearfully and on my guard. Here is Anthony’s and my story. Hear us well.


Laura Hayes

Powerful, as you always are, Natalie :) Thank you for this.

You are but one of many siblings who benefitted from the knowledge that their parents learned after vaccinating an older sibling. Thankful to see you using your knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of that to help stop the madness, and to try to garner help and support for the vaccine-injured.

All the best to you in your sophomore year of college, and I hope we keep hearing from you as often as you are able :)

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Beautifully done Natalie !
I often think that we should have some cartoon contests on Age of Autism. Mine would be a drawing of Elizabeth Cohen speaking on the topic of cigarettes. She would be saying "Hear me well- Tobacco does not cause lung cancer ! "


Very powerful. Hope lots of people see this.



Thank you so much for this beautiful powerful video. It moved me to tears because I am the Mother of two children my son diagnosed with autism, and my daughter had terrible vaccine reactions and regressed neurologically. When the vaccines stopped so did the neurological regression. After much therapy she recovered, she is 20 and also in college. It is nice to hear someone else has had a similar experience and I am not alone. Keep loving your brother, Love never fails!

Maurine Meleck

Simply the best. We miss you and the family. Love, M and J

Autism gma

Even though the production of vaccines with thimerasol was stopped, there was no mandate or effort to remove the old ones from the shelves.


Beautifully done, Natalie. You are both brilliant and sensitive--a marvelous and powerful combination.

Nearly all of the vaccines you received 19 years ago, as well as the boosters you didn't, did indeed contain thimerosal. We are told that most pediatric vaccines today no longer contain thimerosal. I suppose that's debatable, but most of the evidence seems to point at pediatric vaccines no longer containing it, with the obvious exception of the yearly flu shot.

However, all inactivated vaccines today do contain an adjuvant--which in the US is aluminum-based. Aluminum is, of course, a heavy metal, and is linked with both autoimmune disorders and Alzheimer's (which shares many symptoms with autism). It may have replaced thimerosal as the heavy metal to be concerned about today. In addition, the Material Safety Data Sheet for thimerosal says, "Never mix with aluminum." If that is the case, I'd like to see a good explanation from a toxicologist on why aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines are allowed to be injected at the same time as a thimerosal-preserved vaccine.

I just thought I'd throw that in there, since in your video you state that thimerosal is still present in most vaccines.

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

Another injured soul

No conspiracy, just another "coincidence."

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Natalie, for such a powerful witness!

Amanda Lochbaum

This is so powerful. Moved me to tears. There are so many siblings...I predict as they grow they will have a collective voice that will command attention. Thank you Natalie...beautifully done.


Beautifully done, and beautiful photos!


Beautiful. You continue to be such a bright star Natalie!

no more Nancy

Dr. Nancy also has a video...

"Listen to the government agencies.. these guys are telling the truth.. there is no conspiracy here folks, just get your damn vaccine!"


Very, very well done Natalie. Thank you.

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