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Dr. Kelly Brogan: CDC You're Fired

This [whistleblower] news, and the unfolding of it have penetrated me to the core of my womanhood. It has driven me to question the judgment behind bringing children into a society that seeks to destroy itself. But it has also lionized me to band together with like-minded parents to change the tide. It is happening, and the establishment feels it.  There is a revolution afoot and it may just be darkest before the dawn. Kelly Brogan, MD


Dr. Kelly BroganBy Anne Dachel

Doctors need to listen to those in their profession who question vaccine safety claims.  There are dissenters.  Not every physician buys into the illogical principle of pediatric medicine that says that an untested, ever-expanding vaccine schedule is safe for every child in America.  Whenever I run across a doctor willing to go public with an anti-establishment view of vaccines, I can't wait to write about it.

I give you, Kelly Brogan, MD, New York, NY.  On August 25, 2014, Dr. Brogan posted the article, CDC: You're Fired. Autism Cover-up Exposed, on her blog.

The very title went to the heart of the scandal unfolding over the charge of manipulation of the CDC's MMR study results.

Brogan began her piece with one word: Fraud.

What followed was a sentence that was electric for me since I have spent the last ten years moderating how the media (doesn't) cover autism.  Brogan wrote: As citizens of this capitalist nation, we cannot rely on corporate-sponsored news media for the truth.

Corporate-sponsored news.  That's what we're getting.  The media in America writes at the behest of powerful corporations.  These people pay for the networks and newspapers through their ad dollars.  Is it any wonder that members of the press have looked the other way with each jaw-dropping increase in the autism rate and every pharma-funded study showing no link between vaccines and autism?  They've been the facilitators for officials determined to make the autism epidemic a normal and acceptable part of childhood along with covering up all evidence of vaccine damage.

Alison MacNeil (the Thinking Moms' Revolution) recently referred to someone at CNN telling us vaccines don't cause autism as a stenographer.  What else do you call a news person who doesn't bother to investigate a story, but rather reports what they've been told (and what all the other networks are saying)?

Since we're all thinking/literate adults here, I'll just tell you her commentary on Brian Hooker and William Thompson (and Poul Thorsen, Julie Gerberding) does not mince words.  She is especially critical of the MMR vaccine. 

A veritable body-bomb, the MMR contains recombinant human albumin, fetal bovine serum, and chick embryo fibroblasts, and the potential for interspecies activation of unknown retroviruses, molecular mimicry, and reactivation of the virulence of the infectious virus itself – a completely unstudied and medically unacknowledged risk.

The damage that results from this vaccine is called, Measles-Induced Neuroautistic Encephalopathy--a term coined by Dr. Brogan.  It's brain injury--not an alternate way of seeing the world or whatever rosy picture is painted for us each April for "Autism Awareness Month."

Brogan wrote that parents are taking back the truth.  

She had a message for mothers to listen to their eternal protective impulses:  If we stand together, our feminine wisdom will cast a shadow so dark that Pharma will run scared. Dig deep for that fearlessness, and let emerging truths like Thompson’s support your journey back to self.

After reading this article I felt energized.  I contacted Dr. Brogan and she was willing to answer questions for me that I can now share with all of you.  Her answers were a strong critique of the medical community and what they're doing to the current generation. In her words, Our children are more endangered than ever in human history.

Dr. Brogan, you are very outspoken in your criticism of vaccines.  When did you first break ranks with the mainstream medical community?  Why led you to do this?

I am outspoken about how we have been misled, by pharmaceutical companies, government, and corporations, about our body's innate ability to heal and protect itself, and about the modern barriers to health. I began to delve into the available literature when I, myself, was pregnant, during my fellowship, and first year of private practice, specialized in the treatment of pregnant and postpartum women. At the time, I subscribed to an "integrative model" of medicine, and prescribed psychotropics to women who were pregnant after an extensive informed consent process involving family members and several hours of dialogue about the data-evidenced risks. It was when my patients began to come in having been given the flu shot by a tech at CVS, with no consent process, no education, and no acknowledgement of the total dearth of safety data, that I became suspicious of a powerful agenda targeting the very population I consider most vulnerable. It has been 6 years since, and not a day has gone by that I have not been dedicated to unearthing the science that supports the dangers of a one-size-fits-all pharmaceutical product that, in no way acknowledges all that we have learned about biochemical individuality and immunity in the post-genomic era.

