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Dachel Media Update: The MMR Vaccine Whistle Only The Injured Can Hear

Hear This Well: Parent Videos Breaking The Silence on Vaccine Violence

Wall of violence

Last week Elizabeth Cohen of CNN insulted and denigrated thousands of families who have children with vaccine induced injury, as part of an effort to tamp down the #CDCwhistleblower story. In response, parents have created short videos telling Ms. Cohen the raw truth. "Vaccines can and do cause autism."  Below is an intro to the "Hear This Well: Breaking The Silence on Vaccine Violence" campaign.  You can see the videos one by one by one by one.   Please share this link - Hear This Well: Videos Breaking The Silence on Vaccine Violence.   This link Wall of Vaccine Violence Videos  takes you to the astounding grid of videos - a powerful reminder of the damage our children have suffered. Thank you.




Hello, I have started a Go Fund me campaign to do an educational 30 sec. PSA for vaccine awareness. Please donate if possible:


Polly is one voice but she speaks for many


Where can I make a video and add to this my don got his 12 month shots had a seizure a week later and was never the same again he is now diagnosed mildly autistic,nonverbal,speech delay and add


Thank you, for all the families sharing your videos. I know how hard it must be to share the heartbreak that vaccines have caused your family. Continue to let the world know, and help let America and other countries be aware of vaccine injury and that they have a choice to say no!


Vaccines contain aluminum in toxic amounts. Aluminum toxicity is characterized by, among other things, speech delays and brain disorders. These things are also characteristics of autism. Attn: Ms. Cohen, Can you hear this well?????? My daughter has autism and is vaccine injured. The more I fight to heal her body, the less autistic she appears to be. I guess that's just coincidence, right? SMH. HEAR ME! I am a mother, I know my child. VACCINES CAN AND DO CAUSE AUTISM!

Tony Bateson

A voyage into autism.

1. Male or Female - display a propensity to masculinity.
2. Conceive a child with someone like you whose hormones will promote hyper-masculinity. This may be observed in Male-brain size/and or elevated testosterone in amniocentesis fluid.
3. Introduce a known toxin like ethyl mercury or similar into the elevated testosterone mix. Damage neurons, impair the Central Nervous System.
4 Observe delayed development, impaired functions such as speech, communication and motor controls.
5. Get diagnosis of autism.

That lists contains only six premises into a diagnosis of autism. I will remove any one or all upon receipt of proof that this claim is invalid.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.


Twenty-two years ago, I took a very outgoing, friendly, chatty, loving little boy in for his MMR booster shot. This little blond hair, blue eyed child would not take a nap or go to bed at night unless Mom laid down and cuddled with him. After his booster shot, I got a very withdrawn little boy who would not let Mom even brush the hair from his eyes or hold his hand. This Mom felt as if someone had forced their hand into her chest and yanked out her heart. For the next 8 years, I was told my son was ADHD. When my son was 12 1/2, I was told he had Asperger Syndrome with ADHD so I guess I should be happy the doctors got 1/2 the diagnosis right. I was left to navigate the waters on my own as my community had no idea about autism or autism spectrum disorders. Today, I have a bright young man who will graduate college next month but suffers severe anxiety. He has a difficult time speaking with people whether it be in person or on the phone. I can only hope he can publish the novel he has been writing and learn to push his anxiety down out of his way. Big pharma and ALL their mouthpieces, such as Elizabeth Cohen will be hard pressed to convince this Mom that it was NOT the MMR that changed her son. Get a CLUE Ms.Cohen!!!

Jeannette Bishop

This is so ironic:

I wonder how necessary Ms. Cohen feels HepB vaccine at birth is? Vitamin K injections?

Unless I missed it, I don't think she gave an explanation for why her 48 hr old daughter started having seizures.



Your video idea sounds superb...


Pharma Puppermaster: "So...Elizabeth...can you say hello to the people?"

wooden Anchor-Dummy: (whipping her head rapidly, left to right) "Hello people...."

Gina Garrett Harrison

Why don't they put all the families of vaccine injuried children on CNN instead of ONE single person delivering a message she knows ZERO about!