Why do you think most doctors are not really concerned over the declining health of our children?  A handful of measles cases is a crisis, but the medical community is not sounding an alarm over epidemic increases in autism, diabetes, seizure disorder, asthma and life-threatening allergies, along with a host of other autoimmune conditions.

We are like lobsters in a pot and the water is getting warmer in such a way that we can barely sense the change before we're dead. This is our new normal. In some ways, it's hard to blame doctors. They are doing what they were taught. We learn, in our training, through a pharmaceutical, one-pill-one-ill lens. We didn't learn about autoimmunity and the microbiome - defining features of modern illness. In fact, one paper suggests a 17 year lag in paradigm-shifting medical science translating to the doctor's office.

I often reflect on a term I learned in my neurology clerkship - anosagnosia. The term refers to "lack of insight into a deficit". I think it applies to the average clinician today. Many don't know that they are practicing an outdated and dangerous form of medicine that has resulted in 70% of our population taking 2 or more prescription medications, and has not cured a single person of chronic disease.

 What did you mean by the sentence, "Autism is the emblem for modern human health."

We now understand the emergence of behavioral and neurological syndromes to be rooted in a complex interplay of bodily systems. There is no such thing as autism, or depression, or ALS. These are descriptive labels that attempt to pigeon-hole multimodal collapse into a pharmaceutical target. The labels belie a heterogeneous etiology - the fact that there are many contributing factors that act in concert to manifest symptoms. This is post-genomic medicine, wherein we understand that each person is the product of generations of interaction with the environment, for better and for worse. Each person, is not even a person, but a body that houses a microbial community we share biological functioning with. The resilience and vulnerability that each person brings to the evolutionary mismatch of interfacing with modern chemicals, processed and genetically modified foods, stress, and pharmaceuticals is an equation we have not yet elucidated. That is why pharmaceuticals and other toxicant exposures is a Russian Roulette intervention. We are devolving, in many ways, as a species, and our children are more endangered than ever in human history. We must take this seriously and act in a manner that prizes the precautionary principle. 

In your opinion, how serious are the revelations made by CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson?  Will officials be able to make this news disappear like they did with the Hannah Poling story where a vaccine-injured child with autism was compensated by the federal government?

We have an opportunity, with the emergence of a whistleblower declaring deliberate manipulation of data, to peer behind the curtain and truly see, in real time, how little interest the CDC has in it’s own claims to protect the people and save lives. We see the collusion between media, the scientific community, and the government who appear to be more interested in erasing their tracks than the process of investigative inquiry. We have to move beyond the assumption that we have been forced to accept - that vaccines are safe and effective. We have to acknowledge the less often cited disclaimer - that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe - and stand up for the violence that is committed when a one-size-fits-all pharmaceutical is forced on every child. It is my sincere hope that what facts do penetrate the average household, plant a seed of curiosity about the nature of the vaccine program, and inspire parents to investigate for themselves. It is a shrinking cohort that finds solace in trusting Big Government and paternalistic physicians with their children's health. We are reading the science ourselves, we are talking to each other, we are seeking out our own advisors, birthing at home, shunning pediatricians, and schooling our kids the way that is best for them.

This news, and the unfolding of it have penetrated me to the core of my womanhood. It has driven me to question the judgment behind bringing children into a society that seeks to destroy itself. But it has also lionized me to band together with like-minded parents to change the tide. It is happening, and the establishment feels it.  There is a revolution afoot and it may just be darkest before the dawn.

What changes do you think need to be made regarding the practice of medicine in America?   

The Mayo clinic has recently begun to work with Dr. Mark Hyman in creation of a clinical program that will set a new tone for a healthcare that acknowledges the power of personalized medicine, and concepts like epigenetics, oxidative stress, organ reserve, mitochondrial functioning, and the microbiome. Functional Medicine cures. That said, we are overflowing our physiologic buckets with ubiquitous and potentially irreversible exposures that our government is subsidizing, protecting, and promoting. With glyphosate and GMOs alone, we may run our food supply and planetary biodiversity into the ground before our children can have children. We are transgenerationally impacting our sons and daughters with endocrine disrupting chemicals that persist for decades and we are bombing their bodies with antibiotics and steroids to clean up the mess that vaccination has created. 

We need to learn to trust our physiology, calm our minds, and send our bodies the signals of safety that it was evolutionarily built to receive - clean food, quiet, sunlight, movement. You don't need American medicine for this prescription.  

You can listen to Dr. Brogan on her Holistic Women's Health Psychiatriy and also see her recent talk on inflammatory models of depression.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


cia parker

Why do you act surprised at the idea that Dr. Brogan says that vaccines cause SIDS? We all know that vaccines cause SIDS, especially the DTP or DTaP. Studies have proven the correlation, that of Viera Scheibner being one of several. Most SIDS deaths occur within a predicable interval after a pertussis vaccine.


Dr. Iannelli,
You might want to rethink who you are aligning yourself with here. What you are doing is far worse than if you would have defended GM and called for a denial of the fact that GM continued to sell cars they knew to be dangerous after this was publicly acknowledged. And no one accused the outraged public in that case of being anti-car.

You are attempting to defend the indefensible and you will be held accountable for your words. The CDC has lied to the American public in a way that has put the public at risk, which amounts to treason, and to the rest of the world, while the CDC's leader behind this fraud, Julie Gerberding, went on to take a lucrative position as head of Merck's multi-billion dollar vaccine division, manufacturer of the vaccine that the fraudulent research promoted.

I'd be real careful if I were you.


Dr. Iannelli,
Yes, that Dr. Thompson. Take into account ALL that he's said, the entire history, instead of just cherry-picking one sentence that was obviously added to his statement for legal reasons. Also, take into account that Dr. Thompson has turned over thousands of documents to Florida Congressman Posey who will be calling for a congressional investigation into the CDC's malfeasance.

Nancy Pellegrinelli

My son Matthew was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years and has had many challenges in his life. I just want him to be happy and healthy. Why can't this charade end and let's help the thousands of kids and their families.

Nancy Pellegrinelli

So why don't we spend the money and time on how we can help our children? Stop the denying and do the right thing. So our children can maybe recover and lead good healthy lives.

Vincent Iannelli, MD

"We have lots of heroes, more and more each day, including the recently added Dr. William Thompson..."

You mean Dr. William Thompson who recently stated that "I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits."

That Dr. Thompson?


Dr. Ianelli,
We have lots of heroes, more and more each day, including the recently added Dr. William Thompson, senior CDC scientist who has come forward to confess that the CDC has rigged the vaccine-autism science for more than a decade. I didn't see that in your propaganda, I mean, article. I wonder why? Oh, and Dr. Thompson has apologized to Dr. and Mrs. Wakefield for the damage that his and his colleague's dishonesty has done to Wakefield's career. That isn't in your "piece" either.

But you do mention that Kim Kardashian on one of her reality TV episodes had her whole family vaccinated with the Dtap (or Tdap, whatever) to "protect" her new baby. Well, that sure does it for me. Whatever Kim Kardashian does is what I want to do, because I'm sure that her brainiac family did all their research before taking that vaccine and of course they didn't accept any money from Pharma to be vaccinated on the show. Of course not.

What a joke.

You also neglect to mention in your diatribe of lies and half truths that those objecting to vaccination or opting for an alternative schedule are typically the most educated in our society.

Primom Non Nocere

Well, let's put it this way Vince, I would rather be treated by her than a jerk like you.

Vincent Iannelli, MD

Looking at her blog, she even thinks vaccines cause SIDS! Looks like you guys have a new hero.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I am personally thrilled to read what Anne has written here about Dr. Kelly Brogan. It is inspiring. This issue cannot be allowed to go away. Thank you, Anne, and Age of Autism!

Seth Gross, DC

The good doctor said "The body innate power to heal and self regulate-protect" - Chiropractic


I agree. I think our kids are the best and had great potential they were robbed of. Look at various figures in history. Artists, poets, scientists, inventors.. They were exceptional, unique individuals who were celebrated. I think we are dealing with genocidalsts. They deliberately suppress the truth. They have a misguided agenda similar to the Nazi agenda of achieving a master race. They are creating a two tiered society. If you don't fit the ideal you will be eliminated. Problem is they are eliminating some of the best and most unique.


What the barbaric CDC-pharma mafia with help of US government and mafia-media are doing to American children is nothing less but crime against humanity and it should be prosecuted as such. All people responsible for this crime deserve death penalty, nothing less.


The total lack of response by the mainstream media to the CDC/ MMR vaccine fraud, only shows how corrupt the news media is...

As they get 80% of their advertising dollars from pharma, it is always, always, about the money...

However, they do like to push vaccines and say "it is for the children..."