I will try and make a short video of our son at his Christening passing a rattle back and forth, eye contact to that person and smiling. He was 9 months. At a year old he had his MMR injection, we called an emergency doctor, he screamed and burnt up so hot his skin burnt through to mine through a towel. He regressed that week, stopped eating and drinking properly and came out in a "measles type rash" (documented on his medical notes). He continued to regress turned books upside down flicking through pages, lining toys up, didnt respond to us at all and he was assessed at a speech and language unit over the months then was diagnosed eventually at the age of around 2 years with severe autism. We will never forget this moment and we live with this every day.


Attn: Elizabeth Cohen: HEAR THIS WELL... When you use your power to make claims as you did, you had better hope you are right. You are wrong. Try doing a little research. Look up the Hannah Poling case for starters.

THANK YOU to all the brave families for sharing their powerful videos.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you to the many courageously sharing their experience and knowledge!

I looked at the faces on the video stills and wasn't sure I could get through these, so I took a while to start. The looks on your faces alone say a lot. I'm half-way through and plan to keep going, but possibly not tonight. It's hard to hear and see some truths over and over and over, truths learned through painful experience and want of courage, just hoping the message is getting to those who still need to hear in a way that will encourage them to protect their child, their families.


To add your video to the wall, send it in an email to [email protected]

Ray Gallup

The parents are best at knowing what happened to their children and Andrew Wakefield, MD has said that countless times. With the Whistleblower Dr. Thompson coming out Dr. Wakefield rightly said that there needs to be a Congressional investigation. I hope to God there is but you can count on your one hand the number of political friends in Washington DC we have like Congressman Burton and Congressman Mica. I have seen the frustration over the years dealing with politicians in Washington DC on the subject of vaccines and autism. I wish I could have a warm, fuzzy feeling that they will listen and do something this time but I'm a parent from the 1990s who knows and seen the score. All these years the so-called AUTISM EXPERTS say the same mantra, "We don't know what causes autism, but we know it isn't the vaccines." It is shameful that this mantra is cited over and over again. Doesn't anybody who uses it know that they are saying garbage when they say that. It flies in the face of common sense too.


How do I upload a video for them to add??

Laura Hayes

I watched the Elizabeth Cohen segment on CNN last week and was enraged by her brazen and insolent spouting of lies on national TV. I am thrilled and grateful to see so many parents and grandparents making short videos telling the world how vaccines injured/killed their child(ren) so other parents can benefit from their hard-earned knowledge.

Anyone still unsure as to whom to believe, please ask yourself: Who do you think is telling the truth, Elizabeth Cohen and the likes of the CDC, or the hundreds of thousands of parents, myself included, who witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of their child's "routine" childhood vaccinations? I'd say that's a no-brainer.

Watch and share this excellent and powerful video campaign. My sincere gratitude to all of the parents and grandparents who made these short video clips.


Yet autism is listed on some of the vaccine inserts. Maybe she should tell the drug companies to change them. Or maybe they already told her exactly what to say.

Do they think it doesn't matter what the truth is, just keep telling parents and then they'll stop questioning?

Felicia Stanford

Thanks to all of the parents who have contributed to these videos. Amazingly powerful! Blessings to you and your beautiful babies!

John Stone

What an insight into the basic techniques of media news manipulation and bullying (gone wrong in this instance). Perhaps Ms Cohen deserves a nomination for the Golden Skunks (an award ceremony which I hope I have just dreamed up), or perhaps she just needs to think about it and apologise.


I listened to the videos last night -- Very powerful. Everyone did a great job, but it all was so heart breaking. What a message -- the best every! Great idea, and good delivery of what is going on.


well she is right -- vaccines do not cause autism.

It causes brain injuries, along with immune problems.

Which leads to a list of diseases longer than your arm of m every auto immune disease you can think of -- to autism -- and let us not forget mental illness -- there are a lot of good and decent parents that lost young adult children to drug addiction in my community, and they NEED TO UNDERSTAND what happened!

Word smithing.

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