My Son Is Recovering Because Other Moms Told the Truth in 2003

@Autism Mom I know what you are trying to say, but the fact is, our children, the ones who react to toxins, are the HEALTHIEST children. They have the most able and most agile immune systems. There is research that their IQ would be the highest IQs if they were not harmed. So whether deliberately as you fear, or by accident, the BEST among us, the ones most likely to think for themselves, have been rendered less likely to reproduce. For example, which kids had the glasses and the allergies and the skin issues in the 60's. Almost all were THE SMART KIDS. Hence the stereotypes. The SMART kids hyper reacted to the few vaccines and toxins they got exposed to then. They got weird social skill issues and they got bullied. The first time I met supersmart kids from other countries, when I was in a top engineering college, I was astounded at their social skills and general health compared to the smart American kids. I now realize why. The American kids got more vaccines with mercury, even then. And more toxins in food and dental work, even then. But the smartest kids uptake more stuff into their brain, and this makes them more toxic. So the point is, the children getting wiped out are our best and brightest.

But what I wanted to say was this:
MYSOGYNY is a HUGE driver of the reason they try to shut us up and why they think we 'can't handle the truth". They think we are STUPID. They think we can't possibly understand the science. They patronize us. The hallmark of every abuser, even public abusers such as bigots and racists, is to accuse the person you are bullying of what is actually true of you. HOW Appropriate that the 'anti-vaccine-safety' crowd calls US Anti-Science. Look in the mirror you trolls. Anti-Science = Vaccine Terrorist Trolls. This media shaming is intended to shut us up. It's intended to embarrass us so we don't even want to tell our neighbor, our sister-in-law, what we think happened to their autistic child. We see a dear friend get GUillain Barre after a flu shot and we think "will he think we are crazy if we tell him it was probably from the shot"? We are afraid to speak up! Because of these bullies. Well we have to stop letting them shut us down. If only a few of us gather the courage to speak up, those few risk censure, shunning, those weird looks that used to be directed toward our kids. If we ALL speak up, we will ALL be heard. We must all hang together or we will surely hang separately. (Ben Franklin)
Example and Hope:
Yesterday, i called two congressman's offices. I told them my child's story. For the first time ever, the congressional aide at the end of the phone didn't sound patronizing. They didn't try to brush me off or shut me up. They sounded scared. As in "WTF--what if this is true! !" . . I think this is the time. EVERYONE. CALL . YOUR . CONGRESSMAN DEMO OR REPUB--- and TELL THEM TO TALK TO BILL POSEY. TELL YOUR STORY! If we all tell our stories, they will start to listen. It's our only and our best weapon. The truth. They know when something comes from the people. They know when it's not from a lobbyist.They have children. They have friends with childen who have issues. The world is waking up.
This is our best hope. I am a lifelong Democrat, but I am donating to Bill Posey. And I told the two Demo congressmen I called those facts! THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE BILL!
Let's show the world what happens when you hide behind the so-called "greater good" to allow children to be grievously harmed for your OWN good. I cannot wait until those CDC and pharma people who ordered the fraud are locked up in prison, the media headlines all proclaim serious apologies and thanks to all of us for speaking out, and our heroic drs get the Nobel Prize. I cannot wait until this is all out in the open. I cannot wait until the dollars start flowing toward a cure based on the ACTUAL CAUSES of autism.


This is the CDC's answers they e-mailed me today in response to questions I sent.

Dear Veronica,
Your questions and the responses (in red) are below. We hope this information is helpful.

"12 years has passed since this study. It should be done again. Any plans to do so?"

I assume this is about the 2004 MMR and autism study. I would say that there are no plans to repeat the study; many studies have been done of this issue and two IOM reviews (2004 and 2011) have concluded that the evidence favors rejection of a causal association. The IOM reviews are available at http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2004/Immunization-Safety-Review-Vaccines-and-Autism.aspx and http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2011/Adverse-Effects-of-Vaccines-Evidence-and-Causality.aspx

"Also, has the CDC done a research study to compare rates of autism / encephalopathy / intellectual disability in those who have or have not had the HepB vaccine?"

A study by Price and coauthors (Pediatrics 2010 Oct;126(4):656-64, available at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20837594 ) evaluated birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine (thimerosal containing for the cohorts studied) and did not find an association with autism.

A study by Thompson and coauthors (New England Journal of Medicine 2007 Sept.27:357(13):1281-1292, available at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17898097 ) evaluated birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine (thimerosal containing for the cohorts studied). Among the 42 neuropsychological outcomes, only a few significant associations were detected with exposure to mercury from thimerosal (all from hepatitis B vaccine in the first 28 days of life). The detected associations were small and almost equally divided between positive and negative effects. The specific results as reported in the manuscript were:

Higher mercury exposure during the first 28 days
of life was associated with significantly poorer
performance on the Goldman–Fristoe Test of
Articulation, second edition (GFTA-2), and better
performance on the Finger Tapping Dominant
Hand test (Table 3). Among boys, higher neonatal
mercury exposure was associated with significantly
better performance on the Finger Tapping Dominant
Hand test, the Finger Tapping Non-dominant
Hand test, and performance IQ on the Wechsler
Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI). Among
girls, increased neonatal mercury exposure was
associated with significantly lower scores in verbal
IQ on the WASI and a lower likelihood of
motor tics on the basis of ratings by parents.

"Compared rates of autism / encephalopathy / intellectual disability with different combinations of vaccines, and if delayed or not?"

Regarding autism: see study by DeStefano and coauthors (Journal of Pediatrics 2013 Aug; 163(2): 561-567, available at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23545349 ) that found that number of vaccine antigens either cumulatively during the first two years of live or on a single day were not associated with risk of autism.
Regarding intellectual disabilities: see study by Smith and Woods (Pediatrics 2010 June;125(6): 1134-1141, available at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20498176 ) and study by Iqbal and coauthors (Pharmacoepidemiolog Drug Safety 2013 Dec; 22(12): 1263-1270. Available at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23847024 ) that showed that on-time vaccination or number of vaccine antigens were not associated with neurodevelopmental functioning in children, including intellectual abilities.

"What is the rate of autism / encephalopathy/ intellectual disability in the vaccinated as compared to the never vaccinated?
In the last Congressional autism hearing, Colleen Boyle stated that the study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated was never done."

The question about studies of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children was extensively reviewed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee on the Assessment of Studies of Health Outcomes Related to the Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule. The full report can be found at: http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2013/The-Childhood-Immunization-Schedule-and-Safety.aspx


CDC Vaccine Safety
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA 30333


Yesterday I saw Geraldo Rivera's reporting on Joan Rivers. While talking to celebrities at her funeral, Dr. Oz volunteered, referring to her death while undergoing a minor surgical procedure "This shouldn't have happened". Other TV doctors at the funeral also indicated their disapproval of the facility where Rivers had complications that led to her death. New York State is reportedly conducting an investigation. While watching I wondered how many patients before this celebrity had adverse reactions that shouldn't have happened and if there were any, were any of them investigated or did it take a celebrity death to make it matter? They're all outraged, as they should be if as Dr. Oz said - this shouldn't have happened. But, while this endoscopy facility now has state investigators crawling all over it with full media coverage, where is the outrage or even back page reporting on the CDC whistleblower and a generation of children and their families betrayed? By the TV doctors and media silence are we to conclude that THAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED in their minds? What do you think of William Thompson's statements Dr. Oz? Dr. Manny? Dr. Siegel? Is it ok to falsify research upon which public health policy is formed and defended?

Unbelievably, when it comes to vaccines, even when a celebrity's child is harmed, they still turn away. I wonder if Joan Rivers had been killed by an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine if there would have been an investigation. I wonder if she would have gotten her Broadway funeral.

With no disrespect to Joan Rivers, may she rest in peace.


Fantastic interview, by the way. I ran across Kelly's website awhile back; admired her then...much more, now.


"What kind of government ignores this? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? WHO DOES THAT??"

People who are controlled by powerful interest groups, that's who. People who are willing to sell their souls to the devil for the mortgage, college for their kids, prestige, etc.


So we have a whistleblower who documents fraud to do with children's health. We have a Congressman who has over 100,000 documents. We have autism and neuro problems at terrible rates. What kind of media ignores this? What kind of government ignores this? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? WHO DOES THAT??

cia parker

Dr. Brogan is especially critical of the MMR vaccine, but that is presumably because it was the vaccine looked at in Thompson's 2004 autism study. No one should forget that the hepatitis-B, pertussis, flu, Hib, and HPV vaccines have wreaked devastation at least as massive as the MMR has, nor do I wish to forget that caused by the other vaccines, such as the varicella, Prevnar, and the meningococcal vaccines. With or without mercury, live, adjuvanted, or genetically-modified though the vaccine may be, dead is dead, autistic is autistic, regardless of the vaccine the patient reacted to.

Laura Hayes

FANTASTIC interview, Anne and Dr. Brogan!

Sadly, I share Dr. Brogan's sentiments regarding bringing children into a society that seeks to destroy itself. We are currently on the precipice, on the verge of complete destruction. Can we quickly and safely move away from the precipice in an attempt to try to repair at least some of the damage done to all things we need to survive? Time will tell, and this particular moment in time is of critical importance. To everyone reading this, please do what you can to educate the moms and dads around you...we must reach the critical mass needed for the tipping point soon to stop this madness...very soon indeed.

Thank you, Ladies! You are both wonderful and doing critically-important work. Stay the course!

Dr. William Gaunt

Most people can't seem to grasp the importance of the concept that mainstream media is controlled by the big corporations. It will be difficult to break through the current news blackout on this issue but I believe that truth will win out. The sooner the better because vaccines are causing enormous harm.

autism mom

The silence among the mainstream media on CDC fraud related to this MMR -autim study speaks volumes. I can hardly believe this is the same country where two investigative reporters exposed Watergate, a corruption scandal that almost pales in comparison.

I think this. We are dealing with planned genocide. That is the hidden agenda. There are those at the very top tier of society (scientific elite, wealthy corporate heads, high level WHO officials) who know this. The second tier however does not this. The second tier includes reporters like Elizabeth Cohen, Nancy Snyderman, Anderson Cooper and their ilk who do not understand this. The wool has been pulled over their eyes (and no, I am defending them either) - they simply refuse to see the truth. Because they have been brainwashed, they truely beleive vaccines are safe and diseases are a threat that any criticism of vaccines poses a serious danger to public health. That is why they fight us so hard. They do not understand the true agenda. They believe "the greater good" is to protect humanity against diseae. No. the greater good is to cleanse the gene pool, reduce population and eliminate the genetically weak (our kids) and prevent them from passing on disease prone genes. End the weak gene lines. Let them die off.

Meanwhile, the media subtly promotes those with superior genes (most athletic, most good looking, most intelligent) - more brainwashing to promote selective breeding. They love Tom Brady and his gorgeous model wife Giselle - rich, good looking, athletic - the genetic elite.

We know the truth because our kids are impacted. Face it. With a few exceptions, most of our kids will never marry and reproduce. A staggering 1 in 68 American children now affected.

The top tier knows the true agenda but relies on the second tier to protect them and provide cover. They want the second tier to think vaccination is for the greater good but they hide the true meaning behind the "greater good".

Yes, this sounds all very conspiratorial. Think about it. Calling someone a "tin foil hat wearer" is a way to shut down the conversation. It stifles debate and inquiry. Most know autism is skyrocketing but people are afraid to share what they really think- again this protects the true agenda. Fear of ridicule is being used to suppress the truth.

BoB Moffitt

"We need to learn to trust our physiology, calm our minds, and send our bodies the signals of safety that it was evolutionarily built to receive - clean food, quiet, sunlight, movement. You don't need American medicine for this prescription."

Ah yes .. therein lies the rub .. we "don't need American medicine for this prescription".

After all .. who is going to make any money by simply selling "clean food, quiet, sunlight, movement" as a prescription to protect the public's health?

What we really need is for federal regulatory agencies (FDA, CDC, HHS, etc) to do the jobs WE expect THEM to do .. conduct their own research rather than rely on the research of pharmaceutical corporations selling products our regulatory agencies routinely accept prior to recommending their products as "safe and efficient".

We are also in desperate need for media sources to do the job WE expect THEM to do .. which is to provide public disclosure .. both pro and con .. of credible research that raises serious questions regarding the safety and efficency of both .. prescription drugs as well as "one size fits all" vaccines.

While we are at it .. we need CONGRESS to do the job WE expect THEM to do .. which is to provide pro-active oversight of federal regulatory agencies so they do not run the risk of becoming "more problem than solution" .. while charged with protecting the public's health.

Louis Conte

A GREAT interview!


We all have to be lions for our children. In the middle ages if you were an honoured guest at court you were lionized by being taken to see the lions in the royal menagerie. In Roman times you might have been lionized by being fed to them. But now we have to be lions.

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